Gerber Soothe Vs Enfamil Gentlease | Which Is Best and Why?

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Gerber gentle vs soothe gerber, which one is the best? I know that choosing the best formula for your baby can be a difficult task. For every recommendation for one leading brand, there is another suggesting we opt for their competitor. That is the case with Enfamil Gentlease and Gerber Soothe. Both products should provide our children with the safe, beneficial formulas needed for stage one.

There are also some intriguing notions about the ingredients used and the impact on health. So, which is best?

Gerber Soothe Vs Enfamil Gentlease: Which Is The Best Formula?

Enfamil Gentlease vs soothe Gerber gentle, which one will you pick? In this guide, I will take a more detailed look at the different features and benefits of these formulas to help you gain a better understanding of their potential. There are similarities between the two regarding their safety, ingredients, and benefits. But, there are also key features that set them apart.

My break-down of these factors should make it easier to choose between the two. I will also mention some of the downsides of choosing either brand. While they are both leaders in their area, there are still issues to keep in mind.

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Gerber good start Soothe Formula Or Gerber Soothe Drops?

Before we look at some of the important pros and cons of Gerber Soothe and Enfamil Gentlease, I need to address something about each brand. There are different products available, which could lead to some confusion. There is a Gerber Soothe colic probiotic drop that you can add to your formula.

This expensive supplement is for use as an enhancement for a “normal” formula. Mix it in to try and improve a formula that isn’t working so well on its own.

Then there is the Gerber Soothe Good Start Formula. This is a product with everything that you need all in one product. You can a tin of powder much like the Enfamil formula that contains those probiotics. This is the product that I will focus on here.

I think that the drops could be helpful if you have any leftover formula that you don’t want to waste. Once that is gone, move onto the formula because it is more cost-effective and user-friendly.

Enfamil Gentlease Powder Or Liquid?

There are also two options with the Enfamil product. Again, I am talking about the powder form for ease of comparison. But, there is also a liquid version that is a ready-to-feed option. These little bottles contain 32 fluid ounces of formula for a quick and easy solution when you can’t make up any formula using powder. The ingredients and benefits should be the same.

The Enfamil Gentlease powder and the Gerber powder are great for this sort of comparison because of the similar process and consistency. With the Gerber, you get 22.2 ounces per container, which should mean 40 bottles per tub. It is a stage one formula designed for colic, gas, immune and digestive health.

It should also be easier to digest.. by comparison, you get 21.5 ounces in the Enfamil container – although the packaging has changed and there are different versions out there. This is another stage one premium formula for health, development, and fussiness.

Both Gerber Soothe and Enfamil Gentlease have key factors in common for the health of your child.

Let’s start by looking at some of the areas where these products share features and approaches. Both of these products should be suitable for babies with digestive discomfort.

Their ingredients and consistency can help soothe kids, allow for calmer feeding time, and lead to fewer side effects. They follow many of the same approaches for a safer, more advantageous product. Important examples of this are:

  • The presence of DHA 
  • The lack of any GMOs

DHA is an ingredient highly recommended to parents looking for the most beneficial formula for their kids. Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega 3 fatty acid and Omega 3 is a great substance for brain health. It is why we should all eat more oily fish and why the Mediterranean diet is so helpful for brain function.

When we have a baby formula with DHA, we can give our kids a bit of a head start with their brain and eye development. Both formulas contain DHA in high quantities, although it appears that Enfamil Gentlease does have a higher concentration.

Then there is the fact that both products are GMO-free. What this means is that you can be sure that there are no genetically modified organisms within the product. GMOs are substances where scientists interfered with the genetic code to make it more efficient or beneficial in some way.

Many parents are wary of introducing these elements to their children’s’ food. There are concerns over links to allergies, immuno-suppression, and resistance to antibiotics. So, it is comforting to know that there is no risk here. Instead, you get a more natural approach.

There are also key differences between Enfamil Gentlease and Gerber Soothe that make them unique and interesting options.

The reason that there is such competition in the battle of Gerber Soothe Vs Enfamil Gentlease with parents is that they are so similar but so different at the same time. You get a lot of the same benefits as a parent whichever you choose, so it isn’t surprising that both products are leaders in the best baby formula for fussiness, colic, and digestion.

But, there are selling points that separate the two. These factors can be crucial when making your decision. They are:

  • The presence of Inositol in Enfamil Gentlease 
  • The comprehensive Triple Health Guard Blend 
  • The presence of probiotics in Gerber Soothe
  • The use of “comfort proteins” in Gerber Soothe

In addition to that DHA, this Enfamil formula also contains Inositol. This is a highly advantageous additional ingredient found in human breast milk. Parents that breastfeed know that they can give their kids plenty of this substance through their milk, especially in the colostrum when they are newborns.

It works in a similar way to DHA so could mean double the impact for brain health.

There are some questions over the effectiveness of synthetic inositol compared to the natural stuff in the milk. But, it is better to use a synthetic version so that your baby doesn’t have to miss out? After all, the formula should give mothers the chance to provide the same health benefits. Whether you are using formula through necessity or choice, you shouldn’t have to settle for a lesser product.

Then there is the fact that Gentlease has a “Triple Health Guard Blend”. This sounds great, right? It makes it sound like there is a powerful formula at work here to provide all kinds of protections for our kids. In fact, there are more than 30 nutrients here. A formula this comprehensive means that there should be plenty of helpful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for growth and development.


What about Gerber Soothe?

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As I mentioned above, the main selling point here with both the supplement and formula is the use of probiotics. Gerber soothe contains a colic fighting pro-biotic called L reuteri that could help to reduce the condition by as much as 50%. I think this is a generalization and it isn’t actually easy to give that kind of figure. Also, Gerber Good Start Soothe is a Non-GMO infant formula powder which means that it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients.

But this active ingredient could lead to some obvious improvements in your child’s health – even if you can’t put a percentage figure on it. Probiotics are a great idea for helping kids with gastric issues. Some parents will use them separately as a supplement, such as that alternative product, but it is much more convenient for us if the substance is already in the formula.

Gerber Soothe also has Comfort proteins. If this is a term that is new to you then don’t worry, I wasn’t sure what this meant at first either. Protein is important in all our diets, but some forms are much easier to digest than others. The soy and milk proteins are great examples of why some babies can experience gastric distress if they have a formula with soy or lactose.

There are options you can take here. You could look for a soy-free or dairy-free formula that will eliminate that risk. But, some of these can be difficult to mix and don’t always smell so good. Gerber soothe is different because there are those “comfort proteins” what this means is that you have smaller particles of protein that are easier or more “comfortable” to digest.

This could end up as the best of both worlds situation where you still get a traditional formula but can also reduce the risk of gas and colic.


Gerber Soothe Vs Enfamil Gentlease: Are There Any Flaws?

Neither Enfamil Gentlease nor Gerber Soothe is perfect both of them have caveats that will either make them difficult to use or a bad idea for your child. I want to go over a few of these now so that you are prepared to handle them, or in case you need to look elsewhere. They are:

  • The risk of digestive discomfort
  • The preparation process of Gerber Soothe
  • The new taste and consistency of Enfamil Gentlease 
  • The cost

With all this talk of gastric health in mind, it is important to note that not all babies will get along with either of these babies formulas. There are cases of children drinking Gerber Soothe that end up with constipation. Clearly, this isn’t something you can tolerate just for the chance of reduced gas or colic.

There are never any guarantees with these solutions so you can’t get complacent because you switched to a special formula. Watch out for signs of distress and change to your child’s bowel movements to be sure that this is as beneficial as you hope.

Above, I mentioned how great it was that the Gerber Soothe formula has probiotics built-in. Well, the presence of this substance does lead to a possible problem. You might have to alter the way that you make this formula. Some parents will mix up a formula with boiling water from the kettle and leave it to cool until it reaches the right temperature.

This is understandable as it is a convenient way to get the right mix and to heat the water up while also making a drink for yourself.

The problem is that boiling water can kill probiotics. So, you would end up removing all those potential benefits if you continued with this method and end up overpaying for the standard formula. If you want to use this formula, you need to get into the habit of getting the water to the right temperature before adding it to the formula. It might be inconvenient at first, but it is worthwhile.


What about Enfamil?

Then, there is the issue of the new taste and consistency of Enfamil Gentlease. This isn’t that big an issue because these changes are improvements. Some parents notice that the taste has changed, arguably for the better judging by the way their kids gulp it down.

It also seems to be thinner, which could aid in digestion. The aim here is that Enfamil wants to find the very best solution to mimic breast milk and provide the best experience. The only problem is that improvements also mean changes that some babies might not like. If you used the old Enfamil formula for a while then this one might take a little getting used to.

Finally, neither of these options are cheap. Any formula that has a specialist function or clever ingredient is always going to cost more. If you opt for something cheaper, you do run the risk of a less-effective ingredient list or some sort of con.

The improvements and benefits do mean that there is value to both options. But, you may have to be careful if you are on a tight budget. Watch out for deals and shop around for the best price.


So Which Is Best? Enfamil Gentlease Or Gerber Soothe?

 This is a difficult question to answer because there are such clear pros and cons to both. In many ways, they offer a lot of the same benefits and should be a great choice for feeding newborn children. But, there are key features that can be advantageous or problematic depending on your personal experience and the response of your child.

I can’t say that one is better than the other. I can only highlight the pros and cons.

If you want to focus on a formula for better digestion and gut health, it has to be the Gerber Soothe formula because of the ingredients. The use of probiotics and comfort proteins is a nice touch. The latter does sound like it would be a bit of a gimmick, but it seems as though it works for a lot of kids.

The combination of the two should make the formula much more palatable for newborns and eventually lead to better gut health. So, if you are happy to pay the price per container, and remember to prepare it properly, it could end up being a great choice.

If you want a more comprehensive option that mimics breastmilk, it has to be the Enfamil Gentlease because of the taste and those extra ingredients. You might get other parents debating the true benefits of synthetic inositol, but this could help to encourage brain development a little better than the Gerber Soothe formula.

The taste and consistency might take some getting used to if you have used this product in the past. However, you should find that this mimics breast milk well and that kids get along with it. Again, price is a consideration but it there is value here because of the benefits gained.

Don’t forget that the experience and health of your child may improve with a better bottle.

I want to take a moment here to mention a contributing factor when creating the best feeding routine for your child. Both of these products have the potential to soothe gastric distress, colic, and other issues. But, the results can vary between kids.

One way to increase the likelihood of a better feeding experience for your child is to get a bottle that minimizes the risk of gas. You can find my guide to some of the best bottles for gassy babies here. This should help you find something with better airflow and fewer bubbles.

Choose the powder infant formula that is right for your child, not the one that you should use.

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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.