How Do Single Moms Work Full-Time : A Guide to Balance and Schedule

Are you a single mom battling the daily challenges of balancing a full-time job with parenting duties?

This guide dives deep into the art of managing the intricacies of a single working mom’s schedule.

From finding flexible work opportunities to managing childcare, we’ll provide you with actionable tips and insights.

Let’s embark on this journey together and find the best work-life harmony possible for working parents like you.

What Does Work-Life Balance Look Like for a Single Mom?

Work-life balance for a single mom isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a lifeline. Imagine managing the needs of your family life while simultaneously keeping up with long hours at work.

The balance comes in when you’re working diligently during dedicated work hours and then transitioning seamlessly to being a fully present parent—taking the kids to the park, coordinating after-school activities, or simply making dinner.

Achieving this balance requires flexibility and solid time management.

Why Prioritize a Flexible Work Schedule?

The beauty of a flexible work schedule lies in its adaptability. For many parents, especially single moms, flexibility can mean the difference between being able to be more present at an important school event or missing it due to inflexible work hours.

Platforms like list numerous open positions with companies that value this type of arrangement.

Whether you’re hoping for flexible hours, remote work, or just a compassionate manager who understands your role as a parent, there’s likely a position that fits.

How Can Employers Support Working Mothers?

A company that understands the unique challenges of working mothers, particularly single moms, is invaluable. Employers can offer:

  • Flexible work hours.
  • Options to work remotely or have a flexible work schedule.
  • On-site daycare services.
  • Parental support groups within the workplace. By addressing these needs, employers not only help single parents but also build a loyal and dedicated workforce.

The Magic of Working Full-time from Home for Single Parents

Working from home offers a solution to many of the challenges single parents face.

Commuting time is eliminated, allowing for more family time. Plus, the ability to coordinate chores, like grocery shopping or handling a child’s immediate needs, becomes more feasible.

However, it’s also crucial to set boundaries to ensure dedicated time for work and family.

How to Manage Work Hours and Childcare?

Finding reliable childcare can be a task for many parents. Platforms like can be an excellent resource for locating local babysitters or daycare centers.

Balancing work hours with the needs of your child, whether that’s arranging after-school care or ensuring they’re engaged while you’re working, is essential for single working moms.

The Art of Time Management and Prioritization

For the single mom working full-time, effective time management is a skill honed out of necessity. It entails:

  • Creating a to-do list: Organize tasks based on deadlines and importance.
  • Delegating when possible: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Using tech tools: Set alerts for appointments or deadlines.

The Role of a Single Mom in the Modern Workplace

Single moms offer unique perspectives to the workplace, often exhibiting top-notch problem-solving skills honed from managing solo parenting duties.

Recognizing and valuing these qualities can lead employers to make more inclusive and accommodating policies.

Looking for a Job? Here’s How to Find the Best Work-Life Balance

When seeking a job, it’s not just about the salary or position but also the work culture. Single moms should look for jobs that support work-life balance.

Reading reviews on company websites or platforms like can provide insights into the company’s flexibility.

Might Also Consider: Part-time and Freelance Opportunities

While a full-time job might offer stability, part-time or freelance work can sometimes provide the flexibility a single mom needs.

Fields like writing, graphic design, or consulting often have opportunities that allow for flexible schedules.

Some Best Work At Home Jobs For Single Mothers

Finding the right work-at-home job can make all the difference for single moms aiming to juggle their role as a parent with a full-time job.

Here are some of the best work-at-home opportunities tailored for single mothers who need to work

  1. Freelance Writing or Editing: With the rise of content marketing, there’s a high demand for skilled writers and editors. This role offers flexible hours, allowing single moms to manage their work schedule around their parenting responsibilities. Plus, platforms like often list freelance writing positions.
  2. Remote Customer Support: Many companies now hire remote customer support teams. These positions might require dedicated work hours, but the advantage is working from home. It offers single moms the flexibility they need, especially if there are flexible shifts available.
  3. Virtual Assistant: Single moms with strong organizational skills can excel as virtual assistants. This role might include scheduling, email management, and other administrative tasks. The flexibility can mean being able to be more present for their children’s activities, coordinating chores, or taking kids to the park.
  4. Online Tutoring or Teaching: With the advancement of technology, online education is booming. Single moms with expertise in particular subjects or languages can take advantage of this trend. Platforms often list these opportunities, and they offer a flexible work schedule suitable for managing solo parenting duties.
  5. Graphic Design: For single moms with a creative flair, graphic design can be a fulfilling work-from-home opportunity. Tasks might range from creating company logos to designing website layouts. The best part? Many of these jobs come with flexible deadlines, allowing moms to prioritize their family’s needs.
  6. Remote Sales and Marketing: Whether it’s social media management, digital marketing, or telesales, the world of sales and marketing has numerous work-from-home opportunities. Single moms can look for jobs on platforms like, ensuring they find positions with a flexible work schedule.
  7. Affiliate Blogging or Influencer Work: Leveraging platforms like Instagram or personal blogs, single moms can become influencers in niches they’re passionate about. This not only allows for a flexible work schedule but also the potential to integrate their role as a parent into their online presence.
  8. E-commerce Store Owner: Platforms like Shopify or Etsy enable single moms to start their online stores, selling handmade crafts, vintage items, or even drop shipping products. While this does involve some time management, the ability to set one’s own hours is invaluable.
  9. Online Accounting or Bookkeeping: If a single mom has a background in finance or accounting, offering services online can be a lucrative option. Many small businesses are in search of reliable accounting services, and working from home can be quite feasible.
  10. Transcription Services: Platforms often list transcription jobs for those proficient in grammar and fast typing. This job allows single moms to work flexible hours, making it easier to juggle work and childcare.

These work-at-home opportunities can be a game-changer for single moms, allowing them to find the best work-life balance, manage their work hours efficiently, and still prioritize their invaluable role as a parent.

Making It Work: Real Stories from Single Working Moms

Consider an award-winning accountant who raised two children while managing her solo practice or an influencer who seamlessly integrates her role as a parent into her online presence.

These stories underscore that with determination and support, it’s possible to juggle both roles efficiently.

Key Takeaways:

  • Work-life balance is crucial for single moms working full-time.
  • Flexible work schedules offer a lifeline to manage both work and parenting roles.
  • Employers play a pivotal role in supporting single moms in the workplace.
  • Embrace technology and tools to help in time management.
  • Real-life stories show that with determination, balance is achievable.

Empower yourself as a single working mom with these tips and navigate your path with confidence and grace.



What are the advantages of a flexible work schedule for a single mom?

For a single mom, a flexible work schedule offers several benefits. It allows her to manage work hours according to her child’s needs, be it attending school events or managing doctor’s appointments.

Platforms like often list positions with flexible hours or remote work options. Such flexibility can mean the difference between missing crucial moments in her child’s life and being actively present.

How can single moms manage juggling work and parenting efficiently?

Juggling work and single parenting requires effective time management and prioritization.

Single moms can make use of tools like to-do lists to organize tasks, set alerts for crucial deadlines, and always ensure dedicated time for both their role as a parent and their professional responsibilities.

It’s also beneficial to ask for help when needed, be it from family or through hiring babysitters or enrolling kids in daycare.

Can employers play a role in supporting single working moms?

Absolutely! Employers can be pivotal in supporting single working moms. Offering flexible work schedules or remote work options can be incredibly beneficial.

Providing on-site daycare services, understanding managers, or parental support groups within the workplace can also significantly aid in maintaining a good work-life balance for working parents.

Are there job platforms where single moms can find flexible work opportunities?

Yes, many online job platforms cater to those looking for flexible work opportunities. For instance, often lists jobs that offer flexible schedules, remote work options, and other features beneficial for single moms.

It’s essential to look for jobs where the company culture values work-life balance.

With the challenges of working full-time, is it feasible for single moms to consider part-time or freelance work?

Definitely. Part-time or freelance work can sometimes provide the flexibility that a single mom needs, depending on her circumstances.

Fields like writing, graphic design, or consulting often have freelance opportunities that can be coordinated around a child’s schedule. It allows for dedicated time with the child while still pursuing a fulfilling career.



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.