Top 7 Nerf Assault Rifles

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Are you looking for the best Nerf assault rifle? Do you want to know which features make a rifle suitable for your use? If yes, you are in the right place. In the following, we will cover the top seven Nerf assault rifles. In the end, you will have the buyer’s guide.

Now, you will find many options in Nerf assault rifles. A few of them are reliable, well-equipped, and lightweight. You can use a well-made and lightweight Nerf assault rifle both indoors and outdoors. There are many designs to cater to the needs of different users. Here are the best ones you can go through.


                   1. Nerf Rival MXVIII-20K


Nerf Rival MXVIII-20K 

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If you want a high-volume and high-capacity shot blaster, you can think of having Nerf Rival MXVIII-20K. You can have some serious fun with this rifle. Yes, it can be the best for experienced players. It can run with a 9.6 -volt NiMh rechargeable battery and hold up to 200 rival rounds.

Also, it will fire up to eight rounds per second! All the advanced features make it one of the best Nerf riffles. However, you will have to pay more for the latest additions and advanced features.

You cannot allow your young kids to use this rifle. It is for kids above fourteen years or above. The reason is that even if the balls are foam, they will sting. Also, it features a modern spring-loaded system that will enable users to fire a hundred feet with force.

This gun features a rechargeable battery and wall charger. That means you do not need extra batteries for extended use or emergencies. Besides, there will be a high-capacity hopper. That will hold up to 200 rival rounds.

When it comes to the fire, it rounds at a hundred feet speed per second. Also, it features blue and red team flags. Battlers can wear the flag or attach it to their blasters during the play. The game flag will develop a competitive spirit and help you to perform better. You can unleash up to eight rounds per second with its advanced acceleration system.

Key Features

Advanced acceleration system that will enable users to fire up to eight rounds per second.
The blaster fires at 100 feet speed per second.
It has a high-capacity hopper.
1x 9.6volt NiMh rechargeable battery to offer extended usage.
It weighs five pounds.
The plastic and foam material ensures a durable result.

  • Easy to operate
  • It helps to play some serious game
  • The pure volume of fire
  • Overwhelming force and excellent velocity
  • Fast and easy unload and reload
  • Comfortable handles
  • A bit expensive
  • Not suitable for young kids


  2. Nerf N-Strike Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster 

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The best thing about the Nerf N-Strike Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster is the weight. Yes, you will find it lightweight compared to other rifles mentioned in this list. It weighs only 1.35 kg, and it is less expensive than the above rifle as well. Hence, you can have the best game support without hurting your budget. However, the features will not be the same.

Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster will have an ammo clip, and the clip can hold up to eighteen darts. It can shoot darts up to seventy-five feet. The product has approval for quality and durability as well. Also, this blaster comes with a lightweight and streamlined design to support the gaming needs of young kids. The blaster design will ensure maximum mobility. Besides, it features acceleration trigger power for rapid firing.

When it comes to batteries, it will require four C batteries. You will have to buy the batteries separately. The recommended age to use this rifle is eight years or above.

Key Features

Safe and high-quality material makes it a perfect choice for kids.
Capable of holding 18 elite darts.
Acceleration trigger for rapid firing.
See-through clip to hold 18 elite darts.
Compatibility with Nerf App Tactical Rail Mount

  • See-through clip to check darts
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Great for kids above eight years old
  • The lightweight design supports indoor and outdoor usage
  • Adjustable stock to increase or decrease the length
  • Batteries will not come in the package


        3. NERF N-Strike HyperFire Blaster

NERF N-Strike HyperFire Blaster 

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NERF N-Strike HyperFire Blaster can be the best choice if you want an easy-to-use and uncomplicated Nerf riffle. It is lightweight and less expensive compared to the above two. It features a bullet drum and runs fast. You can say this fastest-firing NERF blaster can meet the goals of serious players. It can hold up to twenty-five darts and can fire at ninety feet. Also, it can launch five darts per second.

It is a fully motorized blaster that can unleash up to five darts per second. However, you can expect the best result with fresh batteries. Also, easy usage makes this rifle the best choice for kids. You will have to press its acceleration button and then pull the trigger.

You will enjoy the rapid-fire action and the speed. Also, this riffle will require four D batteries. It can be perfect for kids above eight years of old.

Key Features

Plastic material ensures a durable result.
25-dart drum helps to stay long in the game.
Capable of firing five darts per second.
Motorized dart blasting.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
It comes with twenty-five elite darts.

  • Fast launching and an impressive speed
  • Excellent Ammo capacity
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Suitable for young kids
  • Battery drains fast
  • Bullets finish quickly


               4. Nerf Rival Khaos Blaster


Nerf Rival Khaos Blaster 

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You can consider Nerf Rival Khaos Blaster for your serious games. However, you will notice a significant change in ammunition. Yes, this rifle can deliver ultimate blaster performance. It will not use foam bullets. Instead, it will use high-impact foam balls. Besides, it can hold forty foam ball rounds. It is fully motorized and features mega whistler darts.

Additionally, the blaster can fire at the speed of 100 feet per second. You will not experience any functionality issues while using this rifle. Many users appreciate its speed and performance. However, it will need six D batteries to operate.

Also, the design and speed do not make it a good choice for kids. You can have this one for adults who focus on serious gaming. The advanced features of the Nerf Rival Khaos Blaster will help them to improve their gaming performance.

This fully motorized blaster will enable users to fire forty high-impact rounds at the highest speed. Also, you will appreciate the flip-up front, easy-load magazine, ambidextrous magazine release, rear sights, and  blaster’s tactical rails.

Key Features

Fully motorized and ultimate blaster performance.
Mega Whistler Darts and Zombie Strike blasters.
It weighs 2.58k.
Forty high impact rounds.
It fires at 100 feet per second.
Forty-round capacity.

  • Speed in distance and launch
  • Amazing ammo capacity
  • Precision battling
  • It shoots tons of bullets
  • Requires batteries
  • A bit heavier


    5. NERF Desolator Multicolor Blaster

NERF Desolator Multicolor Blaster 

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You can consider NERF Desolator Multicolor Blaster if you want a simple assault rifle. Yes, it will not require extra effort for operating. You will appreciate the impressive design. It features a transparent clip to enable users to check the ammo.

Also, this blaster is less expensive compared to other products mentioned in this list. However, you can expect some advanced features. It helps with motorized blasting. Also, users can shoot ten darts fast.

Additionally, you can fire ten darts in a row. The package will have ten tested and approved elite darts. You can see the inner mechanism and enjoy your performance. Also, it is super easy to use. You can simply use the acceleration button to pull up the motor and then pull the trigger.

Even if this blaster is affordable, you will not find many drawbacks. However, you will have to buy four AA batteries. Also, the multiple color design makes the end product appealing. Both kids and adults can use this rifle.

The rifle features ten official Nerf darts, and all of them can perform the best with foam and flexible construction. Also, this blaster is compatible with many Nerf elite dart clips. You will appreciate its improved features, easy-to-use design, and affordability.

Key Features

Motorized blasting.
10 Nerf darts.
Fire ten darts in a row.
See inside the blaster.
Approval for quality and improved performance.

  • Easy to operate
  • Super affordable and can fit any budget
  • Impressive multi-color design
  • Perfect for both kids and adults
  • Transparent clip
  • Excellent loading mechanism and range
  • Requires batteries


                    6. Nerf Modulus Blaster

Nerf Modulus Blaster 

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Nerf Modulus Blaster is one of the most popular Nerf assault rifles. With this rifle, you will have the option to find a suitable firing method. Yes, it features three firing ways. It will have continuous-fire, single-fire, and burst-fire firing.

Besides, you can add customizing nerf gear along with storage stock, a swivel handle, and two different barrel scopes. You will have SwitchFire Technology as well. Its clip will have an indicator that will blink when your clip is empty.

When it comes to three methods, the first method will enable you to fire single shots, and the second method will allow you to shoot many bullets at once. However, the continuous fire method will help you to fire all the bullets at once.

In addition to all these features, you can expect many accessories. Yes, this rifle will come with a storage stock, a swivel handle, and detachable scopes. Besides, it has twelve dart clips. Also, the product will come with twenty-four Modulus elite darts. It is suitable for kids above eight years of age.

Key Features

Three blasting modes to create a suitable option for all.
Customizable with storage stock, swivel handle, and two-barrel scopes.
Indication when the clip is empty.
SwitchFire technology.
Best for kids above eight.
It has 24 modulus darts and 12 dart clips

  • Works great
  • Accurate and far shots
  • High-quality dart
  • Different modes
  • A lot of customization
  • Affordable
  • A bit heavier


        7. NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Blaster


NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Blaster 

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NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Blaster has all the funs of Nerf series. Your kid will love it the most. Also, the design makes this rifle the best choice for your kid. It features a realistic loading clip that can support ten darts. Once you see the style, you will realize that it is a replica of the blaster captured in Fortnite, the popular video game.

Also, the riffle will come with ten dart clips and twenty darts. Before using this rifle, you can check the clip and door. Close the door, and then you can press the acceleration button and then press the trigger. However, you will have to use only official Nerf darts and elite darts.

For this assault rifle, you will need four AA batteries. It is suitable for kids above eight. As the size is a bit large, you will have to use your two hands for accurate shots.

Key Features

It has an impressive video game blaster design.
Features motorized ten darts blasting.
It comes with ten dart clips and twenty darts.
20 official Nerf elite darts.

  • Great quality
  • Impressive shots
  • Safe for kids above eight
  • Easy to use
  • Design needs improvement


Now you have the list of the top seven Nerf assault rifles. Most of them have received appreciation from users. If you check the feedback, you will realize that a majority of users have recommended these rifles. However, if you still have confusion, you can consider going through the following buyer’s guide. You will know which considerations can help you to find a better Nerf assault rifle.


Other Assault rifles nerf guns you may look


Nerf halo ma40

The nerf halo ma40 is a Nerf gun that was designed for users who want to experience tactical precision and power. It comes with a high-capacity magazine that holds 40 rounds, making it perfect for long-range engagements. The gun also features a detachable scope that makes it easy to target your enemies from a distance. 

Additionally, the gun is compatible with other Nerf accessories, making it versatile and fun to use.  It has a flip up sight that makes it easy to aim and fire. It also comes with a tactical rail for attaching accessories such as lights or lasers. The detachable scope comes with an orange tip to help you shoot targets accurately. On the other hand, The Nerf Halo MA40 blaster includes a game card with a code to unlock this blaster’s color scheme in the Halo game.


Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster is a toy gun that is designed to look like a cross between a sniper rifle and a Gatling gun. It comes with a detachable stock, two barrels, and an attachable scope. The blaster can hold up to 6 rounds and has an effective range of up to 75 feet.

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster is designed for ages 8 and up and is considered to be an advanced toy gun because it features realistic details such as working cocking mechanisms, firing sounds, and moving parts.


Nerf n strike elite

The Nerf N Strike Elite is a great blaster that offers a lot of features for the price. It has a range of up to 75 feet, and it can fire darts at speeds of up to 60 mph. It also comes with an integrated rail system that makes it easy to attach accessories like sights or lasers.  It has the ability to fire multiple rounds at once. The accuracy and power of the blaster make it perfect for games like Capture the Flag or War. The design makes it easy to hold and use, even for those who are not very experienced with blasters. It’s built-in clip allows you to carry extra ammo with you, so you will never have to run out during playtime.Overall, the Nerf N Strike Elite is a great blaster that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. 


Buyers’ Guide for Assault Nerf guns


Speed:  Speed is the first consideration. Speed can be either a bad or a good thing in your Nerf battles. We can take the example of a game where you need to run and capture an enemy. If you shoot quickly, you can win the game.

In this condition, you will need improved speed to dominate the game. However, if you want to target something in the corner, you might not need more speed. Instead, you will need more ammo capacity. Even if you do not shoot accurately, you must have a weapon to continue the fight.

If your gun takes time to load, you cannot defend yourself, and the attacker will attack you continuously to win the game. Hence, you will have to find a rifle with a rapid-fire rate or a large ammo capacity. Alternatively, you can consider the one that enables you to control the fire rate. If you do so, you will not end up wasting ammo.


Range:  Another worth considering feature is range. If the rifle has only five feet range, it will not serve your purpose. Hence, you will have to ensure that you have a blaster with at least seven-five feet range. With this range, you can attack both far and near opponents regardless of the gaming environment.

Even if you do not need a rifle for long-range attacks, you can have something to reach targets. Otherwise, you cannot explore more. Hence, make sure that you have a gun with a standard distance range.


Weight:  You might have noticed that some Nerf assault rifles are a bit heavier. Also, you can have this downside in some expensive models. You can blame the advanced features and the battery type. If you cannot handle the weight, you can go with lightweight options. The benefit of lightweight rifles is that you can carry them indoors and outdoors easily.

Also, you can use a light blaster for a long time without feeling tired. You can play and enjoy a game for an extended time. However, if you choose a heavier rifle, you might not feel comfortable playing lengthy games. Hence, make sure that the blaster is lightweight and comes with an easy-to-carry design.

You can also consider some advanced features. You can go with the one that has straps, shoulder support, and handles. But check the weight fast, and then you can focus on other features.


Ammo Capacity:  You will have to check the ammo capacity. You will not find your blaster the best one if it can hold only six bullets. You will have to reload the bullets frequently. Hence, you will have to find a suitable assault.

It needs to have many ammo clips or a large drum. Also, make sure that you can reload the ammo clips quickly. You can refill clips fast and continue the nerf battle. However, with more ammo capacity, you can avoid continuous reloading.


Accessories:  In addition to all these, you will have to check the accessories. Make sure that the rifle is compatible with different nerf accessories. Also, you will have to ensure that the package includes extra ammo clips, storage stocks, and scopes.


Wrapping It Up

Finding a Nerf assault rifle might not be difficult if you know what you want. Check the price, features, and functionality to find the most suitable one. Also, you will have to understand the purpose of buying to narrow down your choices accordingly.


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