Can I Give Himalaya Bonnisan Syrup or Drops To My Newborn Baby : The Ultimate Guide to Dosage and Benefits

Himalaya Bonnisan syrup, also known as Bonnisan drops or liquid, has become a sought-after healthcare supplement in the world of infant wellness.

This article dives deep into the world of Himalaya Bonnisan, from understanding its composition to its dosage.

If you’re a parent or a healthcare professional seeking comprehensive knowledge about this herbal supplement, this read will prove invaluable.

What is Himalaya Bonnisan?

Himalaya Bonnisan is an ayurvedic formulation designed specifically for infants and children.

It promotes healthy growth and development by aiding the digestive system and relieving common digestive issues such as colic, indigestion, and constipation.

Its natural herbal ingredients ensure it’s not only effective but safe for infants.

Why is Himalaya Bonnisan Syrup Popular?

The syrup has gained immense popularity due to its carminative and digestive properties. It aids digestion, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and elimination.

Many parents have found it beneficial in relieving symptoms like colic, bloat, and abdominal pain in their infants.

The formulation, grounded in Ayurveda, also promotes overall well-being.

What’s the Recommended Dosage?

Dosage often depends on the age of the child:

  • For a 1 month baby, it might be limited to a few drops.
  • A 3 months old may require about half a teaspoon, while a 1-year-old might need a full teaspoon.

Here is a detailed recommended usage :

Bonnisan drops, dropper bottle 30 ml:

  • Newborns: 5-10 drops three times a day
  • Infants up to 6 months: 10-20 drops three times a day
  • Infants 6-12 months: 2 ml 3 times / day

Bonnisan drops, 100 ml bottle:

  • Children 1-3 years: 2.5 ml 3 times a day (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Children 3-6 years: 5 ml 3 times a day (1 teaspoon)
  • Children over 6 years: 7.5 ml 3 times a day (1 and ½ teaspoon)

Bonnisan drops can be administered to children under 1 year old only at the recommendation of the specialist

However, it’s crucial to consult your doctor or a healthcare professional for the precise recommended dosage for your infant.

Bonnisan Liquid Composition: What’s Inside?

Bonnisan boasts a unique blend of herbal ingredients known for their health benefits.

Some of its constituents include dill, which aids digestion, and yarrow, renowned for relieving gastrointestinal discomfort.

Each ml of Bonnisan liquid is meticulously formulated to ensure the best for your baby’s digestion and relieve symptoms like constipation or abdominal pain.

What are the Indications for Use?

Bonnisan is primarily indicated for infants and children experiencing digestive tract discomfort. It’s beneficial for:

  • Relieving colic and gases
  • Alleviating constipation and promoting healthy bowel movements
  • Supporting the digestive system during the teething phase

Is Bonnisan Safe for use in Newborns?

Given its natural, ayurvedic formulation, Bonnisan is considered safe for newborns. However, it’s essential to stick to the recommended dosage and ensure there are no adverse reactions.

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any supplement for your newborn.

Precaution to Take with Bonnisan

While Bonnisan is generally safe for infants and children as it has natural ingredients, there are some precautions to keep in mind:

  • Ensure you’re giving the correct dosage.
  • If you notice any adverse reactions, seek immediate medical attention.
  • Always store the bottle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Medicinal Properties of The Bonnisan Drop

Bonnisan is not just a digestive aid; its medicinal properties extend beyond that. Its used for infants and children as it :

  • Promotes healthy growth and development
  • Relieves irritability in infants, especially during teething
  • Enhances appetite, aiding weight gain and overall health

When Should You Consult a Doctor?

It’s always a good rule of thumb to consult a doctor:

  • Before starting any new supplement or medication
  • If your baby exhibits severe symptoms or if their condition worsens
  • If you have concerns about drug interactions or any specific medical conditions your child may have

Summing Up the Health Benefits

Himalaya Bonnisan is more than just a digestive drop; it’s an infusion of ayurvedic goodness designed to ensure your infant’s wellness.

From aiding digestion to ensuring healthy growth, it’s a holistic supplement many parents swear by for their baby boy or baby girl.

In Conclusion:

  • Himalaya Bonnisan promotes digestive health and overall wellness in infants.
  • It’s crucial to adhere to the recommended dosage.
  • Made with natural, ayurvedic ingredients, it’s generally safe but always consult before starting.
  • Bonnisan can alleviate symptoms like colic and constipation and support during teething.
  • Always be vigilant and seek professional advice if in doubt.


What exactly is Himalaya Bonnisan?

Himalaya Bonnisan is an ayurvedic formulation specifically designed for infants and children.

It promotes healthy growth and development by aiding the digestive system and alleviating common digestive issues like colic, indigestion, and constipation.

Composed of natural herbal ingredients, it is both effective and safe for young ones.

How often should I give Bonnisan to my infant?

The frequency and dosage depend on the age and specific needs of the child. For instance, a 1 month old baby might require only a few drops, while a 1 year old could need up to a teaspoon.

However, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or doctor to determine the most appropriate dosage and frequency for your infant.

Are there any side effects associated with Himalaya Bonnisan syrup?

Bonnisan, being an ayurvedic and herbal formulation, is generally considered safe for infants and children.

However, as with any supplement or medication, there is always a possibility of individual reactions.

If you notice any adverse symptoms or reactions in your child after the use of Bonnisan, it’s essential to discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional immediately.

Can I give Bonnisan to my newborn?

Himalaya Bonnisan is formulated to be safe for infants, including newborns. That said, because a newborn’s digestive system is still developing, it’s always a good idea to consult with a pediatrician or healthcare professional before introducing any supplements, including Bonnisan.

Does Bonnisan have any other benefits apart from aiding digestion?

Yes, Himalaya Bonnisan has several other medicinal properties. It aids digestion and contributes to promotion of overall healthy growth and development in infants, relieves irritability, especially during teething, enhances appetite, supports weight gain, and helps improve the overall well-being of the child.



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.