The 9 Best Baby Doll Bike Seats

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Children love to take their dolls everywhere with them and create fantasy scenarios akin to taking care of their own children. It is a great way for them to build social skills and emulate their parents. It can be very exciting for children to get the chance to take their dolls away on adventures and trips – as long as they are able to keep them safe.

One challenge for kids and parents comes when children learn how to ride a bike, but still want to take their doll everywhere with them. What then happens to the doll so that they can join in on the fun and not get damaged or lost.

The best option here is to get the best baby doll bike seat for your child’s bike. A good seat will provide a supportive and secure place for the doll to ride without them getting in the way of your kid’s experience on the bike. There are different approaches that you can take here. So, what is the best type of doll seat for bikes and what should you look out for?

In this guide, you will find a series of products over three distinct sections. The first is a trio of bike seats that sit at the back of the bike, mimicking a seat for a baby. The second looks at the pros and cons of an alternative design for the front of the bike. Then there is a series of kids’ bikes specially designed with doll seats that could offer a better experience for all concerned. Again, there are benefits and disadvantages to this solution. By the end, you should have a better idea of which type of bike doll seat is best for you and which product you might like to try.


The best baby doll bike seats for the back of a bike.

The best place to start with this guide is with the seats that you attach to the back of a bike. These are a popular choice and among the most common. They are also some of the most affordable, with most products coming in under $20 for a cheap little gift for a child. The style mimics the baby seat that you can get on adult bikes, which kids may have used themselves before learning to ride their own bikes.

This familiarity makes them perfect for kids copying their parents and talking their own “child” on a bike ride. There is more work involved in setting up these seats because of the installation process. You need to fix the mounting hardware to the back for complete security. But, it is worth the effort for the final effect and your child’s enjoyment.

A lot of these products are very similar in terms of their features and style. You get a lot of simple plastic seats that fit the back with just enough room for an 18-inch doll. But, it is important to check the dimensions and that you get the right mounting hardware in the box. Also, look out for additional decorations for the seat and/or bike so kids can personalize the product.


1) Generation Our Pink 18 Doll Bicycle Seat and Helmet

Generation Our Pink 18 Doll Bicycle Seat and Helmet 

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The first option in this list is one of the more basic designs, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The main product is a plastic sink with a metal bracket and all the mounting hardware parents need to get it in place on the back of the bike. The pink plastic seat isn’t the most appealing in this guide as you don’t get the same extra features as other products. But, it is a good blank canvas if kids want to get creative with their own designs and stickers later on. While the decorative elements are lacking, you do get a nice little matching pink helmet for the doll. This is nice as it encourages kids to think about bike safety a little more.

  • A nice secure seat and helmet that should be fine for dolls up to 18 inches tall
  • Relatively easy to install as the instructions are included
  • Not as many extra features as in other products


2) HESTYA Doll Bike Seat

HESTYA Doll Bike Seat 

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This alternative plastic bike seat for the back of the bike is on the other end of the scale in terms of the features offered. There is a 30 piece set of stickers and other decals so kids can add some of their personality to the seat – or the personality of the doll. There is also a matching basket for the front, so kids can carry more items for their adventures with the doll, as well as some ribbons and streamers for the handlebars. This is a great way to give a bike a makeover rather than just a way to give a doll somewhere to sit for the journey.

  • Heavily gendered toward feminine stereotypes, which may not suit all kids


3) Ride Along Dolly The Original Stuffed Animal and Doll Bicycle Seat


Ride Along Dolly The Original Stuffed Animal and Doll Bicycle Seat 

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A criticism of the brand above is that there is a strong focus on very traditional design ideas where they weren’t trying that hard. One of the interesting things about the Ride Along Dolly line is that there are different options. There is still a split between the overly girly and boyish themes in the pink and the blue seats, but there are options. There is also the mention of using this for stuffed animals, which gives the seats greater appeal for more children. This seat has a similar design and set up where toys can ride at the back with no worries about security.

  • Designed to suit all American Girl Dolls, other 18″-22″ dolls, and stuffed animals
  • A nice choice of stickers and colors
  • No helmet, which feels like a missed opportunity


The best baby doll bike seat with front mounting designs.

Not all bike seats for dolls need to go on the back of the bike. There will be some kids that don’t like this approach because they can’t see or interact with the doll. This may make them more worried about losing the doll during the ride. That is where front-mounted bike seats can help. These put the doll up on the handlebars with secure fasteners around the posts. Kids can have their eyes on the doll and continue conversations with ease. Some parents may worry about the safety aspect of this becoming a distraction. So, this may be a better idea for kids that are more confident on their bikes.

It is important that you look at the fastening for these seats to make sure they will hold. Strong Velcro models with adjustable features will be fine for added security. Some of the best designs also have a cover over the legs. The designs are often prettier here too because of the use of canvas over plastic. But you need to be sure that you still get a durable toy that will hold up against rain and dirt. You can also look out for plastic customizable products and those that offer extra features like helmets as part of the package.


1) Gotz Bike Seat For Dolls

Gotz Bike Seat For Dolls 

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The first of these bike seats are a great option for the front of the bike because there are 4 hook and loop fasteners. This should create great support around the handlebars of the bike and post so there is no risk of the doll flying out if kids swerve or hit a bump in the road. The fastening across the legs helps too. The design is also adjustable so you should be able to realign the seat pretty easily if needed.

There is also a really nice design to the canvas seat that is pretty but not that childish, making it appealing for kids that want to emulate their parents. That canvas is also durable and wipe-clean for added convenience.

  • Fits most dolls up to 20″ tall
  • Pretty easy to set up
  • The matching Gotz doll bike helmet is sold separately


2) HABA Soft Doll’s Bike Seat Flower Meadow

HABA Soft Doll's Bike Seat Flower Meadow 

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This seat is similar in a lot of ways as there is a tough material seat with the same sort of secure fit and hook and loop fastening. There is also a nice floral design that young girls will be attracted to. This shift in focus to upholstery over stickers suggests that these front-mounted doll bike seats are more for older children than toddlers on their first bikes. This could be great for more confident riders that are fine having a doll in front of them or perhaps a stuffed animal instead. Both types of toys should be very secure here.

  • The small canvas seat is well made with durable polyester
  • Just as easy to set up and adjust as the seat above
  • A little smaller with a maximum doll or stuffed animal height of 15 inches


3) The New York Doll Collection Doll Bike Seat Carrier for Baby Dolls


The New York Doll Collection Doll Bike Seat Carrier for Baby Dolls 

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This third option is a little different and a bit of a blend between the style of the models above and the plastic rear bike seats mentioned before. The seat still fits around the handlebars with a strong system of hook and loop closures around the post. But, the seat is more structured and rigid like the plastic models for better durability. The additional bonus of having this sort of plastic seat for a doll or stuffed animal is that we return to the use of decorative stickers for great customization.

  • This is another product where they consider the need for a matching bike helmet as well as the seat.
  • Designed for use with 18’’ American Girl dolls and toys of a similar size
  • Sold as a scooter accessory, which may affect the installation on some bikes


The best bikes with doll seats for the full package

Finally, I want to discuss a different way of getting a really nice baby doll bike seat onto a bike. It may be easier and more appealing for kids to get a bike that already has a doll seat attached. This means that you can be sure of the doll seat fitting onto the bike and matching the overall design of the bike. This is a more costly option in the short term. But, these bikes are a great way to help kids learn to ride. They will have their doll friend there for support as they learn.

Clearly, there is a lot to consider when looking for the best bikes with doll seats. The seat itself needs to be the right size, it also needs to fit in with the overall theme of the bike and not look like a last-minute addition. A lot of the best products will have extra features in the same style to encourage riders further, such as baskets, bells, and streamers. Also, look to see what size options are available and if you get the training wheels in the package.


1) Huffy Disney Frozen Girls Bike with Sleigh Doll Carrier

Huffy Disney Frozen Girls Bike with Sleigh Doll Carrier 

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The first product for consideration here is one that a lot of Disney fans will love. While it is unclear how well affiliated with Disney this is, there is no doubt that the bike fits in with the Frozen vibe with the color scheme, authentic decals, and the sleigh-style seat at the back. This is a prime example of when it pays to go for the whole package rather than trying to match a doll seat to a bike. This looks a lot better than slapping Elsa stickers on a basic back-mounted seat. It is a bike that kids are going to want to show off – ideally with their Olaf plush or princess doll in the back.

  • An EZ Build bike so parents should have no problem putting this together
  • The matching features across the bike fits in with the Frozen theme pretty well
  • The snowflake pedals and training wheels look small and cheap


2) COEWSKE Kids Bike with Basket/Doll Seat/Training Wheels

COEWSKE Kids Bike with Basket/Doll Seat/Training Wheels 

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Here, the matching doll seat on the back of the bike is part of a much wider package. This is a more generic bike targeted at girls but with no set age range. You can adapt the bike as needed to suit your child’s interests and developmental stage. This means the opportunity to have a secure doll seat, training wheels, kickstand, basket, and ribbons, on bikes as tall as 18 inches.

Kids also get the fun of adding reflectors to the pedals and using a fun little bell. There is a lot going on here, but parents will also be pleased to know that it all comes 85% pre-assembled for minimal work.

  • The wide range of fun features across the bike
  • A choice of size with some great options for older children developing more slowly
  • Be aware that the 20-inch bikes don’t have training wheels.


3) JOYSTAR Little Daisy Kids Bike


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This final bike with a baby doll bike seat is one with great attention to detail in the design. The use of different dusty pinks and purples, along with the white frame and daisy motif, gives it more of a vintage look than some of the more childish princess-themed bikes. This could be appealing for kids that want a miniature version of an adult bike – complete with that matching pink bike seat. The seat looks pretty secure with the large backrest and restraint. The bike also comes with a deep basket, some streamers, and training wheels. It is sure to be a great learning tool for a lot of young riders that need their toy there for support.

  • Another nice range of sizes from 12 to 16 inches to accommodate slightly older children
  • The more grown-up floral design
  • Some mixed comments about the quality of all the parts


Which is the best baby doll bike seat for your child?

As you can see, there are definite pros and cons to all three of these solutions. I love the idea of deliberately getting a new bike with a doll seat attached because of the designs and quality involved. But, this does require a lot of forward planning and can be costly. The front seats for handlebars are great because they are so easy to install and kids can interact with the doll a lot better.

But, this could lead to distractions and they aren’t so secure. The best option is to install a more secure seat on the back of the bike and recreate that idea of a real baby bike seat. Kids will love the realism and you can take your time making it as secure as possible. If you can get a package with the extra features and decorations, all the better.

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