Are car seats travel trays safe

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Car seats are essential for any parent in the family. They provide a safe spot to place your child during travel time, and they can be adjusted to fit new children as they grow. Car seat travel trays are available with some models of car seats, but do you know if these trays are safe for babies?

What Is A Car Seat Travel Tray?

Car seat travel trays are often sold as separate accessories for car seats. They attach to the front of the car seat and provide an elevated platform that babies can eat, play or work on. Some models even include storage space underneath for toys, diapers, wipes, etc.

Are Car Seat Travel Trays Safe For Babies?

In a nutshell yes they are safe if you get good quality durable and crash-tested travel tray for your baby. The travel trays should be made of soft materials and collapsable shapes that do not pose any risk to your child in case of an accident.

Another thing to note is that you should not put any sharp object in your travel tray that can pose a risk in case of an accident or emergency braking. While car seat travel trays can be helpful for babies, they also pose some safety risks that parents should consider before purchase and use.

Car seats are designed to hold your child in place while you drive or ride along with them in a taxi or airplane. They strap the baby in and provide a snug fit.

When you add an accessory like the travel tray, it creates more space between your baby and the car seat’s sides or straps, which can make them wiggle out of place during movement. This means they could be at risk for injury if not strapped tightly enough to keep from sliding around inside their seat.

Types Of Car Seat Travel Trays

There are two types of car seat travel trays you can choose from. One is a tray that fits over the baby’s legs, while the other attaches to their chest and lap area. Each one has pros and cons depending on your child’s age and how old they are when using it.

Over-The-Leg Trays: These are a must-have for younger babies who can’t sit up on their own. The tray fits over the baby’s legs and keeps them in place while you drive or ride with them, but these models aren’t safe to use once your child is able to sit unassisted because they may wiggle out of it when moving around inside their seat.

Chest And Lap Trays: These models go on the front of your baby’s car seat and keep them in place while you drive. They work well for older babies who can sit up unassisted, but younger infants will slide around inside their seats and could be at risk for injuries if not strapped tightly enough to stay in place during movement.

Do You Need A Car Seat Travel Tray?

Parents should consider a number of factors before purchasing and using these trays. For example, if you frequently drive with your baby in the car with you, then you should get one to keep your little one entertained for some time. However, if they sleep most of the time then you should skip the travel tray and use a stroller or other safer methods to carry around your baby.

Benefits Of Car Seat Travel Trays

Car seat travel trays are great for babies who enjoy sitting up on their own and playing with toys or watching the world go by. They also come in handy when you want to feed your baby while traveling, which can save time and money if they get hungry during a trip.

Storage Space: One of the best benefits of using a car seat travel tray is that they provide storage space for toys, snacks, food, and other items you need while out on the go. This can be especially helpful when your baby gets older because it keeps them occupied with their favorite things during long trips.

However, keep in mind that these trays are meant to keep your child safe while traveling, so you should never put sharp objects in the storage space that could pose a risk of injury if they’re not properly secured.

Activity Table: It can be used as an activity table, so your baby will have plenty of fun games and toys to keep them occupied during the day. It can be used for playing with their toys, build a puzzle, eat snacks, etc. This can be helpful for those parents who want their children entertained so they can focus on other tasks while traveling.

Food Tray: Another benefit of using a travel tray is that it can be used as a food tray if needed. Instead of buying disposable plates and utensils, you can simply use the built-in storage space to keep your baby’s meal on their car seat while traveling around town or visiting family.

Tips For Using A Travel Tray

The best way to use a travel tray is to find one that fits your child’s car seat. For example, if you have an infant who can’t sit up on their own then they should go with the type that goes over their legs for support. You’ll also want to make sure it has built-in storage space for toys or food so you can keep your child entertained during the day.

Make sure to strap your child into their car seat before placing a travel tray on top because it could pose a safety hazard if they move around inside the seat. The best way to secure them is with a five-point harness system that goes over both of your baby’s legs and across the shoulder area as well.

If you use something other than the car seat’s built-in harness system, then it could result in your child being ejected from their seat if they move around too much.

While many parents swear by these car seat accessories, there’s no denying that they come with some safety risks. It’s important to consider them before purchasing and use, so you can keep your baby safe while driving or riding in a car.

Types Of Car Seat Travel Trays To Avoid

There are several types of car seat travel trays available for purchase on the market today, but some models may be better than others. The most important thing to look for when choosing a travel tray is safety, so you should never use one that doesn’t have a five-point harness system or may pose an injury risk if your baby moves around too much inside the seat.


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                            Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray

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The Lusso was one of the first companies to sell a children’s travel tray. Many parents appreciate the basic, yet distinctive appearance, according to the evaluations.

This tray is better for kids over the age of 4. It has a dry and erase board which can give them a lot of space to draw and write on. A solid table stand means it can hold their tablet while they watch their favorite cartoon or tv show. It comes with a lot of additional pockets for storage and it folds flat for easy storage.

                               Kenley Kids Travel Tray

Kenley Kids Travel Tray 

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This one provides plenty of storage for toys, books, etc. It has a slim pocket outside which can be ideal for storing papers, cards, magazines, etc. Has a drink holder and has additional storage that can help keep things stable while traveling. Has high sidewalls to keep things from sliding over in the car. Easily collapsable and comes with a shoulder strap that can help carry it.

Final Thoughts

Travel trays for car seats are a great way to keep your child entertained during long trips. They can be used as food or activity tables and comes with built-in storage space that’s perfect for holding toys, snacks, puzzles, etc. However, you should never use these travel trays without first securing your baby into their car seat with a five-point harness system because safety comes first!

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