Best Gifts For Second Baby

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Good news! Your best friend/colleague/sister is pregnant for the second time. They get to enjoy the highs and lows of another pregnancy and bring another child into their family. You get the honor of providing them with the perfect gift for the occasion at their baby shower. But, what do you get for parents when this isn’t their first rodeo. How do you find the best gifts for second baby?

There are different approaches that you can take here. Below I will take about some of the more traditional choices for parents in need of a little help, as well as some gifts ideas for the baby and big brother/sister. I also want to talk about a few alternative concepts where you can use your time and talents that stray away from the traditional gift.

Important considerations for choosing the best gifts for second baby.


The products below are a starting point that covers a few different themes and ideas. You might find that one of these is perfect or that it leads you in another direction. Either way, it is important to consider the intention of the gift carefully. This means considering the intended function and benefit of the item but also the intended recipient.

The intended function and benefit.

How are you trying to help? Are you looking for something that will make their lives a whole lot easier? Are you looking for something that you know they need? Or, are you looking for a way to celebrate with them and pamper them a little?

The intended recipient.

Then you also need to consider the recipient of the gift – the person that will receive the greatest benefits and joy from it. It is easy to get something that is for the parents to make things a little less stressful around the home now they have two kids to look after. This could be something for both parents, such as tools for the home or a stroller, or it might be something more specifically for Mom. I guess this partly depends on your relationship with the couple. Maternal grandparents and friends of the father will have different priorities.

An alternative approach is to get something for the baby, such as toys or clothing. Something that is new and purely theirs rather than a hand-me-down. Or, you might feel like focusing on child #1, who could easily feel left out in all of this.

Practical gifts for second-time moms.


1) A diaper backpack


Diaper Backpack 

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A diaper backpack is a great alternative to a diaper bag for parents that need to be a little more hands-free this time. If you’ve got one hand on the stroller and one trying to tend to needs of two kids, it makes sense to sling a backpack over your shoulders. The best models come with enough space for all essential items and can look great too. They are a popular choice with Moms and Dads that need a more convenient approach.

The Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack is a great example because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all. This bag has lots of different compartments to help you organize everything that you need. Inside each zipper area parents with find designated spaced for bottles, diapers, wipes, and more. It also comes with a changing pad that is 23 by 12 inches. With additional side pockets, adjustable straps, and a choice of colors, this should be a hit with any parent.


2) A baby carrier


Baby Carrier 

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The purpose here works the same way. Your friends now have two kids to chase after and keep an eye on when heading out. It is much easier to know exactly where the little one is to keep your hands free with a baby carrier. These devices should fit securely around the waist and over the shoulder for a sturdy mode of transport. The best are adjustable as kids grow for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. There are some great options out there that are adaptable and suitable for either Mom or Dad to wear.

The Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier is a great example of a unisex carrier with different configurations. There are adjustments for a snug fit for newborns and older babies, including the support around the head. As kids get older they can sit on your back or on your front while facing out to see the world. The carrier is also great for parents because of the strong straps and buckles for security, the 2-in-1 bib to protect clothes, and the machine-washable materials.


3) A double stroller


Double Stroller 

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A double stroller is a great idea for parents with a small age gap between kids. You can convert them as needed to accommodate both children comfortably. You can also choose between different shapes and styles. Side-by side options give both kids a good view but are much wider. Joggers with a single front wheel are a popular choice for improved mobility. Some of the best models are also adjustable for different configurations as kids grow up. I have a guide dedicated to the best double strollers, but this option is a great pick.

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger has two seats side by side with secure 5-point harnesses and comfortable padding. Parents can alter the shade over the top for protection from the elements and wipe the materials clean as needed. The large wheels with the pneumatic tires should be reliable away from flat sidewalks. There is also storage and cup holders for the parents.


4) A split-screen video monitor

Baby Video Monitor 

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Now that your friends have two kids to watch over, they could probably do with a second pair of eyes. Dual screen monitors for twins allow for multiple cameras across different parts of the nursery. So, they can have a good view of the baby and their older sibling. Again, I have gone into great depth on this subject in my other guide. But, this model is a great one to consider.

The Campark Split Screen Baby Monitor lets you set up two cameras at once and monitor the footage side-by-side on the 4.3-inch display. This means you can see child #1 on one side as they play and baby #2 in their crib. The system also has a two-way talk-back mode for communication with your children, lullabies, a temperature monitor, and night vision mode. It should be a reliable tool for the security surveillance of your kids.


5) A storage basket for the nursery


Storage Basket For The Nursery 

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With baby #2 on the way, your friends may have come to the realization that they have limited space in the home. The nursery room may need to double up as a place for both children to sleep and play. So, space-saving storage will prove to be quite helpful. You don’t have to go for anything boring. If you know what the theme is in the room, you can probably find something cute that matches.

The Lubabasket Laundry Hamper Storage Bin is ideal for this purpose. There isn’t any form of segregation for different items. Parents can just throw everything in as needed to clear space and tidy in a hurry. The basket is also collapsible so it can go into storage itself. The other benefit of this option is that there are so many colors and patterns to choose from. There should be something here that comes close to the theme or color scheme of the nursery.


Gifts for older siblings.


6) An activity box for child #1

It is so easy to get caught up in the baby fever and start spoiling the new child with nice things. It is during this time of overly lavish attention and this switch of focus that child #1 can feel overlooked and usurped. Other relatives and friends might not think about a gift for them. Fun activity boxes show that they aren’t overlooked but also provide something to occupy them and keep them out of their parents way as needed.

I’m not going to recommend a specific product here because the best options all depend on the age and personality of the child. Also, it can be fun to put together gift boxes of miscellaneous items where they can pick something as and when they need to. This could include a coloring book and pencils, some small toys, craft projects. Get creative with it.


7) Matching teddy bears.


Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy 

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It might be difficult for child #1 to understand the new dynamic or their connection to baby #2. However, matching teddy bears could be a great way to bridge that gap. The bears will offer different benefits. They can be a comforting friend to play with and talk to when kids have time to play alone. The matching pair shows that there is a deeper connection between the siblings. Over time, they can become treasured mementos and kids can play with them together.

The Bearington I’m A Big Sister Bear Is a great choice. The bear itself is nice and plush with a cute face. It’s nice too big at 12 inches but not too small either. The t-shirt is washable and has “Big Sister” in attractive embroidery. Parents can order this and the matching Little Sister Bears together.


8) Personalized big brother or big sister books.


Personalised Books 

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Children’s books are a great way to impart a message and help kids understand situations in a fun and engaging way. Parents can sit down with child #1 and read a book all about becoming a big brother or sister to help them prepare. The book should be informative and fun. Personalized options, where you can have a name printed on the front, can help kids feel a little more special.

The Super Incredible Big Brother is a customizable soft-cover book that has 20 pages dedicated to this new family, with the right names and genders. The bright illustrations can show kids what fun is in store in their new role and give them confidence in this new role. The other great thing about this book is that it comes with a soft medal that they can wear with pride – perhaps when greeting their sibling at the hospital.


Environmentally friendly options for the best gifts for second baby


9) Bamboo baby clothes


Bamboo Baby Clothes 

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The expectant parent might say that they don’t need much in the way of clothes because they can reuse the hand-me-down clothes of the eldest. But, it is still nice for the baby to have something new that is completely their own. Bamboo baby clothes are a great option because of their durability and you can get some really nice neutral design. That way, you don’t have to worry about gender stereotypes, especially if there hasn’t been a gender reveal yet.

If you want to get something special for baby #2 to wear, these Rompers from Posh Peanut are a great choice. They are soft, durable bamboo so that they are more comfortable and well-suited to the baby’s lifestyle. They might be a fashion option, with some interesting floral prints to choose from, but they are also practical with snap closure. Parents that love the look might then find other items for themselves or matching swaddles.


10) Eco-friendly diapers


Eco-Friendly diapers 

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Perhaps your friends want to do something different when raising baby number #2. Perhaps they are aware of how much waste they accumulated with their first child. If you know that they have these concerns, you can help to steer them in the right direction with environmental products. Eco-friendly diapers are a great starting point. These products use better materials that should be a little kinder to the world. The best are also kinder to the child too.

The Honest Company is a popular choice for environmentally-friendly diapers. The materials inside are plant-based and sustainable to create a diaper with a little less guilt attached to it. There is no latex either and the materials are hypoallergenic. The other thing that is so great about these diapers is that they have cute animal prints on them, so there is a fun side to this gift for second-time moms. A pack of 80 is a great way to help parents stock up and point them in the right direction.


11) Wooden toys


Wooden Toy 

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Finally, you might consider a new toy for the crib of baby #2 made from safe wood. This is perfect for parents that perhaps feel guilty about the amount of plastic they bought for child #1 and want to make amends. Wooden toys are highly popular because they are so beautiful and tactile. They should also last for a long time.

The Han-mm Wooden Baby Gym is a great example of a safe and interactive toy for newborns and young babies. The wooden structure is secure and doesn’t have any chemical finishes that could be dangerous to the child. There are 6 little toys hanging from the frame that can grab the attention of children, including a sun, rainbow, and cloud. The textures should appeal to young users as they develop their motor skills.


Alternative best gifts for second time moms with lots of stuff already.


The options above are great for baby showers where you want to give them a physical object to unwrap and add to haul of presents. But, these parents might already have a cupboard full of things from child #1 that they plan to use for baby #2. These nice and possibly costly gestures might not be as well-appreciated as some other options.


12) A gift card to their favorite store


Amazon Gift Card 

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You might think that gift cards are the easy way out of having to choose the ideal gift for baby #2. I get that some people see it as no different than throwing money into an envelope. However, they get to spend the value of the card on what they really want – which could be ideal for them if they have something in mind that their friends wouldn’t think of getting.

Of course, the gift card doesn’t have to be for something for the baby. It could be for a clothes store where Mom can treat herself to non-maternity wear. It could be for a beauty store for some relaxing bath products or make-up. It could be for anything that will give them some self-care.


13) Subscriptions to helpful services


These new parents are sure to feel overwhelmed at times as they deal with the hard work of looking after two children, the house, their careers, and dealing with their own personal care. Something will slip through the cracks somewhere. That is where a subscription to a helpful service might be of use.

There are lots of options for meals and monthly treats that come to their door, this could help with meal planning. Or, you could book them in with a cleaning service that will come and handle the worst of the mess. Just be careful about how you approach these services. Some proud friends that want to be supermom might take it the wrong way.


14) A gift that makes use of your talents.


Your relatives may appear to have every top gadget and tool under the sun for their nursery. So, you could always use your creative talents to give them something unique. Keen knitters can create blankets that commemorate the occasion. Artists can create artwork or portraits. Or, you could offer to come and paint a new mural in the nursery to freshen things up.

Skilled photographers can set up a session of portraits for the family so that they don’t have to pay extortionate fees with professionals. Think about what you can offer that no one else can. You don’t have to spend money to provide something with love and significance.


15) Your free time.


Finally, time and support can be priceless. You might think about offering some babysitting services during the baby shower or being the one to look after child #1 when your friend goes into labor. If you have a free evening and want to lend a hand, figure out a way that you can offer help. It doesn’t have to be babysitting.

It could be an evening where you come in and help with the cleaning or cook the family a meal – giving the parents a little bit of a breather. You could walk the dog so it doesn’t get neglected in all this. It could be anything that takes something off of their plate. This on-going support could end up offering more value than a one-time purchase or a gadget or piece of clothing.

If you are really stuck on the best gifts for the second baby, you can always ask the parents.

Finally, I want to say that you could take all the guesswork out of the process and ask them what they really need. This might not be as fun if you are planning on a surprise gift during a baby shower. But, it would show that you are a considerate friend. The answer you get might not be that cool or fun. But, it might be a practical tool that will make life a lot easier for your friends as they go through this journey all over again.


Choosing the best gifts for second-time moms.


Don’t assume that it will be easier to buy gifts for parents the second time around. First-time parents need pretty much everything brand new and don’t have preferences yet. You can shower them with shiny gadgets and new clothes and they will feel positively overwhelmed and grateful. Second-time parents have been through this before and are more clued-up on what works and what they really need.

So, if you want a surprise gift for them, try and tap into what they truly want and what will make them happiest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boring practical item for the nursery or an indulgent item for the mother, as long is it is in their best interests. Or, you can ask them what they really need and listen to them.

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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.