Can Babies Wear Bracelets?

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Can Babies Wear Bracelets? 

As much as we love seeing babies in pretty little cute jewelry, we overlook the safety aspects of the same. Baby bracelets might also be a familiar sight if you have been closely following Asian culture. But are infants ready to wear bracelets? 

Being a parent, you might want to weigh in on the pros and cons of a baby bracelet. With babies, there is always the threat of injuries and harm to their tender and sensitive skin. Good for you; this article outlines everything you need to know about baby bracelets and whether they are safe or not.


Baby wearing a bracelet

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What Are the Safety Concerns Associated With Baby Bracelets? 

Being a parent, you must have always tried to keep hazardous and tiny elements away from your child. Similarly, you should try to understand the risks of baby bracelets. This section of the article, by and large, deals with the safety concerns of baby bracelets.  


Magnetic Parts Can be Dangerous

You might be thinking that bracelets have only components that can cause choking and similar threats. The truth is that tiny magnets pose an additional risk other than choking. When they enter the digestive system of your baby, the magnets attract each other. They can end up damaging the tissue.

In severe cases, your little one might end up with a perforation in the bowel. Besides this, the magnetic components in bracelets might not be able to pass through their digestive system. In such a case, your baby might require surgical intervention. 


Chances of Strangulation 

Another reason why baby bracelets can be a bad option is strangulation. Jewels like bracelets and necklaces can cause strangulation even when your little one is sleeping. It is true that babies can surprise you in different ways. It is better to assume that the baby can take the bracelet off. 

The strings, beads, and elastic bracelets can be dangerous without parental supervision. Also, never let your babies go off to sleep with the bracelets. 


Choking Hazards

The most imminent danger of baby jewelry is choking hazards. Babies take all sorts of things to their mouths. The tiny hangings or components in the bracelet can come off at any time. It is a no-brainer that these minor elements can cause your little one to choke and cough. 

Baby bracelets have gemstone, bead, or spacer beads that can quickly come off. Even though bracelet manufacturers promise that they are safe, there is no guarantee, and the risk is too big to give it a chance. Also, it might not be possible for parents or loved ones to keep an eye on the baby’s actions all the time. 


The Threat of Lead Poisoning  

One of the most dangerous things about making your baby wear a bracelet is lead poisoning. It is a severe condition that can lead to developmental delay, learning disabilities, irritation, weight loss, fatigue, and seizures. Jewelry containing lead has severe threats for your little one.

Moreover, lead bracelets might also cause irritation and rashes on a baby’s sensitive skin. Continuous exposure to lead jewelry can be harmful to the overall health of your baby. On the other hand, metal-based bracelets are safer for infants and newborns. 


Buying Bracelets for Babies

Picking jewelry for your baby is one of the most challenging tasks. While purchasing a bracelet or other jewelry for an infant, you’ll have to be really cautious. Below, you can go over a few factors that will help you pick an apt bracelet for your baby.

  • The size of the bracelet should be neither too small nor big 
  • Avoid buying a baby bracelet with detachable or easily removable parts
  • Try to look for a baby bracelet that locks well and secures properly 
  • Pick a baby bracelet with no chance of lead poisoning or magnetic substances 
  • The bracelet for a baby should have smooth edges 
  • The ideal material for the baby bracelet is silver or gold, as these materials have the most negligible chances of poisoning or allergies. 

Infant Wearing A Cute Bracelet

Image Credits: Infant Wearing Cute Bracelet




What Is the Safe Age for Baby Jewelry? 

It is not ideal for outfitting a 1-month old infant with any jewelry. In these initial few days, the baby’s skin is susceptible to any foreign substance. Even the slightest of sharp jewels can hurt their skin. Moreover, the baby might develop an allergy as these bracelets can collect sweat and cause irritation and chafing. 

Your baby is ready to wear cute jewels and bracelets once they turn a year old or so. There is no golden rule which states the ideal age for baby jewelry.


Are Metal Bracelets Safe for Babies? 

Most people believe that dressing a baby in silver and gold bracelets has benefits. The science behind silver bracelets is that they are oligodynamic. The oligodynamic effect is when metal ions such as silver have the ability to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. 

In a nutshell, there are no instances of metal bracelets causing allergies or rashes in babies. So, if you want to buy a bracelet for your baby, you might as well pick a metal one.


Wrap Up 

We’ve mentioned everything that you needed to know about baby bracelets and their safety. Now, as a parent, it is your responsibility to mull over this decision. There are many ifs and buts of infants wearing bracelets. 

You must consider the potential risks before moving ahead to outfit your baby with bracelets. Nevertheless, with or without bracelets, your baby will look cute as ever! 

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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.