Best Nerf Guns Under $50

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If you have teenagers or pre-teens that love to role-play with guns in all kinds of weird scenarios, Nerf is the first brand that often comes to mind. This manufacturer has been around for a long time, developing weapons and foam bullets that enhance your child’s playtime. Some of the current models are quite advanced and extreme in their designs and features. But, you can still find some Nerf guns under 50 dollars out there which would be a real bargain!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor
Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor
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NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
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Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire
Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire
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  • Durable color and Colors will never fade, peel or crack
  • Durable spats
  • Absorb and remove sweat from the body.
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Why have I chosen the best Nerf guns under 50 dollars?

You might think that $50 isn’t that much to spend on a motorized toy that will get a lot of use. But, some great models aren’t that expensive. They may have a few flaws with the mechanics and construction here and there – such as bullets breaking or jamming – but they are still effective toys.

This means that not only can you get a bargain, but you can also get some extra darts and other features to enhance the experience, such as tactical vests and other gear. Also, we have to remember that kids can break these guns through rough play and lose the darts if they aren’t careful. So, you don’t really want to spend a fortune on them.

Our Top 11 Picks for Nerf Guns Under $50 ( Full Reviews Below)

  1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor
  2. NERF Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Red Blaster
  3. NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
  4. Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire
  5. NERF Zombie Strike Alternator Blaster
  6. Evader Modulus Nerf Motorized Light-Up Toy Blaster
  7. Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt Blaster
  8. NERF Fortnite SMG-E Blaster — Motorized Dart Blasting
  9. NERF Fortnite Rl Blaster
  10. NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge
  11. NERF Microshots Overwatch D.Va

Features to look out for when choosing the best Nerf shotguns for your kids.

1) The design.

Design is crucial. These guns all look cool in their own way. But, the features and molding on the guns can vary greatly between ranges. Remember that kids want to show these off to peers.

2) The power behind the trigger.

When kids shoot a dart from this gun, will it fire at their enemy with force and accuracy or be a bit weak? Look out for the estimated velocity and the presence of an accelerator. Also, remember that the elite bullet can travel further.

3) The speed of the reloading system.

The reloading system can make or break a gun for some kids. There are stylish single-shooters out there that reward patience and stealth. But, many kids prefer rapid-fire models. Just be aware that some of the rapid-fire models can jam without the right action and strength.

4) The number of bullets it can hold.

With that in mind, you also need to consider the number of bullets, or darts available. How many can the gun hold in storage at one time? Some only carry a few while others can take as much as 12. It also helps if all these darts are free with the gun instead of having to purchase them separately.

5) The extra features that might enhance your child’s enjoyment of the gun.

There are lots of different models out there with their own variations and features. Some are classic in their design with a simple firing mechanism, reloading function, and fun design. Others might have lights, noises, and other clever tools to make them more interesting.

6) The recommended age.

This is something that many parents don’t adhere to that much. I have read reviews on large guns for kids 8 and up, where children aged 4 have had a go. Personally, I think these models are best for older kids with the patience and imagination to make the most of them.

11 of the best Nerf guns for under 50 dollars.

I have split the following guide to the best Nerf guns under $50 into three groups. First, we have the guns that are more general, classic Nerf guns that most pre-teens and teens can appreciate. There are different styles and features that separate them, but they should all have the same basic features, effective firepower, and cool designs.

Then there are the weirder, more unique designs for imaginative play Then there are the Nerf guns that are inspired by video games. These guns are great for those that love to play action and roleplay games online with their friends and want to replicate those adventure outside. Some of the guns are models reimagined in Nerf form with fun designs and features.

Some of the best classic Nerf shotguns for imaginative warfare.

1) Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor gun 

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This seems like a good place to start this guide, especially if you aren’t familiar with the features and designs of Nerf guns. This is a great design for kids that don’t want anything specific or weird and just want a good Nerf gun. It is big and bulky and one they can show off to impress their friends.

What makes this toy Elite is the rotating drum at the front. Kids can load it up with the 6 darts – which are included in the box and then fire them with the quick-draw blaster. This should mean a rapid-fire of these soft rubber dart over a range of about 90ft.

It is a great point-and-shoot option that younger kids should be able to get the hang of when their older siblings let them play too. It is a great inexpensive introduction to Nerf with few issues of jamming or malfunctions.

2) NERF Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Red Blaster

NERF Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Red Blaster Gun 

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This next option is similar in some ways because it has the same approach with the rapid-fire barrel on the front and the bulky shape. But, the Rival does things differently. First of all, the color scheme of red and black is a little more grown-up. This suggests that this could be an upgrade on the previous Nerf gun when kids get a little older.

The other key difference here is that this fires little rounds inside of the classic darts. It also does so with a capacity of 15.

The combination of firepower and design means that this is quite an intimidating option that many kids will love. But, there are warnings that the loading mechanism and handle require a bit of strength to prevent it from jamming. Smaller kids might not be able to handle this quite so well.

There is also the fact that once you’ve put in the effort to prime the weapon, your enemy could be miles away.

3) NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster

NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster Gun 

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This next model is an “ultra” gun. So, you have to wonder what it is about this gun that makes it so much better or more advanced than the other weapons in the series. It seems that it mostly comes down to the shape and performance of the darts.

These can fly further thanks to their shape and the power behind them. Apparently, this means a maximum distance of 120 feet. So, this could be a great tool for kids that want to play across larger areas. Other projectile Nerf toys aren’t quite as wide-ranging.

The gun itself is an interesting design. You might say it is more grown-up in style than some of the bigger Nerf guns and it has a shape and trigger system that is a lot more realistic. It can take 6 of those ultra darts and should have a faster reloading system for rapid assaults on the enemy.

Just be aware that those long-range bullets can break a little more easily than the normal ones. Parents suggest getting a spare pack when you buy this gun, just in case.

4) Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire Gun 

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Anything that calls itself an AccuStrike model is going to be popular with ids that want the very best weaponry in their war games. Of course, accuracy has much more to do with the aim of the child and their strategy than the features of the gun. But, it is still something that they can show off to their friends.

This one has the added bonus of being an Elite model. The design is sleek with a top-loaded single-shot blaster for deadly strikes. There is also built-in storage on the gun for spare darts. 10 of those darts come in the package so there should be plenty to play with – or lose.

The design is attractive with the combination of orange, grey, and white. One interesting thing about the complaints from parents is that they don’t like the single-shot design – even though this is clear in the specification. Kids do need the patience to reload and play a more strategic game.

So, this is better for older children than younger ones that prefer rapid firepower. Teens should be able to appreciate the limitations as challenges for more creative gameplay.

Some of the best alternative Nerf guns under 50 dollars for creative kids.

5) NERF Zombie Strike Alternator Blaster

NERF Zombie Strike Alternator Blaster Gun 

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If the single-shot, strategic option of the AccuStrike model above is too slow for your kids, you might want to consider this one. This Zombie Strike Alternator Blaster is on the complete opposite end of the scale. Instead of a considered weapon for war, you get a mutated blaster for the zombie apocalypse.

This one has three barrel types at the end of a very strange gun. There is the single-shot for moments where they want to be a daily assassin, a double shot, and then a triple shot where survival instincts take over.

The design is really fun too to get kids into that scenario. The green and orange gun looks like it comes from spare parts and the trigger looks taped on. It comes with 12 official zombie strike darts. Again, parents seem to be criticizing it for obvious design flaws.

One states that the accuracy is terrible. But, isn’t that the point with this gun? Quantity over quality in regard to the shots fired? Another thing to note about this Zombie Blaster is that it is part of a larger range. There are other guns with the same look to the barrel and trigger. One of these could be better for those that need that rapid firepower.

6) Evader Modulus Nerf Motorized Light-Up Toy Blaster

Evader Modulus Nerf Motorized Light-Up Toy Blaster Gun 

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The Nerf Modulus Evader is a strange design if you want to look at these guns from a logical perspective. On the one hand, this is a stealth gun. That is why there is the interesting see-through plastic all around the gun from the barrel to the trigger.

It seems like this one represents some sort of invisibility stealth technology so that kids can sneak up on their enemies and win the battle with greater ease. However, the other selling point here is the barrel extension that lights up. While this looks cool, it will give the game away a bit.

Another benefit of choosing this unusual model is that it comes with quite a lot of darts. There is the capacity to load 12 at a time and you do get that many in the box. The darts are elite dart with a light foam ad hollow tip. These cool and unique features do mean that this is a little more expensive than some other models.

There are also some complaints about the battery compartment as it doesn’t feel that secure. However, this is a fun alternative weapon to the more traditional Nerf guns.

7) Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt Blaster Gun 

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Another option if you want a more unusual design is to go for a CrossBolt Blaster. This one blends a more traditional Nerf gun with a crossbow to create a cool alternative weapon. A crossbow could be the ideal tactical weapon against some serious competition and this one has a realistic action and great design.

Kids can set up the blaster with 12 darts in the clip and take aim. This means that while it is a single-shot tool, there are plenty of back-up darts if kids miss.

This is another Nerf gun that is more about precision and skill than rapid-fire. This will suit those teens that always pick the bows over the guns in videogames. The darts should have a range of 90 feet when launched correction. The darts are the same quality and material as seen in other models.

The complaints aren’t that unfamiliar at this point, as this one can also jam because of the softer bullets. But, elite bullets can travel further, so there does seem to be a trade-off. There is more of a niche appeal to this one. But, that is what is great about the Nerf range. You can also look at another crossbow/cross bolt style Nerf guns to compare with this model.

Some of the best Nerf shotguns inspired by videogames.

8) NERF Fortnite SMG-E Blaster — Motorized Dart Blasting

NERF Fortnite SMG-E Blaster -- Motorized Dart Blasting Gun 

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This next model is a replica Nerf blaster inspired by the Fortnite series. So, if you have any gamers in the family that are into the idea of a little creative role play in the yard, this gun could be just what they are looking for.

The design replicates the aesthetics of the one in the game to help transport them into that world. You can still get the same great features as other authentic Nerf guns with the 6-dart clip and Nerf Elite darts. There is also an acceleration button to give a little more impact to the shot.

There are some curious parents and grandparents that question if this would be too difficult for a 6-year-old to use. Personally, I think that the branding and power of this model mean that it is better for older children.

One problem to watch out for here is that the foam darts can jam because they are so soft. It is unclear if other, harder foam bullets would be compatible and work better. You can try, but I can’t guarantee it.

9) NERF Fortnite Rl Blaster

NERF Fortnite Rl Blaster Gun 

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Another option from the Fortnite range of Nerf guns is this rocket launcher. To be honest, I think you will sell most kids at the term rocket launcher alone because this sounds so much cooler and more deadly than a traditional Nerf gun.

It could be a great addition to the arsenal of the family, especially if you have siblings or groups of friends that want to team up with various weapons. With that said, you might also want to look into other Nerf Fortnite products to expand their options over time. There are axes and other weird tools for roleplay.

This one looks incredible with the menacing paintwork around the head of the launcher. It should be easy to use with the loading mechanism and trigger.

The Nerf rockets are different from the darts with the torpedo shape and wings. They are the same quality foam with hollow tips for safety. You do only get two rockets in the box, so kids need to keep track of where they landed. Also, be aware that this one only just makes it into the $50 or less budget.

10) NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge

NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge Gun 

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This next option is for fans of the Overwatch series. Again, this is all about creating a replica of the weapon used in the game. Here, teens can pretend that they are McCree with an impressive weapon. There are some nice details in the molding of the gun around the trigger, with the little hammer and the spur. It also comes with a model of his badge for a little authenticity.

One thing that is noticeably different here is that this one has little rounds instead of the foam darts. Again, this helps to set the tone and make this a little different compared to other Nerf guns. It should have a velocity of 80ft per second and kids can load the gun just as the character would in the game.

But, be aware that you can only load one shot at a time. It is not a six-shooter, as some kids expected when they first saw it. So, it isn’t going to work for kids that don’t have the patience to reload and plan their shots. That said, there is still that unique feel and level of authenticity that Overwatch players will love.

11) NERF Microshots Overwatch D.Va

NERF Microshots Overwatch D.Va Gun 

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The final model in this guide is another one based on the Overwatch series. This time, you get a mini blaster for micro shots. It is a whole other style and aesthetic that will work well when kids are recreating the game and either playing with or against each other.

This replicates the gun carried by D.Vac. It is small but should still have enough firepower for the job. There isn’t that much else to say about the features because this is one of the more simplistic and compact toys. Some kids might see it as a lesser version of a Nerf gun while others appreciate its ease of use in battle.

A possible problem here is that it can only fire 1 dart at a time and there are only 2 darts in the pack. These Micro shots models are cheaper, more basic options to keep kids entertained on a tighter budget.

There are other themes in the range too, like the Marvel Captain America one. It is a nice little toy for kids to get with as a little treat but it isn’t going to match up to some of the more over-the-top blasters and other models are seen above.

Finding the best Nerf guns under 50 dollars for your child.

The options above are some of the best selling models where you are pretty much guaranteed to get a fun toy with some impressive features. None of them are perfect and you can expect your kids to deal with jammed and broken bullets with most of them. The impact and longevity also depend on how your children choose to play with guns.

These models should give you a good idea of what to get if you are buying this Nerf gun as a surprise gift. But, you should also consider simply asking your teen if they have a model in mind.

For example, if they are in line to get a reward for good grades then they might appreciate the chance to choose the model themselves. This could really appeal to those that have eyed a specific upgrade for awhile. Either way, you are spoiled for choice.
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