Best Toys For 8 Month Old

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When choosing the best toys for 8 months old kids, we have to try and see the world through their eyes. Everything is still so new and they want to learn more about the objects that they find. They are at a crucial stage where they are curious and ready to play. So, we should do our best to find something equally engaging and educational.

How to choose the best toys for 8-month-old children.


It helps to choose toys that stimulate the senses for a positive response. This means finding toys that:

1) allow kids to put things in their mouth to get an idea of how they feel. Teething toys and other safe, chewable products can help.

2) allow kids to enjoy different colors and shapes as their sight develops. With time they can differentiate between colors and understand themes.

3) allow kids to develop their hearing through sounds. This could be basic noises or more complex rhymes through musical instruments.

4) allow kids to enjoy different textures. Toys can use different surfaces and materials to make things more interesting. They don’t all have to be plastic.

Another important skill set at this age is their motor skills. They have become much more active as they crawl around and develop their hand-eye coordination skills. Some toys can help them with this. It could be something that encourages them to crawl or something with shape sorting.

Finally, don’t forget that these toys don’t have to be limited to their needs as an 8 months old. Look at toys that have long-term appeal. This could be a simple game that starts as a motor function lesson and ends up as a fun distraction in the playroom. Or it could be something that unlocks other potential benefits and difficult levels, as it were, as kids get a little older. A toy they can grow with has more appeal and familiarity over time.

The 17 best toys for 8-month-old kids.


With all this in mind, I have selected a varied group of toys that I feel will appeal to a lot of parents. Each toy has a fun design and some lessons to learn. But, they vary in style and complexity. I have also separated the products into categories for a broader range.

First are the electronic toys, starting with a selection from VTech and ending with some additional musical toys. Then we move on to the toys that don’t need batteries – for a bit of peace and quiet. The first group is a mixture of fabric and plastic and we end with a series of wooden toys.

Electronic toys for 8-month-old babies.


Electronic toys are brilliant because they allow for so many different features and interactive elements. The sensory side with the flashing lights and sounds is great for independent learning, immediate engagement. There are so many toys around now that go beyond what we would expect for a simple child’s toy.

There are great combinations of lights, sounds, and other elements that can create something that tests all kinds of motor function skills and responses.

The first group that I want to offer comes from Vtech. This company has become something of a game-changer in recent years with its wide range of options and clever technological features. While most of their best toys are for older children, there are some really nice products for kids around 8 months old too.


1) VTech Lil’ Critters Roll & Discover Ball

VTech Lil' Critters Roll & Discover Ball 

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This ball is more complex than it first appears. The initial appeal comes from the soft, plush feel, and tactile tags. It is safe and pleasing for kids that will want to throw it around. The characters on the sides make it even more endearing. The idea here is that by throwing this around, you can encourage your child’s motor skills as they crawl after it.

When you add in the battery-operated sounds, this brings in new skills and a whole other reason for kids to play with it. The motion sensor triggers different responses and there is also a big button on the top to activate a recording about the numbers and animals. Kids can learn a lot here. One parent complained that their kid was too young to figure out how to press the button. But, you can press it for them and throw the ball until they develop the necessary skills.


2) VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel 

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This next option is another Lil’ Critters model that I lie because of the different learning tools and diverse components. This one is a little plastic Ferris wheel that spins around and plays different sounds and phrases as it moves. Your child can develop their motor skills spinning the three little characters around the wheel and learn some numbers and phrases at the same time.

I also like that there are little colored beads that move around in the wheel and light up stars for added visual appeal. There are also some nice practical elements that parents will love, such as the suction cup to stop it falling over and the volume control. The suction isn’t the strongest and does fail at times on some plastic surfaces, like high chairs. But, it is better than nothing.


3) VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech Turn and Learn Driver 

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Kids love toys where they get to pretend to be like their parents. That is why there are so many activity tables for babies and toddlers that include phones and steering wheels. They can copy the actions that they have seen as they build their motor skills. They don’t have to have any comprehension of destinations or other people at the end of the line. This driving toy offers something surprisingly complex for young babies.

They can sit on the floor and use the steering wheel, gear stick, indicator, and even a little wing mirror. There are moving parts, sounds, and lights to accompany the movements. It might be a little overwhelming for some 8-month-old kids, but it depends on their development and your guidance as they play. It is definitely something that they can explore over time and full of helpful sensory experiences.


4) VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube 

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The last of the group of vTech toys is an activity cube. You can find cubes that are suitable for various age ranges and upgrade when necessary. Many are quite advanced for an 8-month-old and require them to stand and have too much coordination. This one is different as it is smaller and sits on the floor. Yet, there are still lots of fun features and interactive elements on each side.

On the top, you get light-up buttons with animal sounds. There are also lots of other moving parts, interesting shapes, and textures in this brightly colored cube. It is a nice stepping stone towards more complex options. The motion sensor is a nice touch too. However, be aware that some parents get easily frustrated by the repetitive nature of the songs and sounds.


Other musical toys for 8-month-old babies.


Musical toys will always be popular with parents and babies because the rhymes and sounds are easy to learn. The repetitive nature of nursery rhymes can get annoying for us at times, but they get the message across and connect with young babies.


5) Iplay Musical Turtle Toy

Iplay Musical Turtle Toy 

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Music and animals are always going to be popular themes in the best toys for 8-month-old babies. This one from the iPlay is adorable with its turtle design. This little guy can crawl across the floor with your child, again encouraging motor skills. There are also lots of different buttons to find and press on his shell and feet to activate songs and simple lessons on letters and numbers.

Some of the tools here might seem a little advanced for an 8-month-old at first, but this is something that they can grow-up with and use to develop their skills over time. The turtle should be tough enough to take rough play and offer the same great lessons for a long time to come. Another features that I found interesting with that there are two languages. Therefore, you can switch to Spanish mode and get the same great range of features for bilingual kids.


6) Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube 

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They weren’t messing around when they named this Munchkin product. The idea of introducing classical music to kids has been popular since we heard we could play Mozart to them in the womb to make them smarter. This cube has different colored buttons on each side that correspond with a classical instrument. Kids can pick the side they like the most or try and match the sound to the name.

The orchestra button plays them all together for a complete composition. The lessons learned gradually get harder with time. Young babies might not get as much out of it at first other than the fun of the music and the accompanying lights. But, it could be a helpful tool if you know you want to get your kids into music from a young age.


7) Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu


Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu 

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This next option is pretty adorable because it looks just like a baby-friendly musical instrument. There is a drum kit on the top with different sounds and levels to help with coordination and awareness of sounds. The makers liken this to a musical Whac-a-mole game, which should offer a fun challenge. There are also different levels as your child progresses.

At the bottom, you get a xylophone style keyboard with different numbers, characters, and colors. This should allow for a range of lessons and skills to keep babies entertained. There are also different pre-programmed songs and other sound effects within the toy. It could get a little over-the-top and noisy for some parents, but at least there is plenty of variation.


8) Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Silly Sounds Light-up Piano


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Silly Sounds Light-up Piano 

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Next up, we have a cute, almost retro toy from Fisher-Price. This one is more simplistic in its features as it focuses on the piano element. Again there is a chance to learn sounds, numbers, and colors by pressing the different keys. Each key activates a fun song and corresponding lights.

You can also switch the mode with the slider on the top to keep things interesting – especially after hearing the same tune 10 times in one hour. You can switch it to phrases, animal sounds, or real piano sounds. The latter is great for kids ready to play their own tunes. The other thing I like about this one is it is lightweight with a carry handle. This makes it more practical as kids get older.


9) LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket


LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket 

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OK, so this one isn’t so much of a musical toy as the others. But, it does play songs and make noises. I also wanted to include it because it is such a great concept and it comes from one of the other leading brands in electronic toys. This LeapFrog toy takes the form of a picnic basket complete with blanket, plates, cutlery, and food items. Kids can take the pieces out to play with them.

Press the butterfly and the basket will ask for a specific item, which fits in a specific slot. So, your kids can learn food recognition, shapes, and sounds in one cute toy. There are some annoying design issues with the handle getting in the way during playtime. Other than that, most parents are impressed.


Non-electronic toys for an 8month old baby


Finally, I want to look at a series of toys that don’t require batteries. The problem with electronic toys like those above is that they can get a bit much after a while. The continual noise and lights can be frustrating, especially when you need some peace and quiet in a busy day. There is also the risk that you will end up singing the songs long after your child is asleep. Non-electronic toys for 8-month-old babies are great for quiet time and can be just as beneficial. The first set here is some simple toys that rely on colors, motor skills, and other lessons through the simple fabric and plastic products.


10) TOP BRIGHT Soft Cloth Books for Babies First Year


TOP BRIGHT Soft Cloth Books for Babies First Year 

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Soft cloth books are a great idea for kids that are learning some basic skill and for parents that want a bit of quiet time away from all the light and noise. This set from Top Bright is a great chance because of the feel of the covers and the range of subjects within the library. There are numbers, shapes, fruits, animals, vehicles, and visuals. Each page is a crinkle material that is fun to touch as kids trace the letters, numbers, and shapes.

One thing that I particularly like here is that you can get them wet without any risk of the pages warping or colors running. Therefore, you can use these books during bathtime. They are fun and well made. They might just have been a little more convenient with some kind of carry case or storage box to complete the “library” vibe.


11) B. toys by Battat B. Toys – Stacking Rings – Textured Ring Stacker for Babies


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Next up is a toy with a classic concept but a different way of teaching. Stacking toys are always a great way to get kids to learn more about sizes, spatial awareness, and to improve their motor skills. This one uses different pieces shaped like pebbles, which immediately makes you want to pick them up and feel them. The uneven shapes are fun and some of them have other properties to discover.

The large green one is squeezable and you manipulate the orange one on top too. Stacking them by size is just one way to play with these pieces. The non-toxic finishes and chewable materials mean that there is a lot more fun here. Some parents do say that the company could have gone a little further with their designs and textures, which is fair, but I think these “zen stones” are a cute alternative to the norm.


12) Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys

Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys 

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Baby blocks will never go out of fashion because their designs and education value remain as fulfilling as ever. Stacking blocks is a simple pastime that allows for different structures, games, and motor skills. From here, you can move onto more complex STEM toys as they get older. However, some products are more interesting than others. I like this set because of the squishy shapes for teething and the nice muted colors.

The soft tones and relief images on each block make you want to pick them up and learn more. In addition to the numbers for basic numerical lessons, there are different shapes, animals, and fruits to learn. They also slot together in a specific way to add another challenge. This set should keep babies and parents entertained for much longer than you would suspect. Just be aware that the interlocking elements aren’t always a snug fit and you probably don’t want to get water in these blocks.


13) Infantino Big Top Discovery Cube Development Toy

Infantino Big Top Discovery Cube Development Toy 

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If you have a child that really likes to touch things and feel different textures, a discovery cube like this could be a fun idea. Some parents may feel discouraged when they see that this is for younger babies and that there aren’t so many interactive features. But, this gentle, simple toy could work for kids that are slower to develop or those that need something soothing to counteract the bright lights sometimes. There are different patterns and textures to enjoy with crinkle leaves and a star in a pouch. Open the lid to reveal a ball and mirror.


Wooden toys for 8-month-old babies.


An alternative approach here is to turn to wooden toys instead of plastic. Wood can be a really nice material for kids’ toys when treated properly. Look out for models that are sanded down properly and don’t have any chemical treatments or toxic paint coatings. Wood feels nice in the hand and kids can use various shapes and blocks to explore different puzzles and lessons. The most interesting activity tables are better for older babies. But, you can still find some fun age-appropriate wooden toys out there.


14) Promise Babe Puzzle Toys Montessori Teether Toys Set


Promise Babe Puzzle Toys Montessori Teether Toys Set 

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This first set is a great idea if you want something simple for young babies. There are no clever features or bold colors here. But, there are some fun moving parts, sounds, and a nice tactile finish on the pieces. You get the round teether with the beads in the middle, the triangular teether for a different shape, a cute bear-shaped rattle, a smaller rattle with a bell, and a little toy car.

Kids can pick up whether interests them the most and switch between them. The designs are small and ideal for little hands and mouths. The lack of color means there is no concern about toxic paint. One downside to watch out for here is that the wood can warp and crack in contact with water. So, you will need to be careful not to spill anything on them, drop them in the bath, or clean them to vigorously.


15) YOFUN Montessori Toys for Toddler – Carrot Harvest Wooden Matching Puzzle


YOFUN Montessori Toys for Toddler - Carrot Harvest Wooden Matching Puzzle 

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This next wooden toy for 8-month-old babies is one that should help them with their shapes and motor skills. The concept is pretty simple. There is a block with different-sized holes in the top and kids have to figure out how to plant each carrot in the right hole. Or, you can roleplay together and pull up the carrots for any bunny friends in their nursery.

The toy is cute with the brightly painted carrots and the little animals painted on the block. There are also little details like the polished edges for safety and the quality pine. Be aware that it is the newer 2020 version that offers this finish and a higher standard of quality. Older models might have sharper corners and be more prone to splintering.


16) Toy Chest NYC Adorable Bear Wooden Ring Colorful Rainbow Stacker

Toy Chest NYC Adorable Bear Wooden Ring Colorful Rainbow Stacker 

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We can’t have a set of wooden toys for 8-month-old babies without looking at some wooden stacking rings. These can be a great alternative to the plastic ones that you can get because of the safer materials, nicer feel, and cute paintwork. This one has 5 rings of decreasingly size in recognizable colors. The transition is also perfect for some color theory lessons as your baby gets older as they go from red through orange, yellow, green, and blue.

At 8 months old, your baby can enjoy stacking them in order or just playing with each ring. The rocking base adds a level of difficulty and fun motion. The painted bear’s head at the top is a fun character they can enjoy. There is one parent that says the rings are heavier than expected, so watch out with smaller babies.


17) HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Wooden Baby Teething Toys


HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Wooden Baby Teething Toys 

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Finally, I want to end with a little wooden baby gym. This little toy is a nice step up from the mobile in their crib. There are little charms suspended from a wooden rail that they can interact with. Some a little teething toys with wooden beads and others are soft weather-related items. The design isn’t a hit with all parents, who might prefer something cuter than the sun, cloud, and rainbow.

But, they are good symbols for kids to learn and the smiling faces are a nice touch. While there might be a little bit more assembly required here than in other toys, it seems to be worth the effort. The finished gym is of high quality with a nice smooth finish to the wood. Set it up as required with adjustable lengths on the hanging pieces.


Choosing the best toys for 8-month-old kids.


One final thing to remember here is that the age recommendations are a rough guide. Just because brands list something as being for kids from 9 months old doesn’t mean that your child can’t get some benefit from it. They might not be able to appreciate all the lessons yet but, as long as the toy is safe to use, they can play and grow with it. Use your best judgment when picking the right toy for your child.

There are so many products out there that it was difficult to narrow it down in this guide. These toys are some of the most interesting within their respective categories. If you want something with lots of lights and noise and fun lessons, you can’t go too wrong with a vTech model. There are plenty of designs and themes out there. Other brands have some fun musical toys of their own that are great for entertainment and motor skills.

If you want to get rid of the batteries, there are also lots of traditional toys with beautiful designs such as those building blocks, books, and stackers. Also, if you want to ditch the plastic as well as the batteries, you can look at some of those attractive wooden alternatives. The important thing is that you find something that can engage your child and safely teach them skills.

Toys for 8 months old





This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.