Middle Names for Grant

Deciding on a middle name for your baby can feel just as significant as choosing their first name. Especially when you’ve already settled on a strong and classic first name like Grant.

In this article, we’re going to explore the universe of potential middle names for Grant and provide you with some inspiration to find the perfect one for your baby Grant.

The Importance of a Middle Name

A middle name plays several roles. It can honor a beloved family member, pay homage to your cultural roots, or even serve as a secondary first name that your child can choose to go by in certain situations. Having a middle name provides versatility and a unique identity for your child.

Origin and meaning of the name Grant

The name Grant originates from an English and Scottish background. It’s derived from the Old French word “grand,” which means “great” or “large.” It was often used as a nickname for a tall or large person, signifying a grand or great individual.

In the Middle Ages, Grant transformed into a surname first, and it wasn’t until later years that it started being used as a first name. As a surname, it has a rich history, with numerous notable individuals and families bearing it, especially in Scotland.

On the other hand, in a historical context, Grant was also adopted as a given name in honor of Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th president of the United States. His military and political accomplishments made him a national figure, leading to an increase in the name’s popularity.

In essence, the name Grant signifies greatness, grandness, or largeness, not necessarily in physical form, but it can also point towards one’s personality, achievements, or character traits. It carries a sense of strength and nobility, making it a popular choice for boys. It’s a strong, straightforward name that’s easy to pronounce and spell, which has contributed to its enduring popularity.

Popular Middle Names for Grant

As you search for the perfect middle name for Grant, you might want to consider some popular options that parents have loved over the years.

Grant Michael: A Classic Combination

Michael, derived from the Hebrew name Mikha’el meaning “Who is like God?”, is a time-honored choice that blends well with Grant. It exudes strong and peaceful energy, making Grant Michael a really great middle name option for parents looking for a traditional choice. Other suggestions for classic middle names are :

  1. Grant James
  2. Grant Charles
  3. Grant Thomas
  4. Grant Edward
  5. Grant Michael
  6. Grant David
  7. Grant William
  8. Grant Robert
  9. Grant Joseph
  10. Grant Daniel
  11. Grant Henry
  12. Grant George
  13. Grant Peter
  14. Grant Samuel
  15. Grant Richard
  16. Grant Paul
  17. Grant Stephen
  18. Grant Francis
  19. Grant Lawrence
  20. Grant Leonard
  21. Grant Benjamin
  22. Grant Frederick
  23. Grant Arthur
  24. Grant Raymond
  25. Grant Matthew
  26. Grant Harold
  27. Grant Douglas
  28. Grant Vincent
  29. Grant Roger
  30. Grant Nicholas
  31. Grant Ronald
  32. Grant Patrick
  33. Grant Timothy
  34. Grant Anthony
  35. Grant Walter
  36. Grant Kenneth
  37. Grant Philip
  38. Grant Christopher
  39. Grant Gregory
  40. Grant Martin
  41. Grant Lewis
  42. Grant Albert
  43. Grant Carl
  44. Grant Stanley
  45. Grant Gerald
  46. Grant Clarence
  47. Grant Dennis
  48. Grant Norman
  49. Grant Russell
  50. Grant Alan
  51. Grant Davis

Exploring Uncommon Middle Names for Grant

If you’re aiming for a more unique flair, there are several distinctive middle names that pair nicely with Grant.

Grant Atticus: A Unique Pairing

Atticus, a name of Greek origin meaning “man of Attica”, adds a unique and memorable touch. Grant Atticus carries a sophisticated tone, making it an excellent choice for those seeking something a little different. Other unique ro uncommon pairings would be :

  1. Grant Orion
  2. Grant Percival
  3. Grant Florian
  4. Grant Quill
  5. Grant Dashiell
  6. Grant Auden
  7. Grant Emeric
  8. Grant Lysander
  9. Grant Ignatius
  10. Grant Evander
  11. Grant Zephyr
  12. Grant Castor
  13. Grant Elwood
  14. Grant Leander
  15. Granr Zorion
  16. Grant Alaric
  17. Grant Thane
  18. Grant Osiris
  19. Grant Bard
  20. Grant Torin
  21. Grant Roark
  22. Grant Huxley
  23. Grant Ambrose
  24. Grant Calix
  25. Grant Cosmo
  26. Grant Finnegan
  27. Grant Balthazar
  28. Grant Magnus
  29. Grant Soren
  30. Grant Remington
  31. Grant Eleazar
  32. Grant Maximus
  33. Grant Lucius
  34. Grant Caius
  35. Grant Romulus
  36. Grant Peregrine
  37. Grant Zebulon
  38. Grant Quinlan
  39. Grant Phineas
  40. Grant Sterling
  41. Grant Lazarus
  42. Grant Dorian
  43. Grant Lachlan
  44. Grant Calder
  45. Grant Caspian
  46. Grant Oberon
  47. Grant Zedekiah
  48. Grant Endymion
  49. Grant Hadrian
  50. Grant Lysander

Grant Emerson: A Modern Twist

Emerson, meaning “Emery’s son”, offers a modern twist and blends perfectly with Grant. The name Emerson has both English and German roots, offering an interesting cultural touchpoint to explore. Here are some more suggestions for modern middle names :

  1. Grant Aiden
  2. Grant Caden
  3. Grant Phoenix
  4. Grant Ryker
  5. Grant Jaxon
  6. Grant Maddox
  7. Grant Kyler
  8. Grant Zane
  9. Grant Sawyer
  10. Grant Beckett
  11. Grant Brody
  12. Grant Weston
  13. Grant Finley
  14. Grant Lennon
  15. Grant Jett
  16. Grant Maverick
  17. Grant Braxton
  18. Grant Camden
  19. Grant Paxton
  20. Grant Tucker
  21. Grant Ryder
  22. Grant Hudson
  23. Grant Lincoln
  24. Grant Jace
  25. Grant Kingston
  26. Grant Archer
  27. Grant Dallas
  28. Grant Rylan
  29. Grant Flynn
  30. Grant Axton
  31. Grant Dexter
  32. Grant Greyson
  33. Grant Preston
  34. Grant Colton
  35. Grant Griffin
  36. Grant Kieran
  37. Grant Keegan
  38. Grant Milo
  39. Grant Rowan
  40. Grant Logan
  41. Grant Landon
  42. Grant Easton
  43. Grant Holden
  44. Grant Zayden
  45. Grant Ashton
  46. Grant Brennan
  47. Grant Bryce
  48. Garnt Carson
  49. Grand Maddox
  50. Grant Jagger

Grant Nathaniel: A Traditional Approach

If you prefer a more classic, traditional name, consider Nathaniel, meaning “God has given” in Hebrew. Grant Nathaniel flows well and carries a classic, timeless feel. Here are some more examples:

  1. Grant John
  2. Grant Anthony
  3. Grant Davis
  4. Grant Christopher
  5. Grant Patrick
  6. Grant Robert
  7. Grant Matthew
  8. Grant Andrew
  9. Grant Jacob
  10. Grant Lucas
  11. Grant Isaac
  12. Grant Samuel
  13. Grant Benjamin
  14. Grant Daniel
  15. Grant Elijah
  16. Grant Gabriel
  17. Grant Nathan
  18. Grant Adam
  19. Grant Caleb
  20. Grant Levi
  21. Grant Jonah
  22. Grant Noah
  23. Grant Zachary
  24. Grant Simon
  25. Grant Elijah
  26. Grant Aaron
  27. Grant Joshua
  28. Grant Ethan
  29. Grant Jesse
  30. Grant Solomon
  31. Grant Gideon
  32. Grant Jude
  33. Grant Micah
  34. Grant Raphael
  35. Grant Tobias
  36. Grant Abel
  37. Grant Asher
  38. Grant Elijah
  39. Grant Ezra
  40. Grant Isaiah
  41. Grant Josiah
  42. Grant Levi
  43. Grant Malachi
  44. Grant Noah
  45. Grant Obadiah
  46. Grant Reuben
  47. Grant Seth
  48. Grant Thaddeus
  49. Grant Zachariah
  50. Grant Zephaniah

Gender-Neutral /Unisex Middle Names for Grant

If you prefer a gender-neutral middle name for Grant, there are many options that can suit your needs.

Grant Quincy: A Unisex Option

Quincy, of French origin meaning “estate of the fifth son”, is a gender-neutral choice that brings a unique sound when paired with baby name Grant. here are some more gender neutral/unisex middle names for Grant :

  1. Riley
  2. Jordan
  3. Taylor
  4. Casey
  5. Alex
  6. Jamie
  7. Robin
  8. Avery
  9. Bailey
  10. Cameron
  11. Charlie
  12. Devin
  13. Finley
  14. Harley
  15. Jesse
  16. Kendall
  17. Mackenzie
  18. Reese
  19. Sidney
  20. Terry
  21. Ashley
  22. Skylar
  23. Frankie
  24. Morgan
  25. Darcy
  26. Peyton
  27. Quinn
  28. Addison
  29. Riley
  30. Sawyer
  31. Corey
  32. Dana
  33. Lane
  34. Lee
  35. Blair
  36. Jordan
  37. Pat
  38. Reese
  39. Sydney
  40. Kelly
  41. Loren
  42. Dale
  43. Jamie
  44. Lindsay
  45. Sky
  46. Casey
  47. Kendall
  48. Taylor
  49. Robin
  50. Leslie

Grant Alex: Breaking Gender Norms

Alex, a short form of Alexander or Alexandra meaning “defending men” or “defender of mankind”, is a versatile and gender-neutral option. Grant Alex has a modern, punchy vibe that’s sure to stand out.

Middle Names for Grant in Famous People

Looking to the stars can also provide inspiration for your baby’s middle name.

Notable Figures Named Grant

From Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th U.S. president, to Cary Grant, the famous Hollywood actor, there are many notable figures with the name Grant. This can be a source of inspiration as you look for the perfect middle name.

Famous People Named Grant:

  1. Grant Gustin – An American actor and singer, best known for his role as Barry Allen/The Flash on the CW series “The Flash”.
  2. Grant Hill – A retired American professional basketball player who is a member of the NBA Hall of Fame. He is now a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks.
  3. Grant Imahara – Was an American electrical engineer, roboticist, television host, and actor who is best known for his work on the television series “MythBusters”.
  4. Grant Morrison – A Scottish comic book writer known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings.
  5. Grant Wood – An American painter best known for his paintings depicting the rural American Midwest, particularly the painting “American Gothic”.

Historical Figures Named Grant:

  1. Ulysses S. Grant – The 18th President of the United States, serving from 1869 to 1877. He was also the commanding general of the United States Army during the American Civil War.
  2. Cary Grant – Born Archibald Leach, Cary Grant was a British-American actor known as one of classic Hollywood’s definitive leading men.
  3. Grant Mitchell – An American stage actor on Broadway and a character actor in films.

Famous People with Middle Name Grant:

  1. Michael Grant Ignatieff – A Canadian author, academic, and former politician who was the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition from 2008 until 2011.
  2. James Grant Duff – A British soldier and historian from Scotland, noted for his role in the British Empire’s governance of India during the early 19th century.

Remember, the middle names of many famous people often aren’t as publicized as their first and last names, so this list focuses primarily on notable individuals who are known to use Grant as their first name.

Multiple Middle Names for Grant:

  1. Grant Alexander James
  2. Grant Benjamin Charles
  3. Grant Michael Christopher
  4. Grant William Thomas
  5. Grant Frederick Arthur
  6. Grant Ethan Nicholas
  7. Grant Samuel Elijah
  8. Grant Joseph Maxwell
  9. Grant Lucas Nathaniel
  10. Grant Isaac Henry
  11. Grant Matthew Daniel
  12. Grant Vincent Jeremiah
  13. Grant Oscar Benjamin
  14. Grant Gabriel Oliver
  15. Grant Tobias Nathan
  16. Grant Maxwell Riley
  17. Grant Elliot Jordan
  18. Grant Austin Bradley
  19. Grant Lucas Hayden
  20. Grant Wesley Julian

Multiple Names with Grant as a Middle Name:

  1. Benjamin Grant Alexander
  2. Christopher Grant Michael
  3. Matthew Grant William
  4. Nicholas Grant Frederick
  5. Elijah Grant Samuel
  6. Maxwell Grant Joseph
  7. Daniel Grant Lucas
  8. Henry Grant Isaac
  9. Jeremiah Grant Matthew
  10. Oliver Grant Gabriel
  11. Nathan Grant Tobias
  12. Bradley Grant Maxwell
  13. Jordan Grant Elliot
  14. Hayden Grant Lucas
  15. Julian Grant Wesley
  16. Samuel Grant Jesse
  17. Ethan Grant Coleson

It’s important to note that the flow of the name can change significantly depending on the syllables in the first and last names mentioned above. Some people prefer the sound of shorter middle names with longer first and last names, and vice versa. Ultimately, the choice of middle names is a personal one and can reflect family names, names of significance, or simply names that parents feel suit their child.

Grant as a middle name

Some great first names that pair well with Grant as a middle name:

  1. Alexander Grant
  2. Benjamin Grant
  3. Christopher Grant
  4. Daniel Grant
  5. Ethan Grant
  6. Frederick Grant
  7. Harrison Grant
  8. Isaiah Grant
  9. Jonathan Grant
  10. Kenneth Grant
  11. Leonard Grant
  12. Matthew Grant
  13. Nathaniel Grant
  14. Oliver Grant
  15. Phillip Grant
  16. Quentin Grant
  17. Robert Grant
  18. Samuel Grant
  19. Theodore Grant
  20. Vincent Grant
  21. William Grant
  22. Zachary Grant
  23. Anthony Grant
  24. Bradford Grant
  25. Calvin Grant
  26. Derek Grant
  27. Edward Grant
  28. Franklin Grant
  29. Gregory Grant
  30. Howard Grant
  31. Ivan Grant
  32. Jacob Grant
  33. Kyle Grant
  34. Louis Grant
  35. Marcus Grant
  36. Nicholas Grant
  37. Owen Grant
  38. Paul Grant
  39. Richard Grant
  40. Stephen Grant
  41. Trevor Grant
  42. Ulysses Grant
  43. Victor Grant
  44. Walter Grant
  45. Xavier Grant
  46. York Grant
  47. Adam Grant
  48. Bryce Grant
  49. Cyrus Grant
  50. Dominic Grant
  51. Leah Grant
  52. Quincy Grant
  53. August Grant
  54. Cole Grant
  55. Kent Grant
  56. Marshall Grant
  57. Emerson Grant
  58. Hazel Grant

How to Choose the Best Middle Name for Grant

Choosing the perfect middle name for your baby Grant involves more than just finding names that sound good together.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors you might want to consider when choosing a middle name for Grant.

Meaning and Origin of the Name

If the name’s meaning or cultural origin holds significance for you, this can heavily influence your choice.

Syllable Count and Name Flow

Names with different syllable counts often pair well together. For example, a two-syllable name like Grant sounds good with either a one-syllable or three-syllable middle name.

Personal and Family Significance

A middle name can be a great way to honor a loved one or carry on a family tradition.


Choosing a middle name for Grant can be an enjoyable process as you explore the many options available. Remember, the best name is one that holds meaning and sounds right to you.



Q1: What are some classic middle names for Grant?

Names like James, Michael, and William are classic choices that pair well with Grant.

Q2: Can I use a family name as a middle name for Grant?

Absolutely, family names can make excellent middle names and create a meaningful connection to the child’s heritage.

Q3: What are some unique middle names for Grant?

Names like Atticus, Emerson, and Quincy are unique choices for a son’s middle first name.

Q4: Are there gender-neutral middle names for Grant?

Yes, names like Alex, Quincy, and Jordan can be considered gender-neutral.

Q5: What factors should I consider when choosing a middle name for Grant?

Consider the meaning and origin of the name, syllable count and flow, and personal or family significance.



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.