Best Dish Soap For Baby Bottles-2020 List

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Cleaning out baby bottles is a chore we all have to put up with when our children are young. But, we shouldn’t have to resort to a bottle of soap that is ineffective or one where we aren’t sure about the ingredients. Thankfully, there are lots of great dish soaps for baby bottles out there that are suitable to use. Below are some of the best products I have found. Before that, let’s consider those properties and ingredients so you can narrow down the best and worst options when shopping for baby dish soap.


What to avoid when choosing a dish soap for baby bottles.


Normally when I write these guides for you about all these different baby products, I provide a list of the features that you need to look out for. This time, I want to highlight some of the ingredients that you need to avoid first. The more simplistic the formula and ingredients list, the better the product. Watch out for the following ingredients and components:

~ Fragrances

~ artificial colors

~ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate

~ Parabens

~ Methylisothiazolinone

~ Formaldehyde

These ingredients can linger on the bottle after washing, leaving particles that can then mix with the milk and become ingested. If you have been careful to buy the safest baby bottle possible that is free from nasty chemicals, the last thing that you want to do is add them in when cleaning the bottle.

There are some chemicals that are common in household cleaning products, such as SLS and Parabens that really don’t need to be in your baby bottle dish soap. Ingredients like fragrances and coloring may seem nice at first but they can add toxins and irritants. It is better to opt for the most basic dish soap for baby bottles possible than having something that smells nice in a pretty color.


What about anti-bacterial dish soap for baby bottles?


There is some concern about the use of anti-bacterial products around our babies. There is the instinct to use anti-bacterial soaps, sprays, and other products to completely disinfect everything in sight. But, this can mean that your child isn’t exposed to certain bacteria and able to build a healthy immune system. There are chemicals in anti-bacterial products that could put children at risk of immune-related conditions and allergies. There are safer products out there.

Other important considerations when choosing a baby-friendly dish soap.


That said, there are still other considerations when searching for the best dish soap for baby bottles. The formula is essential for a safe, thoroughly clean, but there are also other factors that can help parents. These include the following.

Is the product easy to use?

Some bottles of dish soap will come with a screw-top cap while others have a pump system instead. I know that I find the latter to be much easier with any form of dish soap, hand soap or anything else at the sink. This one-handed operation can be much more convenient.

How much do you get in the bottle?

Some brands offer bigger bottles than others so double-check the quantities when you buy. If you don’t, you could either end up with far too much, with no room for the bottle on the sink or far too little to last the month.

Is it vegan and/or cruelty-free?

I appreciate that not all parents are as concerned with vegan or organic formulas as others. But, parents that are vegan and that prefer these products can have a clearer conscience if they use appropriate products on their child’s bottle. The products should be clearly labeled for vegans and if they are cruelty-free. If you have doubts, try something else.

Is it cost-effective?

There is the concern that choosing a natural, safe formula or anything that isn’t so typical will mean a much higher price. There are some brands that offer a great formula at a fair price, but again you do have to check the quantity. One way to improve the cost-effectiveness of a product like this is to find one that has different purposes. Can you use it as more than just a dish soap?

The best baby bottle dish soap.

Below are some examples of the best dish soap for baby bottles. All of the options I have chosen have a lot of great features and adhere to the guidance above. However, I also want to highlight a few potential downsides. I would like to address one common concern here before we start. That is the frequent feedback where users struggle to get the soap to lather up and rinse off. This is common because you are often dealing with a natural and/or organic product that doesn’t act like a “normal” soap. This is the compromise you get and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the best products available online right now.


         8 Best Dish Soaps For Baby Bottles


1) Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap


Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap 

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There is a lot that I love about this product, from the impressive formula to the hand-pump system and the really cute designs on all the Babyganics packaging. There is a strong checklist here of all the things that it doesn’t do and doesn’t have. There is a plant-based formula with a dermatologist-approved ingredient list. It is also cruelty-free and designed for use on all kinds of dishes, not just bottles. Therefore, you should be able to pump a bit of this into your regular wash and be sure that you will get a clean, hygienic bottle with no risk to the health of you or your child.

One thing that I would like to point out here is that there are two versions of this soap – fragrance-free or citrus. I recommend this fragrance-free one because there have been reports of methylisothiazolinone in the citrus one. While this might not be the case in new products, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The pros and cons of this baby-safe dish soap.

[i2pc][i2pros]The cruelty-free formula
A great result on baby bottles and more
Safe for use as dermatologically tested
Fragrance-free option available[/i2pros][i2cons]Questionable ingredients in the citrus version[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

If you are careful to get the fragrance-free version on this baby dish soap, you should find that it ticks most of the right boxes on ingredients, safety, ethics, and the cleaning results.


2) Foaming Organic Baby Dish Soap by MADE OF – Castile Dish Soap – for Baby Bottles


Foaming Organic Baby Dish Soap 

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Again, this is a product with a lot of promises and certification to its name. There is the promise that it is EWG verified, vegan, NSF organic, and also gluten-free. One thing that I like is that they specifically mention that this is safe against eczema, which isn’t always the case with these formulas. The option I have highlighted in fragrance-free, but there are lavender and sweet orange if you aren’t worried about artificial fragrances.

This is one of those products that, unfortunately, gets quite a few negative comments because it does not produce suds. As I mentioned before, that isn’t the sign of a weak formula. However, perhaps the company shouldn’t put the word “foaming” in the name as it leads to unrealistic expectations of the product. Otherwise, those that take their time to use this correctly see fewer issues.

The pros and cons of this baby-safe dish soap.

[i2pc][i2pros]Ticks lots of boxes for those that have skin conditions
Vegan formula
Fragrance-free option available
A good result with patience.[/i2pros][i2cons]Doesn’t produce suds[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

If you are happy to be careful rinsing this out and don’t expect mountains of suds, you should find that this is a great choice. It is certainly able to offer peace of mind to many parents.


3) Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Baby Unscented, 8 Fl Oz)


Dr. Bronner's - Pure-Castile Liquid Dish Soap 

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I have to start by mentioning all the great things that are in this formula and the impact of the soap as a cruelty-free, safe option for you and your children. It is vegan, all-natural, and has nothing that seems to be of any real concern to consumers. However, that isn’t why I added this product to this guide. It impressed me with the notion that it is so easy to dilute the liquid.

Some of these soaps can feel thin but this one should be able to last for much longer. That means that your small bottle is of better value than you might assume at first. There is also the fact that it seems to be effective on more than just bottles.

I need to point out that there are some parents with dry skin and breakouts after using this soap. This suggests that it doesn’t have quite the same dermatologist-friendly formula as some of the other products in this guide. If you have any doubts, try something else.

The pros and cons of this baby-safe dish soap.

[i2pc][i2pros]The multi-purpose approach of the soap
The all-natural list of ingredient
Vegan and cruelty-free
Easy to dilute so it lasts a long time[/i2pros][i2cons]Some dermatological issues[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

If you have eczema or sensitive skin, this might not be the safest choice. But, those that are safe to use this can get a great multi-purpose product here.


4) Nuk Baby Bottle Cleaner, 380ml, Ideal For Cleaning Baby Bottles


Nuk Baby Bottle Cleaner dish soap 

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This NUK is a little bit different in that it uses a series of special enzymes in order to clean the residue from bottles with no trouble at all. This is a great way to create a baby-safe formula that is also more effective than some of the gentler products here. The idea is that you only have to add a small amount of this product to the water and you can get a good clean in all kinds of items that your child uses. This is also another one where you get a lot in one bottle.

There is one small issue here to mention experienced by a few users. The description says to use one measure of the cleanser in the water. But, it is unclear to many what one measure actually is. If you can get past this first hiccup then there shouldn’t be much else to worry about.

The pros and cons of this baby-safe dish soap

[i2pc][i2pros]Clever natural enzymes for an effective process
Effective on more than just bottles
Plenty of liquid in one bottle
An all-natural formula[/i2pros][i2cons]Confusion over “one measure”[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

It seems to be worth taking the time to figure out the correct measure here because of the effect of this formula and the great ingredients used.


5) DAPPLE Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid


DAPPLE Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid 

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This Dapple product is another that offers a lot in one user-friendly product. I like that you get three medium-sized bottles here rather than one massive bottle as you can keep two in a cupboard and one by the sink without it getting in the way. The pump-top is easy to use for a nice, effectively fragrance-free solution.

I like that this company makes the point that this isn’t only dermatologist-tested but also approved by pediatricians. The reasoning behind this is unclear, but it is sure to offer peace of mind to many parents.

Again, the biggest concern here is that there isn’t the same lathering process that you get with non-natural formulas. Some worry that this means it is less effective, but this shouldn’t be the case. Trust the soap to get to work, rinse it out well and you should find that your bottles are nice and clean.

The pros and cons of this baby-safe dish soap

[i2pc][i2pros]The plant-based formula for vegans
The hypoallergenic properties for greater peace of mind
The easy-to-use pump system
Three bottles in one purchase to keep you going for longer[/i2pros][i2cons]It doesn’t lather up[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

As with other products here, if you can get past the feel of the soap then you can get a good clean from a product that offers great value and ingredients.


6) Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap, Lavender & Vanilla, Moisturizing Gel Hand Wash, 12 Ounce (4-Pack)


Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap 

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This is a product that is a little bit different for two reasons. But, I wanted to include it to show the breadth of options here. It might concern you to see that this has a fragrance. But, this time it is a natural fragrance from essential oils rather than a dangerous synthetic fragrance.

This is a great way to add a nice scent to the water of lavender or vanilla in a safe way. Another difference here is that there are choices on pack size. This is a 4 pack for value but there are also refill packs for those that don’t want lots of plastic bottles.

There are comments from those that feel that the soap is a little thin and they worry that it might not have the power in one pump as you would with normal soap. This isn’t necessarily the case. But, it can lead to wasted soap if you aren’t careful.

The pros and cons of this baby-safe dish soap

[i2pc][i2pros]The use of natural scents rather than synthetic fragrances
The vegan formula
Another multi-pack for better value
No harsh chemicals to worry about[/i2pros][i2cons]The thin feel of the soap[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

If you prefer the idea of a natural fragrance and can trust this product to get to work, there should be few issues with this natural formula.


7) Giggle Baby Bottle Wash


Giggle Baby Bottle Wash 

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I will be honest, this is my least favorite in this guide because there isn’t the same level of trust here. But, I concede that this has a lot of positive reviews from parents so must be doing something right. I will leave the final judgment up to you. There are some great comments about the results of this formula and its gentle nature.

It is a non-toxic option with safe ingredients and no risk of synthetic dyes or fragrances. The basic nature of this formula could be enough for many parents that want to be sure that there are no nasty chemicals. The focus on being a baby bottle wash may also be comforting to those that are after a more specific product with a single purpose.

One concern that I have with this product is that Giggle isn’t as open with the information about their product. They use the term “specially formulated with pure ingredients”, which is a little too vague for my liking. Are they hiding something?

The pros and cons of this baby-safe dish soap

[i2pc][i2pros]The fragrance-free option
The promise of a gentle formula with no reactions
A good clean on baby bottles
USA -made (if that matters to you)[/i2pros][i2cons]The vague sales claims[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

While there are suspicions about this product, from my own point of view, there are also lots of great reviews. If you trust their claims and appreciate the results then you can’t go too wrong here.


8) Medela Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap


Medela Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal dish Soap 

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The last of these products is, again, something a little bit different. I appreciate that this one might be a little too specialized for everyone’s tastes. But, the formula and approach could prove to be a good fit for a lot of parents. The idea here is that this is a soap for breast milk removal. Some parents will use it on their breast pumps and nipples for a better clean. But, this could also work on the bottles. It is still a natural, effective formula with a hypoallergenic nature and no synthetic fragrance or dyes.

One of the possible issues here is the long process of soaking not scrubbing. Some parents want to use simple dish soap and put the baby bottles in with everything else to save time. That doesn’t seem to be an option here as long soaks yield the best results.

The pros and cons of this baby safe dish soap

[i2pc][i2pros]The specialist formula for breast milk
A natural formula
Hypoallergenic[/i2pros][i2cons]A longer cleaning process[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the best baby dish soap for your needs?

If you are happy to take a little more time soaking and rinsing the bottles in this solution, you should find that this offers a great clean with that safe formula. This is a bit of a specialist product so I understand if it doesn’t seem like the right approach. But, it might be worth a try if you struggle with other products.


What is the best dish soap to use for baby bottles?

seventh generation liquid dish soap  

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This one I left for last. When using this dish soap you can rest assured that your baby is getting a sparkly clean bottle every time without any harmful residue. This is the product that gives you the best value for money. The company is also a member of a certified B corporation making them a contributor towards a healthy environment.

Can I use regular dishwasher detergent for Baby Bottles?

I strongly recommend using one of the products mentioned above if you can. If you really have to use regular detergent to wash your baby’s bottle then I would suggest using a natural fragrance-free product as babies are sensitive from scents and fragrances and they can have harmful ingredients too.

Do you need to sterilize bottles after every use?

It is not necessary to sterilize bottles after every use, but you should sterilize them before first use and periodically thereafter.

Are vegetable-based dish soaps better?

Yes, vegetable-based dish soaps are as gentle as plant-based dish soaps and would be a great choice for washing your baby bottles.


Finding the best baby bottle dish soap for your needs.


There are some compromises to make when switching to a natural formula for baby dish soap. But, you can still find some brilliant products with enough cleaning power and helpful ingredients. In the best cases, you get a great clean from a product that is natural, vegan, cruelty-free and gives parents nothing to worry about except a lack of suds. Take your time to read the ingredients and claims on any product that interests you to see how safe it is. Look at the user comments to see the experiences of real parents to check for bad results and any reactions to ingredients. Also, try and find those multi-packs for the best deal. Eventually, you will find the best dish soap for baby bottles for your home.

Dish soap for baby bottles



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.