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Is LA Fitness Kids Klub Worth It?

LA Fitness is a great gym facility with plenty of locations and opportunities for parents that want to improve their fitness. But, what happens if you have a young child and no one to watch over them when you want to work out? Does LA Fitness offer childcare?


Can I bring my child to LA Fitness?

Bringing your child to the gym is not a good idea unless you know that there is a suitable and secure place for them. In some gyms, you may get a chance to take part in some mother and baby classes or have children in the room, but that isn’t going to work so well in a more communal workout area. At LA Fitness, children can’t use the gym under membership until they are 13, and even then they need to be supervised by an adult.

Younger children could be a liability. Therefore, you must leave your child in a safe place with the right supervision. While kids can’t wander around a weight room or play with the treadmills, they can attend Kids Klub or SafeSplash Swim School.


Does LA Fitness Provide Childcare?

LA Fitness does have childcare facilities on-site at most of their gym. This Kids Klub is a safe space where children can play and take part in activities with other kids while their parents work out. It is easy for parents to drop their children off at this secure area with the staff for the allotted time, go and enjoy their session in peace, and then collect their child before their time expires.

It is a great additional perk of membership and worth considering if you are new to LA Fitness and know that childcare provisions at home could hold you back from making the most of your time there.

It is also worth noting that LA Fitness locations with swimming pools may also run SafeSplash Swim School. This could be a great alternative for your child where you kill two birds with one stone. They get to take part in swimming lessons with coaches and friends while you go and get your own workout. You can then both make use of other facilities after your sessions.


Does LA Fitness charge for childcare?

LA Fitness does charge for its childcare facilities. The price is not included in the money you spend to access the fitness facilities. There are two ways to access this. The first is to sign up for a monthly pass, which allows you to drop off your child at the center as many times as you like over that month. The other is to pay a single-visit cost, which is mentioned below.

The cost of the monthly pass depends on how you sign up. The minimum price is $10 and the maximum $15, which means a nice little $5 incentive to add to the package to your membership which you join the gym. It might not sound like much at first, but that could be a saving of $60 on childcare if you use the gym for a full year. So, keep this in mind when you think about your membership options.


How much is LA Fitness membership?

LA Fitness membership costs will vary depending on the level and length of your plan. A basic monthly plan is $99 upfront for initiation and $29.49 for the month. This increases to $34.49 on the premium plan. Alternatively, you could pay an annual fee of $359.59 for the basic and $419.99 for the premium. Prices may have changed since the time of writing.


What is the Single-visit cost to LA Fitness Kids Klub?

The good news, if you aren’t using LA Fitness as regularly as other parents, is that you don’t have to sign up for a monthly pass if you don’t want to. Perhaps you are a non-member that wants to take advantage of an LA Fitness gym while away from home, or you are just using their gym when your normal training options are inaccessible. There is the option of paying $5 for a single visit so you can be sure of suitable child care while you get your workout in.

The value here depends on how likely it is for you to return to the facility within the month. For example, if you think you might go to the gym once a week, and pay the single-visit fee, you will end up paying more than the maximum of $15 for the monthly pass. You might be better off paying for the monthly pass if there is a good chance of it saving you money in the long run.


What do you get for your money at LA Fitness Kids Klub?

Whether you pay the lower rate of $5 or the higher rate of $15, you want to know that your child has access to great facilities and opportunities while you are working out. The activities that are available at an LA Fitness facility will vary depending on the location. So, don’t expect your child to be able to do everything their nieces and nephews can do at a location in another state.

Still, you should find that there are lots of fun activities to keep children active and engaged. Staff can read them stories, work with them on arts and crafts projects, and play all kinds of fun games with them. There should also be plenty of age-appropriate activities, which is essential considering the age limits.


What age is LA Fitness Kids Klub?

As with the activities lists, the finer details can vary depending on the location. The general rule is that children from 3 months up to 12 years old are eligible for Kids Klub. Some gyms may not be able to take babies this young if they don’t have adequate facilities or staff with appropriate training at that time. Or, you may find that some don’t go as high as 12 years old because of the style of the activities and perhaps to limit the number of children.


Is there a time limit on a Kids Klub visit?

Yes. You can’t leave your child at a LA Fitness childcare facility for more than two hours at a time. This is to stop parents from taking liberties with the service when other parents need to use it. Two hours should be more than enough time for you to warm up, complete your session or class, shower, change, and return to the childcare area. The company doesn’t want people leaving their children with them, working out, running some more errands in town, and then picking up the child when it is convenient.


How can you be sure that LA Fitness Kids Klub is right for your child?

User reviews for this childcare facility are mixed. In some cases, parents may have had a genuinely bad experience due to a lack of facilities or the inexperience of staff. Others may blow a small issue out of proportion if the gym didn’t meet their precise standards, or match up to a facility in another location. The more you learn and prepare before signing up, the better for all concerned.

You must contact the gym and explain the age of your child or children, as well as any special requirement that may have. This way you can find out if they are a good fit for your child before taking them and avoid that disappointment and hassle. You can’t blame them for not being supportive of a learning disability, allergy, or another issue if you don’t communicate that to the staff. Take the time to look at the facility and ask questions before agreeing to sign up. If something doesn’t seem right, or they can’t provide what you need, look for alternative arrangements.


Is La Fitness Kids Klub worth it?

If you like what you see when visiting the Kids Klub at your gym, LA Fitness Kids Klub is definitely worth the extra $10 on the initial membership fee. This is because it has so many benefits for you and your child. To begin with, there is value for money. $10 for a month’s worth of childcare at your gym is a pretty good bargain when you get to enjoy the workout you are after and your child gets some great experiences too.

You get the freedom to go and work out or take the classes you want without the stress of wondering who is going to take care of your child. No more cancellations because your babysitter suddenly became unavailable. The consistency of using the Kids Klub also means that you and your child get to see a lot of the same faces. They get to build a bond with the people working there and some friendships with the other children.

In turn, you may get to know some of the other parents using the service and form closer ties with them. This could lead to a more supportive team when at the gym and some great social opportunities away from the gym.

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