A Review Of Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

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Swaddling a newborn child is a great way to provide comfort for them and help them get a better night’s sleep. They get an extra feeling of security with the constrictive feel of the swaddle and it is perfectly safe as long as they can’t rollover. At the same time, you might get a better night’s sleep. This is all great for parents until the time quickly comes where the swaddle is no longer suitable.

Your child is growing to the point where they can now roll over and have outgrown the swaddle. The problem created here is that you need something suitable for them to wear that provides the same level of comfort without any health risks.

That is where Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit is here to help. The Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit is essentially a hybrid solution for transitioning from swaddling to general sleep patterns. There should be the freedom of movement and comfort kids need at this age, but also that extra feeling of security, as though there was still a swaddle in place. So what do you actually get in this product and where are so many parents impressed with it?

In this guide, I am going to provide a more thorough review of the Sleep Suit – looking at the different features, the views of parents, and some of the potential drawbacks.


What is The Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit?

We need to start with the basics if you are completely new to this product. What do you actually get and how does it work? The Sleep Suit is designed as a helpful midway point between the baby’s preferred restrictive swaddle and the more grown-up sleepwear it needs to transition into. The idea is that they wear this for a while as they get used to not having their arms and legs bound, but still feel comforted by the tighter fit and weight of the material.

There is some compression and an enclosed feel without actually being restricted as they sleep. Eventually, they will be able to move on to more suitable attire without so much fuss.

The design helps babies develop at a good rate while also keeping them on their backs. One of the interesting things about this design is that it comes from a pediatric physical therapist, who is also a mother of four children. They were able to put their professional experiences and qualification to work in designing something practical for most babies, but also had the experience of motherhood to help finetune the design.

                Baby Merlin’s Cotton Magic Sleepsuit


Baby Merlin's Cotton Magic Sleepsuit 

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Can The Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit Help Your Child Transition From A Swaddle?

Let’s start with a bit of a TL;DR here. The bottom line is that there are lots of parents that find success with this product and happily recommend it to others. The kids seem to love it too. It proves to be a helpful product for providing a better quality of sleep during what could be a difficult time. As you will see below, this has a lot to do with the materials and feel of the suit.

There are clever touches here and there that make a big difference. But, it is important to appreciate that not all parents or babies will feel the same way. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages experienced with this suit and the features that make it so interesting.


How Do You Use A Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit?

The good news here is that this product is incredibly easy to use and works a lot like a standard onside. You can dress the baby in this suit when it is time to put them down to sleep, get them comfortable, and hopefully watch them drift off without a fuss. There is no guarantee of this, but, as you will see from parent feedback below, there is a great chance of it being successful.

A great tip about using this Sleep Suit is that it helps the transitional process not to introduce it to babies too quickly. Some babies may not be sure about wearing this new item in bed and get a bit fussy. This in turn could be misinterpreted as that they don’t like it. Subsequently, parents may give up on it far too soon.

The better option here is to introduce the sack during nap time for a few days. This gives them time to get used to the feel as they rest without the risk of it interrupting their sleep pattern. Then, when they are more comfortable, you can start using it every bedtime.

Here is a video from Natalie Bereziak reviewing the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit, If you prefer to watch it!


What Features Help Set This Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit Apart From Other Products?

Now we know the finer details about why this suit came to be and why it is so effective, we need to go deeper into the features and benefits for babies and parents. There is a nice combination of advantageous elements here from the fit of the suit around the arms and legs, to the materials used.

The fit is designed for that constricted swaddled feel but also a range of motion if they roll over. It is snug around the arms and legs but doesn’t hold them in place. There is also a scooped neckline for better comfort around the neck and zippers for access. While some appreciate the positioning and ease of use of those zippers, there is a potential downside that you will see below.

The materials used in this suit are also very effective and a great choice for this sort of product. There are two choices of material for the main body of the suit. You get a shell with a soft exterior and interior lining in either cotton or microfiber. it is nice to see both of these included because parents are sure to prefer one over the other. I like cotton sleepwear because it is breathable, pretty lightweight, and is a natural material. You don’t have to worry about where it was sources or any dangerous synthetics.

Microfibre is synthetic and not the best option environmentally, So I appreciate why some parents shy away from using it. However, I also concede that it is much softer and that many babies will love the feel of it against their skin.

It might also help to provide a little more warmth during cold months. a good idea if you are stuck on which to get, is to get a couple of each. You could have a cotton series for the summer and microfiber for the winter.

The extra material element that makes this sleep sack so special is the polyfill in between the layers. This is what gives the product its weight, thickness, and stable shape to make it more in line with the restrictive swaddles. It is a simple concept but one that really works. There is also nothing to worry about with this polyfill material as it is certified and nicely sealed inside the suit thanks to the quality stitching.


What Do Parents Have To Say About This Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit?

As you might expect when looking at all the potential benefits and great features of this Merlin Magic Swaddle Suit, there are lots of happy buyers. Naturally, it is all five stars on the company’s site. I wouldn’t be surprised if they filter out anything negative for their homepage. Still, there is a lot of love from parents and babies because of the comfort and ease of use.

A stand-out factor in the positive reviews for this product is the comfort experienced by the child. Naturally, none have been able to say in any detail what they like and dislike about the fit and feel. But, parents can tell that they are content with no fussiness, no reactions to the material, and the fact that they seem to get to sleep a lot quicker with one of these on.

It helps if the product is the right fit, which is where the size options mentioned below help when making your purchase. A good snug fit provides the compression and security that they need. You don’t want it too loose or too tight.

On top of this, there are comments about the psychological effect that this seems to have on the child. There are reposts from parents that used this sleepsuit and found that it seemed to trigger something in their child’s mind. Perhaps they had problems with more traditional clothing where the child couldn’t settle.

Then, when they switched to this Merlin Sleep Suit, the baby seemed to realize what they were meant to be doing now they were laying down in their crib. The familiar restrictive feel was enough to lull them to sleep even if there was no swaddle. Again, there is no guarantee that this sort of experience will happen with your child or that it will be quite as instantaneous as some parents led us to believe. But, there is a good chance that there will be a positive psychological effect here.

It isn’t just the babies that seem to love this design and the impact that it has. There is a clear knock-on effect when these content babies sleep more easily and fuss less. Many parents say that they are getting a more relaxed night as a result because they aren’t up to long attended to their child when it fusses or getting it to settle in the crib.

The faster response from laying them down to them drifting into sound sleep means more time for me-time or pampering before bed. It should be noted that fewer parents talk about the periods of sleep increasing. Babies seem to sleep for about the same time as normal. It is more about the quality of sleep.

Finally, there are positive comments about the design and ease of use. As you will see below, there are mixed responses to some elements of the design. But, most appreciate the fit, the feel of the materials, the attention to detail with the neckline, and the ease of use in getting it on. There also seems to be a good level of quality in the materials used, the stitching, and other construction elements.

This provides more confidence that it will last as long as it needs to. An added benefit here is that you could potentially hold onto these suits for another child in the future or gift them as hand-me-downs to friends and family expecting a child of their own.


What Problems Have Parents Experienced With This Magic Sleep Sack?

We can’t look at all the great positive comments about this sleepsuit without also looking at some of the potential negative factors. The first, and perhaps most important consideration here is that this product won’t suit everyone. There will be babies that struggle to get used to this change and simply don’t like the product for some reason.

It could be the weight of the material, the feel of the lining, how warm they get wearing it, or something else. The problem is that we can’t interpret their cries and fussiness to that specific level. We just know something isn’t right. If the suit isn’t providing comfort or is making a sleep routing worse, it may be best to try something else.

Another drawback to the design is the double zipper for diaper changes. This is mentioned in the sale pitches as a great selling point because of the way that you can unzip the suit on both sides for better access. However, some feel that they only go so far, and there is still a struggle getting the suit off via the legs.

It is a nice idea, it just doesn’t work all that well in practice. Some parents may disagree when comparing this to a swaddle. It all comes down to personal opinion. Still, you want something easy to use if there are any accidents or diaper leaks.

On that note, there is also a warning about getting this Merlin Sleep Suit clean. The suit is machine washable and not that hard to get clean if there are accidents and spills. It should look great at the end of the cycle. But, the combination of the materials for the lining and exterior and the polyfill padding make it quite thick and absorbent. It can take a while to get it dry. This means it is a good idea to have some spares on hand and buy more than you need. This leads us nicely in our section on your options when buying a Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit online.


Things To Consider When Buying A Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit Online.

If you have gone through these pros and cons so far and are interested in getting one (or more) of these Magic Sleep Suits for your baby, there are some additional considerations. Can you get the right size, are there color choices, and is this going to cost a fortune?

Something you are going to want to consider when getting one of these suits is which color to go for. The colors of the suits are bright and cheerful but still on the softer side. there are more traditional gendered colors available in both the cotton and microfibre options – with either the soft blue or powder pink.

There is also a more neutral pale yellow in both materials in case you don’t want to go done those gendered routes. One additional option worth noting is the cream one in the cotton material. I don’t know why this isn’t available as microfiber too. Perhaps the microfiber picks up dirt a little more and doesn’t stay looking as good? This is a problem with cream and white anyway with baby clothes. One bad accident or baby puke moment and you might not have it looking fresh for long.

Another thing that I want to point out about the colors and design more generally is that there is some strong branding on the front of this suit. The company wants you and all those that visit the baby to know exactly what they are wearer. Personally, I think the brand name and logo look a little cheap on what could have otherwise been a classy-looking minimalist suit. But, I can see why other parents might find the wizard vibe cute.

Then there is the size of the suit. There are two options available here. The small is for babies ages 3-6 months and between 12 and 18lb. This means those that are developing a little faster and that need to transition out of their swaddle at an earlier age. Then there is the large version where you get something for babies 18-21lbs and 6-9 months.

If your child is on the border, you will need to consider their age and weight, as you might want to go for the large that they can grow into. However, if your child is larger than 21lbs, you may have trouble getting a good fit.

As for the expense involved in getting a series of these sleepsuits for your child, there isn’t too much to worry about. To begin with, the suit is pretty affordable on its own. You can buy them singularly direct from the company, and probably from other online retailers, without paying too much.

The cost may increase over time, but there seems to be no desire to overcharge for this clever design. Furthermore, there are bulk buy options available when you work with the company themselves. The discount increases the more you get, so it might be cost-effective to get a series in different colors and/or materials so you never run short.


FAQs About The Merlin Magic Sleep Suit


Is The Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit Safe?

This is a common question with any product that seems to go against the norm – and is understandable for something with so much extra material to it. You can rest assured that this is safe to use because of the quality of the fit and the materials used. All elements are CPSIA safety certified and this is designed for easy back sleeping in their crib.

This in turn makes the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit SIDS resistant. The more that you can do to prevent SIDS the better, and this means providing the best possible sleep environment with back sleeping and no suffocation risks. The suit is perfectly designed for this and there is a strong warning from the company that it should not be used for co-sleeping or with sleep positioners.

Another safety consideration here is the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit room temperature. The extra padding in this sleepsuit does make the suit cozier and warmer to wear at night than more traditional garments. So, it is important to adjust the thermostat in the room accordingly so that the baby doesn’t get too hot. If you are worried about this, it might be a good idea to get a baby thermometer for the crib with a sensor to detect your child’s temperature. This can help you make adjustments if you feel that they are too warm.


Should Baby Wear Socks With Merlin Sleepsuit?

There are different opinions here and it all depends on how comfortable and cold your child is with or without something on their feet. It can feel nice and warmer for them to not have bare feet after being swaddled or wearing something on their feet during the day. A lot of parents will use cocks, and also consider something for the baby’s hands.

Others take a different route by putting their child in a onesie under the sleepsuit. This provides comfort and support over the top but also comfort all around with that extra layer. However, a onesie under a sleepsuit could be far too warm, especially in summer. Many prefer to only have the diaper underneath so kids get the full benefit of the compression and soft inner liner of the suit.


What Age Is A Merlin Magic Suit For?

You can start using this suit as young as 3months old and up to 9 months. It is for that small window of time where they are developing out of the need for swaddling but still needs that support.


How Long Do You Use The Magic Merlin Suit?

Kids should grow out of the suit by 9 months old – both literally and figuratively. The largest suit isn’t made for those any bigger and they shouldn’t need to keep using it by then. It all depends on when they started. You could find you can wean them off the suit in a couple of months or that you prefer to keep using it. Work with your child’s responses and don’t push them too quickly.


                 Baby Merlin’s Cotton Magic Sleepsuit


Baby Merlin's Cotton Magic Sleepsuit 

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The Pros And Cons Of A Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit.

Let’s take a moment to go over the pros and cons of this Melin Sleep Suit for a better idea of what we are dealing with here.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]There are two soft materials to choose from, both of which come in fun colors
That material’s shell has an effective polyfill padding inside for comfort and that restrictive support
The shape of the suit still allows for a great range of motion for the best of both worlds.
The comfort provided has allowed fussy babies to get to sleep more easily
Parents aren’t spending a fortune due to the low cost and bulk-buy options[/i2pros][i2cons]Not all babies find it comfortable to sleep in and this could be for a variety of reasons
There are mixed views on the ease of use based on the position and length of the zippers
You do need to be careful when washing this and waiting for it to dry[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Should You Get A Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit?

There are lots of benefits to this sleepsuit and there is a good chance that your child will find it comfortable and protective enough to keep with their transition. In turn, you may end up with less stress and more sleep during this difficult period. The Sleep Suit isn’t perfect and there is a chance that you may be one of those parents whose child just doesn’t get along with it for whatever reason.

However, the potential in the shape, comfortable materials, and ease of use means that this is worth a shot. The pricing options, different styles, and different sizes all help in making this a worthwhile choice. There is very little to lose here if it doesn’t work out and a lot to gain.

My final recommendation here is not just to give the Melin’s Magic Sleep Suit a try, but to consider taking advantage of those bulk order deals. It is better to have more than one of these because of the drying time and risk of accidents as your child sleeps. You can have spares in different colors and different materials to suit the season.

A choice of materials also means that if your child isn’t secure in the cotton or comfortable with microfibre, you have an alternative. Give this Sleep Suit a try if your child is ready to make the move out of swaddling but still needs that extra support at night.

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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.