Middle Names for Austin

Selecting the perfect middle name for your child can be a daunting task. You want something that sounds great with the first name, carries personal or cultural significance, or simply a name that you love.

When your baby’s first name is Austin, the possibilities for great middle names for Austin are endless. This article will provide some valuable insights and suggestions to make your task easier.

The Importance of Choosing a Middle Name

A great middle name can serves many purposes. It can pay tribute to loved ones or honor family names. It can also provide a great choice when your child grows up if they prefer to use their middle name instead. Moreover, a suitable middle name for Austin can complement the meaning and origin of the first name, creating a harmonious blend.

Understanding the Meaning and Origin of the Name Austin

The name Austin has roots in Latin and English, derived from the name Augustine, meaning “majestic” or “venerable”. It is a popular boy’s name in America, Canada, and Australia, but is also used in different forms in countries like France and Spain.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Middle Names for Austin

There are several factors parents should consider when deciding on the perfect middle name to go with Austin.

Considering Family Names

Family names can be a great source of inspiration. If there is a family name that has been passed down through generations, it could serve as the perfect middle name for Austin.

Paying Tribute to a Loved One

A middle name can be a touching way to pay tribute to a loved one or an influential person in your life.

Evaluating Sound and Initials

When selecting a middle name, consider how it sounds with Austin. Also, ensure the initials don’t form any undesirable nicknames or acronyms.

Honoring History and Culture

Using names that reflect your cultural history can be a meaningful way to choose a middle name. Consider names from your cultural heritage or history.

Suggested Middle Names for Austin

Austin James: A Classical Choice

One option could be Austin James. James is a timeless name of Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter”. The combination of Austin and James flows nicely, providing a perfect name with strong, classic feel.

Here are some more Classical middle names for Austin

  1. Austin James
  2. Austin Thomas
  3. Austin William
  4. Austin Henry
  5. Austin Charles
  6. Austin Robert
  7. Austin Samuel
  8. Austin Edward
  9. Austin George
  10. Austin Benjamin
  11. Austin West

Multiple Middle Names for Austin : Austin Davis West

For parents interested in multiple middle names, a combination last names such as Austin Davis West could work well. Here, Davis and West both have strong, clear sounds that pair well with Austin. For parents interested in multiple middle names, consider these combinations:

  1. Austin Davis West
  2. Austin Michael James
  3. Austin Benjamin Lee
  4. Austin Christopher Ryan
  5. Austin Samuel David
  6. Austin Jacob William
  7. Austin Zachary John
  8. Austin Elijah Joseph
  9. Austin Daniel Noah
  10. Austin Matthew Luke

Unisex Middle Names: Austin Taylor

Unisex middle names are increasingly popular and can be a great option. Austin Taylor, for instance, is a balanced, contemporary name pairing that could suit a boy or girl. Here are some other unisex names and middle names for Austin

  1. Austin Taylor
  2. Austin Jordan
  3. Austin Cameron
  4. Austin Morgan
  5. Austin Riley
  6. Austin Peyton
  7. Austin Casey
  8. Austin Skylar
  9. Austin Bailey
  10. Austin Avery

Austin and the Middle Ages: A Historical Perspective

For history-loving parents, choosing a name linked to the Middle Ages could be appealing. For example, Austin Richard has a strong historical ring to it, with Richard being a popular name for boys in medieval times. or those who appreciate historical names, consider these medieval-inspired middle name options:

  1. Austin Richard
  2. Austin Edward
  3. Austin Geoffrey
  4. Austin Thomas
  5. Austin Walter
  6. Austin Hugh
  7. Austin Edmund
  8. Austin Frederick
  9. Austin Arthur
  10. Austin Percival

Austin’s Baby Names with French Origin: Austin Pierre

Given the French form of Austin is Augustin, why not pair it with a French middle name? Austin Pierre has an elegant, international flavor. If you’re inclined towards French middle names for Austin, consider these examples:

  1. Austin Pierre
  2. Austin Henri
  3. Austin Luc
  4. Austin Etienne
  5. Austin Olivier
  6. Austin Gaston
  7. Austin Antoine
  8. Austin Jules
  9. Austin François
  10. Austin Marcel

Remember, choosing middle names should be a joyful process. Reflect on what’s meaningful to you, and you’ll find the perfect middle names for Austin.

Using Austin as a Middle Name

  1. James Austin: A classic combination with a strong, timeless feel.
  2. Michael Austin: Michael provides a biblical touch, pairing nicely with Austin.
  3. Elijah Austin: Elijah offers a biblical and historic resonance that complements Austin.
  4. Benjamin Austin: A traditional and timeless combination that never goes out of style.
  5. Theodore Austin: This choice sounds distinguished, with a blend of classic and modern vibes.
  6. Samuel Austin: Samuel brings a Biblical touch that pairs well with Austin.
  7. Zachary Austin: This combination gives a modern feel to the classic charm of Austin.
  8. Henry Austin: A traditional choice, Henry adds a classic touch to the modern Austin.
  9. Oliver Austin: Oliver brings a touch of charm and elegance when paired with Austin.
  10. William Austin: This combination offers a balance of traditional and contemporary sounds.
  11. Savannah Austin : a classic combination for your baby girl

These are just a few examples of some ideas for how Austin can serve as a beautiful baby’s middle name, pairing well with a variety of first names. As with any name selection, it’s essential to choose a name that holds significance to you and your family members and sounds pleasing when paired with your last name.

Hyphenated Middle Names for Austin

Hyphenated middle names can add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to the name Austin. Here are some hyphenated middle baby name suggestions for Austin:

  1. Austin-James: This classic hyphenated middle name adds a sophisticated and distinguished touch.
  2. Austin-Michael: A hyphenated middle name that combines Austin with Michael, offering a strong and timeless combination.
  3. Austin-Thomas: This hyphenated middle name brings together Austin and Thomas, creating a harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements.
  4. Austin-William: A hyphenated middle name that pairs Austin with William, resulting in a balanced and sophisticated choice.
  5. Austin-Alexander: This hyphenated middle name combines Austin with Alexander, giving a regal and powerful impression of your baby boy
  6. Austin-Benjamin: A hyphenated middle name that merges Austin with Benjamin, offering a blend of contemporary and classic charm.
  7. Austin-Christopher: This hyphenated middle name combines Austin with Christopher, resulting in a strong and timeless combination.
  8. Austin-Daniel: A hyphenated middle name that pairs Austin with Daniel, creating a balanced and versatile choice.
  9. Austin-Matthew: This hyphenated middle name brings together Austin with Matthew, offering a harmonious blend of modern and biblical elements.
  10. Austin-Joseph: A hyphenated middle name that merges Austin with Joseph, resulting in a combination of modernity and tradition.

Hyphenated middle names can add depth and uniqueness to the name Austin, allowing for a more distinctive and memorable full name.

Famous People with the Name Austin

There are numerous famous figures across various fields with the name Austin in their full names. Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Austin Butler: An American actor known for his roles in TV shows like “The Shannara Chronicles” and “Switched at Birth.”
  2. Austin Mahone: An American pop singer who gained popularity through YouTube before releasing several chart-topping singles.
  3. Austin Nichols: An American actor and director, best known for his roles in television series like “One Tree Hill” and “The Walking Dead.”
  4. Austin Abrams: A rising actor recognized for his roles in TV series like “Euphoria” and films such as “Chemical Hearts.”
  5. Austin Carlile: An American musician, former lead vocalist of the metalcore band Of Mice & Men.
  6. Austin Aries (Daniel Austin Healy Solwold Jr.): A famous American professional wrestler.
  7. Austin Pendleton: An American actor, playwright, theatre director and instructor.
  8. Austin Dillon: A professional NASCAR racing driver.
  9. Austin Rivers: An American professional basketball player in the NBA.
  10. Austin Swift: The younger brother of pop star Taylor Swift, Austin Swift has also carved out a career in acting.

This list demonstrates that the name Austin is widely recognized and has been held by many successful people, potentially serving as inspiration when considering naming options.

Nicknames for Austin

Nicknames for Austin

Nicknames can add a touch of familiarity and endearment to the name Austin. Here are some popular nicknames for Austin:

  1. Aussie: A playful and affectionate nickname for Austin.
  2. Ace: This nickname emphasizes Austin’s excellence and mastery.
  3. Ozzy: A fun and informal nickname derived from the sound of the name Austin.
  4. Tin: A shortened version of Austin that gives a unique and catchy nickname.
  5. A.J.: This nickname can be derived from combining the first initial of Austin with a middle name like James.
  6. Aus: A simple and straightforward nickname that abbreviates Austin.
  7. Austin Powers: A playful reference to the popular fictional character, known for his unique style and charisma.
  8. Autie: A cute and endearing nickname that brings a sense of familiarity.
  9. Tino: A creative and affectionate nickname for Austin, derived from the name’s sound.
  10. Auggie: This nickname can be a playful variation of Austin, giving it a fresh and friendly vibe.

Remember, nicknames often develop naturally among family and friends, so it’s essential to choose a nickname that resonates with the individual and reflects their personality.

Nicknames Derived from Austin and Middle Names for Austin

When combining Austin with a middle name, there are various creative ways to derive unique and personalized nicknames. Here are some examples:

  1. Austin James (A.J.): This classic combination lends itself naturally to the nickname A.J., incorporating the initials of the middle name.
  2. Austin Michael (Ames): By taking the first letters of Austin and Michael, the nickname “Ames” can be created.
  3. Austin Benjamin (Abe): A playful and affectionate nickname derived from the first letters of Austin and Benjamin.
  4. Austin Thomas (Atom): A unique and energetic nickname derived from combining the first letters of Austin and Thomas.
  5. Austin William (Wil): This nickname uses the first syllable of William, combining it with Austin to create a shortened, friendly nickname.
  6. Austin Alexander (Alec): By taking the first letters of Austin and Alexander, the nickname “Alec” can be formed.
  7. Austin Christopher (Chris): A common nickname, Chris, can be derived by combining the first letters of Austin and Christopher.
  8. Austin Daniel (Dan): This straightforward nickname takes the first syllable of Daniel, blending it with Austin.
  9. Austin Matthew (Max): By taking the first three letters of Matthew and the last letter of Austin, the nickname “Max” can be created.
  10. Austin Joseph (Joey): A friendly and approachable nickname derived from combining the first letters of Austin and Joseph.

Remember, nicknames are often personal and their meanings can be influenced by individual preferences and relationships. It’s important to consider what resonates best with the person and their unique identity.


Choosing a middle name for Austin is a meaningful decision that can add a lot of depth to your baby’s identity. Whether you prefer a family name, a name of cultural or historical significance, or simply a name you love, there are plenty of different options here to choose from. Remember, the best middle name for Austin is the one that feels right to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are some popular middle names for Austin?
  2. Austin James, Austin Michael, and Austin Davis are among popular middle names.
  3. Can Austin be used as a middle name?
  4. Yes, Austin can also be a versatile middle name, for example, James Austin.
  5. What does the name Austin mean?
  6. The name Austin is of Latin and English origin, derived from Augustine, meaning “majestic” or “venerable”.
  7. Can Austin be a unisex name?
  8. Yes, while Austin is traditionally a male name, some parents are using it for girls as well.
  9. Can I give my child multiple middle names?
  10. Yes, you can give your child as many middle names as you’d like. However, consider the length and flow of the full name.


This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.