Female Name for David

Female Name for David


When we hear the name “David,” a common boy’s name of Hebrew origin and means “beloved” comes to mind. But did you know there’s a female version of David? Allow us to introduce you to the world of baby girl names that honor this beloved term.

Let’s explore the name meaning, popularity, and cultural significance of these beautiful baby names so you can choose the perfect name for your little one.

Davina: A Common Female Version of David

Let’s start with Davina, a name that carries the same meaning as David, “beloved.” It’s an English name that gained popularity in the 1960s and has remained a favorite ever since. Davina is a direct feminine version of David and carries an elegance and charm that is undeniably attractive.

One famous Davina that you might relate to is Davina McCall, a renowned English television presenter. Moreover, if you are searching for a name with a spiritual connection, Davina might just be the perfect choice. It maintains its Jewish cultural roots and biblical association with its masculine counterpart, David.

Davida: Another Beloved Girl’s Name

Just as the name David has variations like Dave and Davy, the feminine version also has similar names. Davida ( say as dah vee dah or da vee da) is a beautiful option that holds onto the name David’s initial charm and beloved quality. Just like Davina, Davida is a common female name meaning “beloved.”

While less common than Davina, Davida has a unique sound that may appeal to parents looking for a less popular, but equally meaningful baby girl name.

Davinia and Daveigh: Variations of the Beloved David

If you’re looking for a more distinctive spin on the feminine form for David, check out these related baby girl names – Davinia and Daveigh. These variations are less common but hold onto the meaning and origin of the beloved David.

Davinia, an unusual but elegant variation, has a certain sophistication. You might also like Daveigh, a name with a modern twist. Pronounced as “dah-VAY,” it brings to mind Daveigh Chase, the actress who lent her voice to Lilo in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.

Sibling Names that Pair Well with David’s Feminine Variations

If you’re expecting a girl and already have a boy named David, or vice versa, choosing a similar name for your new baby can be a great way to maintain a connection between siblings. Names like Elizabeth, Margaret, Linda, or Julie might complement Davina, Davida, or Davinia beautifully.

Name Meaning and Its Role in Choosing a Baby Girl Name

Names are more than just terms we use to address each other; they carry meaning, and history, and often honor a beloved family member. Perhaps you want to honor an uncle named David, or maybe your husband or partner holds the name. By choosing a female version of David for your baby girl, you not only honor a loved one, but you also give your child a name filled with love and admiration.

Popularity and Nicknames: The Female Name for David

While names like Davina and Davida are not as popular in the United States as David, they have a unique charm and elegance. Often, Davina is shortened to “Davie” or “Vina,” and Davida might become “Vita.” These nicknames, much like the beloved “Dave” for David, offer a sweet and affectionate twist to the formal names.

If you’re looking for similar names, our site suggests names like Davette or Davianne. While these names are less common, they are beautiful in their own right and still maintain the honor of the name David.

In Conclusion: Choosing a Baby Girl Name

Choosing baby names for your little girl can be a thrilling part of expecting a new family member. Whether you’re looking for a name that honors a father, brother, or any other David in your life, or simply love the sound of the name David, a female version of David can be a wonderful choice.

The baby names we’ve listed are just a few suggestions, but we hope they’ve given you some great ideas. Remember, the best name for your baby girl is one that sounds right to you and carries a meaning you love.

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1. What are the feminine versions of David?

  • Common and cute feminine versions of David include Davina, Davida, and Davinia, Davita

2. Are there any similar names that resonate with David for girls?

  • Yes, some similar names include Mavis, Davney, or Devan.

3. Can David be used as a girl’s name?

  • While traditionally a male name, variations of David, such as Davina, Davida, or Davinia, can be used for a girl.

4. How can I honor a male relative named David with my daughter’s name?

5. Is it common to use David as a female middle name?

  • Using David as a female middle name is not very common. However, it’s a unique and meaningful choice if it resonates with you and your family.



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.