Nuna Mixx Vs Uppababy Cruz: Which Is The Stroller For You?

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Finding the perfect stroller is no easy task. There is a lot to consider about the function, comfort, and general features included. Then there is the fact that so many products tend to look quite similar, with comparable approaches and benefits. One such conflict comes with the Nuna Mixx vs Uppababy Cruz.

Both of these strollers appear to offer a similar experience with adaptable features, a stylish design, and suitability for trips around town and on errands. But, there are differences here and there that could influence your choice.

In this guide, I will help you decide which of these models is right for you. I have broken this comparison guide down into different categories to help weigh up the pros and cons. I have my personal preference with the one I feel has the widest appeal.

But, I appreciate that other parents may see more advantages with the alternative. By the end of this comparison guide, you should have a better idea of which one to go for.


My Recommendation: 

Before I go into more depth about these two strollers and the possible pros and cons, I want to give a brief recommendation of my favorite. Spoilers! It is the Uppababy Cruz. To be honest, there isn’t that much between the two of them and the Uppababy Cruz has some nice features too.

However, this model edges into first place because of the cost, the size, and the extra features. I just feel that too many parents will feel at odds with the Nuna Mixx because of its larger size, awkward mechanism, lack of retailers, and the real leather. The Uppababy Cruz is just a little more accessible and still an interesting and adaptable option.

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Uppababy Cruz vs Nuna Mixx: the battle of the strollers


While I personally would recommend the Uppababy Cruz here as the ideal stroller for most parents, I know that a lot of people will still like the Nuna Mixx. There is a good reason for this. So, we need to go into detail a little bit about some of the key features and benefits offered by both products. We can see how they compare in different categories and where any major bonuses or limitations lie.

Those categories are:

Ease of use
Parent-friendly features
Comfort for the child


Ease of use.
First up, we have the ease of use. This means the simplicity of some of the moving parts and mechanisms like the steering and folding frame. Does the stroller conform to your will instantly, or are you left cursing it and wasting time?

One of the most important differences between these strollers is the size. The Uppababy Cruz has dimensions of 17L x 22.3W x 40.5H inches. This means that it is a much slimmer model than some strollers and this means it should be a little more maneuverable.

The idea here is that you can fit this through tighter doorways and busier streets without having to get in people’s way. It is a very compact option with very little height either. Because of this, you have a weight of 21.5lb, which makes it lighter and easier to handle.

The mixture of aluminum and magnesium in the frame help with this. Another bonus here is that you can fold it down with one hand and leave it to stand up all by itself. This definitely makes things easier.

The Nuna Mixx doesn’t allow for this, although you can still fold it in a true flat position and store it away pretty easily. The dimensions are different here at 37L x 23.5 w x 44 H inches. Therefore, it is a little taller and wider and much longer. This means it isn’t as good in tight spaces.

But, there is smooth steering so you can still handle turns pretty well. The weight is also higher here at 27lbs, so keep that in mind.

UPPAbaby Cruz and Nuna Mixx both have infant car seat compatibility with car seats, You can use this with infant car seats.

What this all means is that the Uppababy Cruz edges ahead in this first category. That compact shape already helped, but the lightweight frame and self-standing folded shape sealed the victory.


Adaptability is important in a number of ways. One of the most important is the ability to change the position of features like the handlebar/bumper bar and the seat for improved comfort or functionality. Then there is the potential for different arrangements based on the age of your child.

The Uppababy Cruz may look like the least adaptable at first because the stroller is suitable from three months old. However, you do have the option of using it from birth if you purchase extras like the SnugSeat or bassinet. Another great feature here is that the company also sells a stand for the bassinet.

So, you can create a system that converts from a transport system to a place to sleep, all without too much equipment. This could be great when traveling or staying overnight with relatives.

The Nuna Mixx doesn’t have this, but it does have the opportunity to use a car seat or bassinet as well. The company advises using the Nuna PIPA car seat and has added a ring adapter to make things a lot easier.

So, I have to give it to the Uppababy Cruz here for that additional bassinet stand. This could bring a whole new purpose to the system.


Parent-friendly features.

Next, we have some of the features that are important to help parents enjoy the most stress-free experience possible. This means looking at aspects like the storage on offer and any extra features like cup holders. The design of these elements can turn a stroller into a much more convenient travel system.

Unfortunately, there isn’t all that much to talk about here with either product. Let’s start by saying what they both lack. Neither of these strollers contains a cup holder. This is surprising in one way as this is such a common request. But, it would fit with the need for a compact and clean look. Then there is the fact that neither seat is machine washable. You have to wipe it down with a little soap and water if there is any dirt or mess.

One thing that the Uppababy Cruz and Nuna Mixx do share is a large basket underneath the toddler seat. This is larger than you might expect on the Uppababy Cruz and can hold 25lb. Therefore, it is ideal for parents that just want to throw all kinds of things in there and not worry about them. The Nuna Mixx does things differently with a compartmentalized storage system. This could be a better choice if you prefer to be a little more organized.

The result here is a tie really. Both strollers have similar pros and cons and no stand out feature to set them apart.


Peace of mind for parents also comes from the ability to provide a secure mode of transport for your child. That means no risk of them falling out due to improper restraints, a smooth ride, and protection from the sun and rain as needed.

Starting with the Uppababy Cruz, we have a pretty simple 5 point harness in the seat with a buckle. There are few comments about this so I can only assume that it does the job well enough and behaves like any other harness. There seems to be more than enough padding here and space for older children. From there, you also get two protective elements. The first is the wider weatherproof shield that acts as protection from the rain and also from bugs.

This could be very helpful in hotter climates as well as wet winters. There is also a pop-out sunshade that you can use to keep the sun out of your baby’s eye. This shade has a rating of UPF 50+, so is more than suitable in the height of summer.

The great thing about the Nuna Mixx is that you get pretty much the same thing. There is a similar approach to safety. You get a seat cover, rain cover, and extendable canopy for full protection from all external and environmental threats. There is also a similar harness with padding. One thing that is interesting here is that you can convert it to a three-point anti-loop harness if you prefer. This will appeal to some parents that struggle with the 5 point system. There is also a quick-release button.

So, I think that I have to give it to the Nuna Mixx for this category, but only just. This is pretty much neck and neck and it is only the 3-point adaptation that wins the point.


Comfort for the child.

Comfort is also important to make sure that your baby is cozy and can relax enough to fall asleep on the journey. You need a nice seat with comfortable padding that is just the right size. A footrest doesn’t hurt either.

Now, this is where we start to see the Uppababy Cruz with a few issues. There are parents that have commented about the smoothness of the ride. Granted, this isn’t an all-terrain model and the wheels aren’t meant to be that great. But, it does seem like this might get a little bumpy at times. The stroller seat itself seems to be comfortable enough with adequate padding. But, there are those that wish that the seat was a little more adjustable. You can tilt it back a bit for a better napping position. But, the compact shape means there isn’t room for a wider range of options.

That is where things get interesting with the Nuna Mixx. This model does allow for that sort of comfort and a deeper angle on the reclining feature. There are five options in total from a supportive upright position down to something that is fully flat. This means greater comfort for your child, but also the chance to change them in the seat if you need to. In addition to all this, the Nuna Mixx has three calf support positions.

As you can see, the Nuna Mixx is the winner in this category because of this more adaptable design. It should be a great help to parents.


Don’t be afraid to factor the design of the stroller into your decision. There are some really nice colors and design features out there that make strollers more attractive. You have to take this out with you each day, so it may as well look good.

Above, I mentioned the fact that the Uppababy Cruz has some leather details that make it stand out compared to other strollers. This isn’t the only reason to choose this model if you are in need of something a little more stylish stroller. There are some nice colors available so you can either go for something classic like a black or indigo or something a little bolder or brighter like pink.

Personally, I think that the pink looks great, especially if you want something a little different when going to social events or classes with other mothers.

The Nuna Mixx also has options in color, but not as many as the Uppababy Cruz. These colors are also on the same end of the spectrum for a colder look. That might not suit everyone, although I think the Mykonos blue is nice. There are also some nice accents in faux leather that offer a similar look to the Uppababy Cruz.

The use of faux leather might not be as durable or luxurious but it does mean that you can get a similar look –until you get up close.

Therefore, the Uppababy Cruz wins this round on design simply because you get more choice. I think there are more parents that will find their fit here than with the Nuna Mixx.


Finally, we can’t overlook the importance of quality when looking at the best strollers for our children. Nice design and adaptable system don’t mean a thing if it won’t last. Look at the materials used and the stability of the stroller. Check user reviews for a better indication of longevity.

One of the details you get with the Uppababy Cruz is that there are 100% full-grain leather accents. There are lots of people that will appreciate this because you know that you are getting a better feel and a more durable material than some faux options. But, I do think it is important to note that this does mean that the stroller is not vegan-friendly.

If you are adamant about avoiding animal products then this isn’t the stroller for you. Aside from this, most parents seem happy enough with the quality and apparently longevity of this

Quality also appears to be a pretty big iron-clad guarantee with the Nuna Mixx. One feature of interest here is the use of thick foam-filled tires. While this isn’t an off-road model, this does help if you do have to go over rougher ground. They are firm and look like they will hold up for a while. The rest of the stroller also seems to be of high quality with few issues with parts wobbling or not feeling sturdy.

Therefore, it is a close tie here as both strollers have their benefits. Neither seems like it will degrade too quickly. But there is that potential issue with the real leather that might cancel out the Uppababy Cruz for some buyers.


In short, the final tally of wins and losses in the battle of Uppababy vs Nuna looks like this.

Ease of use: The Uppababy Cruz for its compact shape
Adaptability: The Uppababy Cruz because of all compatible extras
Parent-friendly features: A tie because of the pros and cons of the designs
Security: The Nuna Mixx for that extra detail with the harness
Comfort for the child: The Nuna Mixx for providing more adjustments and a smoother ride
Design: The Uppababy Cruz for having a few more color choices
Quality: A tie as it all depends on your view about the real leather


Therefore, the Uppababy Cruz just breaks away and earns the victory. It is a nice system that provides great value in a compact design. The fun design elements and helpful features should allow parents to get around town with ease and the folding system helps too.

However, the Nuna Mixx is a worthy runner up. This is still a great stroller with a nice look and great focus on the quality of the build, the ride, and the comfort of your child. The recline function and choice of materials are appealing and highlight issues with the Uppababy Cruz.

Take your time to choose the stroller that is right for you.

So, Nuna Mixx vs Uppababy Cruz. While I have given my opinion here, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. There may be something about the Nuna Mixx that you prefer. Or, you might find that you agree with my recommendation. I suggest you go and research the two models in more detail, check out the photos, and read user comments. Then you can make a choice that is best for you.

Nuna Mixx Vs Uppababy Cruz



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.