How To Get Dirt From Under Baby’s Toenails

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We all know that babies can get a lot of dirt under their toenails. It is hard to clean the dirt from underneath those tiny nails. Recently I had the opportunity of photographing my adorable niece who was just three months old when she came into our lives. One of the first things I did was take off her shoes and socks so that I could see what kind of shape her feet were in.
Much like her auntie, she has long slender toes which makes it difficult for me at times because they are always curled up tight inside her shoes! However, one thing that caught my attention right away was all the dirt under each of her toenails.


How To Get Dirt From Under Baby’s Toenails

Toenails are sometimes difficult to clean, especially for young babies and toddlers. Their wiggly toes can be hard to control when trying to brush off the dirt that has accumulated underneath them. Here are some tips on how to get dirt from under the baby’s toenails.

Just washing the toes is not enough to get the baby’s toenails clean. Dirt and oil can accumulate under the baby’s nails, which will make the toes look dirty after a bath. Using a soft baby toothbrush and warm water can help remove dirt from between the baby’s toes.

Some baby toothbrushes come with a small handle that makes them easier to control when cleaning a baby’s nails. It also reduces the baby’s ability to bump the brush off of their toes.

It is important to remember that baby toenails are thin and delicate, so make sure to be gentle when brushing off dirt from underneath them.

It is also important that baby nails are not cut too short. If baby toenails are cut into the skin, they can bleed or cause pain in the baby when walking. This is why it is important to carefully wash baby toes before cleaning the toenails.


Trimming Baby Toenails

One of the most difficult baby tasks is baby toenails. Babies are wiggly, and they often move their feet around before you finish clipping.

You may want to try and cut baby’s nails when they are less excited, such as when they go to sleep at night. It may also help to have the baby’s foot propped up on your leg during the process so the baby doesn’t kick away the clippers or brush.

One thing to notice here is to not cut the side of the baby’s nails as it can cause ingrown nails.

 To help trim the baby’s toenails, use baby nail scissors. Baby nail scissors are usually short and thin with rounded tips that will not irritate the baby’s skin.

Avoid cutting the baby’s nails down all the way to the quick because this will cause pain in the baby’s feet. It is also possible that the baby’s toenails will bleed if the baby’s nails are cut too short.

Here is a video from babylist on how to trim baby nails!

When Should I Cut My Baby’s Toenails?

This is an important question for parents to ask because baby’s toenails need regular cutting. When it comes to baby toenail care, the baby’s age is the most important factor in determining when the baby’s nails should be trimmed.

If they are hungry, agitated, or need a diaper change avoid trimming the baby’s toenails. The calmer your child is the easier it is to trim nails. When they are sleeping or right after a bath when they are soothed could be the perfect time to cut your baby’s nails.

When a baby is more than 2-3 months old, you can start cutting the baby’s nails. Since the baby will begin crawling and then walk, there is a greater chance that the baby’s toenails may get caught in carpets or upholstery and cause skin tears. One of the first things new parents notice is baby’s nails, so baby toenails should be kept trimmed.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, it’s not as difficult as you might think to keep your baby’s nails clean and healthy. Avoid cutting them too short. A regular nail cutting regime is also important to avoid the baby scratching themselves. As long as you keep an eye on them while bathing or sleeping you would know when to cut and clean your baby’s nails.

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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.