About Us

Hello Everyone ! 

I am Sandy and i love being a mommee to my two beautiful kids , a 9 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. My partner and I  have had a few wonderful years of experience nurturing our two kids . 

Times were different with my first one. I did not do much online searches and relied mostly on guidance from our parents and friends. With my second one however, I was going to do things a bit differently so sought advice from the all knowledgeable Google !! and I don’t regret it one bit. 

There are so many different ways to bring up your child and so many choices nowadays with baby gears, toddler toys so getting the best one can seem daunting ! So all the information from Mr Google helped us immensely in our journey as parents . so we thought why not help other parents as well by sharing our experience and knowledge . hence MummeeMagic.com was born. My partner and I joke that this is our third child !

 My mission on this site is to help you make those right and informed choices as well by  providing up to date information and reviews on the many topics that any mommee encounters from birth to grown up kids. 

Woman Checking Strollers Carefully

Anything you find on this site has been carefully planned and edited by me and my partner to meet the highest quality standards. Some articles and reviews we have written ourselves (believe me it has been hard with two demanding kids !) and some through freelance writers.

However , before anything is published , we go through everything to make sure you are getting accurate , up to date information so that you can trust it to make the best purchase decision .

While we have had first hand experience with almost everything discussed in our blog, we did also use extensive online feedback to list the best products and write the articles . as you can see below we have also spent a lot of time in store to look for the best products ourselves to help us make up our reviews.

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There are many more things we have learnt while developing this site and endeavour to have it regularly updated  so we can all benefit from the best and accurate information on all topics that we encounter in our journey with kids . 

So if you would like to dramatically improve you experience as a parent and buy the best kids/baby products out there then continue reading our posts.

I am looking forward to spreading the mommee magic to you all !! 


Sandy Harrison

Co-Founder and Editor