The 10 Best Umbrella Strollers For Tall Parents

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Tall parents can’t always catch a break when it comes to getting strollers for their kids. There are lots of products that are designed to be lightweight for transportation and compact enough for stores and busy streets. But, this can mean some are too short to be used comfortably.

In this guide, you will find products claiming to be the best umbrella stroller for tall parents that have that compact folded shape and some great convenient features. But, they also have handles that are a little higher than average or have some adjustable mechanism to increase the height. So let’s learn more about finding the best umbrella strollers for tall parents.

What height are the best strollers for tall parents?

Typically speaking, the average stroller tends to be around 39-44 inches high. You might find that anything at the higher end of this scale is comfortable enough to use, but any lower and you are stopping a little. That is where it helps to find a stroller that either has a fixed handle at a higher height or one with a telescoping adjustable handle. Adjustable handles could end a couple of inches to make things easier, but it helps to check the specifications to see just how adaptable they really are.

Another option is to look for a stroller that is a higher-height model. This places the seat and a more standard handle a little further off the ground than normal. Therefore, it might be just tall enough without the risk of a wobbly adjustable option.

Can you get umbrella strollers for taller parents?

Yes. Umbrella strollers are a great option for parents that need something space-saving and practical. However, taller parents might assume that the extra height needed might be an issue here. That isn’t the case and you can get some great umbrella strollers suitable for tall users. If you are unfamiliar with umbrella strollers, there are some FAQs below that may help. Then I have included some of the key features to look for when choosing the best product. Finally, there are reviews of 10 brilliant products to help you find the best choice for you and your child.

Umbrella stroller FAQs.

1) Why is it called an umbrella stroller?

Simply put, an umbrella stroller folds up nice and compactly into a lightweight and portable structure. Most of the time, this is a thin upright structure, not unlike a golf umbrella when that is all folded up. The seat and canopy should collapse nicely, ideally with a one-handed system.

2) What is the purpose of an umbrella stroller?

The purpose of these umbrella strollers is to provide parents with something simple and portable to use on the go. These pram strollers for tall parents should go in the back of a car easily and some may even be suitable for plane travel. Many models also have straps or handles to make them easier to carry throughout the day.

3) When can you start using an umbrella stroller?

The age rating on these umbrella strollers can vary depending on a few factors. Some only have small seats with minimal weight capacities. Others are taller and more sturdy. You can also find products that are compatible with bassinets, car seats, and other features for younger children. It could be that you can start using them from around six months up until your child is about 50lbs. But, you should check the specification to be sure.

4) Do you really need an umbrella stroller?

It all depends on whether you would prefer to have a range of strollers for different occasions rather than something a bit more multi-purpose. These long handled umbrella strollers can make things a lot easier as your baby gets a little older and you need to travel around town with a more portable solution. But, they aren’t as good for active parents and might not be as robust.

Other factors to consider when choosing the best umbrella stroller for tall parents.

1) The ease in using the folding mechanism
2) The weight of the stroller
3) The comfort and security for your child
4) The addition of any storage features
5) The size and ease of use of the canopy
6) The design of the stroller


10 products competing to be the best umbrella stroller for tall parents


1) UPPAbaby Minu Stroller


UPPAbaby Minu Stroller 

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I want to start by looking at a couple of different options from UPPAbaby. This is a popular brand with a nice range of models that are comfortable and adaptable. There are two that I want to highlight because they could be a hit with taller parents looking for a portable solution, but for different reasons.

The focus of this Minu model lies more with the lightweight frame and small folded shape. It is 20.5’’ wide when open and just 23’’ high when collapsed down. One possible issue here is that there is a fixed handlebar. But, some taller users say that this isn’t a problem and that it is still comfortable enough for them to use. The hand-sewn leather on the handlebar should also make it nice and comfortable.

Additional features of interest here include the multi-position reclining seat, the 20lb capacity on the storage basket, the five-point harness, and the one-handed fold. It is suitable for ages 3 months and up to the 50lb weight limit.

  • The comfortable and secure fixed handle
  • The compact shape when folded
  • A secure seat for kids up to 50lbs
  • The size and fixed handlebar won’t suit everyone


2) Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller


Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller 

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The Vista version of the UPPAbaby stroller is quite similar regarding a lot of its features. You still get the same one-handed fold to create a great compact shape for storage and transportation. But, this is a more substantial stroller for a larger number of children.

This model is 25.7’’ wide and carries three children through two seats and a ride-along board. You can also switch the seats from forward to parent-facing as needed. A Bassinet is also included to transform this into one of the best prams for tall parents.

Another factor that might make this one more appealing to taller parents is the use of an adjustable handlebar. This should make it even easier for tall users to get comfortable.

Additional features of interest here include the larger 30lb capacity on the storage basket, the pop-out UPF 50+ sunshade, dual suspension, and the removable waterproof lining. It is suitable for ages 3 months up to the 50lb weight limit – unless you use the bassinet first.

  • The handle is adjustable to suit taller parents
  • The one-handed fold is still in play here
  • The range of configurations for different kids and ages
  • A bit chunkier and maybe harder to carry


3) Baby Trend Sit n Stand Sport Stroller


Baby Trend Sit n Stand Sport Stroller 

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While the two UPPAbaby strollers above fold down small, you could argue that it is not a true umbrella fold. If you are looking for something with a more standard compact shape when collapsed, this Baby Trend option could be for you. There is also the added benefit of the much lower price.

This is another product with a simple folding mechanism to get it into a more portable shape for storage and transportation. This one can carry two children at once, either in the toddler seat and infant seat or the toddler seat and ride-along board. You can also add the Baby Trend infant seat if you want.

Unfortunately, like so many listings, there isn’t much information on the handle. But, parents don’t seem to have any trouble using it. Also, one mentions that it is longer than it looks. The dimensions are 48.5 by 20.5 by 39.5 inches, so it is certainly not short.

Additional features of interest here are the deluxe child’s tray, the extra-large storage basket underneath, the parent organizer on the back, and the amount of padding around the seat and wings. It is suitable for kids aged 6 months up to 50lbs unless you start with the infant seat.

  • A true umbrella fold with a trigger mechanism
  • Lots of additional features to help parents out
  • Comfort and security in the padded seat
  • The information about the handle is unclear


4) Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller 

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This next option from Summer is one that I know that a lot of parents are going to love because it is both a true umbrella stroller with the upright fold and a nice tall stroller. Two handles point up, rather than a single bar along the back.

This allows for a bit of extra height compared to other models. At its highest point, it is 43 inches so at the upper end of the usual range. An added benefit here is that it is also lightweight at 13 pounds thanks to the aluminum frame.

Most parents tend to find this easy to use with the folding mechanism and the various user-friendly features. The carry strap is a nice bonus too. However, there are some complaints about the lower 10lb capacity on the storage basket.

There are some downsides to having a model called a “Lite Convenience” where some features just aren’t available. So, you have to consider what you want most from a stroller.

Additional features of interest here include the small additional storage pocket at the back, the adjustable sun canopy, the five-point safety harness, and the choice of colors. It is suitable for kids aged 6 months up to a weight of 50lbs.

  • A great folding design with a carry handle
  • The handle is a little taller than average
  • There are some nice security features like the canopy and harness
  • The storage basket is a lot less spacious than other


5) Joovy Kooper Stroller


Joovy Kooper Stroller 

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The first thing that stands out about this product is the there is a higher weight capacity of 55, compared to the average of 50lbs seen above. Some parents say that you get a little extra headroom for kids here.

Despite this, and the 15lb storage capacity underneath, this is still a compact and convenient folding stroller with a one-handed fold. The handle here is 40.94 inches, so not the tallest ever but by no means the shortest.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that there are some complaints about the size and material of the canopy used on this stroller. Some find that it isn’t quite large enough to shield their baby’s eyes at all times. There are also those that question the waterproofing on really bad days.

Additional features of interest here include a wide range of bright colors, a reclining seat, a ventilation system via a mesh window, and a parent organizer. It is suitable for kids aged 3 months to 60 months or a weight of 55 pounds, whichever happens first.

  • The larger capacity on the seat and the storage basket
  • The choice of fun colors
  • The simple folding design
  • The canopy could be a lot better


6)Britax B-Free Stroller


Britax B-Free Stroller 

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This next option for the best umbrella stroller for tall parents has a much higher weight allowance again of 65 pounds. But, it still collapses down very small with a one-handed fold. The height is one of the best in this guide at 42 inches high when the handle is extended, but it is only 32 inches tall when folded up. This convenience will decrease when using it with a compatible car seat, but that does increase the range of time it is suitable for your child.

With a product weight of 22lbs, that might be heavier than you expected. Also be aware that even though it is a three-wheel model, it is not a jogging stroller. This is because it doesn’t have a good suspension system. It does, however, claim to have all-terrain tires so could be capable off-road.

Additional features of interest here include the XL storage basket with its front access, a combination of 7 pockets for added convenience, the canopy, and the padding on the seat. It is suitable for kids aged 0 to when they reach 65 pounds in weight.

  • The much higher weight allowance
  • The higher handle height with the adjustable feature
  • The range of storage options
  • This isn’t a jogging stroller despite the configuration of wheels


7) KDD Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

KDD Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Canopy 

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One thing that I noticed immediately about this model is that it folds down into an incredibly thin shape. This, along with the carry handle, ensures that this is one of the more portable options available. Users find that it is easy to open and close. It also appears to be 42.2 inches tall, but this is unverified so you might want to check with the company. Still, it seems to be tall enough for most users.

While I love the thinner shape, there are problems in the construction of this stroller compared to other options. There is a maximum weight of just 33 pounds, probably because it only weighs 8.6 pounds. It is light and portable but not a long-term solution.

Additional features of interest here include the five-point safety harness, the protective removable canopy, and the locks on the frame and back wheels. There is no definitive indication of a recommended age range, but the weight limit gives you an idea.

  • The most compact and lightweight folding design yet
  • It seems to be tall enough for most users
  • There are some great safety features throughout
  • The low weight capacity


8) Grateful Dead Ultralight Umbrella Stroller


Grateful Dead Ultralight Umbrella Stroller 

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This next product is something completely different and very niche. Daphyls have created this tie-dye pattern Grateful Dead Stroller with a fun vibrant design on the seat and stroller that is unlike any other in this guide.

This also does so for a very low cost. You might look at this and disregard it immediately for its looks. However, keep in mind that it is one of the tallest yet at 41 inches and it folds down pretty neatly. It also only weighs 7 pounds, so it is easy to carry.

There are some warnings that the lower price does mean a drop in quality compared to other products here. This is seen in the durability of the materials and the size of the pockets. But, you might also find it to be a bit of a bargain.

Additional features of interest here include the retractable sun visor, the shoulder strap, a five-point safety harness, and the padding on that taller handle. The lower age restriction is unclear, but it is suitable for kids up to 40lbs.

  • The unique Grateful Dead design
  • The taller handle with extra padding
  • The lightweight frame and compact shape when folded
  • The lower quality in the materials used


9) Delta Children Revolve Reversible Stroller


Delta Children Revolve Reversible Stroller 

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What is nice about the listing for this stroller is that they say outright that they have an adaptable handle for “parents of all heights”. This is the most considerate I have seen a company act yet. The standard height of the handle seems to be 41 inches. That handle also has a nice soft leather cover for comfort. This is part of a very smart design that gives this a more high-end look.

The main problem is that it isn’t the lightest at 21.5lbs, but it does have a one-handed fold for a compact shape. It is also listed as Disney-approved and has the option to add a car seat if required. Still, parents have struggled to get it to conform or to carry it around.

Additional features of interest here include the oversized knit canopy, the large storage basket underneath the no-puncture tires, and the reflective shoulder pads. It is suitable for infants up to 50lbs in weight.

  • The higher height on the extendable handle
  • The Disney-approved dimensions
  • The high-end feel in the design
  • The heavyweight makes it difficult for some to use


10) Maclaren Techno XT Stroller


Maclaren Techno XT Stroller 

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Finally, I may have saved the best until last. This product is a great pram for taller parents because it actually has a handle that is taller than average. The Techno range of these strollers has an extendable handle and this raises to 44.49 inches off the ground.

This will be great for especially tall parents. At the same time, you can fairly lightweight frame at 15.2lb and the same great folding design and one-handed system that make so many of these strollers so practical. This is also one of the few companies to declare their warranty upfront. This is a lifetime guarantee if you sign up in 60 days.

A possible problem here is the lack of storage. The company doesn’t really talk about the storage options available or capacity, which suggests a lack of confidence. There is a little underneath but not much.

Additional features of interest here include the compatibility for the newborn systems, a large rain cover, an extendable leg rest, and plenty of padding. It is suitable for kids aged 0 up to a weight of 55lbs. This increases to 65lbs on the XLR model.

  • The taller-than-average height of the extendable handle
  • The range of comfort features
  • The rarity of a clear promise of a warranty scheme
  • The available storage


Choosing the best pram for taller parents.


One thing that you have probably noticed, both with these reviews and online listings, is that brands aren’t too forthcoming with technical information on the height of their strollers. It would be easier if they could put more thought into the dimensions and the adjustable handles for those on the taller side.

But, there are some great long-handled umbrella strollers for tall parents here that are taller than average and still compact when folded. Take your time to compare the best umbrella stroller for tall parents based on your priorities and find something where you can finally get comfortable.