The 8 Best Baby Crib and Changing Table bundle And Dresser

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Kitting out a nursery with essential furniture is easier said than done. You are sure to have a list of items that you need, but perhaps aren’t sure how they will all work together in the same space?

You don’t want to clutter a small room with massive pieces of furniture, but you still need a practical crib, dresser, and changing table. That is where it can help to look at combination pieces of furniture that bring these essential elements together.

In this guide, I have selected 9 of the most interesting crib with changing table combos. Some of these products are quite similar in their design and approach, following a more conventional blueprint for this sort of product.

Others take a different approach in their setup and features on offer. The ideal solution for your nursery could be among them.

Before that, I want to talk a little more about why you should consider these all-in-one crib/changer/dresser products. Also, I will highlight some of the important considerations for choosing the right product for your home. This should help you with your final decision.


Why should you consider getting a crib and changing table bundle?

A combo item is a great way to get two very important pieces of furniture at once. You can get a comfortable and secure place for your baby to sleep with the bonus of the changing area and extra storage to the side.

Potentially, this could free up space in a room by giving you one item instead of two. Dealing with one quality purchase instead of two also removes a lot of the stress for new parents.

The best crib and dresser combos will also ensure that the two pieces complement each other. Not only are they joined together, but they share the same materials, style, and other decorative elements. This could be more convenient than trying to get two separate pieces that match.

Finally, you might find that you save money in the long run. These combo pieces aren’t cheap. But, they might not cost as much as a separate crib, changing table, and dresser. Try and keep a budget in mind when finding the most cost-effective solutions here.

In a rush? check out my top crib and changing table combo below:

Deciding on a top pick out of these products wasn’t easy because there are so many similar ideas out there. But, I have landed on the Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer. Even though this is a massive piece that won’t suit some smaller nurseries, it does more than other options.

The storage is more plentiful, you get a mattress and changing pad thrown in, and you can choose lighter colors to lessen the impact. The 4- in-1 conversion helps a lot too.

Other choices in this guide, such as the Athena and Delta models aren’t too far behind because they are a bit more compact and convenient in some ways. But, these products can suffer from limited storage and smaller changing areas.


What should you look out for when buying the best crib with a changing table?

There are lots of benefits to choosing this sort of system over two different pieces of furniture. But, you still need to be sure that you have a product that meets your expectations. Consider the following before you buy it.

Is the crib as functional as it needs to be?

There is always a concern that designers will put too much effort into creating a combo product and forget about other details in the crib. So, make sure to check out the specification for any adaptable features. Does the crib convert as kids get older or stay the same?

A lot of these top producers are 3-in-1 or even 4-in-1 models. Typically, this takes kids through to a day bed and toddler bed. You know, babies grow fast so full-size bed options are important. Others may convert to a full bed. Check to see if the right rails come in the box or if you need to buy them separately instead.

Is the changing area more or less practical than other options?

One potential risk in adding a changing table to the end of a crib is that you won’t get as much space or it will be harder to work at the table. This doesn’t have to be the case and most of the best crib and changer sets do offer adequate space.

Check the dimensions to be sure that you aren’t going to feel too cramped working on the mat, especially if there are high-sided edges around it.

What about the storage in the dresser portion of the cribs and changing table dresser sets?

Storage is important here. If this piece of kit is going to take up a good portion of the room, it helps to have adequate storage. How many drawers or shelves are there for organizing different clothes, diapers, and other important items? Is there any additional storage beneath the crib?

Some of the best options in this guide do offer longer drawers beneath the crib. It is much easier to blankets and things in here than to try and fold them neatly on under-sized shelves.

Does the set come with a mattress and/or changing mat?

This is also important when determining the best value for money items. How much of a bundle do you actually get? Many options will have a wipe-clean mat for the changing table to get you started. Mattresses aren’t as common, but you can get Mattress bundle also out there.

Will the design work in the room?

It is easy to get caught up with clever designs and features and forget that this changer/crib needs to co-exist with other furniture and design element in the nursery. Some options are quite domineering due to their dark tones and size.

Others have softer tones and colors. A natural wood effect can work better in smaller spaces while cherry and black are more impactful. Also, does the design of the crib match that of the changing area, or do they just look like two separate pieces glued together?


8 of the best baby cribs with changing table and dresser


1) Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib and Changer

Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib and Changer 

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Delta has a few different products and designs that combine a crib with a changer on the side. Starting with the crib element on this Abby model, you get an adaptable configuration with three mattress heights for different ages. Crib mattress also fits well.

The additional daybed rail and toddler guardrail also mean that you can set this up with confidence as your child gets older. The wooden construction is of good quality and I like that there are choices in color – the grey is nice and soft as an alternative to the black or white. Other brands do go further, however, with natural wood tones and stains.

The changing table on the side is adequate with a 27.75 by the 16-inch pad on top within a tray. The narrow gap between the console and edge is a concern though. Others are more open which limits the risk of trapped feet and fingers.

There is also plenty of storage underneath with two shelves and two drawers. Yet, it still feels like a compact piece of additional furniture that doesn’t get in the way. It is simple and practical enough to fit in with a lot of schemes.

The pros and cons of this crib and changer combo.

  • A standard design that will fit in with different decors
  • An adaptable bed for different ages
  • Three color choices
  • The storage on the changing table
  • The tray design of the changing table might not suit everyone


2) Delta Children Bentley S Convertible Crib and Changer

Delta Children Bentley S Convertible Crib and Changer 

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There are a lot of similarities between the Delta Abby and the Delta Bentley. There is the same approach of having the combined cribs and changers, just with a few changes in the set-up and overall look.

The storage on the dresser side of the crib is different, with two shallow drawers and two shelves behind them. There there is the same sized changing area, with the included mat.

The crib appears to be just as adaptable with the three different heights and the same rails as before.

What I like most about this one compared to the Abby is the simple way that they replicate the design of the crib at the top of the changing table. You get the same curve in the side, with the wooden bars, that end in a taller back section.

Again, you have the choice of a white, gray, or black crib to suit your décor. The downside here has to be the limited storage compared to other designs in this guide. Is everything going to fit in those shorter drawers or tiny shelves?

The pros and cons of this crib and changing table combo.

  • The greater attention to detail in the matching designs
  • A choice of colors
  • The same height-adjustable crib for different age groups
  • The free changing pad with safety strap
  • The storage is limited compared to other products


3) Dream On Me 5 in 1 Brody Convertible Crib with Changer

Dream On Me 5 in 1 Brody Convertible Crib with Changer 

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When you first look at this crib changing table and dresser bundle, it is understandable if you think that this is another Delta crib. That is because there is a pretty standard specification for these products and this means a lot of shared features and design elements.

There is that much that is special in the features to make this stand out over the Delta models. Instead, you get the same approach to the crib, with the adjustable height, a similar design to the rails, and a little bit of storage underneath the changing table. This crib has a stationary sides (non-drop) rail system for safety.

With that said, there are also some features here that I do like and that might catch the eye of parents. The first is the fact that this pinewood changing table is detachable. This doesn’t seem to be the case with most products. This could allow for portability and greater convenience.

Then there is the fact that you can enhance the bundle with an additional 5’’ spring toddler mattress. Finally, there are more color choices here than on most of these products. In addition to the black and white options, there are pebble grey, espresso, cherry, and a natural wood finish.

The pros and cons of this crib and changer combo.

  • The crib is adjustable for different needs
  • The changing table is detachable for portability
  • There are many more colors to choose from
  • There is the option to include a toddler mattress in the bundle
  • The storage options could be more diverse


4) Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 Mini Convertible Crib And Changer

Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 Mini Convertible Crib And Changer 

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The similarities between these products regarding the functionality and set-up do mean that a final choice can come down to the way that a product looks. There might be something in the shape or a little detail that you prefer and that could seal the deal.

With this Jayden crib from Dream On Me, there seems to be a bit more attention to detail in the curves of the wood on the rails and the side. This gives it a softer, more tactile feel that new parents may enjoy. This stands out more with a natural wood option than the darker espresso, cherry, or grey.

As for the features, we are back to that familiar blueprint. There is the 4-in-1 adjustable crib on the left, which should have enough height options as kids get older. Then there is the dresser on the right-hand side, with three drawers at the front and two small shelves behind.

Finally, there is the changing table on top with the mattress pad. Another benefit here is that this model is a little cheaper than the others. But, this does also mean that don’t get the same rails and adaptable features included in the box.

The pros and cons of this crib and changing table combo.

  • The design is softer and more tactile
  • There are lots of finishes and colors to choose from
  • The crib is height adjustable as kids get older
  • The dresser has adequate storage under the table
  • You have to buy some pieces separately


5) Athena Kimberly 3-in-1 Crib and Changer with Toddler Rail 


Athena Kimberly 3-in-1 Crib and Changer 

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To be honest, I don’t think that this alternative option from Athena is as practical as the Daphne model. That is because there isn’t the same amount of storage space on offer.

There are three simple drawers in the dresser on the side, but nothing underneath. Despite that, there is still functioning in the adjustable crib and the changing table. The table is on the smaller side but has secure edges and the pad included.

The crib adjusts with 4 height levels and adaptable rails to take it from a crib to a day bed and a toddler bed. Parents that opt to get the full-size conversion rails at a later date can then go even further.

The appeal of this crib and changer is the simplicity of the design. There are more straight lines that are really impactful with the black finish on the pine wood. Aside from the change in height between the crib and table, this looks really clean.

This continues with the minimalist handles on the drawers. There isn’t that much else to say about this option over than that it is also a little more affordable than some of the other products here.

The pros and cons of this crib and changing table combo.

  • The adaptability of the crib
  • The security of the changing table
  • The clean lines of the black design
  • A more affordable option than others
  • The storage options could be better


6) Vory pine multifunctional baby crib 

Vory pine multifunctional baby crib  

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This next choice is a bit out there compared to the other cribs in this guide. There is a fairly standard look to these products in terms of the shape of the cribs and the general set-up. They don’t go out of their way to do anything weird. This one, on the other hand, is an extreme design with lots of different features across the crib.

I love the painted boards at the back of this crib and the fact that the designer added matching storage areas underneath. The whole thing looks playful and lighter than some of the boxier furniture. There is also the option to put caster wheels on the bottom for portability.

The changing station isn’t as robust as other options here. This could be a pro or a con depending on your preferences. The plus side here is that you have a fold-down changing table with more than enough space, at the right height. You can keep diapers and wipes in the storage area, put the table up as needed, and then put it away out of use the rest of the time.

It does save on space. However, some parents may not feel that this is the most secure option compared to the more substantial cabinets. It is also quite expensive at around $600.

The pros and cons of this crib and changer combo

  • A unique and cute design
  • A nice storage area under the crib
  • The changing table area folds away
  • Casters for portability as needed
  • The table isn’t as substantial as other options


7) Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Cribs and Changer 

Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer 

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Going back to some of the more straightforward designs for modern nurseries, next, we have this convertible crib from Graco. I will always check to see what Graco has on offer just because they are so influential in different areas of child care. This is a substantial piece of furniture and will dominate the space.

It won’t look quite so intense if you choose white or gray over the espresso color. This 4-in-1 option converts to a daybed, toddler bed, and even a full-size bed. So, it could be a good investment piece long-term.

The changing table element isn’t the most attractive or interesting in terms of what it offers. There is the changing area on top, three large, heavy wooden drawers beneath, and the additional wipe-clean mat.

Parents that are in need of even more storage in their nursery will also appreciate the large drawer that is the length of the crib and makes use of what could have been dead space beneath it. Another benefit of this bundle is that you also get a GreenGuard certified mattress in the box with a water-resistant cover.

The pros and cons of this crib and changer combo

  • 4-in-1 convertible design for different ages
  • A lot of storage thanks to the drawer underneath.
  • Comes with a free mattress and changing pad
  • Alternative, lighter colors where this is more appropriate for the room
  • The design is big, blocky, and quite domineering.


8) AFG Baby Furniture Kali II 4-in-1 Crib with Amber 2 Drawer Changer


AFG Baby Furniture Kali II 4-in-1 Crib with Amber 2 Drawer Changer 

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For the last product in this guide, I want to show you what happens when you purchase a bundle where the crib and the dresser are actually separate items. This could be a good compromise for all those that want matching items and to take some of the hassles out of shopping.

It also means that you can place the dresser/changer where you choose. There is a tendency to have the changing table to the right of all of these cribs. Perhaps it would be more convenient for you if it were on the left?

The crib is pretty straightforward with a nice curved back and white finish throughout. This time, you can set up the mattress at 4 different levels to suit your child’s needs, rather than 3. However, the rails tend to come separately.

So, even though this is a cheaper bundle than others here, that may get canceled out by those extra purchases. The benefits of this changing table are that you do get more space, with 16 by 32-inch areas, two large drawers, and a secure shelf for other items.

The pros and cons of this crib and changing table combo.

  • You do get more freedom in how to set up the pieces
  • The crib is more adjustable than others
  • The changing table area is larger than the others
  • There should be a decent amount of storage space
  • This might not be the most cost-effective approach


Choosing the best crib with changing table and dresser bundle for your nursery.


You definitely have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right solution. A common criticism of these products relates to the storage in the dresser.

So, you may have to make a compromise here or a decision between style over practicality. Some products do offer lots of storage space in massive units. Others are more compact, easier on the eye, and still convenient in their own way.

Also, don’t be afraid to look at some less conventional designs or bundles that could help. Just because they don’t follow that standard blueprint of the well-known brands, that doesn’t mean that aren’t helpful or wellmade. Remember, A Less expensive crib or expensive crib is not important, Maintaining safety standards is important.

The right solution is out there. Compare your option, consider your budget, and see which designs jump out the most.