Nerf Doomlands 2169 Lawbringer

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If you have a child that loves to play complex games with big stakes when playing with Nerf guns, you are going to have to give them more than just a typical blaster. Standard blasters in the Elite range are popular and familiar. They are great for casual games or when young kids just want an over-sized gun to fire at their friends, family, and unsuspecting neighbors.

But, there come a time when things get more tactical and an alternative weapon is called for. Also, if we have come to the point where it is every man/woman/child for themselves in a faux-apocalypse, players need something out of the ordinary.

The Nerf Doomlands 2169 lawbringer is a good and new addition in the Doomlands line and seems like it is just the right sort of gun for the job with its unusual design and promises of reliable firepower. But, is it a good choice?

The short answer is YES

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Nerf Doomlands 2169 Lawbringer 

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There is a lot to like about this gun that should mean that kids get a different way to play that fits this scenario well. There are some limitations noted by older players that I will look at more closely below. But, the choice of ammo, the reliability, and the potential of the gun in life-or-death situations makes it an appealing alternative weapon.

In this guide, I will explain more about the features and capabilities of this Doomlands Nerf gun to paint a better picture of its potential in battle. You will learn more about the following:

1: The design and aesthetics of this Doomlands theme
2: The ergonomics and comfort of the gun compared to other doomlands blasters
3: The ammo supplied and the capacity of the gun
4: The impact of that ammo in regard to the accuracy, rate of fire and reliability
5: The general ease of use with the lack of batteries
6: The way the gun fits in with other Doomlands weapons
7: The gun’s worth as a primary weapon and its Elite status


Let’s start by taking a closer look at the design of this Nerf Doomlands 2169 lawbringer.

The Doomlands theme is always going to sell a Nerf gun, regardless of its shape and mechanics. There is a great design here that fits in well with the other models in the theme. The basic idea here, for all the initiated parents out there, is that your kids are playing in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s a struggle for survival where the skilled shooters with the best weapons will come out on top and the weak will fall behind.

Yes, it all sounds quite bleak, but this is where we’re at with Nerf blasters and other gameplay. After all, there is a whole other Nerf series that focuses on the Zombie apocalypse, so at least your kids aren’t about to be eaten.

This gun is an attractive choice for this range with a build that puts it somewhere between a smaller shotgun and a large blaster. As you will see below, this has caused some confusion for players trying to organize their arsenal. There is a cool shape to this gun and bright orange parts that make it stand out compared to the more traditional blasters in your child’s collection.

Another factor that is particularly cool is the transparent plastic on some of the elements. This allows players to which the loading and priming of the gun before firing. This is mostly for aesthetic reasons, but it might help kids notice any problems before it is too late. After all, every shot and every second count when you have rival gangs fighting over territory and supplies.


Here is a video review by coop772 of the Nerf Doomlands Lawbringer ( if you prefer to watch)



Is the Doomlands Lawbringer comfortable to use and hold?


This sense of a hybrid gun that is neither a shotgun nor blaster means that it might take a little getting used to as a design. Some have noted that the angle on the handle is a little different and it isn’t as intuitive to hold and handle like a normal Nerf gun.

Then there are those that say that the smaller stock feels a bit cramped up against their shoulder when trying to aim in a more traditional manner. This is less of a problem for younger kids and some older users simply shoot from the hip with this instead.

This approach isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it also allows for a new way of fighting. Also, there is the fact that this gun doesn’t really weight anything at all compared to other guns in the range. This lighter weight means that kids aren’t going to get fatigued in their arms or hands from long-term use.

They are more likely to pick this up and run around in the most difficult moments of the battle. Later on in this guide, I will talk a little more about the purpose and overall worth of this gun in battle. Before that, we need to take a closer look at its capabilities and the ammunition you get.

What is the capacity like?
How do you reload this gun?
How far can you shoot this Nerf Doomlands 2169 lawbringer?
Also, are you likely to get accurate and reliable shots?


The capacity and ammo on offer with this Lawbringer shooter.


Nerf gun capacities can vary greatly between the skilled sharpshooters with a couple of shots and the over-the-top blasters with up to 30 darts in a drum. This shooter sits nicely in the middle with room for 12 darts in the drum. Players are impressed with this allocation because it is common for similar guns to have half that.

This means double the chance of suppressing the enemy and getting into their territory. This capacity and the quality of the darts mean that players could use this tactically to pick off targets one by one or for a more rapid cover fire to help their team.

The Doomlands darts are perfectly fine for this sort of combat. It is probably best to stick with this option when getting any spare ammo to be sure of compatibility.

The last thing that you want is a series of darts that jam at a crucial moment because they are too tight in the drum. These darts fit nicely and can deliver the impact needed, much like Elite bullets. The complementary orange color also helps to tie everything together.


How do you reload this Nerf Lawbringer?


This is where we get a bit of a divide between the players that love this model and the ones that don’t. Kids need to reload the gun manually – one dart at a time. While this might be daunting for young kids, it is actually simple. All you need to do is load each individual dart from the storage capsules straight into the rotating cylinder with the plastic tip pointing in the direction of fire.

This is what needs to make an impact. It is easy to spin the drum to set up an empty chamber and reload at your own pace. However, there are players that prefer to use magazine so that everything is set-up with one click. Those that lack the patience for manual reloads may struggle.

With that said, it is important to consider the implications of this manual style and the Doomlands theme. After all, players choose Doomlands for the post-apocalyptic story that goes with it. It is much more realistic and engaging for players to have to look out for spare darts here and there to reuse than to have pristine magazines ready for use.

It also takes some skill and timing to plan an operation to find the darts, find a safe place to reload, and then head out on another attack.


What are the rate and range of fire of this Nerf Lawbringer?


One criticism that I have seen about this blaster is that it is a non-slam fire spring blaster. This might not mean anything to parents that aren’t keen players. Essentially, it reduces the impact and rate of fire compared to some other guns.

However, there are players that feel that this style encourages a more realistic form of gunplay where kids can emulate cowboys and other heroes for suppressive fire. It is all about working with what the gun has, rather than what it doesn’t.

The pay-off of this slower rate of fire and the non-slam system is a shorter range. You may know that other blasters promise a range of 90ft with the right trajectory and priming.

But, here the average seems to be around 20ft. This isn’t going to be a problem in small gardens or in cases of close combat between enemies. But, it won’t work for long-range shots in open spaces.


Is this Nerf Doomlands 2169 lawbringer a reliable and accurate choice?


For the most part, players find that this is a reliable option. The spring-loaded blaster and primer tend to handle the existing dart well the majority of the time. There are always going to be times when you get jams in mechanisms, possibly because of the darts.

But, this target exclusive blaster seems to be rare here Some users pin this down to the fact that the internal mechanics are so similar to Elite blasters with a decent amount of muscle velocity.

The result is a gun that not only responds well to the user but also offers greater accuracy than you might expect. It isn’t going to be possible to get all shots on target, but this is pretty close.

Most kids and adults that use the Nerf Lawbringer feel that it is easy to use and a lot of fun.

While the issue above with the reloading system has its pros and cons, the majority of users seem to be happy with the ease of use here. There are positive reports from players in all different age ranges. While there may be a recommended age limit of 8 and up – because of the theme and the power in the darts – there are still parents handing this over to younger kids that want to have a go.

Providing they are supervised, they should have little problem placing the darts in the barrel, setting up the primer, and shooting whatever target they feel like. The primer isn’t as stiff as on other guns and the limited risk of jams means the won’t get so frustrated.

Some younger players may need to use this two-handed while they get to grips with the different parts and functions, but they should still be able to handle it without assistance. As they grow up, they can learn new ways to shoot and get a little more capable to the point where this becomes a one-handed shooter. Older players can use this one-handed with little trouble at all.

This is partly because the priming action on this model is a lot like the Hammershot system that many keen players are familiar with. Muscle memory and a smooth mechanism combine so that players can ready the shot in one hand with the shooter at their hip while carrying necessary items or spare ammo in the other.

Also, don’t forget that the priming system and reloading mechanism had no reliance on battery power. The downside here for kids is no extra noises or flashing lights for added effect. But, they also know that they can play for longer and set up a shot at any time. A dead battery in the middle of an epic fight can bring players back to reality with a sad jolt. From the perspective of parents, it is also one less cost to worry about.


How does this Nerf Lawbringer Blaster fit in with other Doomlands Nerf weaponry?


The Doomlands Lawbringer blaster looks like it could work well as a defensive weapon and take out plenty of enemies with enough accuracy. But, it is not the only option in the Doomlands range. Instead, it works well as a shooter that you can use from the hip while patrolling dangerous territory, rather than a more intense blaster or a smaller pistol.

This middle-ground means that it will work well as an alternative weapon for players that also have the following.


                               1) Nerf Doomlands The Judge.

Nerf Doomlands The Judge 

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This thing is intense. There is a pump-action priming mechanism in a massive unit that is there to scare off the enemy at first sight. If they don’t retreat, players can then start firing off the 30 Doomlands darts that sit in the massive 30-dart capacity drum. The look is similar to the Lawbringer with black and orange and some transparent elements.


                                 2) Nerf Doomlands Negotiator

Nerf Doomlands The Negotiator 

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Those that need something a little smaller and handheld for nerf wars, but with a similarly devastating impact, could also use the Negotiator. This is a nice secondary weapon alongside the Lawbringer with its Hammer action blasting for rapid shots. There is room for 8 darts, which give powerful blaster fires in succession from the rotating barrel.


What about the cost?

Price isn’t something we really want to have to talk about here as this is such a fun toy and you may have kids asking you for one. But, it is important to know if this is going to set you back a lot of money. In all honesty, it seems to depend on where you go.

There are stores and online merchants selling this for between $20-30 dollars. So, this could be a nice little treat for kids that have earned a reward, or something that they can get after saving up their allowance. But, beware that there are other sellers out there asking for around $60.

You don’t need to pay that much, especially not when I’ve also seen second-hand ones going for $12. Also, remember that if you get a good deal on the blaster, you might also be able to get a spare pack of darts or other accessories to go with it.


Finally, let’s look at this Nerf Lawbringer ‘s worth as a primary weapon and its Elite status.

You might not think that this is an Elite weapon because it is not branded as such. There are other guns in the Nerf range that have that familiar look that goes straight to the top of the pile when it comes to primary weapons. This # doesn’t offer that look or branding because of the focus on the Doomlands theme and this idea of an alternative way of playing. However, there are components in this model that are made to the same specifications as blasters in the N-strike range.

What does this mean? Well, it is a little like putting a new body and an apocalypse-themed paint job on a top of-range-car. It might look like it came from the junkyard with lots of weird modifications, but you get the same important features in the engine, transmission, and other internal workings. In this case, you get the power and reliability of a more Elite model of Nerf gun, with the potential to use Nerf darts, underneath the weird new body.


So is this Nerf Doomlands 2169 lawbringer your kid’s new primary or secondary weapon?

This is where you get some confusion and debate about the worth and impact of this gun. There are users that say that this isn’t ideal for use as a primary weapon because of the means of firing it and the method of reloading it. They feel it is too small and niche and while they enjoy taking this out at the right time, it isn’t their go-to weapon in battle.

However, you have to consider here that many of these reviewers downplaying the potential of the gun are actually grown, adults. Kids aren’t going to be so annoyed by the compact features of this gun and could still appreciate the chance to fire off 12 darts with ease from this fun blaster.

There is also the fact that the gun is too much of a statement piece to be left for emergencies only. It is a bold design with that transparent casing and the right shooter will take out many enemies before having to go through that slower reloading process.

Also, we have to go back to that idea of the gun being designed for this perilous dog-eat-dog world of postapocalyptic gameplay. Rapid-fire system and simple magazines aren’t going to fit in so well. With that in mind, there are sure to be plenty of kids that will pick this up as their preferred weapon and then a smaller mini shots pistol as their secondary weapon.

So, let’s go over the pros and cons of this Nerf Doomlands 2169 lawbringer and its specification before delivering a final verdict

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros] It is a great looking gun and the transparent elements bring added interest for new players
The size and shape are easy to hold one-handed and use as a quick blaster.
There is plenty of ammo to get through before reloading.
The firing mechanisms are pretty reliable for improved accuracy.
The rate of fire is decent too for this sort of weapon.
The need to load darts one by one is authentic and adds peril in this apocalypse simulation.
There is no need for any batteries, which might otherwise limit game time.
It fits in well with other Doomlands weapons[/i2pros][i2cons]Some older users have struggled to figure out the best way to hold this comfortably.
The lack of a magazine will frustrate some kids that aren’t here for strategic games.
Not everyone’s first choice as a primary weapon[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this Nerf Doomlands 2169 lawbringer the right choice for your kids?


In the end, the appeal of this Nerf Lawbringer all comes down to the style of gameplay. If you have kids that like creating those imaginative worlds with more realistic elements, they are sure to enjoy the opportunities and challenges brought on with this model. The challenges are limitations for other players, who won’t appreciate the smaller stature or having to carefully reload the darts.

But, the design of the gun and the idea of scrambling for leftover ammo makes a lot of sense in the Doomlands world. Players that are fans of this sub-theme in the Nerf franchise, they should love the chance to cause havoc with this powerful 12-dart shooter and impress their friend with its cool design.





This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.