Can You Buy Replacement Covers For Graco Car Seats?

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Car seats are an essential part of traveling with a young child but all that regular use can lead to a lot of dirt and mess. So, what can you do to clean your Graco car seat, and can you get replacement covers when necessary?


Can you buy replacement covers for Graco car seats?

Yes. If you find that your current car seat is looking a little old and tired, or you simply can’t get out some major stains, a replacement is a great idea. You may not be able to find anything directly from Graco to replace like for like. However, there are products from other brands that are compatible with Graco seats. Take a look around on Amazon and see what you can find. Make sure that the cover is compatible with your current model before buying and see what designs are available. You could find something that is a lot more fun than your previous car seat.

Get Your Replacement Graco Car Seat Covers From Amazon


Are Graco car seat covers washable?

Buying a replacement car seat is the last resort option when there is no way of keeping your car seat in the best possible condition. The majority of Graco car seats are washable in some way. However, you do need to be careful with the instructions on the care label to make sure that you won’t do any unnecessary damage. Those that are machine washable aren’t too difficult to handle. You can just put them on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water. If it doesn’t appear to be machine washable, don’t risk it. Instead, stick with spot washing the material with water and soap to get the worst of the dirt and spills out.


Can Graco car seat covers go in the dryer?

You may assume that if you can put a Graco seat in a washing machine then you can put it in a tumble dryer afterward. This is actually a bad idea as you could end up damaging the seat pretty badly. It all comes down to the material used. High heat settings on dryers can shock the material and make it shrink. This could then distort the cover so that it no longer fits properly, making it either uncomfortable or impossible to put back on. The best thing that you can do here is to leave the cover to air dry at an ambient temperature in the fresh air. It will take longer, but you can also be more sure of the cover fitting again.


Can I hose down my Graco car seat?

Finally, in some extreme situations, parents will want to get out a hose with a powerful nozzle and blast some of the dirt and stains out of a car seat. This is tempting if your child has had a major incident with bodily substances. The problem here is that the excessive amount of water can damage your seat and cause the metal to rust. You may also struggle to dry out the foam inside and end up with a mold risk. Always remove the cover and use the best cleaning method possible for the stains.


How Do You Change A Graco Car Seat Cover?

This video below from Gracobaby shows you how to change a Graco car seat cover.


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