The 9 Best Spout Covers For Bathtubs

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All parents want bath time to be a fun and safe experience every single time we bathe our children. But, there are always little concerns about injury or discomfort when using a standard bathtub with a traditional water faucet and spout. There is a fact that content and comfortable kids are more likely to stay still as we wash their hair and get them clean. This is where the best spout covers for bathtubs can help.

In this guide, I have selected a series of bath spout covers designed to make things safer for children in the bath. I have tried to include a wide variety of styles and designs to help you find the best option. Before that, let’s look at the importance of these spout covers and what we should look for when choosing the best cover for our bathroom.


Is a bath spout cover necessary?

A spout cover is a great idea for keeping children safer in the bathtub. If you have a young child that wants to reach and grab at everything that interests them, it isn’t always a great idea to have an exposed spout on your tub. They are hard metal, so a potential injury risk if kids bump their heads on them. They also have sharp edges and unhygienic holes for little fingers. The right cover could help you keep your children safe as they play and while you wash their hair.


What does a spout cover do?

The spout cover fits over the faucet spout, providing protection against all those sharp edges and hard metal features. The best design should be easy enough to fit over the spout, providing an attractive and secure cover. In some cases, these products may have additional purposes to make bathtime easier and more enjoyable.


Things to consider when choosing the best baby spout guard for your family


1) The design.

Most of the best designs are animals because they are the most engaging for kids. Common choices are whales and elephants because of that association with water. If you want a specific animal, you may be able to shop around and find one. I have tried to include as many different animals as possible here, as well as some alternative options. Just be careful that your child isn’t going to want to take the cute animal off all the time to play with it in the tub. This would defeat the purpose.


2) The adaptability for different faucets.

This is something that can be a bit of a problem for a lot of consumers. The best spout covers are adjustable. They tend to have an adaptable shape thanks to their softer material, as well as a strap on the bottom for a tighter fit. But, there are products are there that are more rigid and don’t stay on the spout so easily.

That is where it helps to read product reviews. Here, parents will give their honest reports of how well the devices worked. Another consideration regarding adaptability is a hole for the shower diverter. This determines whether or not you need to keep removing the cover when adults want to shower.


3) The way it handles the water.

This is important too. Does the water just flow out of the bottom of the cover like normal? If so, it might not be as practical or engaging as it could be. There are other products that create waterfall effects and that take advantage of the designs a little better. For example, the water may flow more gently out of a scoop or a lip for a waterfall effect. This can help when it comes to washing your child’s hair too.


4) Ease of use and cleaning.

The best products here are made from closed cell foam or silicone so they are easy to clean and water-resistant. But you still need to clean them. Look to see if they are safe in the dishwater or if parents have problems with mold or other issues.


5) Additional features that can help

Finally, look to see if you get any bonus features, such as bubble bath dispensers. Free rinsing cups in the same theme. Look out for products in a wider range. You may be able to kit out the bathroom with a selection of matching items that make bathtime even more fun and convenient. These include bathmats, both for inside and outside the tub, armrests, those cups, and other fun items.


The 9 Best Spout Covers For Bathtubs


1) Ubbi Baby Bathtub Spout Guard Cover


Ubbi Baby Bathtub Spout Guard Cover 

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I want to start with a pretty simplistic design. This isn’t a personal favorite regarding the way it looks, but it does have a lot of features and benefits that parents should appreciate. This one is a faucet cover that looks like a faucet. It is not that exciting, but perhaps this is a good thing to stop kids from wanting to play with it? That is one of the risks of some of the cuter options below.

Otherwise, this cover has pretty much everything you want. There is a soft silicone that is more malleable to fit around the spout. It should be a nice fit for most faucets, but it is also easy to remove. The company recommended to remove and clean this regularly to prevent mold. This material is also PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free and it is a nice shade of blue or gray.

  • A design that kids won’t interfere with
  • Easy to fit and remove for cleaning
  • A safe silicone material
  • A bit too boring?


2) Boon Flo Water Deflector & Faucet Cover


Boon Flo Water Deflector & Faucet Cover 

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Next is something a bit different before we move on to all the cuter animal-themed options. This one has a water deflector for a waterfall effect. It is a clever design that fits over the faucet with a scoped cup that sends the water out in a high sheet. This adds a different sensory experience for kids playing in the water and makes things a bit more gentle than a typical water spout.

I also like that this is a dual purpose item, as this could help when washing your child’s hair. Also, there is a bubble bath dispenser here too to add more practicality and interest. The design isn’t amazing, but there are two colors to choose from – blue or green. This is one for the parents more than the kids because of the practical side of things.

  • The dual-purpose design makes this more practical for parents
  • The waterfall feature creates a nice effect
  • It seems to be easy enough to fit and remove
  • Less interest for children aesthetically


3) Puj Snug – Ultra Soft Bath Spout Cover


Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Bath Spout Cover 

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Let’s move on to the first in the series of animal-themed items. This one is an elephant design. It is a simple shape, so not overly visually appealing for kids compared to other options here. But it does blends in if parents want to keep this on their tub as a long-term solution. This is probably a good balance between the two styles. I also noticed that a lot of other brands have taken “inspiration” from this design with similar elephant covers of their own. I suspect this is the original.

I like that this version is made from recycled materials. The closed-cell foam shouldn’t trap any moisture, making it a more durable option. Also, there is a snug and adaptable fit with room for the shower diverter. This is one of the more practical solutions for parents without being as boring as the tap.

  • A good middle ground between practical and visually appealing
  • Nice use of materials for a secure and hygienic solution
  • Easy to use
  • Other elephants and animals may appeal to kids more


4) Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover Universal Fit

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover Universal Fit 

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Next, we have another animal that is common with this sort of product. this grey whale has a cute face with a nice fluke and fins. I like that there are lots of clever features hidden in the design. There is an adjustable strap for different faucets hidden in the fins, and it hangs up by the tail when not in use. It is a tough rubber, mold-resistant, and free from nasty materials and chemicals.

Another thing to love here is that there are options for a wider range of items. There is a bath set that is quite pricey at $50 but maybe worthwhile to kit out the bathroom. This includes the bath mat, armrest, and water cup for washing hair. These items are also available separately.

  • The clever design in the tail and fins
  • The tough material for increased durability
  • There is a wider range of matching items out there
  • A bit pricey if you want the full set


5) Alibebe Bath Cup Set Faucet Cover Seal Bath Spout Cover with Shampoo Cup Rinse Cup

Alibebe Bath Cup Set Faucet Cover Seal 

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This spout guard is another adorable animal much like the whale. This time, you get a cute seal with a tailhook, the same strap on the flipper, the same hole for the shower divider, the same use of silicone, and the same adaptability. In fact, I would say that Alibebe took the whale concept from Skip Hop and decided to use it on a different animal.

Either way, this version seems to be just as effective and practical. It also comes with the rinse cup, possibly as a way to show greater value over Skip Hop. The biggest problem here is that there are some issues with it falling off. So, it might not be as tough and reliable as the whale.

  • There are many of the same clever features used in the Skip Hop Whale
  • The seal design is cute and unusual compared to the whale
  • You get a free rinse cup with this one
  • It might not be as reliable as its competitor


6) Munchkin Bubble Beak Bath Spout Cover Safety Guard

Munchkin Bubble Beak Bath Spout Cover Safety Guard 

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How about a bright yellow duck instead? This is a classic idea, especially if you also have traditional rubber ducks in the bathtub to play with. The design is straightforward as it fits over most spouts, works with the shower diverter, and has similar durable material. An added bonus is the bubble bath dispenser. But, there is the sense that the designers could have tried a little harder with the way that it handles the water and the “cute” look.

Again, other additional items are available in this range for a wider theme. You can get a bath mat and a rinser cup. This adds to the appeal for any parent looking to kit out the bathroom – especially those that don’t want to go with the traditional look of blue or grey.

  • A different look with bright yellow rather than blue or grey
  • An additional bubble bath dispenser
  • Part of a wider set for extra pieces as needed
  • The design isn’t the most well-thought-out


7) Bathtub Spout Faucet Guard Blue Elephant


Bathtub Spout Faucet Guard Blue Elephant 

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This product stands out because of one clever design feature. Most of these spout protectors don’t take advantage of the animal forms as much as they could. For example, the water just falls out of the bottom of the duck instead of flowing out of a beak. Here you can close the mouth of the elephant so that the water sprays out of the trunk. It’s much more engaging this way, and the cute cartoon design of the baby elephant helps too.

It is just a shame that there are some problems with the adaptability of different faucets. There are parents that find that it just doesn’t work on their bath without falling off. but, it does seem to be durable and built to last when it does work. This temperamental fit doesn’t help if kids are more inclined to pull this baby elephant off the spout and play with it in the water.

  • The way that the water is diverted up through the trunk
  • The attention to detail in the cartoon design of the elephant.
  • The durable rubber
  • Issues with the fit


8) Mommy’s Helper Faucet Cover Froggie Collection


Mommy's Helper Faucet Cover Froggie 

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This frog is one that I’m undecided on as a design. Part of me thinks that it is quite fun because it reminds me of Kermit. But, then I wonder if those big staring eyes might freak some little kids out a bit. That is a risk many parents will be happy to take, especially if they want a frog theme.

One thing that I do really like here is that this spout makes good use of the frog’s mouth, a bit like the elephant’s trunk above. The problem is that it might be a bit too tough and isn’t as adaptable as some had hoped for. Other options are softer so you can squeeze them onto the spout for a tight fit and easy removal. This one, not so much.

  • The bold frog design will appeal to a lot of parents
  • The water comes out of the mouth, not the bottom of the device
  • This should create a more gentle effect
  • It is isn’t as adaptable because of the tough material.


9) Infantino Cap The Tap Bath Spout Cover

Infantino Cap The Tap Bath Spout Cover 

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My last choice in this guide on the best baby spout covers is a little different. I know that this isn’t going to work for everyone, but I wanted to highlight an alternative approach. There is a different material here, with the use of neoprene rather than harder rubber or plastic. On the one hand, this might not stay as nice and fresh as long. On the other, it is machine washable.

This material also allows for a multicolored cute design. There are colorful fins on the fish, that are softer and inviting. The risk here is that this ends up being too much like a soft toy. Is there too much temptation to take it off and let it swim around in the bath?

  • A softer neoprene that is machine washable
  • Easy to fit with the secure strap
  • A really engaging multicolored fish design
  • Too much like a toy than a protective cover


Finding the best spout cover for your bathtub.


In short, while there is more to consider than you might expect, there are lots of great covers out there that over a great solution. The options here all have their pros and cons. Some designs may be too cute and toylike to be practical, while others may be too boring. This is where you have to use your own judgment and understanding of your child’s interests. Whatever the design, make sure that the spout is still a great fit with safe materials. Also, don’t forget to look out for any bonus features that will add value.