13 Best Baby Wipe Warmer Reviews

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A baby wipe warmer is something that many new parents will forget about when planning their nursery. Until you see the benefits first-hand, you don’t always appreciate the potential. But, these tools can make a big difference and are a great addition to a registry for a baby shower. Once you set one of the best baby wipe warmers up, it can improve the diaper changing experience for all concerned. But, you need to have the right product.

In this guide, I will highlight some of the best products around right now. Perhaps you are a new parent kitting out a nursery or a relative looking for that ideal baby shower gift. While some of these heating systems may look similar on the outside, they often have different approaches and features. This comparison should give you a better idea of the best option for your needs. 


13 Best Baby Wipe Warmer Reviews


1) Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser


Hiccapop Wipe Warmer 

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I want to start with a product that is clearly very popular, as the company claims to have over 1,000,000 units sold. It includes a silicone seal to stop the wipes from drying out, but it does work best when adding half a cup of water as suggested in the instructions. A clever heating system here means that the wipes on the top are the warmest.


  • The top-down heating system
  • The secure silicone seal
  • The viewing window
  • The high capacity
  • Some wipes don’t feed through that well.

There is also a viewing window on the side so that you can see when you are running out of wipes and need to stock up. There is nothing worse than going to pull out a wipe and realizing that there isn’t one available when in the middle of changing a fussy child.

This high-capacity device should also be able to hold any type of wipe. However, some parents dispute this claim. There are some brands, such as water wipes, that don’t feed through the top of the system quite so well.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


This is going to help a lot of parents because there is that universal-fit approach with the wipes and such ease of use. The features also hit most of the important aspects needed.


2) Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer with an Integrated Nightlight


Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer with an Integrated Nightlight 

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There is some serious competition between these companies. Prince Lionheart is one mentioned in a lot of reviews for other brands, as parents make comparisons. The company points out that it was the first to create a device like this back in 1996. So, you would expect them to perfect it by now.

Here you have some nice features in a more compact design. The most important feature here has to be the ever-fresh Pillow System. This should help to protect the wipes from the heat.

  • The everFRESH pillow system
  • The large capacity
  • The secure lid
  • The night-light
  • Don’t over-fill the container

There is also a secure lid to lock in the moisture and keep them safe. There is a little night-light too to help parents with changes in the middle of the night. While this is a more compact model than the Hiccapop, there is still room for between 80 and 100 wipes, depending on the brand.

There is a warning from some parents not to over-fill this product the ones at the top don’t get as warm as easily. There isn’t the same tech as the Hiccapop system. Also, those that leave wipes in here for too long find that they can dry out and get discolored.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


There are pros and cons here to weigh against each other. The everFRESH system can be effective with smaller quantities of wipes and the container has some nice features. It depends if you prefer the top-down system instead.


3) Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer


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I will be honest, part of me wanted to include this Munchkin product for the design as much as the performance. The look of a plastic wet wipe dispenser shouldn’t really be that important. But, this one is more attractive than others with the green lid and matching features, such as the viewing window. But, this does mean that the window isn’t quite as see-through.

  • The fun, colorful design
  • The viewing window
  • The night-light
  • The top-down warming feature
  • Issues with leaks

This is another warmer that has a little night light built in to help you see during those late-night changes. That light has a 10 minute automatic shut-off to save power. This one takes the same approach as Hiccapop with the top-down warming, which makes it more effective as long as you remember to add that half a cup of water.

Unfortunately, there are some rare cases of elements breaking because of the plastic construction, this isn’t ideal with water in the container. But, the majority of parents don’t seem to have these issues.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


As long as there are no leaks, which doesn’t seem likely, there shouldn’t be much concern here. The system does a good job with most of the features that you would want to see in place. If aesthetics are important, this could be your product.


4) Gogo Pure Baby Wet Wipe Warmer


Gogo Pure Baby Wet Wipe Warmer 

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This next option is one that definitely looks as though it will hold more than enough wipes inside. It is meant to handle 100 from any brand, with a compartment measuring 7.48 by 4.9 inches. This does lead to some concerns about the wipes drying out if they are in there for too long. But, there is protection here with the silicone seal around the flip-top lid. Apparently, this should ensure that the wipes are moist for longer.

  • The silicone seal on the lid
  • The easy-press power button
  • A basic design for first-timers
  • The nice color combinations
  • The large size

One feature that the company is keen to point out here is the “easy press” on-off button. The idea here is that this helps to save power without having to unplug the device entirely. It seems like quite a basic concept for them to get so excited about and, to be honest, there isn’t that much else to talk about.

Saying that there are still plenty of positive reviews from users about the quality and performance of this product. One interesting comment talks about the colors. It isn’t clear if they mean the grey-pink color combination here or if they found alternatives.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


It might be a bit too big and bulky for everyone, and you will need to find an appropriate place on the nightstand for it. But, it is quite accessible and appealing for new parents.


5) Gogo Pure Baby Wipes Warmer and Dispenser


Gogo Pure Baby Wipes Warmer and Dispenser 

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This next option, again from Gogo Pure, stood out to me because of the idea of advanced features. This is interesting after the basic concept of their option above. These advanced features include the additional heat setting and the extra lights. With four LED lights on the container, you might have a little more visibility as you work in the middle of the night.

The extra heat setting is actually a cooling setting. They say that this makes the dispenser more functional across the year to handle the cooler winter and the warmer summer.

  • Advanced lighting with 4 LEDs
  • A cooling setting as well as a heating setting
  • The seal on the lid to keep the moisture in
  • The viewing window
  • Some issues feeding the wipes through the lid

There is also a viewing window in this model so you can see when the wipes are about to run out. One feature that remains the same is the design of the silicone seal around the flip-top lid. The biggest issue here is that the wipes don’t feed through the lid very well. This has led to some parents rooting around to get the last wipes on the bottom.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


There is a flaw here. But, one solution to that is to refill it more frequently. It might be worth the inconvenience for the benefit of those advanced features.


6) Eccomum Baby Wipe Warmer


Eccomum Baby Wipe Warmer 

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One thing I stated was crucial to consider was the method of heating – as there is that divide between top heating and bottom heating products. This one does things differently with the heat surround system. This means that all of the wipes could get a more even temperature without so much risk of them drying out or browning. They claim that this temperature will match your child’s body temperature.

  • The heat surround system
  • The soft light for parents
  • The large capacity
  • The secure seal
  • The plain, basic box

Another important difference with this device is that there is an alternative approach to the lighting. Here, Eccomum focuses on having a softer, more practical light so you can find the opening of the dispenser. There is nothing about it being a night-light. This could be preferable for some parents.

Again, this is a large capacity product with room for 100 wipes and there is the promise of a secure seal on the lid. Most parents appreciate this approach. But, it doesn’t win any prizes for design. It is a very plain, stark design with no color and no viewing window built in to help you stay on top of all of the refills.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


You aren’t going to get many compliments on this product for the way that it looks. But, you might benefit from that heat surround system. This could be a good choice for those prioritizing practicality.


7) Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer


Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer 

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This next option doesn’t look like the others in this guide. In fact, it looks more like it belongs in an office than a nursery. But, behind all that chunky plastic, there is a baby wipe warmer. The key selling point with this option is the same ever FRESH system seen in the other Prince Lionheart model above. There is the same promise about the moistness and warmth of the wipes.

  • The everFRESH system
  • The night-light
  • The anti-microbial coating
  • The capacity
  • Occasional faults with the heating system

However, there have been comments from parents with faulty models where the heater started burning the wipes or just stopped getting warm. Those that have no problems with this system can still enjoy some helpful features. The only noticeable feature on the exterior, other than the button for the lid, is a soft nightlight.

One thing that you can’t see, but it just as beneficial, is the anti-microbial coating. This is a nice touch that should help with hygiene around the changing table. It is strange that more companies don’t make a point of using it.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


There are small risks that are worth the gamble because the majority of parents get along with this system. The thought behind the light, design, and coating will prove popular with a lot of users.


8) NCVI Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

NCVI Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser 

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By comparison with the Prince Lionheart option above, this box is pretty. The band put some thought into the design with the blue and white color scheme, the curved feet, the eye-catching lid and the little console on the top. This is where this model takes things further than others.

  • The cute design
  • The temperature controls on the console
  • Easy to use
  • A car charger
  • Some glitches and incorrect readings

Typically, you just turn on the dispenser and it heats the wipes up to a predetermined temperature. Here, there are three levels to adjust between 104 and 122 Fahrenheit. There is also a monitor so make sure the temperature is right. This could be more practical than the heating and cooling model as there is greater user control.

You do have to pay more for this product to get these features, but it seems to be worth the price. Another interesting feature here is the car charger. So, you could have this heating up in your car while traveling to make better use of it on the road. Unfortunately, there are a few incidents of the console glitching and reading incorrect temperatures. But, this doesn’t seem to be that common.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


If you can avoid a unit with those glitches, there shouldn’t be a problem here. The advanced features in this model are worth the extra cost and it is one of the more attractive options.


9) DEX Products Wipe Warmer Deluxe WWTH-01


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To be honest, it is slightly unclear what it is about this product that is so “innovative” or “unique” DEX claim that there is something here in the warming and moistening process that is different. Maybe we just have to take their word for it. What we do know about this product is that there are another top-heated design and a pretty large capacity.

  • The top-down warming system
  • The large capacity
  • The attractive design for the nursery
  • The affordable cost
  • None of the same additional features

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


The appeal here all depends on how important those extra features are. If you know you would miss them, look elsewhere. If you just need an affordable warmer, you can do a lot worse.


10) Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer


Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer 

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Because Prince Lionheart is such a popular brand with parents, I want to go back and look at something a little different from them. This dispenser is a compact model. What this means is a much smaller capacity but a portable shape. It is sleek, easy to carry, and has the choice of either wall or car adapters for ease of use.

  • The compact shape
  • The attractive design
  • The anti-microbial coating
  • The car charger
  • No battery power

In addition to the shape, there are some of the same helpful features as you would expect. The box is secure with a good lid over the top to keep in the freshness. It looks really nice with the green sections and band running around the middle. There is also that EPA-approved anti-microbial coating again.

One thing that has confused some prospective buyers here is the power supply. Compact and portable often suggest battery powered. That isn’t the case here and you do have to keep this plugged in to get that heat. Otherwise, users seem impressed with what they get.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


This might not be your primary baby wipe warmer in the house. But, this could still be a great tool if you are on-the-go a lot or travel between residences. The design is great and could be a nice practical solution.


11) Goloho Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser

Goloho Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser 

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This next option from Goloho isn’t much to look at compared to the colorful models above. There is quite a boxy shape with a basic white lid and little else to give it shape. This includes the lack of a night-light or viewing window. But, there are some great promises about the capacity, heating function, and general effectiveness of the product.

  • The heat-surround system
  • A large capacity
  • Compatible with lots of different wipes
  • Gift box for baby showers
  • No additional features

This is another product that uses a heat-surround system to get a more even temperature through the wipes. This is helpful because you should be able to fit up to 100 wipes in here. The ones at the top should stay warm while the ones at the bottom don’t singe.

That basic, boxy shape may also mean a better design for compatibility with different makes of wipes. Another interesting feature they mention is that this comes in a gift box if you wanted to give this to an expectant mother at a shower.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


The size of this machine is the deal-breaker here. If you would rather have a big machine that you can rely on than a more compact, attractive one, this could be the one for you.


12) Lilmonki- Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser


Lilmonki- Wet Wipe Warmer and Dispenser 

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When you look at this Lilmonki dispenser, you might think that it looks familiar. Some of the design ideas are similar to that of the Ncvi product above. Although, there is that cute little monkey logo here. There are lots of similarities in the shape, the cost, and the features. This is another one with adjustable temperature settings and a little build in LED screen.

  • The cute design
  • The adjustable temperature with the LED display
  • The bonus changing mat
  • The strong plastic casing
  • The magnetic lock could be better

It seems that this is a pretty secure product with the strong ABS plastic and the seal around the lid. There is also the benefit here of a bonus changing pad. That should make the price a little fairer, but there is no guarantee that this offer will stay in place forever.

The biggest issue here is with the magnetic lock on the lid. This is weaker than some would like, potentially weakening with time. This can cause the whole lid to open during the process and steam escaping.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


It might be worth putting up with the issue of the magnet for the other benefits gained here. This is still an effective system for even heating and it looks great in the nursery.


13) Bela Beno Baby Wipe Warmer and Bottle Warmer Home

Bela Beno Baby Wipe Warmer and Bottle Warmer Home 

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Finally, I want to end with something a bit different. Functionality and convenience are always the most important considerations with these baby wipe warmers. So, I want to show you this 2-in-1 product from Bela Beno. Here you have the warmer for the wipes on one side and the bottle warmer on the other. They sit together in the attractive white and orange case for effective feeding and changing.

  • The 2-in-1 functionality
  • The travel applications
  • The nice design
  • The simple operation
  • Some temperature inconsistencies.

One of the benefits of this approach is that you can heat up both on the go. There is a car charger so you can keep both items warm while traveling. Unfortunately, there have been misunderstanding about the purpose of the warmer.

It isn’t going to heat up a cold bottle, it will just prolong the temperature of a bottle. There are also mixed comments about the temperature of the warmer. Otherwise, parents seem impressed with what they get here.

Is this the right baby wipe warmer for your needs?


This solution isn’t going to work for everyone. The bottle warmer will either be a helpful extra tool for traveling or a hindrance that takes up space. Consider your own needs carefully.


Now let’s look at some of the key features in more detail and why you might want one in your nursery.


Why use a baby wipe warmer when changing your child?


First of all, I want to look at why you might want to add a baby wipe warmer to your nursery. You might wonder if they are really worth the hassle of setting them up and maintaining them. If you are one of many parents dealing with a fussy, upset baby during changes, it helps to consider solutions from different angles.

It might not just be the need for a clean diaper that upsets them. They may not like the process of changing and the feel of the cold wet wipe on their skin. Some parents will notice a big difference when switching to a warmer. It can help soothe your child and may be particularly helpful after they wake up in the middle of the night – much less of a shock.

Important considerations for choosing the best baby wipe warmer for your child.


Is the heating system on the top or the bottom?

This is an important starting point. The heating system ensures that those wipes will be just the right temperature and, combined with the added water, helps to moisten them. Some companies prefer the top heater to handle the next wipes in the pack. Others use bottom heaters that don’t always work so well in large capacities. Then there are those with heat surround instead.

What is the capacity like?

It helps to find a middle ground when choosing the right capacity for your baby wipe warmer. If the product is too small, you will have to refill it frequently. But, smaller options are often easier to house and come up to heat faster. Larger products offer greater capacity, and often contain a wider range of wipes as a result. But, you then have the risk of inconsistent heat and finding space for it. On the subject of capacity.

Are they easy to use?

Ease of use is essential. Ideally, you want to be able to pull out a warm wipe, one-handed, with no messing around. So, you need to look at the buttons and mechanisms. Also, read user reviews to see if the wipes come out the top fluidly or if they have to root around.

Do they have any additional helpful features?

It might also help to get a model with a viewing window. This should help you to see when you are about to run out. Another popular feature is the night-light. This should help you get on with the task without turning on all the lights. Some lights are better than others with softer glow and a wider field of illumination. You might also find that products with console and additional settings offer more choice and control.

Some More Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Best Wipe Warmer For Babies In Your Opinion?
In our opinion, the best wipe warmer for babies is Hiccapop Wipe Warmer.

The secure silicone seal
The viewing window
The high capacity

Are Baby Wipe Warmers Worth It?

In my opinion, YES they are totally worth it because if you have a fussy child while changing times we need to understand that it might not be because of diaper change but maybe they don’t like the feel of the cold wet wipe on their skin. You would notice that it would soothe them a lot particularly in the middle of the night.

Do baby wipe warmers dry out wipes?

If you do not use them regularly and most importantly don’t follow the instructions, it can dry out wipes and you would notice a brownish tint on the top wipes. As long as you follow the instruction clearly you will be fine.

How long does a Wipe Warmer take to heat up?

Roughly about 10 minutes so you shouldn’t leave them on 24/7, as with any other electrical appliance you need to be careful, and given that it only takes 10 minutes to warm up we can turn them off at times when we know we won’t use them.

Choosing the best baby wipe warmer for your nursery.

There is a lot to consider when picking the best baby wipe warmer for your nursery. Choosing the right heating system is a good start, but you also need to look at the designs and convenience of each product. The product above highlights the differences in designs and features.

On one side, you have all those simplistic models that just aim to offer consistent heat and a large capacity. Then there are the high-tech options with extra controls and features. Or, you could look for a compact travel warmer or a 2-in-1 product.

Take your time to find the right model for your nursery. Ultimately, you want something that is going to make your time changing your baby more effective and less upsetting for your child. From there, any extra features are a bonus. Once you get the right baby wipe warmer, you may wonder how you did without it.



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