Middle Names For Harrison

Middle Names For Harrison


Choosing the middle name for Harrison can be quite a task, especially considering how versatile and timeless the name Harrison is. Thankfully, there are countless options available to perfectly suit this classic first name.

The Origin, Meaning, and Statistics for the Name Harrison

Meaning: The name Harrison is of English origin and it means “son of Harry.” This is an occupational surname that indicates lineage, specifically, the son of someone named Harry. The name Harry itself is a medieval English form of Henry, which means “home ruler” or “ruler of the household” in Old German.

Origin: As mentioned earlier, Harrison is of English origin. It’s been used as a first name in the United States and other English-speaking countries for several centuries. The popularity of the name increased in the late 20th century and continues to be a popular choice today.

Statistics: According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Harrison has been steadily rising in popularity as a boy’s name over the past few decades. In 2020, it was the 115th most popular boy’s name in the United States. The popularity of this name varies in other countries, but it’s generally recognized and used internationally.

The name Harrison carries a sense of tradition and heritage with its meaning, while still sounding modern and sophisticated. Whether you’re honoring a family member named Harry or simply love the sound and significance of the name, Harrison is a strong, noble choice for a boy’s name.

100 Perfect, Cool, and Catchy middle names for Harrison

Here are 100 perfect middle names for Harrison, both catchy and cool:

  1. Harrison Matthew
  2. Harrison Lucas
  3. Harrison Elias
  4. Harrison George
  5. Harrison Clark
  6. Harrison Lee
  7. Harrison Caleb
  8. Harrison Michael
  9. Harrison Harvey
  10. Harrison Tate
  11. Harrison Henry
  12. Harrison David
  13. Harrison Archer
  14. Harrison Bennett
  15. Harrison Cameron
  16. Harrison Louis
  17. Harrison Lincoln
  18. Harrison Luke
  19. Harrison Mason
  20. Harrison Ford
  21. Harrison John
  22. Harrison Paul
  23. Harrison Benjamin
  24. Harrison Reid
  25. Harrison Louis
  26. Harrison Ford
  27. Harrison Caleb
  28. Harrison Michael
  29. Harrison Craig
  30. Harrison Anthony
  31. Harrison Harvey
  32. Harrison Bennett
  33. Harrison Cameron
  34. Harrison Tate
  35. Harrison Clark
  36. Harrison Lee
  37. Harrison Andrew
  38. Harrison Patrick
  39. Harrison Chester
  40. Harrison Joshua
  41. Harrison Lucas
  42. Harrison Alexander
  43. Harrison James
  44. Harrison Lachlan
  45. Harrison Blake
  46. Harrison Nicholas
  47. Harrison Brady
  48. Harrison Hudson
  49. Harrison Elliott
  50. Harrison Graham
  51. Harrison Maxwell
  52. Harrison Gabriel
  53. Harrison Seth
  54. Harrison Charlotte
  55. Harrison Conner
  56. Harrison Neil
  57. Harrison Levi
  58. Harrison Sebastian
  59. Harrison Nathaniel
  60. Harrison Liam
  61. Harrison Luke
  62. Harrison Ian
  63. Harrison Dean
  64. Harrison Finn
  65. Harrison Dalton
  66. Harrison Emmett
  67. Harrison Jack
  68. Harrison Jude
  69. Harrison Scarlett
  70. Harrison Xavier
  71. Harrison Isaiah
  72. Harrison Hunter
  73. Harrison Hugo
  74. Harrison Hector
  75. Harrison Gideon
  76. Harrison Tobias
  77. Harrison Ezra
  78. Harrison Archer
  79. Harrison Declan
  80. Harrison Milo
  81. Harrison Beau
  82. Harrison Charlie
  83. Harrison Connor
  84. Harrison Elias
  85. Harrison Ethan
  86. Harrison Everett
  87. Harrison Elliot
  88. Harrison Emerson
  89. Harrison Brady
  90. Harrison Flynn
  91. Harrison Grey
  92. Harrison Isaac
  93. Harrison Julian
  94. Harrison Kyle
  95. Harrison Leo
  96. Harrison Miles
  97. Harrison Nolan
  98. Harrison Oliver
  99. Harrison Preston
  100. Harrison Quincy

These are a mix of traditional, trendy, and unique names to provide a wide range of options. Choose the one that sounds best to you when paired with Harrison!

European Names That Match the Name, Harrison

baby, boy, hat

In search of something elegant and cultured to complement Harrison? Here are some European names that make for great middle names for Harrison:

  1. Harrison Matthew: Matthew is a timeless classic that’s popular globally but has deep roots in Europe, particularly in England.
  2. Harrison Lucas: Lucas is a popular choice in many European countries, including Belgium and Sweden.
  3. Harrison Elias: This beautiful name has Greek origins and is widely used across Europe.

Names That Go With Harrison

Looking for more ideas? Here are some names that go wonderfully with Harrison:

  1. Harrison George: In honor of George Harrison, a member of the iconic Beatles.
  2. Harrison Clark: A nod to the classic but rare name Clark.
  3. Harrison Lee: A simple, yet powerful name that complements Harrison well.

Famous People with the Name Harrison

Harrison is a name that’s been carried by many notable personalities, some of which might inspire the perfect middle name:

Actors and Artists like George Harrison and Harrison Matthew

Actor Harrison Ford: Known for his roles in “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones”.

Harrison Reid: A rising star in the acting world.

British photographer Harrison Mccain

American illustrator Harrison Craig

Anthony Harrison – archer

George Harrison – Famous Beatle

Historical Figures

Benjamin Harrison: The 23rd President of the United States.

John Harrison: A self-educated English carpenter who invented the marine chronometer.

Nicknames For Harrison

Nicknames are an endearing part of our identities. They’re not only cute and casual, but they also give a level of intimacy to relationships. Here are some of our top picks for nicknames for Harrison:

Common Nicknames

Harry: This one’s a no-brainer. Like Prince Harry or actor Harrison Ford, this nickname is classic and endearing.

Sonny: Derived from the “-son” part of Harrison, this nickname is playful and sweet.

Unique Nicknames

Rhys: It’s a bit more unconventional but still a catchy option that has a trendy, modern feel to it.

Arris: This is a unique twist that’s both cool and uncommon.

2 or more Middle names for Harrison that are Cool and Cute

Here are a few combinations of two or more middle names for Harrison that strike a balance between cool and cute:

Harrison Luke Oliver: Luke and Oliver both have a soft yet strong sound that pairs well with Harrison.

Harrison Finn James: Finn and James are short and sweet, balancing the longer first name.

Harrison Theo Gray: Theo and Gray are hip and unique, making for a trendy name combination.

Harrison Eli Jasper: Eli and Jasper have a cute, playful vibe that complements Harrison’s classic feel.

Harrison Max Asher: Max and Asher are both modern and cool, creating a stylish combination with Harrison.

Harrison Noah Riley: Noah and Riley offer a mix of traditional and contemporary, matching well with Harrison.

Harrison Beau Alexander: Beau and Alexander are both charming and sophisticated, making a lovely pairing with Harrison.

These combinations provide a balance between the more classic first name Harrison and trendier middle names, creating a name that’s both timeless and current.

First and Last names that go well with Harrison

First Names for Harrison

  1. Matthew Harrison
  2. Lucas Harrison
  3. George Harrison
  4. John Harrison
  5. Caleb Harrison
  6. Michael Harrison
  7. Benjamin Harrison
  8. Anthony Harrison
  9. Paul Harrison
  10. David Harrison
  11. Noah Harrison
  12. Ethan Harrison
  13. Liam Harrison
  14. Mason Harrison
  15. Gabriel Harrison
  16. Samuel Harrison
  17. Daniel Harrison
  18. Joseph Harrison
  19. Joshua Harrison
  20. Andrew Harrison
  21. Thomas Harrison
  22. Alexander Harrison
  23. William Harrison
  24. Jack Harrison
  25. Charles Harrison
  26. Henry Harrison
  27. James Harrison
  28. Robert Harrison
  29. Nicholas Harrison
  30. Luke Harrison
  31. Isaac Harrison
  32. Patrick Harrison
  33. Edward Harrison
  34. Stephen Harrison
  35. Oliver Harrison
  36. Maxwell Harrison
  37. Nathan Harrison
  38. Adam Harrison
  39. Ryan Harrison
  40. Jacob Harrison
  41. Elliot Harrison
  42. Connor Harrison
  43. Christopher Harrison
  44. Peter Harrison
  45. Frederick Harrison
  46. Owen Harrison
  47. Timothy Harrison
  48. Simon Harrison
  49. Gavin Harrison
  50. Rory Harrison

Last Names for Harrison

  1. Harrison Smith
  2. Harrison Johnson
  3. Harrison Williams
  4. Harrison Jones
  5. Harrison Brown
  6. Harrison Davis
  7. Harrison Miller
  8. Harrison Wilson
  9. Harrison Moore
  10. Harrison Taylor
  11. Harrison Anderson
  12. Harrison Thomas
  13. Harrison Jackson
  14. Harrison White
  15. Harrison Harris
  16. Harrison Martin
  17. Harrison Thompson
  18. Harrison Garcia
  19. Harrison Martinez
  20. Harrison Robinson
  21. Harrison Clark
  22. Harrison Rodriguez
  23. Harrison Lewis
  24. Harrison Lee
  25. Harrison Walker
  26. Harrison Hall
  27. Harrison Allen
  28. Harrison Young
  29. Harrison Hernandez
  30. Harrison King
  31. Harrison Wright
  32. Harrison Lopez
  33. Harrison Hill
  34. Harrison Scott
  35. Harrison Green
  36. Harrison Adams
  37. Harrison Baker
  38. Harrison Gonzalez
  39. Harrison Nelson
  40. Harrison Carter
  41. Harrison Mitchell
  42. Harrison Perez
  43. Harrison Roberts
  44. Harrison Turner
  45. Harrison Phillips
  46. Harrison Campbell
  47. Harrison Parker
  48. Harrison Evans
  49. Harrison Edwards
  50. Harrison Collins

These names are chosen based on their popularity and overall compatibility with the name Harrison. Enjoy finding the perfect name!

Similar Names Like Harrison

There are plenty of names similar to Harrison in terms of sound, origin, and meaning:

Names with Similar Meanings

Mason: Just like Harrison, Mason is an occupational surname, meaning “stone worker”.

Archer: Another occupational name, Archer would pair well with Harrison.

Names with Similar Sounds

Garrisson: An alternative spelling, Garrisson has the same strong resonance as Harrison.

Pearson: This name has a similar rhythm to Harrison, with an -son ending.

7 Irish Boy Names That Go with Harrison

Want to add an Irish touch to your baby boy’s name? Here are some Irish names that go beautifully with Harrison:

  1. Harrison Patrick: Patrick is an iconic Irish name that translates to “nobleman” in English.
  2. Harrison Sean: Sean is the Irish version of John and means “God is gracious.”
  3. Harrison Liam: Liam, a shortened form of William, means “resolute protector.”
  4. Harrison Rory: Rory is a spirited Irish name meaning “red king.”
  5. Harrison Finn: Finn is an Irish name meaning “fair or white.”
  6. Harrison Connor: Connor means “lover of hounds” in Irish, and it has a strong, traditional sound.
  7. Harrison Aidan: Aidan is a popular Irish name that means “little fire.”

Sibling names that go well with Harrison


Girl Sibling Names for Harrison:

  1. Charlotte: Charlotte is a timeless classic that pairs well with Harrison.
  2. Amelia: This elegant name complements Harrison’s classic feel.
  3. Lucy: Lucy’s sweetness is a great balance to the strength of Harrison.
  4. Olivia: The popularity of Olivia matches well with the trending Harrison.
  5. Sophia: Sophia and Harrison together sound sophisticated and classy.

Boy Sibling Names for Harrison:

  1. Benjamin: Benjamin has the same historical depth as Harrison.
  2. Oliver: Oliver’s vintage charm pairs well with Harrison.
  3. Ethan: Ethan, a strong biblical name, pairs well with Harrison.
  4. James: James is another timeless classic that goes well with Harrison.
  5. William: William and Harrison are both strong, regal names.

These names were selected to complement Harrison’s English origin, and they reflect a similar blend of classic and modern appeal.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Middle Name for Harrison

Choosing a perfect middle name for Harrison involves numerous considerations. Here are some of them:

  1. Family Traditions: Does your family have a tradition of passing down names? Consider using a meaningful family name as the middle name.
  2. Length and Rhythm: The length and rhythm of the first and last name can guide the choice of the middle name. If Cash is the first name and the last name is short, a longer middle name might provide a nice balance.
  3. Personal Significance: If there’s a name that holds personal significance for you – perhaps it’s the name of a cherished friend or mentor – it can make a wonderful middle name.
  4. Cultural or Heritage Connection: Consider a name that reflects your cultural heritage or personal beliefs.
  5. Initials: Think about how the initials will appear together. You’ll want to ensure they don’t spell anything unexpected or undesirable.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Middle Name for Cash

  1. Say it Aloud: Say the full name aloud several times. It should flow nicely and sound pleasing to your ears.
  2. Consider the Meaning: Research the meaning of the names you’re considering. You may find that the meaning influences your choice.
  3. Get Feedback: Don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for their opinion. They may provide perspectives you hadn’t considered.
  4. Don’t Rush: Take your time in making the decision. It’s an important one, so there’s no need to rush.


Choosing a middle name is an important part of the naming journey. When selecting a middle name for Cash, take the time to reflect on what’s meaningful to you and your family. The perfect middle name will come when you find a balance between personal significance, family tradition, and aural harmony.



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.