Choosing The Best Woolino Sleep Sack For Your Child

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Many new parents deal with sleepless nights with a newborn child. If they aren’t struggling with babies waking up in the night, they are struggling to rest with other worries about choices they have made. A big part of this is the clothing and setup chosen for the crib. Should you swaddle? Should you use a blanket? What materials should you use? How can you help kids sleep through the night?

An option that I can recommend to new parents is the sleep sack. Sleepsacks provide a more restrictive way to sleep without being a swaddle, but also provide the softness of a blanket. The idea here is that you are getting the best of both worlds. So, is an asleep sack the best option for you and your child? Also, if you are interested in the concept, which is the best sleep sack for your child right now?

Choosing The Best Woolino Sleep Sack For Your Child


In this guide, I have compiled a series of Woolino Baby Sleep Sack reviews from the 4 seasons line. Before that, let’s look at why Woolino is such a top brand, what to look for in their best products, and why you should get a sleep sack to begin with.

Why should you use a sleep sack?

One of the reasons that babies wake up at night is that they have a reflex when their arms and legs jolt too much in their sleep. Restrictive movement during sleep not only reduces the chance of this happening but also helps babies feel as though they are back in the womb. This improved mental state should improve their quality of sleep. Meanwhile, you will also get a better night’s sleep as you don’t have to get up so many times.

Sleep sacks are a great idea for parents that can’t decide between swaddling newborns or using a blanket. Swaddling is great for soothing young children before they can roll over, but some parents like the confidence to do so. There are some concerns about using a wearable blanket in cribs for safety reasons, but they offer warmth and comfort – particularly in the colder months.

The sleep sack is a nice mid-way point where you get some of the restriction of a swaddle in a looser fit, all with the comfort of a blanket. This means they are suitable for a wide range of ages. You can provide more support to fussy older babies and toddlers with the right solution. In turn, their improved sleep cycle should make it easier for you to improve your own sleep pattern. It turns into a good night’s sleep for your baby and you also.

What features should you look for when choosing the best sleep sack?

1. The recommended age/size.

One of the first things to look for here is the size of the product and the recommended age. Some of the products in this guide are for multiple ages where kids grow into them. Others are more specific, such as for newborns to 6 months, or for older toddlers.

2. The ease of use for the parent.

These sacks are meant to make life easier. So, they shouldn’t have anything in the design that makes them difficult to use. They should be easy to put your child into, ideally with straps and zips for better access. Some of the best products will also have other adaptable features so kids can use the sack in other applications than just in the crib.

3. The materials used.

The choice of materials in a sleep sack can make a massive difference in both comfort and cost. Most brands will use cotton as it is a natural and breathable material that is easy to use. Cheaper brands may add some polyester but this is best avoided. Others, such as the brand I am highlighting today, also use wool for comfort.

4. The design.

While this is primarily a practical item for sleep, this is also a wearable item in some cases. Therefore, there is no reason why it shouldn’t look good. The best sleep sacks brands, usually offer different colors and patterns to make the sacks more appealing.

Who is Woolino?

Woolino is a popular brand that makes sleep sacks that are a little bit different and come in a few different styles for various needs. They are said to be both the number one rated and number one selling brand of Merino wool sleep sack in North America.

To be fair, there may not be that much competition as other brands stick with cotton. Still, they have won plenty of awards in the last decade and have a good reputation with parents that happily use these products to improve sleep patterns. There is also a sense of quality here compared to some of the cheaper competitors.

Why are Woolino sleep products so much more expensive than Halo? Are they worth it?

You may have seen some similar products around from other brands, such as Halo. I appreciate it if you are drawn more to these products based on price. There are some attractive options that are far cheaper than even the Basic Woolino Sleep Sack. However, cheaper doesn’t always been better. There can be a lack of quality and features in other brands.

Then there is the factor of the materials used. Many of the more affordable sleep sacks for babies are 100% cotton for breathability and little else. Some may even use polyester. Woolino is different because their top products at the higher end of the range also contain Merino wool. Merino wool can creates a micro-climate around a baby’s body and merino’s unique ability to regulate body temperature, which always keeps your baby warm in winter and cold in summer. It maintains the right temperature all year round for your little one As you may know, this doesn’t come cheap.

Why do the best Woolino sleep sacks use Merino wool?

The products listed in the Woolino sleep sack reviews below are all part of the 4 seasons range. This means that they are suitable for use across the year. The combination of natural cotton and wool makes the sack breathable but also nicely insulated for the colder months. So, babies should be more comfortable in winter than they would be in a thinner sack. The softness of the wool also feels great against the skin at night.

Choosing The Best Woolino Sleep Sack For Your Child

Just be aware of what your child is wearing while they are in the sleep sack. You don’t want them to overheat because they have thick layers on. You can use a sack and lighter clothing that may increase comfort levels long-term. This is the only sleep sack that satisfied me most.

What other benefits do you get from choosing Woolino sleep sacks?

The best Woolino sleep bags for babies aren’t just about providing that extra material for 4 season comfort. There are different versions of the sack available with various features. Some are more adaptable with adjustable elements and zips for access. There are also different sizes available. Some let kids grow into them over a couple of years and others are more specific. It also has shoulder snaps that help to transfer a sleeping baby into a bag easily. On top of this, there are some great colors and patterns in the cotton outer layer.

My top pick for the best Woolino sleep sack.

There are lots of benefits to all four of the products in my Woolino sleep sack reviews below. But, I have to go with the Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag as my recommended product. I get that some parents won’t get along with the one-size-fits-all approach. That’s fine and you can benefit as much from the Basic model in this case.

But, kids that are comfortable in this sack can sleep well in great materials and you can enjoy the range of additional features to make your life easier. These are more limited in other versions. There are also more designs in this model to sweeten the deal.

1) Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag

Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag 

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The Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag is one that babies can grow into a little better than the 4 Season Basic Sleep Bag below. It should be suitable from 2 months up to 24 months, giving kids room to develop a product they can get comfortable in. This should allow for a more cost-effective solution, even if the product is on the pricier side because you aren’t replacing it with bigger versions so much. As with all of these 4-season products, there is a combination of 100% organic cotton on the outside and 100% Merino wool in the lining.

This is also one of the most feature-rich products in the series with multiple elements to make life easier for parents. There are shoulder straps with snaps underneath the arms to adjust the fit and slots for a safety belt, which helps with transitioning to a car seat or other travel system. You also get a 2-way zipper on the sack to make it easier to change your child’s diaper.

Another benefit of this product is that you get a wide range of designs and colors. You can choose something nice and simple with a neutral tone or go for a more interesting pattern. There are more animal-based designs here than on any other product. This includes a sheep design that makes sense with the fluffy wool lining. It is just a surprise that they didn’t follow this through with other models.

The downside here is the size as some find it too big for small babies and prefer to get a series of products. Otherwise, there isn’t much to dislike.


  • An attractive sleep sack kids can grow into
  • Lots of features to improve convenience
  • Too big for some people

2) Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Toddler Sleep Bag


Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Toddler Sleep Bag 

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Next, we have the alternative to the Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag in the form of the Ultimate Toddler Sleep Bag. As the name suggests, you get a similar product with the same great benefit for sleep and relaxation, but for older children. This is great for toddlers that perhaps aren’t ready to give up this cozy comfort blanket and need something else before they move on to items that are a little more grown-up. Again, you have a one-size-fits-all approach that parents will either love or hate, with a recommended age range of 2 to 4 years.

There is also the same great combination of cotton and wool materials and many of the same convenient features. The exception to the rule here is the lack of a 2-way zipper design. The idea here is that you don’t have to worry so much about regular changes and accidents.

A possible downside here, depending on your taste, is the reduced range of designs. There are many of the same colors as before, such as gray, earth, navy blue, and rose. However, the patterns are very narrow in theme with the star gray, space, and night sky options. There are none of the same cute animals that toddlers would love.


  • A larger version of the comfortable sleep sack for toddlers
  • Many of the same great features help kids and parents.


  • Fewer designs to choose from.

3) Woolino 4 Season Basic Baby Sleep Bag


Woolino 4 Season Basic Baby Sleep Bag 

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The next choice is the Basic Baby Sleep Bag. As the name suggests, this is the more simplistic version of the sleep sack compared to the Ultimate one above. Automatically, this means that there are fewer features, which could be detrimental to some users. You don’t get the same adaptable features like the shoulder straps and buttons under the arms. You also can’t adapt this for seat belts. You do, however, still get a very comfortable sleep sack that is practical and enjoyable to use in every other way. You should also reduce some short-term costs with this option.

This product could be the better choice for parents unsure about the larger bag that babies grow into. There are three sizes available here that are a more suitable fit and you can then switch to a bigger model as needed. This gives you the chance to get a fresh new look too. The smallest is for babies 0-6 months, the medium for kids 6-18 months, and the largest for those 18-36 months. The design range is limited again, but there are animals this time with butterflies and the return of the pandas.


  • You can get a fresh new item at different stages
  • The basic model still has the lining and the zip


  • There are none of the same adaptable features seen in the Ultimate version.

4) Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag with Feet


Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag with Feet 

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Finally, we have the Baby Sleep Bag with Feet. Again, the name offers a pretty good giveaway as to the unique selling point. The idea here is that parents of more active children can provide something soft and soothing that also provide a bit more freedom to move around. The feet act like little booties in a very baggy onesie for a hybrid design that works well. Kids should be able to stand and walk without tripping over the material.

The rest of the sleep sack is pretty much the same as the one without feet. There is still that cozy Merino wool lining and the soft cotton on the outside. You don’t get the adaptable features of the Ultimate model because this is one to be replaced as kids get older, like the Basic bag. The three sizes/ages are 6-18 Months, 18-36 Months, and three to four years. The latter is particularly good for older toddlers with developmental issues and the smallest could help babies that are more active sooner than anticipated.

The downside is the lack of the two-way zip, which would help on that smaller option. The colors and patterns are very similar to those offered with the Basic bag.


  • The bonus feet to aid with mobility
  • The range of sizes for young babies and older toddlers.


  • It doesn’t have that helpful zip system.

The pros and cons of these Woolino sleep sacks.

When comparing these products, it isn’t hard to see the unique selling point of all four. The company has done well to stay true to its basic ideas with the design and wool lining and then added a few key details. The Basic model is great for those that want a simple age-appropriate system – rather than the one-size-fits-all Ultimate sack. But, the Ultimate does have those extra features for adaptability and more designs. Of course, if you know that your child will benefit most from built-in feet, that is the option for you. You also have the choice between this larger model with feet or the Toddler sack as kids get older.

A Woolino Sleep Sack of any kind can make a difference to you and your child.

Whichever version is the best fit for your needs, you should find that this comfortable and practical piece of clothing/sleepwear helps to improve sleep quality for both of you. The added features and fun designs just elevate the product further, and I believe this shows us why it is worth spending a little more on the best Woolino Sleep Sack over a lesser brand. Take a look at the sizes, models, and designs and see which is the right choice for your needs.



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.