My Review Of The Cybex Priam Stroller

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We can all get caught up in the hype where there is a cool new product on the market, especially one designed to make our lives so much easier. The Cybex Priam Stroller is one such product. There are some great Cybex stroller reviews about this model that suggest that it will be a great choice for parents that want a more customizable choice with some extra style.

It looks like it is a step above some other competitors in terms of its design and the wealth of features in the specification. However, there is also a high price tag that will put a lot of new parents off.


So, is this Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair worth that hefty price tag?


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It is easy to turn away from seeing that high cost because you might think that you can easily get a better deal elsewhere. After all, there are plenty of great strollers out there for half the price. However, we need to consider the value for money on offer here. Perhaps there is a good reason why this system is that much more expensive. Perhaps this will offer a significantly better experience for you and your child where this ends up being a worthy investment compared to a choice you are merely settling for.

In this guide, I plan to answer that question in this Cybex Priam review by showing you exactly what you can get here and highlighting the benefits and disadvantages that you could experience.

I’m not going to sit here and write nothing but praise for this stroller because there are some considerations to keep in mind. But, I hope that, by the end of this, you will see why so many people are enamored with this stroller and why it could be a great choice for your needs too.

My short and sweet answer here would be yes. The Cybex Priam Stroller does offer a great user experience thanks to a wide range of features and adaptations. The choices on offer and the quality of the pieces do allow for value for money.

While I can appreciate that there are some issues, which I will go into in more detail later, there are more benefits regarding the comfort, ease of use, extra features, and the overall look of the stroller. But, don’t just take my word for it here.

Let’s go through those pros and cons more carefully in this Cybex stroller review and learn a little more about the configurations of this high-end model

The different options and configurations within the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair series to choose from.

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Before we look at some of the great features and benefits of choosing this stroller over other models, I need to point out that there are different ways to set up this stroller. It all depends on what you get to go with the frame. The adaptable frame can hold a series of cots and seats to suit different needs for various age groups.

Therefore, you can use the Cybex Priam Stroller Lux carrycot or Lite carrycot, depending on your preference, to accommodate newborns. Then you can adapt the stroller as needed. There is the Cybex Priam Stroller cloud Z pack and the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair seat. The great thing about the latter is that it is reversible.

The Cybex Priam Stroller has the potential to offer greater comfort for children than some models from competitors.

So, let’s start this Cybex Priam review with all of the benefits that this stroller. can bring for your child. It is easy to look at some of the design features and say that they would be practical for us, and I will talk about some of those in a bit.

But, it is just as important that our kids feel safe and comfortable when riding in this. The various attachments and options above are a great start because they allow for greater comfort while kids are younger and the chance to choose what works best for your family.

From there, you can also take advantage of:

a) the more comfortable mattress
b) the amount of mesh around the cot
c) the oversized canopy

Let’s start with the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair mattress. The comfort starts for kids with the use of a breathable soft foam in this padded support. That foam is ideal for cushioning your child during their journey – although the suspension system doesn’t hurt either.

There is also a claim here that there is 15% more space than in the previous Priam Carry Cot, which should give your child more room to stretch out and not feel so restricted as they grow. I recommend taking a closer look at the dimensions to see how this compares to your current system.

In addition to this, the Cybex Priam Stroller cot has improved visibility I like the idea of the “Panorama view” from this cot, even if kids may not appreciate it as much as we do. It is much more about us being about to see into the cot from different angles than kids getting a better view of the world outside.

Either way, there are two mesh windows that cover a large area. You have the chance to open and close them individually for better access. Also, this extra mess is sure to improve ventilation on hotter days.

Speaking of the sun, I also like the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair canopy. The canopy on this stroller is designed for “all-round protection against wind, cold, rain, and sunshine”. I have looked at other strollers in the past with similar claims where the shade isn’t nearly big enough for full coverage.

Here, the XXL sun protection is much bigger and more functional. While there are some that find that it obstructs access a little, it is still a nice change from all the half-hearted attempts to create an effective solution.

The Cybex Priam Stroller also has some clever and helpful features to make life easier for us parents.

Next, in this Cybex stroller review, we need to look at some of the different features for parents on the go. Child comfort and safety is essential but it should come at the detriment of our own experience.

We are the ones that have to push this around all day, maneuver it through tight spaces, and figure out how best to go about our days when using such a large contraption. Thankfully, most users are happy with how they can get around.

Key benefits here are:

a) the one-handed folding frame that lets you fold this down small for storage
b) the oversized basket on the bottom for your shopping
c) the chance to wheel this up to a table and use it as a high chair.

First up, there is the benefit of the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair folding frame. A folding mechanism is always helpful on any stroller, especially one of this size because it allows for better portability. In this case, it folds down to a small size than you might expect considering the extra height.

There is also the fact that the windbreaker folds with it so you aren’t messing about with too many elements. The one-handed folding system is effective enough here and not too difficult with some practice. There is also a one-handed recline on the frame for the seat so you can adapt the angle as needed. Kids can face out and enjoy the journey or you can lean it back when it is time for a nap.

Another great fold-out feature of this stroller is the Cybex Priam Stroller storage solution. As with the canopy, this feature is oversized compared to a lot of other products. Too often I come across small strollers with baskets that won’t even hold a changing bag.

Here there is more than enough room for your bag or for a large amount of shopping. You can extend the basket and fix it in place for a secure container and then fold it back out the way when it is no longer required.

Another practical element here is the height of the seat on the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair. There is a higher seat than normal at 80cm. This not only creates a taller and more interesting design, but it adds a new function.

You can now wheel this taller model up to a table at a cafe or restaurant instead of having to use a high chair. You don’t have the stress of removing your child from their comfy position and they can still be a part of the activity.

Here is a review from Pushchair Expert if you prefer to watch


This Cybex Priam Stroller is a good-looking device where you are sure to find a design or style to suit your tastes.

Next in this Cybex Priam review, I want to talk about the design features and the joy they can bring. While these elements aren’t practical – and the stroller would perform just the same with a boring all-black design – we can feel more pride in showing off this attractive model wherever we go.

Don’t forget that this is going to be a big part of your life for a long time to come, so it might as well look great. The good news here is that there is a really wide range of designs so you can get something you really enjoy using.

First off, there are the different effects on the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair frame. This is something you rarely see, as most companies focus on the seat covers rather than any other details. Here you can choose the style of the frame to showcase a bit more style than normal.

There is a matt black, as the more safe option, but I know that a lot of people will appreciate the rose gold too. There are also chrome and black, and chrome and brown.

Then there are the many color choices in the seat of the Cybex Priam Stroller. It isn’t uncommon to scroll through options with this sort of product and see nothing but blacks, charcoals, neutral tones, and maybe a blue. Here there is so much more to choose from and you can find something that not only looks good against the frame of your choice but that also suits your personality.

Options here include Soho grey, deep black, nautical blue, mountain blue, khaki green, and mustard yellow. The yellow is very on-trend right now and a nice alternative color to the darker tones. There is also one called autumn gold, but just be aware that this is actually red rather than a warmer gold.

Finally, there are the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair designer options. This is a great example of a way that Cybex wants to market this stroller to those looking for a more high-end stroller that they will enjoy using for years to come. While some fashions can go out of style, there are some nice classic options here that should turn heads.

This includes the various botanical looks and the “koi crystalized” design. There is also the interesting “rebellious” option with the graffiti tag look. This is more of an acquired taste but could be a big hit with a lot of younger parents.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues to consider when looking at the Cybex Priam Stroller.

I can’t highlight all of the brilliant features and ideas within this Cybex stroller review without talking about some of the potential issues that users experience. There are some cases where users struggle with the stroller at the start. Some parents have commented on loving some of the features but having to take some time to get used to them.

To me, it sounds as though these issues are mostly temporary and easy to overcome. Those that aren’t may be a problem if you are used to something more lightweight and portable. Consider these factors and see if they are too much to deal with to make this suitable for your needs.

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First of all, some find the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair to be a bit heavy. This is a shame for those that are more used to a lightweight portable stroller as it could impede them when traveling or carrying out errands alone. It is great to be able to use a one-handed folding system to create that compact shape.

But, this doesn’t really mean a lot if you then struggle to lift it into the car or to put it into storage. The weight could also make it a little harder to push than some other strollers like lightweight joggers.

There is also a bit of a learning curve to the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair that may be frustrating for some new parents.

There are some parents that have struggled to get started when setting this up and getting their child in a comfortable position. With practice, it does become a lot easier to manage and most would argue that the functionality of the different elements makes up for that.

However, others continue to struggle with elements like the brake and the height of the stroller. That taller frame could mean that the handle isn’t in the most comfortable position for anyone around 5ft tall. The Cybex Priam Stroller brake is also not as easy to use as it should be and can get a little stiff.

Finally, getting the Cybex Priam Stroller assembled is not the easiest task. With so many components to think about with this stroller, especially when dealing with the accessories and different types of the cot, you do need to be careful with the assembly process.

Take your time and look out for YouTube videos that may offer a better visual lesson in how it all works. The instructions that come with the stroller could be a lot better. Also, you might want to bring in a second pair of hands to help with any heavy or awkward fixtures.

There is also some adaptability to the Cybex Priam with options for different needs.

While there are some concerns about the multiple features and the complexity of the stroller for new users, the flip side of this is that you can take advantage of the adaptability. I mentioned at the start that you can choose between different cots and seats to get the best fit for your needs.

But, there are also additional features that take this further. For example, some parents benefit from swapping out the wheels. They find that the all-terrain wheels are much better for handling surfaces other than paved sidewalks and carpets. This should make it a lot easier to enjoy some time in the park or at the beach.

There are also some great Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair accessories that are ideal for different climates.

One of the things that I found really interesting about the different accessories that you can get for this stroller is that you can adapt the setup for where you live. For example, some people will enjoy using the two-wheel system to drag the all-terrain stroller over the beach in the summer.

There is also an insect net to keep up any mosquitoes and a parasol for even greater coverage and sun protection. Meanwhile, others can set themselves for colder days out. The footmuff is perfect for keeping little legs nice and cozy away from the wind chill.

There are also ski attachments if your area is prone to heavy snowfall and you need an easier way of getting around with your little one.

The Cybex Priam Stroller also has some other helpful features for ease of use.

The list of accessories doesn’t end there. The combination of the cup holder and the snack tray is great for parents that are on the go around town for a while. You can get a coffee and set it up at a convenient level as you go about your day. There is also a matching platinum changing bag to help you find everything you need on a day out.

The kid board is also helpful if you have an older child that wants to ride on the back and rest their legs. Take your time to go through the available options and see what works best for your family.

What does this mean for value for money with this Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair?


The aim of this Cybex Priam review was to consider if the high cost was worthwhile. There is an issue here is that some of the great additional features do come as standard in some lower-priced models. Snack trays and cup holders aren’t exactly a rarity. There is the risk that once you custom-build your stroller to the perfect specifications with these extras then it could be very expensive.

On the plus side, the Cybex Priam Stroller does offer a lot more in terms of customizable features than other models. You can go down a more specific route with the features and/or the design and create something that is better suited to your needs and taste.

Therefore, this adds extra value by giving you greater functionality and more joy when using the stroller. If you are more likely to take this out with you on different occasions and are happy to show it off, it has more value than a bulky, difficult little stroller with half the features at half the price.

Furthermore, there are some small details here and there that add to the luxury feel of the Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair. Some parents talk about the feel of the handle with the leather grip and how this makes it so much nicer to push the stroller around than a standard plastic handle.

This level of consideration for the user and the attempts to create those interesting designer versions go a long way to ensuring that this a model with a lot of long-term value. The longevity of this quality pushchair also means that you could potentially use this for multiple children, with makes this an investment piece with even more value.

A summary of those pros and cons

There is a lot to like here and the opinion of this Cybex stroller review is that the pros do outweigh the cons.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]The stroller is very comfortable for children with thick foam padding.
The two windows are perfect for both visibility and breathability.
The oversized canopy is a great way to protect kids from the sun, rain, and wind.
The folding frame is easy to use with one hand. The stroller collapses nicely into a compact shape.
There is some extra-large storage underneath.
The higher seat allows parents to put the stroller up to a table.
That seat is also reversible.
You can bring in a cot of some kind for newborns to make this more adaptable.
There are some nice tones in the frame to make the stroller stand out.
There are lots more colors in the seat covers than you might expect.
There are also some designer fabrics to add to the high-end feel.
~You can swap out the wheels for all-terrain ones or skis.
~There are lots of additional accessories that can add value depending on your needs.
~There is a more luxurious feel than other strollers[/i2pros][i2cons]The brakes can get a bit stiff and difficult to use.
There are some assembly issues to start with partly due to the instructions.
There is a learning curve with the adaptations.[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair is good option to save for?


Overall, this Cybex Priam review shows that the negative issues aren’t that bad here. You do have to be prepared to get to know this stroller and play around to get the best out of it. This could also mean ordering some extra accessories from the company to make this stroller even more helpful.

While this can be a pain in the short term, it is all worth the effort for the benefits gained. You can end up with an attractive customized stroller that is better suited to your needs than a run-of-the-mill model that aims more for mass appeal. There is still value for money in the features and attachments with some great benefits for all concerned.


My final thoughts on this Cybex Priam Stroller.


Clearly, this isn’t a decision to take lightly and while I highly recommend this Cybex Priam Adaptable Pushchair to those that can afford to pay out for the scheme and extra features they need, I also recommend taking a closer look at the detailed specs online and Cybex stroller reviews from other parents.

Take your time to go over all the features and dimensions, while also looking at the designs and perks. Compare this to other models in your budget to see if this does more for your needs and is worth that extra cost in your mind. Personally, I can see this being a great investment for a lot of parents.





This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.