Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Review

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Are you looking for the best crib mattress for your little one? Do you want desired comfort and improved safety features? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will review Moonlight Slumber’s Little Dreamer crib mattress in detail.

Also, we will discuss the buying considerations. In the end, we will answer your queries. After going through this article, you can decide with a well-informed mind. If you are a first-time parent, you might be taking all the required steps to create a comfortable and safe environment for your bundle of joy.

The crib mattress needs to be the best one since your baby will be spending most of her time on it. You will have to ensure that the crib mattress is safe and warm and creates a delicate but firm surface. Yes, Moonlight slumber little dreamer meets all the above qualities. Besides, you can expect many other advanced features.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to know what makes Moonlight slumber little dreamer dual sleep surface the best for your little one? We will answer all your queries in this article.


All about Moonlight Little Dreamer

The Moonlight Little Dreamer is affordable, eco-friendly, comfortable, and safe. It has everything to support the growth of your kid. Your infant or toddler can sleep on it comfortably and safely. Your baby can explore more and grow fast since the surface will offer the desired comfort and firmness. Also, this mattress features dual sides.

One side is for your infant and another for the toddler. The infant side will have plant-based foam, and the toddler side will have a nice plush surface. Hence, you will not have to spend on a new mattress when your infant enters the toddler’s phase.

Additionally, the mattress will have a woven fire barrier to prevent something unpredictable. The cover does not use any harmful material. Hence, you can expect the best protection without any adverse effects. Also, the mattress cover is odor and water-resistant. The safe material will create a safe and protective environment for your kid.


What Makes Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Worth Buying

What do you want from a crib mattress? You want a safe, comfortable, and protective sleeping surface for your baby. You might look for the water-resistant ability and a durable result.

You might want something that can support the growth of your baby. Yes, Moonlight slumber little dreamer combines all the advanced features to stand out in the crowd.

It uses an environmentally friendly material as well. The mattress is certified to become a safe choice for infants and toddlers. The certification guarantees three things.

  1.  The material of the mattress will not release harmful chemicals and pollute indoor air. It will create a safe environment for your infant or toddler. Also, it will not harm your indoor air quality in any manner.
  2.  The certification ensures that the mattress will last long. We cannot expect our toddlers to be gentle on the crib mattress. Yes, they will do whatever they want on their sleeping surface. They can play, jump, and spill their drinks. However, the mattress material and water-resistant cover will protect the mattress from all external conditions. As a result, you can expect a durable result.
  3. The material of the mattress has gone through rigorous testing before receiving approval. The quality and safety features make the end product ideal for infants and toddlers.

In brief, you can expect the best of both worlds to create a safe, protective, and proper growing environment for your little one. Your baby can relax, enjoy, and grow fast.


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What about the Packaging

You will love the packaging. It will reflect how the manufacturer takes extra care to create a safe setting for your baby. Also, you will see the certifications in the packing. You will have to remove the plastic covering and give it a rest for forty-eight hours.

Within this period, the mattress will fluff up, and then you can use it for your baby. You will see a difference in the behavior of your little one after using this mattress. She will feel super excited!

Now we know about the packaging and certifications. Next, we will discuss the features. You will have to go through them to be aware of the positives of the mattress. Once you have an overall idea of what you will have, you can go ahead confidently.


Key Features

As mentioned earlier, Moonlight slumber little dreamer dual sleep surface features an eco-friendly material. When I came across the material, I did not feel excited because most baby mattresses are eco-friendly. Manufacturers use some plant material and label the product eco-friendly. What is the great thing about it? You might have the same doubt.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer uses eco-friendly material. Also, it does not use vinyl, phthalates, polyethylene, lead, or PVC. Besides, it is non-toxic and waterproof. These unique qualities make this mattress different from its leading competitors. The objective of this manufacturer is to create a safe and comfortable sleeping surface for babies. Therefore, you will not find any harmful chemical that can directly or indirectly impact the growth of your little one.

Additionally, you will not notice anything exceptional in the design. It looks simple without fancy seams and zipper systems. You will find the overall design appealing and baby-friendly. Also, the simple design contributes to the affordability of the end product.

You can have the best features without hurting your budget. Also, you do not need to spend a lot on a fancy design since it cannot help more than offering an appealing look. Now, we will cover detailed features one by one.


Quality Construction

This crib mattress features multiple layers. Hence, your baby can get the desired comfort and support. Here are a few additions that contribute to improved comfort and support.

Non-toxic Cover:  The plush knit cover will make this crib mattress waterproof. You can wipe the crib mattress whenever you notice any water or liquid. You will need a soapy sponge to clean the mattress. After cleaning, you can allow it to air dry for a few minutes. It will look new and refreshed again.

Woven Fire Barrier:  This mattress features a fire barrier. Also, it is patent-pending and halogen-free. You might have seen this material in the healthcare industry. The material will not have any retardants, chemicals, or additives.

Infant Side Surface:  The mattress will have two sides. The infant side will have extra firm foam that will give the desired support to your infant. You can use the infant side for your newborn up to nine months old. The material will offer the needed support to your baby to make the knees and hands strong.

Toddler Side Surface:  On the toddler side, you will have high-density foam compared to the infant side. Your toddler can get the best support while resting after playing for a long time. You will feel happy when your toddler sleeps comfortably throughout the night without any disturbance. However, some mattresses use fillers and foam. Hence, your baby will not get the best support and comfort. The Little Dreamer will have many layers to support the different positions of your baby. The firmness is an added benefit.


Superior Comfort

While buying a crib mattress, support and comfort need to be your priority. The Little Dreamer mattress combines both. Also, this mattress will have two sides. The infant side will offer the desired comfort to infants, and the toddler side is the best for toddlers. The infant side might not be super comfortable.

But the safe material and firmness create a proper environment for infants to strengthen their hands and legs. However, the toddler side is different. It features better comfort to enable your toddler to sleep fast after playing. You will like the two sides and their unique features.


Extra Support

As mentioned earlier, Little Dreamer will have two sides, and each side will have specific features to meet the growing needs of infants and toddlers. Your baby will get the best support during the growing phase. You will enjoy standing, crawling, and rolling. As your baby will spend most of her time on the mattress, she will require the desired support, in addition to comfort.

The surface of Little Dreamer is firm and flat. It will minimize the risk of SIDS. If the infant mattress is so soft, your baby might turn her head. She will not be able to get back to a safe position. Hence, you will have to consider a mattress that supports your baby’s posture.

It will not allow your infant to turn the head. Little Dreamer understands the unique requirements of a baby. Hence, it has two sides to support the growing needs of babies. The infant side is more firm and flat, and the toddler side is more comfortable.


Required Edge Support

In addition to all these, you can expect advanced edge support. You might be thinking about what improved edge support is. All the crib mattresses will have edge support. However, Little Dreamer thinks from different perspectives. Even if your crib mattress has a railing surrounding it, you will need solid and nice edges to prevent anything unpredictable.

Just think, the crib mattress has soft edges, and your infant rolls over it. You can imagine what will happen if her sleeping surface does not fit tightly. Hence, you will have to ensure that the mattress has solid edges to prevent such conditions. Little Dreamer has this unique feature and can give the best protection to your little one.


Square Corners

While buying mattresses, you will have to check corners. Crib mattresses will have either rounded or square corners. Also, some corners might not fit the crib. There will be a gap between the crib and your crib mattress. This gap can cause a safety issue, and you will not want to encounter this.

When it comes to Little Dreamer, it has square corners. The soft and nice corners will offer a snug fit to the crib. There will not be any scope for accidents. Before buying Little Dreamer, I have tested many crib mattresses. Many of them cause safety concerns.

When some feature hard corners, others leave a gap. However, Little Dreamer offers the best fit. Also, it ensures a seamless transition from the infant to toddler phase.

The toddler side will have more safety features. You will appreciate the edge support. As your toddler will be busy exploring her little world, she will not understand the boundaries, and the mattress will take care of it. However, you cannot expect the best support with the mattress only. The bed rail will also have a role.


Extra-Tight Sewn Seams

You will need tight seams in a crib mattress. Otherwise, your little one can pull on threads. It will impact the durability of the end product. However, Little Dreamer features extra-tight sewn seams. You will find seams tight on the sides of your mattress. As they are tight to the fabric, your baby cannot pull them easily. As a result, the crib mattress will last long.


Premium Material

The eco-friendly and quality material makes the end product super durable. The medical-grade, hypoallergenic, and odor-resistant material can create a safe sleeping surface for your little one. Also, it features a waterproof fabric to ensure a durable result. The material of this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified foam.

Hence, it will support the growth of your baby. Besides, it has a woven fire barrier with no harmful chemicals. When it comes to durability, this mattress will last up to eight years. Therefore, your newborn can use it for a long time. Also, the dual sides will support both the infant and toddler phase. You will receive lifetime support from the manufacturer.


Easy Maintenance

The maintenance requirements will be minimal. Yes, you can use warm soapy water and a damp sponge to clean your baby’s mattress whenever needed. You do not need to use any harmful chemicals. Chemicals will impact durability and might irritate the delicate skin of your baby. Also, you will have to avoid using diaper wipes. The same is about your household cleaning wipes. Both will not ensure proper cleaning.


Lightweight Design

You will find Little Dreamer crib mattress lightweight compared to many other leading names of the industry. You can imagine you have a twenty pounds crib mattress, and you want to move to another place. You will have to carry the sleeping support. However, Little Dreamer is easy to carry.

It weighs only 10.63 pounds. Hence, it will not feel heavy. You can transport it from one place to another easily. In brief, we can say that if you want a lightweight design, comfortable and safe material, versatile, and durable product, you should not look beyond Moonlight slumber little dreamer dual sleep surface.



The dual sides make the Little Dreamer versatile. You do not need to spend on two mattresses for the infant and toddler phase. You can simply turn the side when you feel like your baby has entered the toddler phase. The best part is that the toddler side will have all the features to create a comfortable sleeping setting for your toddler.

As it comes with a safe and quality material, you can use it for a long time. Also, it does not have specific cleaning requirements. All these unique features make the Little Dreamer the best mattress for your little one.


Odorless Fabric

If you have ever used crib mattresses, you might have noticed that some of them release an odor. Even if it is new, you can have some unpleasant smell. It will cause discomfort to your baby. Also, it will pollute indoor air. However, you will not experience such problems while using Little Dreamer.

All the credit goes to its non-toxic and 100% natural material. Yes, the product will have a safe and eco-friendly material. Also, the fire barrier and waterproof covering will not have harmful chemicals. Hence, you can expect the best sleeping surface for your newborn.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer has everything to top the list. The material is safe, and it has a fire barrier and waterproof cover to protect your child from external elements. Besides, the tight seams will help with the desired durability. It will have square corners to ensure a snug fit to the crib.

Also, it has two sides to support the growing needs of your baby. The material will not release odor and pollute your indoor environment. Apart from all these, you will love the lightweight feature. You can carry your mattress wherever you want. In brief, it has everything to be your baby’s sleeping companion.


How Does Little Dreamer Feel?

From the above, you might have an idea about the design and usability. It does not look super fancy as it comes with a simple design. But it looks exceptional and can serve your baby for a long. The material is comfortable and breathable. You will find it smooth, soft, but firm enough to give the desired support. If you do not want to use a sheet on the mattress, you can consider this one. It feels stable and comfortable. Also, you can simply wipe it with a warm soapy sponge.

Apart from that, this mattress will not have too much bounce. As a result, your baby can sleep comfortably. The small amount of bounce of Little Dreamer will allow your baby to sleep without any disturbance. Also, it is waterproof and non-toxic. The edges will protect your baby as well.



Most parents find Little Dreamer worth for their babies. They appreciate tight seams, thin fabric, and quality construction. Also, they find it waterproof, comfortable, and easy to maintain. They think that the comfort level makes it an ideal choice for both infants and toddlers. However, some users believe that it is not super breathable.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer dual sleep surface can be a great companion if you want a mattress with advanced safety and comfort features. Your baby will sleep well and can grow fast in a favorable environment.


Buying Guide

You will find many crib mattresses in the current market. Most of them claim to offer the best sleeping support to babies and toddlers. However, you will have to consider a few factors to find the most suitable mattress for your little one. Here are a few considerations you can go through to avoid any confusion.


Firmness & Support

We focus on the comfort and safety features while buying a crib mattress. However, the foremost consideration is support and firmness. Firm materials can create an ideal sleeping surface and minimize the risk of SIDS. You might be aware that SIDS happens due to suffocation. If the face of a baby gets stuck down, the newborn might not survive.

Hence, it is a must to have a mattress that can give the desired support. As a result, a baby will not roll over onto the stomach. Firm support will create a stable surface, and newborns cannot roll over onto stomachs. It is the first consideration, and you should not ignore this feature.



When it comes to the comfort level, the comfort of a baby mattress will vary from a toddler mattress. Your toddler might need a more comfortable bed. However, newborns will need more support. Hence, you will have to consider a mattress that meets the unique comfort requirements of your baby.

You can also choose the ones that have two sides. You can use one side when your baby is in her infant stage. The other side will be helpful once your little one becomes a toddler. It is worth mentioning that the infant side needs to be more firm, and the toddler side needs to be more comfortable.



Breathability is another consideration. You cannot ignore this feature. If the mattress is not breathable, a baby might experience suffocation. Suffocation can lead to SIDS. Hence, make sure that the material is safe and breathable. Many manufacturers claim that the mattress material is breathable and has heat regulation features.

However, you will have to do your research instead of believing their claims. I recommend you check the reviews to know more about the mattress.


Maintenance Requirements

While buying a crib mattress, you will have to check the maintenance requirements. It is a must to ensure easy usage. Otherwise, you might need some specific cleaning products to clean the mess every day. Make sure that the mattress is easy to maintain and clean. You can clean it by using some soapy water or a sponge.

Minimal maintenance will help you to maintain the cleanliness of the mattress. Also, you can consider the one that comes with a waterproof cover. You can remove the mattress cover and clean it if needed.


Mattress Type

You will find different types of crib mattresses. However, the two main types are foam and innerspring. Foam is more popular because of its affordability. You can go with organic options. Also, make sure that the mattress is either Greenguard or CertiPUR US certified.

However, the innerspring is not much popular. The reason is the weight and price. The innerspring is expensive and heavier compared to the foam. You can have the one based on your preference and budget. However, both will offer you the desired firmness and comfort.

You can go through all the above factors to ensure that you have a safe and durable mattress for your baby. You do not need to spend more on quality products. However, you will have to do a bit of research to find the most suitable mattress for your little one.




Is Little Dreamer Safe for infants?

Yes, this mattress is safe for infants. It uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly material to create a firm and comfortable sleeping surface for your infants and toddlers. Also, the material will not pollute your indoor air.


Can I Use the Little Dreamer Mattress for Years?

Yes, the mattress has quality material and solid construction to last long. It will last for around eight years. Besides, it has dual sides, and you can use the toddler side once your baby transits to the toddler phase.


Can I Transport the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer?

Yes, you can conveniently transport Little Dreamer from one place to another. The mattress weighs only 10.63 pounds. Hence, you can move it easily.


Will It Fit to All The Crib Sizes?

The design makes it the best choice for standard crib sizes. The dimension of this mattress is 27.5 x 5 x 52 inches. You can check the size of your crib to avoid any confusion.


Are There Any Specific Cleaning Requirements?

No, you can clean the mattress with a soapy sponge. However, you will have to avoid using diaper wipes and other cleaning products.


Is There Any Warranty Support?

Yes, you will have lifetime warranty support.


Do I Need a Mattress Protector for This Crib Mattress?

Little Dreamer is waterproof and comes with a woven fire barrier. However, you can use a mattress protector to enhance durability.


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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.