My Henckels Capri Granitium Set Review

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There is little more satisfying when cooking than being able to throw some things into a pan, let them cook with minimal interaction, enjoy a tasty meal, and then not have to worry about much cleaning afterward. A good frying pan should provide this if there is the right cooking surface and an effective performance. However, many of us a left with bad pans that don’t distribute heat evenly enough and require a lot of elbow grease to clean. I had this problem at the weekend until I switched to a Granitium pan.

Henckels capri granitium 3 peice set

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Could the Henckels Capri Granitium 3piece set be the answer to your problem?

This set provides a series of frying pans that use a different coating from standard Teflon, all with a strong and reliable aluminum structure. The idea here is that the coating can help you cook food evenly without it sticking, all with a more user-friendly design and approach from start to finish. This is understandably attractive to a lot of home cooks that want to improve their cooking, or just make life a little easier in the kitchen. But, is this Henckels Granitium set the right choice for you?

In this guide to the Henckels Capri Notte Granitium set, I will go over some of the main features and benefits that are on offer. This includes going over some of the user-friendly features and aspects that improve the cooking experience. At the same time, I will highlight any potential problems that could make this set less suitable for your needs. Before we look at the details of these specific pans, let’s look at the brand and why so many top companies are turning to this combination of aluminum and Granitium.

Is Henckels Cookware A Good And Popular Choice With Consumers?

There is a lot of love for Henckels products because they are seen as a top brand that knows how to design cookware for real people. There is nothing too flashy about their pieces but you can find items that are easy to use and that have wide appeal. The company also ranks highly in a lot of lists of cookware not made in China. Buyers know that they are getting well-made European pieces instead with attention to the quality of the materials and the design.

What Is The Difference Between Henckels And Zwilling?

This is a small obstacle that I need to bring up before we delve deeper into the properties of these pans. You will find these pans under the Henckels International brand. However, these pans, and similar sets and products, are also part of the Zwilling selection. Some listings also say Zwilling J. A. Henckels, just to confuse us further, so which is it?

The answer is that Henckels International is part of the Zwilling company. It is its own line but sits under the Zwilling roof. That is why the names are interchangeable. You are looking at the same products.

Where Are Henckels Capri Notte Granitium Pans Made?

This is an interesting little point to mention here. I know that a lot of consumers are keen to avoid anything that may have been made in China and much prefer anything made closer to home in the USA. This allows for better quality control and pride in the brand.

Here, however, we have pans brought in from Italy – which highlights the international side of this international brand. We all know how important high-end cooking and culinary skills are in Italy, so it makes sense that they would create high-end frying pans.

What Are These Henckels Capri Granitium 3 piece Pans Made From?

There are two main component materials in these pans. The first is the aluminum base. The second is the Granitium coating on the top. This name could be unfamiliar if you are used to standard Teflon frying pans. But, perhaps you have used ceramic cookware in the past.

Granitium is a bit of a blend of the two. It is basically a reinforced PTFE Teflon with aluminum oxide ceramic. There are misconceptions that these pans are made with real granite. Instead, the mineralization and the addition of ceramic fragments to strengthen the surface give the impression of this hard stone.

Why Is Aluminum Such A Great Metal For Frying Pans?

Aluminum has become a popular material for pots and pans in recent years because of its various properties. The most important is that it is one of the best materials for heat conductivity – more so than stainless steel – which allows  it to distribute heat quickly.

This should allow for an even cooking process. Consumers also like aluminum because it is lightweight, so much easier to lift off the stove, and because it isn’t as expensive as some other materials. While there are some concerns about aluminum leaching into food, this isn’t an issue with the right coating – such as Granitium.

Why Is This Granitium Coating So Beneficial For Cooking?

While the name is misleading, you still get a tough, hard-wearing coating for your pans. This mineralized texture acts as a great non-stick coating which gives an enhanced nonstick performance that is preferable to standard Teflon. There are suggestions that using this material is healthier in the long run compared to Teflon. It is certainly effective and marries well with the aluminum for an effective coating.

This all leads to some great results when cooking with Henckels Capri Notte Granitium pans.

Arguably, the most important benefit of any top frying pan has to be the ability to handle ingredients and produce great results with minimal effort. When there are such great promises about the heat distribution and non-stick surface of the materials used in these Granitium pans, it is easy to raise expectations.

Ideally, we should be able to let things cook without too much interference or fretting about things not cooking properly. So, does this set of pans provide the effortless approach that you are after?

Thankfully, all those sales claims about the aluminum and the Granitium coating of these pans appear to be accurate. There are some great reports from users that talk about both. The material of this Granitium coating gives the Henckels Capri Granitium 3piece set a great non-stick surface.

There are comments from users that have been able to cook without too much oil, spray butter, or anything on those lines because of the surface. In turn, this can help you create meals that are much healthier as there is a little less grease on your breakfast.

One of the best things about cooking with these Henckels Capri Notte Granitium pans is the even heat distribution. You might worry that the clever coating would work against the properties of the aluminum pan underneath. Instead, users find that they can put food items in the pan and that it browns and cooks evenly.

I think this is essential because I have dealt with too many pans in the past where the heat seemed to drift to one side or focused on the center. It can be a nightmare when trying to handle various things at once.

The Henckels Capri Granitium 3 piece Set Will Prove Popular Because They Are Oven Safe

Sticking with this idea of a better cooking performance, don’t forget that these Capri Granitium pans are also  induction ready oven safe. This isn’t the case for a lot of pans but it can make a big difference. Have you ever watched a cooking show where they start pan-frying a bird and then finish it off in the oven? Well, as long as you get your timings right and have the space, you can do the same. This could open new doors in what you cook at home.

How Safe Is This Zwilling J. A. Henckels Granitium 3-Piece Cookware Set?

Performance isn’t everything when it comes to providing a great set of pans. It is no good if your food comes out perfectly and gives superior browning browns nicely time and time again if you dread using the pan. The best frying pans have to be safe enough for anyone to use with confidence.

That includes those with limited experience in the kitchen or that may be afraid of burning themselves on hot stoves, oil, etc. So, does this Granitium Capri set have the features necessary to provide this peace of mind?

The good news is that these pans are completely safe to use as long as you still use common sense in the kitchen. The pans are still going to get hot but the reduced need for lubricants means that you won’t get the same risks of oil spitting at you.

You can add a little fat if needed depending on the recipe and ingredients. But, the effectiveness of that Granitium nonstick coating and even heat should mean that it isn’t as necessary.

Safety also comes from the cool touch handles of these Henckels Capri Notte Granitium pans. These V-shaped handled disperse the heat nicely and aren’t going to get hot to the touch. Therefore, you can easily handle the pans on high heat. It is still important to be careful not to leave the pan handle above a ring that is turned on.

But, it is still a safer option than some old-fashioned metal handles. The strength of the metal also means that it is less likely to lose its shape.

What About The Ease Of Use Of This Zwilling Granitium Capri Set?

In addition to this safety, we need to be sure that these pans are easy to use. We need to be sure that we can whip out one of these reliable pans whatever we need to fry up and not have to worry about anything. The less we have to think about when using these pans, the easier it is to multitask and handle other aspects of the meal, prepare drinks, organize the family, or whatever else needs to happen.

Again, many buyers rave about the ease of use of the Zwilling J. A. Henckels Granitium 3-piece cookware set.

I want to take a moment to continue to praise the handles of these pans because this is something easily overlooked in pan design. So many cheap frying pans have chunky, angular handles that can dig into your fingers when you pick them up. It is as if the designers forget how much we have to handle these things.

Here, you get something that is a much better fit with an ergonomic design. There should be no problem picking this up to take food off the heat, toss some ingredients around, or put it back into storage.

Speaking of storage, that hole in the top of the handle has its benefits too. You might think that this is a helpful way of putting the pan on a hook so you can display them more easily in the kitchen. I can understand why you would want to do this with these pans.

However, I also read one of those little life hack revelations online that these are also utensil rests. So, if you walk away from the pan, you can place your flipper or spatula in there and it won’t heat up on the side of the pan. This leads nicely to our next benefit.

The Zwilling J. A. Henckels Granitium 3-piece cookware set is also safe to use with metal utensils.

This could be a bit of a revelation if you are the sort of person to use any old utensil when cooking your breakfast in the morning. It makes sense to reach out for the first thing that you can find when making your breakfast. And, that could easily be a metal fork.

With traditional frying pans, this would be an issue because you could easily scratch up the Teflon surface and ruin the effectiveness of the pan. Here, that isn’t a problem. Of course, you can go and find some better, more suitable metal kitchen utensils for cooking on the stove.


Are These Henckels Capri Pans Dishwasher Safe?

There is some confusion here over whether on not these pans are dishwasher safe. While there are bullet points in product listings that say that they are, there are also some remarks from users that were unsure about doing this. Personally, I wouldn’t put them in a dishwasher because there is no need.

Instead, it is best recommended to try cleaning the HenckelsCapri Granitium 3piece set with a little soapy water instead. Any residue or anything that has burnt on should come off pretty easily with minimal effort. This then means that there is no contact with chemicals from the dishwashing solution that might affect the non-stick coating in some way.

Are These Pans Suitable For All Stovetops?

While there are lots of advantages to the Henckels Capri Notte Granitium for user-friendly cooking, there is also a problem. This set is not for use on induction stovetops. Induction stovetops are great – to a point. They are an effective way of cooking and really easy to use once you get the hang of them.

But, there are lots of pans that don’t register. The hob doesn’t recognize that the pan is there and won’t provide heat. Unfortunately, that is the case for a lot of these top Granitium pans, so this Capri set from Henckels isn’t going to work either.

What Do You Get In The Zwilling J. A. Henckels Granitium 3-Piece Cookware Set?

Basically, all you get in this Henckels Capri Granitium 3piece set are three pans of varying sizes. I say all because there could have been a bit more variation and interest somewhere here to make each pan a bit more worthwhile. Still, there is no doubt that you get the same quality and effective materials across all three pans.

You also get the same handles so each piece should be just as safe and comfortable to use as the others. The smallest of these pans is 8 inches and the largest 12 inches. That doesn’t sound like much on paper, but it does allow for a greater surface area on the largest for bigger meals. You can then use the smaller one for single-person meals, portion control, or for cooking with the kids.

What Don’t You Get In This Set?

There is a minor complaint from buyers that there are no Henckels Capri Notte Granitium pan lids. To be honest, this surprised me a little as I don’t tend to think about using any sort of lid on his sort of pan. If there were deeper saucepans where I was steaming something then maybe I might expect a cover. Maybe a nice glass one with a cool-touch knob and a little vent. But, it isn’t essential here.

If we wanted to get really picky about what isn’t included in this Zwilling J. A. Henckels Granitium 3-piece cookware set, there are no special utensils either. You don’t get anything here other than the pans themselves. You will have to source your own utensils but, as I mentioned before, this is a great excuse to go out and get some new heavy-duty metal ones because they won’t do any damage.

The fact that these reviewers are so picky and struggle to find much to criticize shows that the benefits of these pans do outweigh the negative. There is so much to the ease of use and safety of these pans that any small omissions are easily overlooked. Still, you could consider a more comprehensive set.


Would A Bigger Set Be Better Than This HenckelsCapri Granitium 3 piece Set?

If you are looking at this set thinking that there isn’t enough to get you started, I hear you. While this is a brilliant little trio of frying pans, it isn’t the more comprehensive cookware set that you might have had in mind. So, it may also be helpful to note that in addition to these Henckels Capri Notte Granitium pans, there is a Zwillings 10piece set on their official site.

This 10 piece set could be more in line with what you are looking for because you do get a wider selection of pans of different sizes. This creates a more diverse set of tools for bigger family meals. Be aware, however, that Zwillings does have that common habit of declaring lids as pieces. I know that people were complaining about a lack of lids before, but this can be deceptive.


Is Henckels Too Expensive For What You Get?

This is an interesting question because it is easy to get caught up in all the sales hype on product pages and forget to look at what the competition has to offer. There are some people that buy Zwillings and/or Henckels– whichever route you end up taking – who feel that they overpaid. This isn’t too much of a surprise when you see that there are similar sets of frying pans with the same materials for less money.

At this point, you are paying extra for the name because Henckels hasn’t done anything special to the materials used. They have merely utilized them to create something effective and attractive.

You might find that other companies offer something similar, or perhaps more attractive for a little less. For example, you can now find brands stepping away from the dark black and grey into a more copper-colored scheme that can brighten up a kitchen.

In the end, you need to make up your own mind about the potential costs and your own budget. Do you stick with this brand, knowing that these Italian pans are of high quality? Or. do you try and find something similar with another brand at a cheaper price? Of course, you could always put this on a watchlist and wait for the best possible deal.

A Summary Of The Pros And Cons Of This HenckelsCapri Granitium 3piece Set.

Let’s look at those advantages and disadvantages again, to sum up this product. There are plenty of pros because this set can:

a) provide a safer solution with the stay cool-touch handles

b) work in the oven as well as on a range of stovetops

c) offer a better result with the even heating minimizing hot spots and non-stick coating

d) offer ease of use with the scratch-resistance and easy clean-up

e) bring you three matching pans in one set

However, we can’t overlook some of the negative factors here. Some consumers can struggle because:

a) the set isn’t compatible with induction stovetops

b) there isn’t a lot in the set as the pans are similar sizes and the same design

c) the set is a little pricier than you may have expected

Is This Henckels Capri Notte Granitium A Good Set For Your Needs In The Kitchen?

Personally, I think that this Granitium set is a great starter set if you are new to this sort of product. I appreciate that the prospect of switching to a different sort of coating can be daunting if you have used basic Teflon for the majority of your adult life – we all get set in our ways.

However, there are so many advantages to using a set like this at home that you will soon wonder why you didn’t use Granitium before. Furthermore, the quality of this fry pan set means that it should be a good investment and a reliable solution for years to come.

It helps that it doesn’t require any major upkeep or maintenance to keep it in prime condition. Just cook with it, wash it out, dry it off, and repeat.

This set could be a hit with the whole family.

Another important point I want to mention here is that this little set is also a great idea if you want something a little better for the whole family. For example, if you have young children that like to “help” when you are making dinner, there is no risk of them burning themselves on the handles. Older kids can also learn to make some recipes and cook their breakfasts with these small pans with fewer risks of burning or ruining their meal.

The pans are sure to be comfortable for smaller hands too because of the light aluminum construction and ergonomic handles. A larger heavier frying pan can be too much for pre-teens to handle. This can give them more confidence and a little more independence in the kitchen. Obviously, there is no guarantee that they will go on to make breakfast for you as well on the weekend, but you never know.

My Final Thoughts On This Zwilling J. A. Henckels Granitium 3-Piece Cookware Set.

In the end, the HenckelsCapri Granitium 3piece set is still a great choice for many casual users that want to invest in a better set of fry pans. There is a problem with the induction stovetop if you happen to have one of those at home.

This is an obstacle that you can’t overcome with these Granitium pieces. But, if you have any other kind of cooking surface you should be fine. The positives in the user-friendly nature of these pans should outweigh any issues and you could soon become a convert.
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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.