19 Best Foldable High Chairs 2020 Reviews

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Your baby’s highchair is one of the most important purchases that you will make because the ideal model will accommodate your growing child for a long time. Therefore, it makes sense to find one that is not only comfortable but as practical as possible for you. That is where foldable highchairs are such a great idea.


Why might you need a foldable highchair?


Folding high chairs are the most practical solution for any parent that doesn’t want a large chair permanently taking up space in the kitchen or dining room. There are some fixed wooden chairs out there that are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship but you could soon find yourself wishing that you had something a little more suitable for space.

The best quick folding highchairs will provide a simple dining solution for your infant. You can bring it out at mealtimes, put it away again and repeat until it is no longer needed.

The other benefit of this sort of collapsing high chair for babies is transportation. How easily can you move your high chair around in its unfolded state? This might not seem important if you tend to eat in the same room all the time. But, transportable baby chairs allow for new opportunities.

You could fold the chair up and take it into another room in the home. For example, if you are having a night where the family wants to eat in front of the TV, you could carry the chair into the room and set it up. Or, you could put it in the back of the car when visiting relatives. This saves grandma from having to get her own chair, which might be one that your child isn’t as comfortable in.

How to find the best collapsible high chair for your child?


There are some important features to consider when choosing the very best chair for your child. Not all chairs will offer them all, so you might have to pick and choose when comparing your options. But, the best should provide a good blend to create the best foldable high chair for your child. Think about the following.

1) How compact is this folding high chair when folded up?

Some chairs will just fold in flat while others fold down into smaller shapes for greater portability.

2) How easy is it to use any quick fold high chair mechanism?

One-handed foldable highchair systems are great if they live up to the claims and don’t jam.

3) Is the collapsible high chair still sturdy when unfolded?

The chair needs to feel secure with a good weight allowance. 50 pounds is a good average to keep your child safe. On that note, don’t forget to look for footrests and harnesses

4) Is this an adaptable foldable high chair for different ages?

Some chairs will have adjustments in the seat and tray for use with younger babies and toddlers. Others have a more restrictive age range.

5) Is the folding highchair comfortable for your child?

The seat should be just the right size with padding and no rough edges.

6) Does the portable high chair have other parent-friendly features onboard?

Look to see if the materials are easy to clean or if you can detach the tray and put it in a dishwasher.

7) Does the foldable high chair look good?

Finally, there is no reason why these storable highchairs can’t be attractive. There are still some cute designs among the more basic and practical options.

Let’s take a look at the 20 Best Folding High Chairs


1) Folding Safety 1st AdapTable High Chair


Folding Safety 1st AdapTable High Chair 

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This is one of the most affordable high chair with great benefits with a bargain price especially when this chair will accommodate your growing baby as it has 6 different height positions. Assembly is very easy and a great foldable design that stores up very well.

You can adjust it to different heights depending on the comfortable eating position of your child and also has a reclining feature with 3 different reclining levels that makes it easy if your baby falls asleep. The seat cover can be wiped off making it super easy to clean as well. 

The tray can be adjusted to 4 different positions and can be removed with a single hand and is dishwasher safe and can be stored at the back of the chair. You would love that it has 3 point harness safety belt for the safety of your child. Easily movable as it has 4 wheels and back wheels can be locked as well.


2) Graco Souffle Foldable High Chair, in Pierce


Graco Souffle Foldable High Chair, in Pierce 

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Sticking with Graco, this next option is another folding highchair with a simple fold-out frame. This one has a two-step fold but is still meant to be easy to use with a self-standing design. This means that you can handle it and your child without too many concerns. It also gives you more options for storage.

The tray snaps on and off with ease so it isn’t in the way between meals. There is also a really nice seat with a comfortable curved design that surrounded the child and offers enough padding. The addition of the harness makes them even more secure and the material is easy to clean.

This is all great but it wouldn’t surprise me if buyers feel they don’t get enough for the price. At well over $100, there should be more adjustments in the recline and the height to make this more adaptable.


3) Graco Slim Spaces Fold High Chair


Graco Slim Spaces Fold High Chair 

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I want to continue with Graco’s foldable high chairs for a moment because this is such a popular brand with so many different ideas. This version is interesting for all those that are short on space – especially storage space. There are a smaller frame and more compact shape that means that it folds up to just 8.5 inches wide.

It doesn’t look quite as sturdy as some other chairs and the weight allowance is lighter at just 40 pounds. But, it is all pre-assembled and the chair comes with a big plush seat with lots of padding. Another thing that is interesting about this version is that while this one is cheaper than the Souffle, there are more options in the adjustments.

There are 6 height positions, 3 recline positions and you can remove the tray for washing. There is also a convertible harness, which is something I haven’t seen with the other products here.


4) Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Simple Fold Plus High Chair


Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Simple Fold Plus High Chair 

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Many parents will, understandably, find themselves drawn to the name and design on this next collapsible high chair. Disney products are always really cute and this Minnie Mouse model is no different. The Garden Delight is, in my opinion, the nicest with the pink frill edging and floral motif. However, you shouldn’t overlook the safety features on this chair either.

This folding high chair has a 50-pound weight allowance with reinforced legs and a three-point safety harness. The footrest is also big and secure too. When opened out, there is a deeper angle for stability and then you can fold it back up for storage. It is also self-standing in this mode, so you don’t have to worry about where to keep it.

I also like that the pink tray is removable for washing in a dishwasher. This could help you save a little time! There is a minority of users that experienced assembly issues so just be careful when putting it all together.


5) Evenflo Symmetry Flat Fold High Chair


Evenflo Symmetry Flat Fold High Chair 

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Not all high chairs with folding mechanisms have to be super-cute or over $100. There are also some simple designs that are still practical and attractive to parents. I like this Evenflo model because you get options in the fabric. There are minimalist patterns in monochrome and a nice “Spearmint Spree” design.

This is another customizable option with the different positions for the chair and tray. There is also security with a full 5-point harness but not as much of a footrest. One of the more intriguing features here is the idea that you can fold this down to just 8 inches in order to store it and transport it.

This is a chair with the parent’s needs at the forefront of the design, which is also clear from the storage pocket at the back. While some struggle with the shape of the chair and the lack of waterproofing, there is no doubt that you still get a lot in a budget model.


6) Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair


Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair 

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If I had to describe the look of this Primo foldable high chair in one word it would be functional. There are plenty of other options in this guide that are more attractive and that look more comfortable for kids. So, why did I include it? There are two reasons really.

The first is the fact that this is so easily converted into different arrangements for your child. You can use set it up with the feeding station in place and the built-in bar and footrest. Or, you can also take that away and use this as a toddler chair. This gives the product more longevity and scope as kids grow up.

The other reason is that this curved white chair is also one of the cheaper options at $99.99. The options and easy-clean materials mean that this could last for a while. Finally, there is also the fact that the chair folds down to a compact shape of just 9 inches wide. This is great for transportation and storage.


7) JOOVY Nook Collapsible High Chair


JOOVY Nook Collapsible High Chair 

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This next option has a few similarities with the one above in that there is quite a basic design with the white frame and tray. It is all about providing a practical solution for parents without costing them the earth. This one isn’t that much more expensive.

A key difference here is that this version has a nice padded seat and backrest with the wipe-clean leatherette. This comes in a choice of colors to suit your kitchen. The frame is stronger than it looks with a 50-pound weight allowance and has the additional benefit of non-scratch floor pads.

There is also the promise of a one-handed standing fold for ease of use and a swing mechanism on the tray for accessibility. This is something I would like to see more often. The problem here is that there aren’t the same adjustments on the height or the recline of the chair. So, it might not be as adaptable as you would hope for.


8) Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair, Bobble Heads


Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair, Bobble Heads 

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The Baby Trend Sit Right foldable high chair is another one that offers just enough for parents and children at a low price. You aren’t going to get a feature-rich specification here. But, most importantly, you do get a one-handed folding mechanism, a series of height and recline adjustments and a choice of cute designs.

I picked out the Bobbleheads jungle animals one because it is fun and child-like. The Paisley is a little more grown-up to me but is sure to appeal to many parents. The basics are here with the removable dishwasher safe tray, the 3-point harness, and the sturdy legs.

One thing to watch out for here is that the maximum weight allowance is 40 pounds rather than 50 pounds. This could make a difference as your child gets older. There are some that find that this isn’t as user-friendly as hoped. But, once you learn the right trick it shouldn’t be too hard.


9) Baby Trend Tot Spot High Chair


Baby Trend Tot Spot High Chair 

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One of the things that I appreciate about the Baby Trend series of folding highchairs is that you get a decent, attractive product for very little money. The difference between this and the expensive Peg Perego below is staggering financially speaking. But, there is still enough in this chair for most parents.

There are 6 height positions on the frame, 3 recline options and also adjustments for the tray. This means that your child can still grow with the chair. This might be for slightly older children because of the smaller range of adjustments but there is still a 5 point safety harnesses as well as the restraint bar.

The rest of the specification is quite simple compared to some other products but this might work for new parents on a budget. Furthermore, there are still plenty of choices in designs with the pretty fabric on the seats.


10) Delta Children EZ-Fold High Chair


Delta Children EZ-Fold High Chair 

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Next up is another chair that is on the more affordable side of the spectrum with these collapsible high chairs for kids. For just $50 you get a simple design that carries all the most important features that you need. There is a folding steel frame that creates a compact shape in storage, the feeding tray, a footrest, and the padded chair.

That seat has a pretty starburst pattern and an easy-clean material in case of spills. There is also a three-point harness for security. The low cost means that this isn’t going to be as adaptable. The footrest is stationary and you don’t get the same recline or height options.

You can adjust the position of the tray though for a little extra comfort. That said, this is still a good affordable option for many parents. The ease of use and simple function will suit a lot of needs.


11) Cosco Simple Fold High Chair


Cosco Simple Fold High Chair 

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This model from Cosco has a lot of great sales pitches for busy parents short on space. There is the promise that it will go up in seconds and prove to be easy to pack away too. When folded up, this is a very thin shape because of the compact dimensions on the seat.

This does mean a lack of padding compared to some other products here. But, there is still a fun design and an easy-clean material. This is another product that is sturdier than it looks and you get a 50-pound weight allowance along with the 3 point security harness.

It is an option that is simple and effective for those short on space. There aren’t too many other features or adaptations to talk about. But, this should come as much of a surprise from a product that only costs under $50. It is affordable, cute and could be a big difference to those on a budget.


12) Chicco Polly Fold Highchair, Orion


Chicco Polly Fold Highchair 

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If I am going to be honest about this folding high chair, there are other models out there that are more interesting to look at. There are lots of options with names like Orion and Graphite, but they are mostly a combination of different shades of gray.

What I like about this one, which is why it will remain of interest, is the adaptability of the chair. There is a secure seat with a footrest, tray and a 5 point harness. But, you can adjust it with 7 height positions and 3 recline options for different needs. Therefore, your child should be able to grow with this chair pretty easily.

Another nice feature is the way that you can snap the tray to the back legs when it isn’t required. Some buyers would have liked wheels with better articulation than those offered, especially at this price. But, they are a good start.


13) Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair


Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair 

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This Poly Progress chair is quite similar to the one above in many ways. It just takes the basic designs and ideas and increases the adjustability a little more to accommodate a lot more users. Many of the top features are the same, such as the design of the tray, the color of the chair and the strong support.

The difference is that you get an extra recline position and height on those legs. This could mean that this version is a lot more adaptable and suitable as your child develops. You may even be able to start using it from a younger age. These additional elements shouldn’t detract from the folding mechanism is this is still a compact model when folded up.

Just be aware that you may have to pay a lot more for this Progress version than the one above. You have to consider if those extra adjustments are worth it if you are on a budget.


14) East Coast Folding Highchair


East Coast Folding Highchair 

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This next option is something a little bit different. Most of these top foldable highchairs have a plastic seat and metal frame because that is the cheapest and easiest option. But, there are some brands that will use wood instead. Wooden folding high chairs like this can look great in any kitchen and will never go out of style.

The main selling point here is that folding frame with the wood hinge. It is strong and still collapses down into a flat shape. Otherwise, there isn’t that much else to talk about in terms of the features on offer. There are a harness and bar for security but you will have to add your own padding.

This wooden design also means that you aren’t going to have the same height adjustments and recline functions as the other chairs. This could still be an interesting option for those planning on large families that are also willing to adapt the chair in other ways.


15) Bloom Nano Folding High Chair in Coconut White


Bloom Nano Folding High Chair in Coconut White 

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The selling point of this folding high chair also lies in the design, but in a much different way than all the bright and cute designs here. This time the focus is on the parent rather than the child – presumably because they feel that your kid won’t appreciate it as much.

So, what you get here is an all-white foldable high chair. There is a European frame with a while leatherette seat and a white tray. The idea here is that this design should help you fit this chair into a small space or a contemporary apartment without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

This could work for a lot of parents short on space because of the small shape and folding frame. However, just be aware that there aren’t as many adjustments on this chair. There are three feeding positions and two options for the footrest.


16) INFANS Folding High Chair for Babies &Toddlers


INFANS Folding High Chair for Babies &Toddlers 

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The first of these INFANS models is another affordable model that offers a lot of the features that parents need. It is more adjustable than it initially appears with 7 height levels, 3 recline angles, and the adaptable tray and footrest. The deepest angle on the recline is 150 degrees which should be ideal for younger babies resting after their meal.

There isn’t much to say in terms of looks. The concept of the frame with the wheels and the shape of the chair is generic and it only seems to come in gray. But, that generic approach could be just what parents need if they know that it works.

There is certainly enough praise for this model to suggest that it could be a big help. Fold it up as needed, detach the parts for cleaning and use this as you see fit for up to 5 years – according to the company at least


17) INFANS High Chair Folding, 3 in 1 Convertible Highchair


INFANS 3 in 1 Convertible Folding Highchair 

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Sticking with INFANS for a moment, this model does things a little differently with the design and doesn’t use that generic approach. Instead, there is a design that looks almost identical to the one used by Primo. There is the same curved seat with the long adjustable legs and the detachable front portion.

This option advertises itself as a 3 in 1 option rather than one that converts to a toddler seat. There are three patterns with a weight allowance of 50 pounds for older children. But, the concept is pretty much the same with the removable, easy-clean parts.

This one is also a little bit cheaper, but not a lot. When you add in the folding mechanism, the three-point harness and the general ease of use then this looks like a good deal for parents that want that no-fuss approach.


18) Peg Perego Siesta Collapsible Highchair


Peg Perego Siesta Collapsible Highchair

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This foldable highchair is another one that offers wheels on the frame. I like this idea because it adds to that sense of portability. Not only can you fold this up into a compact shape for transportation, but you also don’t even have to carry it into the other room.

Those wheels also have locks on them and this compliments the safety seen in the restraint bar and the 5 point harness. There are also lots of ways to adjust the chair once it is set up, thanks tot he three recline positions, the nine heights and the three positions on the footrest.

There are also lots of colors to choose from in the stain-resistant leather upholstery. However, I can’t help but wonder if this choice of material unnecessarily increases the price. This is one of the pricer options at $299.99.

There is quality here and you should be able to get your money’s worth over time. But, there are much cheaper options that aren’t that much different.


19) Summer Pop n Sit SE Highchair, Sweet Life Edition


Summer Pop n Sit SE Highchair 

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Last, but not least, I want to look at this model from Summer Infant. This is a great option for those that don’t like the typical folding frames and need something that is more portable and lightweight while traveling. This chair works a lot like a pop-up chair that you might use for camping.

The design on the legs and the folding seat is very similar. The difference here is that the small seat is much higher and you get the tray to play over their lap. That tray has a bar for their legs too. This is an easy-to-use product with a fun design that is part of a wider range of kid-friendly camping equipment.

You aren’t going to get all the same adjustments and features as a normal chair but it is still a good compromise when on holiday or in the garden. It is also surprisingly affordable at around $60.


Choosing the best foldable high chair for your child.


Collapsible high chairs can be a brilliant tool for parents with minimal space and the need to transport the chair between locations. As you can see, some of the very best brands around will offer that compact folded shape, comfortable seat, sturdy construction, and parent-friendly approach that you need. You can choose between products at the higher and lower end of the price scale to suit your budget and often choose between designs. The right folding highchair is out there. Take your time to compare your options and see what is the best fit for your situation.

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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.