Can You Use Two BT Baby Monitors In The Same House?

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There is a lot to consider when creating the perfect baby monitoring setup at home. First, you need to be sure that you have a good connection between the baby and parent unit so you get reliable real-time information on your child.

The complexity and quality of that information will depend on whether you get a video or audio monitor, and if you go for an analog or digital one. You can get a high-tech system that relays sound, video, temperature readings, and two-way communication features with ease.

There is, however, a big question when taking care of multiple young children. Should you use two separate baby monitors for different parts of the house or go for a more complex system on one channel? Also, is it even possible to use two different monitors and get a reliable video or audio feed?


Can you use two BT baby monitors in the same house?

Unfortunately, there is no simple yes or no answer here because there are so many different variables to deal with. This may also be why so many BT customers struggled to get a definitive answer from BT when enquiring by email or through tech support.

It does appear that there is the possibility to have two different BT units set up in different rooms of the house. However, there are concerns about interference risks between the unit and from the wifi router. It all depends on the channel you use and how close the units are together.

There are reports from parents online that have been able to get a second model of BT baby monitor, set it up in a different room, and use it pretty well. They don’t get too many issues with interference as long as they are careful to keep the units apart. Others aren’t so keen to give it a shot because of fears that there will be a significant decline in the quality of the image or other data.

This raises an important question of whether it is a good idea to try and set up two simultaneous baby monitors rather than a different setup with two cameras and a smartphone.

There are lots of brands where those more complex systems of multiple cameras are a great idea. There are some BT products in the range that allow for additional cameras and smartphone connections. However, many are designed for single cameras only and aren’t smart enough for apps. This is why it is important to check the full specification of a device before buying when there are multiple children or rooms in mind.


Will two baby monitors interfere with each other?

This is one of the main concerns when it comes to using two baby monitors in the same household. There is the possibility that two baby monitors will interfere with each other if they are on the same frequency. Signals on the same channel can get confused if there are two outputs and two receivers. This then leads to concerns that the information will get jumbled up with the wrong audio coming through on the wrong video feed.

You can find baby monitors that have adaptable frequencies where you can place them on different channels. This should stop them from interfering with each other as there is a more direct route for each feed. However, not all baby monitors offer this feature, and BT baby monitors appear to be in that category. In these cases, the best option is to try and keep the monitors far apart. But, that doesn’t work so well if one is in the nursery and the other in a sibling’s room next door.


What channels do baby monitors use?

Adaptable frequencies are a great idea if your monitor allows you to switch between them. This may not be the case with a lot of digital monitors, which tend to use a 2.4 GHz frequency for effective wireless transmission. But, you can find other devices that operate within a wider range of FM signals. This could be down at 49.3 or up at 49.89 MHz, which various options in between. Devices with an A/B switch will jump between two of these. So, if you are having trouble with interference from outside sources, this could make a big difference.


Can wifi interfere with baby monitors?

There is the potential that a wifi router will interfere with a baby monitor and vice versa. As with the issue above, it can depend on the proximity to the router. There are a few different signs to look out for with wifi interference. The first is a buzzing or staticky sound in the audio. Video baby monitors may also experience a loss of quality in the picture.

On the flip side of this, wifi-enabled baby monitors can affect the output of the router. The more devices you have trying to make a connection with the router, the weaker the response. So, if you find things taking longer to load or buffering, your baby monitors could be to blame.


Do you really need two baby monitors?

This is a good question considering the potential for interference with two units. First of all, you need to look at your reasons for wanting two different devices. Are you trying to monitor two rooms at once or do you want each parent to have their own unit so you can both respond more easily? Buying a second baby monitor for a relative’s house isn’t a bad idea. You can have a unit in place for when you stay with the child’s grandparents to save you bringing your own each time. But, there are alternative options for your own home.

You may find it is a lot easier to have two cameras synced up to one parent unit if there is more than one child to watch over. You can get a second compatible camera for another bedroom, or as a backup for watching over a playroom, and then connect this up to the same parent device. Depending on the model of the baby monitor, you may be able to have both visual feeds running side-by-side on a split-screen instead of switching between the two.

The alternative option here is to link your set-up to your phone and use this smart device as a separate monitor. This could work really well for parents that want easy access to the camera feeds from the nursery without the hassle of carrying around an extra parent unit. This option will depend on the type of monitor you have. Some modern baby monitors are easy to sync up but you aren’t going to get this from a more old-fashioned analog option.


Can I add a second camera to my BT baby monitor?

As mentioned before, there are different options available depending on the model of baby monitor that you have. BT does mention the option of linking a second camera to a baby monitor, but it appears that you need the app and a strong wireless connection to make this work. Therefore, you may not be able to do this with an older or less high-tech BT system.

There is also the fact that you probably need to get the same type of camera for the system to work properly. Otherwise, you could end up with some glitches. Again, it is important to check the small print on any BT unit you are interested in and to contact tech support with any concerns.


Can you connect the BT Baby Monitor to your phone?

You would think that a major telecommunication company like BT would have a really good phone app and strong links between their devices. There are some monitors in the range that have the option to sync up to the BT Smart Controls app. This app is available for Android and iOS. Once downloaded, you should be able to connect with your device via the settings and then use your phone as a second monitor.

The downside here is that this feature is only available on selected products. These tend to be the smart baby monitors with video screens, which may explain why some parents couldn’t get their monitor to connect.


Should you get a second BT baby monitor?

To summarize, there is some confusion from parents over what you can and can’t do with a BT baby monitor. The information from the company itself is fairly vague so you may have to take a risk if you do want to set up two separate units in the same home.

There are two options here. You could try and get a smarter BT unit where you have the option of multiple cameras and the app for greater control over surveillance. This will require some research to find something suitable and you may end up spending more than you anticipated. The alternative option is to go for two different baby monitors for each room and try and get products that work on different channels. This should make it much easier to get a reliable connection.

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