UPPAbaby Bassinet Review

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These days, it is a common sight to find parents carrying their little ones in a comfortable, safe bassinet. So, if you are planning to buy a bassinet for your child, chances are that you might be looking for the best one that provides ultimate safety and comfort to your child.

And, gives you complete peace of mind. The UPPAbaby bassinet and stand are some of the latest designs that are becoming popular among parents. That’s because it is like a complete package where you get a bassinet that you can fix on specific strollers and a stand that holds the bassinet when you are in no mood to carry it.

The advantages of using The UPPAbaby bassinet stand are many. It keeps your newborn safe even when you are carrying the bassinet. And, the UPPAbaby stand provides you the comfort of not having to hold your child in the bassinet by your hand when they grow up a bit. In this UPPAbaby bassinet review, you get to know why you should buy one for your baby.


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Uppababy Bassinet 

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Is UPPAbaby bassinet safe for sleeping?

Yes, the UPPAbaby bassinet is approved by concerning authorities as safe for babies to sleep. However, newborns to up to 3 months of age are recommended. Whenever your notice that your little one is making attempts to roll over, the bassinet might not be the safest place for them to sleep for longer hours.

When it comes to buying a bassinet, you can never go wrong with a brilliant choice such as the UPPAbaby bassinet and stand. You can use both the bassinet at home and on the go. That’s because it is designed in a way to adjust according to your will. Moreover, the impressive features make it stand out from the rest.

The UPPAbaby bassinet is perfect for newborns and infants up to 5 months of age. From the materials used in the making to amazing customer service, everything about UPPAbaby is remarkable and worth mentioning. So, if you are looking to stroll your baby around for some time, this should be the right option.

While many parents are attracted to the features that UPPAbaby bassinet provides, they are more eager to know whether it is safe for their baby. Before getting on with the answer to this question, there are a few important things that you should know.

The first and foremost thing about UPPAbaby bassinet is that you can use it only for five months and nothing more than that. By using one hand, you can detach this beautiful bassinet and shift your sleeping baby anywhere you like. The UPPAbaby bassinet is light and compact.

It means you can transfer the bassinet from the UPPAbaby stand to the UPPAbaby stroller. All kinds of UPPAbaby strollers that are manufactured in 2015 and afterward are compatible with the bassinet. It is recommended to place the bassinet on the stand or attached to the stroller.

And, putting the bassinet on a flat surface is not advised. The biggest safety issue of the bassinet comes in the form of benefits. Now, your babies can stay in the bassinet as long as they want. However, when you are inside a car, it is best to use the bassinet for about 1 to 2 hours straight.

To keep your baby safe, you may need to follow some basic instructions as well. And, how you place your baby inside the bassinet is another important factor that you should keep in mind. Apart from that, the UPPAbaby bassinet has a robust safety system, unlike the ordinary ones that you come across on the market.

The handle is made from metal of the highest quality so that it doesn’t pressure on your hands when you are carrying it. Another safety issue raised by many parents is that whether UPPAbaby bassinet can hold their babies when they grow a bit older.

According to the company, the bassinet has dimensions of 32.3×17.7×7.7 inches and it can hold weight not more than 9.3 pounds. Moreover, the bassinet’s size is standard and you can place it either on the stand or on a stroller.

So, you don’t have to worry about whether you can carry the bassinet along with your baby even for a little time. You can do that with the least effort. And, this can be done without hurting yourself or the baby. To make things easy for your little one under sunshine, UPPAbaby installed a rotating cover over the bassinet.

Moreover, it has SPF 50+ protection from sunlight. It even works wonders for rainy days as well. UPPAbaby bassinet falls in line with the latest ASTM regulations that require any bassinet to have a minimum 191mm depth. And, the canopy hinges must be engaged by a push of a button.

That way, lowering or raising the canopy should be an easy affair. Made from high-quality materials, the UPPAbaby bassinet feels smooth against the skin. The quality of materials is top-notch and everything inside it feels soft and breathable. While the exterior has a study look, it feels soft.

When all the movable parts of the bassinet are in place, the sound of the click ascertains that everything is in the right place. According to the company website, your baby can sleep on the bassinet the whole night. And, it is completely safe.

While there are no hazards in sleeping, there are a few important things that need consideration for safe sleep. These include the mattress types, breathability, and flow of air. The UPPAbaby bassinet doesn’t have mesh cloth unlike other bassinets for breathability. The inside cloth is breathable and soft.

So, even when your baby sleeps on their side, there won’t be issues regarding the difficulty in breathing. The sleeping surface is supportive and firm. However, when you apply pressure to one end of the bassinet or if the baby shifts to one side, the bassinet tilts a little bit. But there is no danger of flipping around.


                   UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand


Uppababy Bassinet And stand 

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The answer to this burning question is very simple. The UPPAbaby bassinets are made to use no longer than 6 months. However, the right time to move your baby out of the bassinet permanently relies on the parents. Moreover, no matter for how long your baby is using the bassinet, make sure it meets the standard safety procedures.

It is always fascinating to shop for baby products and the joy it gives you, is different from other things. However, deciding on what furniture your newborn will have for sleeping can be confusing. If you are in a similar situation, you may consider investing in UPPAbaby bassinet and stand.

As you know, newborns will spend most of their time sleeping. So, a great bassinet is what you should be looking at. Apart from keeping your baby safe and comfortable, it gives you peace of mind. Now, you don’t have to worry about your little one’s safety when UPPAbaby products are here to serve you.

Bassinets are like small cradles that you can take anywhere simply by holding and carrying them with your hands. Also, it is a great place for your baby to have a sound sleep. Moreover, bassinets are very helpful when moms need to co-sleep with their babies but don’t want to sleep together on the same bed.

Apart from that, the initial years are very important for both the parents and the baby. It is good for the baby to sleep in a bassinet for the first few months after birth because of a strict feeding schedule and constant care.

Using UPPAbaby bassinets is a delightful experience and you should never miss that. Moreover, removing the canopy or handles is easy and you can do that with one hand a well. And, move the sleeping baby anywhere. Also, the bassinets are safe for overnight sleeping.

So, if you are worried about having your baby sleep on the bassinet throughout the night, you can relax. The bassinet creates a comfortable and safe resting place for your baby. The perforated mattress and the vented base provide great breathability features to your little one.

Moreover, the extended canopy allows for additional airflow and keeps your baby fresh. While using the bassinet for your newborn is a pleasing experience, you should keep in mind that you can use the bassinet for a limited timeframe.

It means, at a definite age, your baby shouldn’t be using the bassinet. There is no question that babies grow too fast, and why shouldn’t they? No parents will want their infant to remain the same. A time comes when you will notice that your baby has outgrown the size of the bassinet.

A baby’s growth is evident during the first few months and the signs are visible that your baby seems unfit for the crib. And, they will keep bumping into its sides and wake up crying. As said earlier, babies can use bassinets from birth until six months.

This is the period when they can lift themselves. Many parents consider their baby’s age when it comes to evaluating for how long they can use the bassinet. In reality, it is the weight that every parent should be concerned about. That’s because bassinets come with weight limits.

Apart from weight, the allocated space for the baby is another factor that determines whether or not to use the bassinet for the time being. If you notice that your baby is not feeling comfortable inside the bassinet, it means you need to stop using the UPPAbaby bassinet.

Finally, if your baby has completed 4 months and showing signs of rolling over, it’s time for you to stop using this wonderful baby product. Your child will make attempts to flip over and turn on their sides. And, sometimes they would rotate their head as well. This is the right time for your baby to make the transition from a bassinet to a crib.

So, when your baby outgrows the bassinet, move them to a crib. Not doing so at the right time may impact their sleeping cycle and make way for other complexities in the daily routine. However, both bassinets and cribs are safe for your baby to have a sound sleep. Bassinets are smaller whereas cribs are a bit larger.


   UPPAbaby bassinet weight?

Another question that many parents wonder about is how much weight can UPPAbaby bassinet hold. According to the company, the maximum weight of a child that the bassinet can hold is about 9 kilos or 20 pounds. So, you can consider this weight as a standard measurement and start using the UPPAbaby bassinet.

Moreover, the UPPAbaby bassinet is collapsible and light. And, you can transfer it with ease from the stand to a compatible stroller. However, keep in mind that the bassinet should be kept on the UPPAbaby bassinet stand or compatible strollers. Keeping them on a flat surface isn’t recommended at all.

The bassinet is made of polyester and premium cotton so that your little one can feel sturdy and relaxed whenever they touch the inner surfaces. Also, it comes with a breathable mattress and cover. While you can place your baby directly over the mattress cover, making use of sheets can give better results.

Setting up the bassinet and collapsing the same is both quick and simple. Lift the mattress, pull on the tabs that are connected to the metal rods, and lock or unlock in that position. Also, it has a bug net and UPF 50 sunshade for outdoor use.

The breathable materials used in this bassinet are right for your baby’s delicate skin. In addition, the company made the base ventilated and the mattress perforated for further breathability and flow of air. Another great feature about the UPPAbaby bassinet is that the canopy unzips and allows more air to flow throughout the bassinet.

The best weight that the bassinet can hold is about 20 pounds. Also, the baby’s height should not be over 25 inches. But, above all, whenever you notice your baby is attempting to roll over, it is time to stop using the bassinet for good.

Setting up the bassinet is like a child’s play. The whole item comes flat inside a box. Hold the handle and lift it from the box. Next, slide the two rods at the bottom and position them correctly until you hear a click sound. Cleaning the bassinet is quite easy as well.

All you have to do is wipe down the covers and outside areas of the bassinet. Because of the high-quality material used in the making, it doesn’t get stained or dirty easily. The inner parts such as the mattress cover, mattress, and walls are easy to remove and clean.

Bassinets are wonderful and they rise to every situation whenever you need them. Suppose, you are planning to visit a friend’s house and thinking about spending some time with your newborn. So, in that situation, the bassinet comes in handy. They are portable and easy to transport.

And, it provides the baby with a comfortable, nice space where they can have a nap while going down the road inside a vehicle. Many parents have experienced this wonderful moment and they are very satisfied.

Fold the bassinet and pop it inside the car. And, when you feel that your baby needs a nap, pull the thing out and put your baby inside it. You may have a mini-crib or bedroom bassinet at home, but this feature makes the UPPAbaby bassinet stand out from the rest and justifies the price tag attached to it.


   UPPAbaby bassinet compatibility:

What’s interesting about the products from UPPAbaby is that most of them are compatible with one another. This is important because it helps parents to take advantage of the various products that the company is offering. This bassinet is compatible with the UPPAbaby Vista stroller and the UPPAbaby bassinet stand.

That way, you can use the UPPAbaby bassinet with the UPPAbaby stand at home and UPPAbaby Vista Stroller when you are outside. While strolling with your newborn is both exciting and nervous, you should never miss out on the fun of moving along with a fancy stroller.

However, when you are using the bassinet on the stroller, make sure to use an infant snug seat attachment. This will keep your baby more relaxed and safe. But, it is not recommended to use the stroller alongside the bassinet and go outdoors when the baby is a few days old.

So, when you take your baby outside on the stroller, say after two weeks, the experience you have is going to last for many years to come. The little bumps on the way will make your baby wonder about the place. Moreover, if you are not using the snug seat attachment, your baby might roll when you take a turn.

This is the last thing you want your baby to experience. The bottom line is that if your baby is a few days old or even a couple of weeks old, it is not wise to carry your baby in a stroller and go for walks. However, you can go for walks on a smooth surface such as an indoor space or a mall.

The UPPAbaby bassinet stand is another accessory compatible with the UPPAbaby bassinet. In short, this stand is more than an accessory. Rather, it is a necessity if you wish to make your baby sleep in the bassinet for longer hours. The stand is very easy to operate and it takes very little effort from your side.

Moreover, there won’t be issues relating to storage of the same. The UPPAbaby bassinet easily locks and unlocks from the top with the help of a button on the handle. The stand is made with hardwood plywood. It means, the stand would last for many years and can be useful if you are planning for another child in the future.

The UPPAbaby stand features an elevated fixture that keeps your little one off the ground. As said, if you are planning to use the bassinet for your baby’s night sleep, the UPPAbaby bassinet stand is a must. The other option would be to use the stroller beside your bed.

While it is a personal choice, having the bassinet stand gives you more convenience rather than having the stroller moving around from one place to another. The bassinet stand is pretty light and anyone can move it around the home with ease. However, make sure that the bassinet isn’t attached to the stand when you are about to move it.

The UPPAbaby bassinet and stand should be the right choice for newborn parents. According to many parents who bought the bassinet and stand were satisfied with the safety and sturdiness that the products provided. Even when their baby grew old these products were delivering their best.

Cleaning and reassembling the bassinet stand is very easy and doesn’t take much time. Most parents don’t feel appropriate to use the stroller along with the bassinet. That’s because there is much free space for the baby to roll over when the stroller moves. It is not pleasing to see your baby face down.

However, the only downside of using the bassinet is that the height is not adjustable. That way, you can’t bring the bassinet close to your bed and reach your baby. So, if you are thinking about getting access to your baby while you are in bed, this is not going to happen.


If you are planning to buy a medium-sized bassinet for your baby, the UPPAbaby bassinet stand is the right product for your needs. This product is safe and comfortable for your child. And, there is no question about that. Moreover, you can attach the bassinet to UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. Or, you can clip the bassinet to the stand.

Either way, both you and your little one get relieved. The quality and design of the bassinet are outstanding. The interior sides of the bassinet are padded with canvas. Whenever you are buying products for your baby, certain factors need consideration. However, with this product, you can never go wrong because it is equipped with the necessities that you wish to find on baby items.

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