8 Best Baby Monitors For Twins

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Monitoring twins can be difficult when you have two little lives to focus on with one system. But, the right video baby monitor can help. There are products out there with the camera lens and other features to bring you peace of mind and a better view of both children. Below are 8 of the best video baby monitors for twins. Before that, here are some tips to help you find the best model for your needs.

Here is a video from Babylist showing how to choose a baby monitor.


What should you look out for when choosing the best baby monitor for twins?


A video baby monitor for twins needs a few different features onboard than your standard baby monitor. There are some models out there with split-screen baby monitors, and you can read my guide to that here. But, they aren’t for everyone because of the two smaller images and some of the picture issues. If you want a top twin-friendly baby monitor then you should consider the following aspects.

1) How many cameras are there?

There are some products on the market with one camera that have enough features to cover two cots with twins in. But, many parents will prefer the additional coverage of two cameras. This means you can switch angles for a better view or switch to a feed in another room. Some products are also expandable for up to four cameras.

2) What are the capabilities of the cameras?

If you want one wide shot from one camera, you need it to have a wide lens or the capabilities to move around for a better look Check the specifications to see how far the camera will zoom in and out. How big an angle does it have and how far can you pan and tilt?

3) Where will the cameras go?

To get this wide angle on the twins in their cots, you may need to place the cameras a little further away from the cot. Some freestanding cameras with long cords will go on any table or shelf while others might not reach. Also, check if there is any hardware to mount the camera to the wall.

4) What is the battery life like?

This is something that is a common problem with these products. You can get some that last for the whole night with few issues on a power-saving mode and others that need charging after 4 or 5 hours. Check user reviews for a better idea of the battery life.

5) What is the picture quality like?

If you are going to have a video baby monitor for twins with one image, rather than a split-screen, it had better be a good image. Look at the size of the display and user reviews about the image quality. Is there a night vision mode and how crisp is that image?

6) Are there additional features to help both parent and child?

Check the specification of the monitor to see what else is available. There should be audio features so you can hear your baby clearly. Sound alerts and Vox are a great place to start. Then there are the audio features at the other end, like the lullabies and two-way talkback. Also, check if there are safety features like temperature gauges.


8 Best Baby Monitors For Twins


1) Vmai Video Baby Monitor, with Two Digital Cameras


Vmai Video Baby Monitor, with Two Digital Cameras 

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The best video baby monitor needs to have a wide field of view. What I like about this model is that there is the chance to expand the system with multiple cameras. This way you can set up a bigger system to cover both cots as well as a wider view of the room.

You have a choice here. You can get the cheapest package with a single camera to start with and then expand if you need to with add-ons. Or, you can start with the more expensive pack with 2 cameras. The maximum supported is 4 and each camera has a 2x digital zoom and 360 degree angle. Additional features of interest here include the VoX system, 1000ft range, stable connection, two way communication, night vision, and temperature gauge.

However, there are some picture issues here that might be a problem for some parents. The first is with the brightness on the monitor screen. It is so bright that it can be difficult to view and isn’t that great when trying to sleep. Some notice some distortion on the image and a snowy look. This is worse on the night vision where kids can appear “washed out”.

The pros and cons of this video baby monitor for twins

[i2pc][i2pros]The ability to expand with up to 4 cameras
The two-way communication system
The movement on the cameras[/i2pros][i2cons]The brightness of the screen
The snowy look on some of the images[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

While the picture quality isn’t the best, the additional features and expandable nature of the product could make up for that long-term.


2) Babysense Video Baby Monitor


Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

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This next model is an interesting choice because it has an interchangeable lens instead of settling for just one angle and viewpoint on the camera, you can switch as needed when watching two children in the same room. There is also the benefit of the 90-degree tilt, 360-degree pan, and 2x zoom on the camera.

Parents will also appreciate several additional features found in this product there are plenty of audio features here in addition to the visual feed. This includes the two-way talkback mode for communication with your children and the lullabies. The choice of lullabies means that you can soothe your child remotely with ease. I also like that there is a long-range of 960ft. This should mean that you can take the monitor into any room of the house, or even outside to the garden, and find that there is still a clear and uninterrupted stream.

The biggest downside of this video baby monitor is the size of the display. The average size of these devices is 4.3 inches, which is just enough for a good image and a portable device. This model only has a 3.5’’ display so I imagine it might not have the same quality or definition. I wouldn’t want to squint at this when I could have a wider screen. There may also be users that find that the features list is actually a little safe compared to some of the other products. There are all the popular features but none of the wow factor. Again, some helpful alerts may not be so practical on a screen like this.

The pros and cons of this video baby monitor for twins

[i2pc][i2pros]A 960ft range
An interchangeable wide-angle lens for the camera
Plenty of audio features with the lullabies and talkback[/i2pros][i2cons] 3.5’’ high definition monitor a bit small
Nothing special in the features [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

There are drawbacks here with the display size and basic spec. But, this could mean a more portable device better suited to a busy schedule around the house – especially with that wider range.


3) LBtech Video Baby Monitor


LBtech Video Baby Monitor 

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An interesting selling point with this Lbtech model is that it is a plug-and-play model. This should mean that you can set this up in no time without any weird programming or wiring. The product has a 4.3’’ display with an image that is much clearer than some expected. This is even true for the night vision, which can be a letdown on these systems. This is another option that is expandable up to 4 cameras so you can set this up in multiple positions in the nursery or around the home.

There is also the benefit of the Vox voice automation system. You can leave this on standby and wait for the system to register your child’s calls. This works well in theory with clear alerts but there is a flaw in the monitors that can minimize the effect of this feature.

One issue that stood out to me in the user reviews for this baby monitor was the low volume on the parent unit. There are some that had to ramp the volume right up to be able to hear their kids properly. This could be an issue for those performing other household tasks. There have also been occasional complaints about cameras dying or not syncing up properly when linked to this system.

The pros and cons of this baby monitor for twins

[i2pc][i2pros]Vox voice automation,
expandable to 4 cameras
clear night vision[/i2pros][i2cons]low volume on the monitor
some faulty cameras [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

There are more reliable options for those that want multiple cameras. But, this is still a great monitor with simple operation and quality features.


4) Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor 

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One of the reasons that I picked this option is that is a current Amazon bestseller for baby monitors. The selling point for those with twins is the option to switch out the lenses. The normal lens has quite a wide field of view and you can use the pan and tilt system to see both cots at the same time. But, there is a zoom lens in the box when focusing on one area. There is also the chance to purchase a wide-angle lens for a bigger field of view if needed.

Another factor that stood out to me with this product is the battery life. There are few complaints here – unlike many baby monitors – and the promise is impressive. The mode with the live screen should last for 8 hours, which is much longer than rival products. I also like that there are so many different features for safety and convenience with the two-way communication, temperature gauge, night vision, and even an alarm.

Complaints are rare here. Some dislike the use of the USB charging cable because it isn’t that secure. Some even have to hold it in place for it to work reliably. There are also some that question the cost of this product. Personally, I think it is fair for the battery life and the extra features.

The pros and cons of this baby monitor for twins

[i2pc][i2pros]The interchangeable lenses
The long battery life
The range of features[/i2pros][i2cons]Issues with micro USB charging cable
Is it too expensive at around $170? [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

If the price seems fair to you too, you shouldn’t feel disappointed with this model. It does more than some options here and gives parents choices.


5) Derebir Video Baby Monitor


Derebir Video Baby Monitor 

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In all honesty, there is nothing “special” about this model. In fact, I choose it because it is pretty average with a good range of features across the board. With the visual features, you get a 720p feed on the 5’’ display with the choice to switch to night vision. There are a 75-degree tilt and 355-degree pan – good but not amazing. The audio features include sound alarms, two-way communication, and lullabies. You can also expand with up to 4 cameras.

There are some questions to ask here about the battery life. The brand doesn’t seem to want to commit to a battery lifespan and this might be so parents don’t get their hopes up. They say that there are 6-8 hours after fully charged when used in the normal capacity. Experience with other products here means I am inclined to say it is more likely to be 5-6 hours. But, they also say that there are 15-20hrs in standby mode. This seems like too big a leap to me.

The pros and cons of this baby monitor for twins

[i2pc][i2pros] the system is expandable to include up to 4 cameras
there is a high-quality feed on the display
sound alarms and lullabies[/i2pros][i2cons] not as much scope on the camera for the wider field of view
questionable battery life [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

If you are careful with the battery life and add the extra cameras, you could find that this is a reliable model for your nursery.


6) Dockwell Bella Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras & Audio


Dockwell Bella Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras & Audio 

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One thing I have noticed with these cameras for baby monitors for twins is that you can either have something pretty mundane to sit quietly on a shelf or something cute. The two cameras with this model are adorable – by camera standards. It is unclear if they are anything in particular, but I would say a pair of pandas.

There are so many features and benefits here that this really stands out from the crowd. The cameras are ideal for twins because of the 340-degree pan, 90-degree tilt, and zoom. There is also a brilliant feed on the 5’’ screen with the 720 resolution with additional alerts for low battery, temperature changes, and even feeding times.

The first problem here is that you have here is the cost. I’m not sure I would pay close to $200 if there was a better choice. But, there is no doubt that there is value for money with the quality and features that you just don’t get with other products. Another problem is the battery life. With so many to handle with the video, audio, and alerts, you don’t get much more than 5 hours. 8 hours is the advertised maximum in stand-by.

The pros and cons of this baby monitor for twins.

[i2pc][i2pros]The camera are adorable
The range of alerts
The picture quality[/i2pros][i2cons]The high cost
The low battery life [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

There is a lot to like here and little criticize beyond that battery life. If you are happy to spend a little bit more for higher quality, this could be the option for you.


7) HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor


HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor 

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This is an interesting option after looking at the model above because there are a lot of similarities. For a start, there is another cute design. If the other one with a panda then I guess this is more of a robot dog design. I would expect it to bark at the kids.

There is also the same 5’’ display and quality feed with the chance to use two-way communication, alarms, and temperature alerts. Add in the 1000ft range and the night vision and this seems like another versatile option for parents of twins. The reviews are positive too, with parents appreciating the ease of use, the quality of the video, and the extra features.

However, this is a cheaper option by around $80 and this is probably because there is just one camera. This could be a big issue for some parents because it really does work better with more than one. The 110-degree angle is fine, but two cameras in different locations are better. There are also similar issues with the battery life because you can’t really expect it to do much more than 5 hours of surveillance.

The pros and cons of this baby monitor for twins

[i2pc][i2pros]cheaper than the one above due to only one camera
the long-range
a great image on the display[/i2pros][i2cons] similar issues with battery life
needs a second camera for the best experience [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

This seems like one of the best value options out there when you see the original package with the single camera and all those features. There is a lot to help parents. But, prepare to pay for that extra camera to make it even better.


8) Owlet Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio


Owlet Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio 

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The last option that I want to talk about in this guide to baby monitors for twins is something a little bit different. Here you get a wall-mounted camera that looks out over the room with a wide view over your twins. It then sends a clear image right to your mobile device via the dedicated Owlet app. This means a reliable feed with great image and audio alerts wherever you are without the need for a large, heavy monitor to carry around.

Another benefit here is the fact that you can pair up additional devices. I love this idea because it means that when your parents or friends come to babysit, they can get the feed on their phone instead of using your tablet.

However, the need for this Owlet app does mean that there is more work involved in setting up this product than there is with other products in this guide. Family members without an iOS or Android device won’t be able to join in. There is also the risk of app bugs and the need for upgrades. Also, you need another product for the full benefit of this product. It pairs up the Owlet Smart Sock in order to provide alerts on the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. This isn’t going to work for twins and is an extra cost for any parent. Another issue is the fact that you can’t pan or zoom on the camera.

The pros and cons of this baby monitor for twins

[i2pc][i2pros] wall mounted
link the feed to different devices
clear image [/i2pros][i2cons] required extra work and purchases for full features
no pan or zoom [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this the right baby monitor for twins for your needs?

There are some nice gimmicks here for the right parent but there might be issues for some family members. Consider the pros and cons carefully.


Finding the right baby monitor for twins.


As you can see, the more cameras you can add and the wider the field, the better the surveillance of your twins. Look for those interchangeable lenses too. At the same time, don’t forget about all those audio and safety features. Compare the options in your price range, check the user reviews and see what is the best fit for your twins.

Baby Monitor For Twins



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.