Can I Use Regular Vaseline On Baby

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People always ask if they can use regular Vaseline on their baby. Yes, you can use regular Vaseline on your baby’s skin.

Here are some tips for when you are applying Vaseline to your baby’s skin:

When applying the Vaseline to your baby’s skin, try putting it onto a cotton ball or cotton ball-like material, you can also use a cotton pad, paper towel, or even toilet paper. Then apply it to your baby’s skin instead of spreading the Vaseline with your hands, this will help keep your baby’s skin moisturized throughout the day.

Is baby petroleum jelly the same as Vaseline?

Yes, Vaseline is the brand name for petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly in Vaseline is safe to use even with sensitive skin, but when using Vaseline on a baby you should always opt for the unscented version. It’s important that when using products on your baby that you go ahead and buy the unscented or fragrance-free versions because babies have much more delicate skin than adults do.

What Can I Use Instead Of Vaseline For Baby?

If your baby is suffering from dry skin then using either regular Vaseline or Vaseline Baby Petroleum Jelly will work. Vaseline Baby Petroleum Jelly is specially formulated for a baby’s delicate skin, it contains, “no color or dye and no fragrance” so some babies may be more comfortable with this kind of product.

However, if your baby has extremely dry skin then you can use Aquaphor on their skin instead of the regular Vaseline. The reason why Vaseline may not work for extremely dry skin is that it can be a bit heavy and oily, this causes a build-up on the baby’s skin.

Aquaphor is also great to use as a lip treatment for your baby, you can apply Aquaphor to your baby’s lips to help keep them moisturized and soft to aid in preventing chapped lips.

Is Vaseline safe for baby lips?

It is completely safe for you to apply Vaseline on your baby’s lips when they are experiencing chapped, dry or cracked lips. Just like when applying it to their skin, always use a cotton ball or pad when applying the Vaseline to their lips. This will help keep the Vaseline from getting into their mouth and causing them discomfort with swallowing or choking on it.

Is there a difference between Vaseline and Aquaphor?

Both Vaseline and Aquaphor are petroleum jelly-based products, but the texture of each one is different. Some people prefer to use Vaseline because it has more of a thick consistency and is slightly more oily than Aquaphor. However, Aquaphor has a lighter texture and is less greasy. There are some people that prefer to use Vaseline on their lips but will use Aquaphor on their skin because it absorbs into the skin more quickly.

Can I Use Vaseline For Diaper Rash?

When it comes to using Vaseline on a baby’s skin, you can use it anywhere on their body. This includes using it for diaper rash. When applying Vaseline to diaper rash, be sure to only apply a thin layer of the product because Vaseline can hinder your baby’s ability to sweat and cause them discomfort.

Here is a video about Vaseline for diaper rash

How do you apply Vaseline for diaper rash?

When you apply Vaseline on your baby’s diaper rash, start by gently wiping away any solids that are stuck to their skin. Then use a clean cloth soaked in warm water with the tiniest bit of soap added to it to wipe away any remaining dirt traces.

Next, you can apply Vaseline to the diaper rash and surrounding skin if it’s dry or chapped. Leave Vaseline on overnight, but make sure your baby’s diaper isn’t sticking to their skin. This can cause discomfort and make the area you applied the Vaseline become irritated as well.

How often do you put vaseline on a baby?

This depends completely on your baby’s skin, but it is recommended to apply Vaseline to them once every day. It is best if you begin applying Vaseline when their skin has become dry or chapped because then the Vaseline will be most effective in moisturizing and softening their skin. If you want, you can also start applying Vaseline during your baby’s first month of life to help prevent their skin from becoming dry. However, if your baby is older than one month and a half then you can start applying Vaseline as needed when their skin becomes dry or chapped.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly For Face?

There are different types of Vaseline. There is the regular petroleum jelly for dry skin, then there is also Vaseline that can be used on faces. It’s best to use the one that contains no scent because you do not want your baby smelling like Vaseline all day.

Vaseline For Baby Skin Is Best?

The recommended use of Vaseline for babies is to use it on their lips, at least twice a day. A good time to do this is after each feeding or before bedtime if you are using formula or breast milk. If your baby is over three months old then you can also apply Vaseline to other parts of their body if they have dry skin.

Can Regular Vaseline Hurt A Baby?

The good news is that regular Vaseline will not hurt your baby if they have a diaper rash or an open wound because it will help soothe the pain. However, the warnings are due to the ingestion of petroleum jelly. If your baby eats some Vaseline then you should check with Poison Control immediately.

Regular Vaseline For Baby?

Yes, you can use regular petroleum jelly on a baby because it will not hurt them. Some people believe that babies should be kept away from Vaseline but there is no reason to do this. Petroleum jelly is the best moisturizer for your baby’s skin and while there are other natural alternatives, petroleum jelly is a safe choice. Use Vaseline on your baby’s lips to prevent chapping and then use it elsewhere if their skin becomes dry.

Requirements for Baby’s Regular Use of Vaseline?

There is no special requirement for your baby’s skin, you simply need to use Vaseline whenever their skin needs it. If your baby has cracked skin, you should apply Vaseline three times a day and if their skin is dry and flaky then you can use it twice daily. If you want to use Vaseline for diaper rash, then be sure to only apply a thin layer so that it doesn’t get in the way of your baby’s ability to sweat and cause discomfort.

What Is The Best Time To Use Vaseline On A Baby?

The best time to use Vaseline on a baby is after each diaper change and when their skin is dry or flaky. Some people recommend using it at night but this isn’t necessary because the skin will naturally regenerate overnight when you are not wearing diapers.


Whether you are using original vaseline or baby vaseline, make sure that the area that you are applying it to is dry because wet skin will break out in a rash. Vaseline can help care for your newborn’s skin and remember vaseline is not just for baby’s it has some amazing benefits for the entire family.

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