Haakaa Nipple Shield Review

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While nipple shields aren’t an important item for every breastfeeding mom, they are quite helpful when there are nursing issues. Nursing can be painful and challenging in the beginning. So, if you are struggling with a similar situation, you may consider using a nipple shield.

However, finding the best nipple shield that serves your purpose can be daunting. One of the challenging things is to find out the correct size that fits you. Moreover, you can’t ignore the comfort level and material used. Also, you need to ensure that your baby is getting sufficient milk.

The Haakaa Nipple Shield is made with 100% high-quality soft silicone. The innovative nipple design puts space between your baby’s mouth and nipple. Let’s find out more about this wonderful product in this Haakaa Nipple Shield review.


Does Haakaa’s nipple shield reduce supply?

There is no way that the Haakaa nipple shield reduces the supply of milk for your baby. However, there are certain important things to consider whenever you are using a nipple shield. As you know, the benefits of using nipple shields are many and plenty of new moms are using them worldwide.

Even qualified breastfeeding experts are in favor of using them especially during the initial periods when your baby is still adapting to use the original ones. Moreover, problems can escalate if you are having some issues such as a cracked or inverted nipple.

As said, the supply can reduce because of certain reasons, let’s discuss some of them. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that nipple shields are of different kinds. So, you need to choose the right product that works well and allows a continuous flow of milk without hurdles.

Also, the contact between skins can’t be ignored either. The Haakaa nipple shield has a unique design and shape that fits in your soft skin so that your baby can latch in it with ease. When the latching is perfect, you can rest assured that the feeding experience will be better and comfortable.

The ultra-thin design of this nipple shield stands out from the rest. The Haakaa nipple shields feature 100% flexible, soft silicone material that puts space between your baby’s mouth and your nipple.

These nipple shields stick onto your breasts and give you a hands-free experience while breastfeeding. So, there is no way that the supply could be interrupted. Moreover, the nipple shields by Haakaa are available in three different shapes so that you don’t have to worry about the perfect fit and supply.

Nipple shields that are too small can cause discomfort and restrict the flow of milk. Hence, to avoid reducing milk supply, these nipples come in different sizes and shapes. A nipple shield might help you, but having a good latch is far more important. When you have a good latch, it means the supply and flow of milk won’t get affected by the nipple shield.

In addition, it helps your baby to develop good habits even if you have stopped using the shield. The Haakaa nipple shields are different from the traditional ones in many ways. These nipple shields are unique and work differently.

In short, the way they attach and work can’t be seen on other nipple shields. It uses suction so that the nipple attaches to the skin firmly without chances of slipping down. These nipples attach to the breasts with the least effort and stay there without moving around. That way, your baby finds the perfect latch and becomes comfortable.

Apart from that, the design of this nipple shield prevents your nipple to come in close contact with the shield. As a result, there will be less chafing or rubbing. Moreover, the intuitive shapes have proven results that show babies have no trouble while transitioning from the breasts to the bottle and vice versa.

With a patented design that promotes natural sucking, Haakaa breastfeeding nipple shields are for babies of all ages. Unlike the standard nipples shields, the ones from Haakaa uses suction, which means that they can attach firmly to your skin. So, when the attachment gets firm, there will be no issues with the supply.

Apart from the superior quality of nipple shields by Haakaa, you should ensure that you get the right fit. This is something you need to buy if you are worried about a proper milk supply that other brands might not provide you with. After all, if your baby is having trouble, you feel the same. So, it is recommended to buy nipple shields by Haakaa.

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How does the Haakaa nipple shield work?

Haakaa Nipple Shields work by creating a barrier between the breasts and the baby’s mouth. It’s a great product that can be useful when your nipples become tender and needs healing or when the baby is getting accustomed to breastfeeding. So, when you use it in the right way, it can be a lifesaver.

Nipple shields are used on special occasions especially when breastfeeding. It is a very thin and soft piece of silicone that covers the area called the nipple. The small opening present at the tip of the nipple shield allows the breast milk to flow to your baby from your breasts and through the shield.

The right way for the nipple shield to work properly is when you follow some recommendations. Moreover, if you don’t wear it properly, the thing might not work as expected. And, it can adversely affect breastfeeding. Some of the issues include breast problems, reduction of weight in your baby, and low milk supply.

Also, for your nipple shields to work effectively, you have to get the right size. Because there is no one-size-fits-all, make sure to wear the right one for your breasts. An improper nipple shield clocks the flow of milk and doesn’t work properly as it should.

The Haakaa nipple shields are designed in a way to mimic the natural sucking phenomenon that a baby gets when they are using their moms. Moreover, they don’t have trouble latching a swell. The nipple gets stuck to your breasts because of the suction. The outer edge is anti-slip and makes the shield easy to hold onto the breast.

So, when the nipple shield gets the perfect fit, your baby can drink milk continuously without having any kind of trouble. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about choking because the design won’t allow it to happen. So, if you are thinking about your baby being choked from the excess flowing of milk, it is not going to happen.

To obtain a steady flow of milk and get the best out of the nipple shield by Haakaa, you should follow certain steps that are very important. Also, this is how the product works. Folding back the base of the nipple shield, gently squeeze the chamber.

Next, try to center the shield’s opening over your nipple and insert it until it reaches the original position. Smoothly release the grip that you are having on the shield until you feel the suction. Place the nipple shield gently or else you can’t feel the light suction. However, you may not get the nipple shield in the right place on the first attempt.

This is normal and you shouldn’t be bothered by that. It is unwise to make any kind of hurry while placing the shield. Failing to do so will make it unstable and may come off after a while. Get your baby to start feeding on the nipple shield and see if things are going smooth.

Your breast milk should flow continuously into the teat and that allows your baby to have it. So, this is how the Haakaa nipple shield work. But, what happens if the shield doesn’t remain in the same place? You can add a little nipple cream or a few drops of warm water underneath the shield to help it stick.

If the nipple shield doesn’t accommodate your nipple, don’t worry. After the baby starts feeding, your nipple will swell and fit in the shield. Having the right nipple shield size ensures that it is working fine as it should be without having any kind of difficulties.

So, when you buy Haakaa nipple shields, you can never go wrong. Compared to other similar products in the market, you can rely on them for how they work. These nipple shields are designed in a way to bring out the best from them so that both you and your baby stay safe and healthy

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Does the Haakaa nipple shield have different sizes?

Yes, when you buy a nipple shield from Haakaa, you don’t have to worry about having different sizes. When you are shopping for nipple shields for the first time, finding the right size can be intimidating. However, the different sizes for the nipple shields that you find on the market make it hard for you to choose between them.

But, finding the right size means that it will give comfort both to you and your baby. In addition, it makes sure that your baby is having sufficient milk. To begin with, the nipple shields from Haakaa are made with 100% genuine silicone materials that provide you with a hands-free and smooth breastfeeding experience.

Haakaa provides different sizes and shapes for their nipple shields. Because nipple shields have different fits, it is important to get the right size that supports your nipples. As such, it reduces friction and pain. Also, it makes sure that the flow of milk doesn’t get restricted because of the loosely fit nipple shield.

However, choosing the right shield is very challenging because you have to consider the size of your baby’s mouth and the size of your nipple. While you can find the perfect size for your nipple shield, consulting with an expert or pediatrician can be helpful. And, if you are looking for long-term usage, knowing the varying sizes might help you a lot.

Apart from that, having the correct size matters most because it impacts how your baby will have the amount of milk. Having a low supply means that your baby loses weight and won’t get important nutrients necessary for the body to grow.

Now that you have got an idea about how to know your nipple size, you can choose from three different shapes that Haakaa is providing for their nipple shields. Keep in mind that a small nipple shield is uncomfortable to wear and restricts milk supply. Haakaa offers you three different shapes for the right fit that you are looking for.

Round – The important feature of the round shape nipple shield is to provide secure suction and coverage that are very important to both the baby and the mother. Also, it is the most popular shape preferred by lots of moms worldwide.

Another interesting aspect of this shape is that the teat is similar to that of a baby bottle. And, the physical shape is there to protect your nipple. The suction capacity is great and the silicone thickness is perfect. If you have cracked or sore nipples or your baby is transitioning to bottle feeding, the round shape nipple shield is the best choice.

Orthodontic Round – In this type, you can find a secure teat that mimics a natural nipple shape. Also, the natural-looking thumb-shaped teat gives enough space to protect your nipple. The quality of silicone material and suction is good. For babies who are only breastfed, the orthodontic round nipple shield is the right choice.

Orthodontic Triangle – This is another great nipple shield shape that has a natural-looking teat to avoid confusion. In addition, it has a small base to increase breathability. Similar to the above nipple teat, this one has the same thumb-shaped teat with enough space to protect your nipple. It is great for babies who are only breastfed and moms who are suffering from a cracked or sore nipple.

Here is a video from Haakaa if you prefer to watch it!


How to get a nipple shield to stay on?

If you are a new user of nipple shields, you may have experienced the sheer frustration of ensuring that it sticks in the right place. As such, it is extremely difficult to concentrate on breastfeeding positions while you are dealing with a nipple shield. Breastfeeding gets harder when the nipple shield doesn’t stay on.

So, how to get it to stay on? If you are struggling to stick your nipple shield on your breasts, here are some tips that can help you get out of this tricky situation and make things easy for both you and the newborn.

Immerse the nipple shields in warm water – If you are having a hard time making the nipple shield stay on, warming them by using warm water might resolve the issue. Take a bowl of warm water and place the nipple shields until they become warm. What happens is that the warmth makes the shield pliable and it stays in place.

However, don’t use too hot or boiling water. Otherwise, you may burn yourself while wearing the shield or burn your baby’s mouth. Moreover, too hot water can wrap the nipple shields. And, if that happens it won’t stick anymore further and you may need replacement.

Try flipping the nipple shield inside out – You can start the procedure by flipping the plain part of the shield just over the “hat” part. Make this part more exposed because you need to roll it back. Roll the flat part of the shield on your breast. This allows a tight fit and it creates suction a little bit.

You can use lanolin – The next tip comes in the form of applying lanolin on the flat part of the shield. Because lanolin provides stickiness, it gathers some amount of friction. And, the stickiness helps the nipple shield to remain attached to your skin. It is like temporary glue.

Moreover, lanolin is preferred by moms all over the world because it is considered safe for your little one. And, you don’t have to wipe it before breastfeeding. However, it isn’t a problem if some amount of lanolin gets into your breasts or your baby’s mouth.

Use medical tape – This is another great way to get those nipple shields to stick to your skin. Put on the shield and apply medical tape on your breast. Make sure to tape on the far edges of the shield and away from the baby. Also, it is better to use 2 or 3 pieces of medical tape on both sides of the shield.

Try to hold the nipple shieldHolding the nipple shield in the right place with your hands is another great way to make it stick for some time. But this technique works wonders if you need to use the shield only for a few minutes.

Use the correct nipple shield size – If your lactation consultant has fitted you initially with the shield, chances are that you may no longer have the correct size. So, evaluate the size once again and use the right nipple shield to have it stay on.



Made of flexible and soft silicone, the Haakaa nipple shield helps your baby latch unless they are well aware of their surroundings. Also, it helps to ease discomfort and pain resulting from breastfeeding during the initial weeks when your baby’s mouth is getting used to the nipples.

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