9 Best All Terrain Strollers

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An all-terrain stroller is a great idea for parents that want to take young children off-road for adventures in the countryside. The best strollers have the durability and security to handle rougher surfaces while keeping kids comfortable. The problem s that we don’t always know which brands and designs to trust. Can we be sure that these “off-road” models are safe and up to the job?

Can we still find something that is practical and suitable for our needs? The products below are all top-rated all-terrain strollers available on Amazon.com. I have provided a brief overview of the pros and cons for parents to help you choose the best option for your needs. First, let’s consider some of the key features in the best off-road strollers.


What should you look for when choosing the best all-terrain stroller?


1) The wheels and tires.

An off-road stroller needs the ideal tires and wheels to handle the dips in the ground or slippery surfaces. Look for air-filled tires with a thick width and good tread – even though there is the risk of deflation. Three-wheeled strollers with swiveling front wheels are more maneuverable.

2) The frame.

There are two choices when it comes to the frames. Some brands like to stick with steel frames because they are tougher, although this can add to the weight. Aluminum frames are lighter but might not be as sturdy. Choose the one that feels right.

3) Portability and shape.

This is a problem area with off-road strollers. Many are more cumbersome and difficult to fold down. This is an issue when transporting them in your car or storing them at home. Look for products with a special collapsible frame, quick-release wheels, and a more compact shape.

4) Child security.

Security is essential over those bumpier paths and tracks so you need a safe seat with a strong harness. At the same time, your child must be comfortable enough to enjoy the ride and fall asleep if they need to. Look at the designs and padding. Also, consider the option of a sunshade for the summer.

5) Parent-friendly features.

The experience isn’t all about the child. We deserve a product that provides something practical and userfriendly to make our lives easier. You will see many brands talking about their parent consoles/pouches/trays/organizers. Whatever they want to call it, this typically means a helpful storage area with cup holders and a place for your phone. Also, check to see if there is ample storage underneath the stroller.

6) Adaptability.

Finally, you might want to look at the adaptability of the stroller if you plan to use this for a while. Some convert to suit different ages with options for a car seat and seat positions for older children. Others are more static and designed for a more limited age group.

The products below are 10 recommendations that are top-rated on Amazon.com. Whichever models you like the look of, be sure to compare the specifications in detail and look at the customer reviews.

9 Best All Terrain Strollers


1) Graco Roadmaster Jogging Stroller



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If you like the look of the features of the Graco FastAction, but also worry about the size, this Roadmaster model could be the option for you. It is a more compact model that is 20% smaller than the FastAction model. I appreciate the effort here having dealt with large strollers in tight spaces. You just accept the struggle as the norm.

Otherwise, the features are pretty much the same with the same approach to the off-road specification. The tires should be tough enough to handle the rougher tracks and there is the option to lock that swiveling wheel. Most parents praise the way that it handles itself.

Again there are some drawbacks in this design that you need to be aware of. I have seen some comments that this is unacceptable for kids over 2 years old. This isn’t ideal if you are looking for something with much wider appeal as they develop into toddlers. There is also no tray, and we all know how helpful those can be.

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The 20% smaller size compared to the FastAction .
  •  The comfort for the child over longer trips
  •  The off-road features are still effective, which suggests consistency in the Graco brand
  • The lack of adaptability for children over the age of 2 .
  •  There is no parent tray, which is an oversight when comparing this to over products.


2: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller



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There are clear themes in the best selling off-road strollers on Amazon.com. One is the frequency of the name BabyTrend. This Expedition model has an additional benefit over the Graco Roadmaster: two trays! This is something that everyone using the stroller can appreciate. We can space at eye-level for our drinks and any other personal items while kids can find support on the tray in front of them.

The off-road capabilities are also pretty good. One thing that I like here as well is that there is an emphasis on the padding on the seat. It is surprising how often brands forget about this with an all-terrain stroller. While we hope that our kids enjoy the journey and the sights on the walk, it is nice to know that they can take a nap too.

One downside here is the canopy as many parents wish that it would extend a little further. The material is fine and there is some shade but it could offer a little more protection for young eyes in the summer. There are also parents dealing with the same old issues of storage and transportation.

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The use of two trays instead of one (or none) .
  •  The padding on the seat for extra comfort.
  •  The off-road capabilities of the wheels
  • The sunshade needs a few tweaks to be of help in the summer
  • Some parents struggle with storage


3: Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System 



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There is also the BabyTrend Expedition LX that has some of the same helpful features and a few extra details to help us parents out. The off-road features here are pretty familiar by now with the three wheels, decent tires and the swivel on the locking front wheel. The back wheels are large at 16’’ so should handle the worst terrain.

There is also the fact that this is adaptable. We can play around with the set-up so that it can accommodate kids of different ages. Therefore, it should remain functional for longer than some of the more rigid products I have seen.

However, I want to point out a complaint from parents. BabyTrend, if you are somehow reading this, don’t claim to have over-sized storage when this clearly isn’t the case. It is a struggle to get a diaper bag into the space under the chair. There are also some problems putting the stroller together, which isn’t ideal for all those parents that are out on a mission.

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The same reliable BabyTrend off-road capabilities
  • The reliability of the stroller on longer walks
  •  The adaptability for kids of different ages
  • The storage area isn’t as big as you might hope
  • It doesn’t go together quite as easily as hoped either


4: Baby Trend Pathway 35 Jogger Stroller 



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An alternative model from this brand is the Pathway 35 – another one that receives high praise from consumers. There is a lot to like here in the off-road design of this stroller. There are large quick-release wheels at the back and a small 12’’ inch wheel at the front. The latter is adaptable with two possible positions and locks into place.

There is also great attention to detail with the seat and console. I could see myself using this detailed tray with ease when heading into town and see the appeal in the multi-position seat.

I want to love this stroller and say that it is perfect. However, some parents worry about some of the details in the construction, such as the clips and connections. I can see why this would be a concern if you plan to pick up speed up try rougher terrain. What I can’t understand is why BabyTrend repeatedly makes the choice to place the air valve on the front tire is such an awkward position. We are busy mothers, not mechanics. Make it easier for us!

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The same use of tough quick-release wheels at the back
  •  The choice of positions for the front wheel
  •  The nice parent console area
  • The concerns about the security of the clips and connections
  •  The position of the air valve on the front tire


5: Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller



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This last BabyTrend model is worth a look because it does make up for the previous issues with the storage. When they say extra-large here they aren’t kidding and I am sure that most parents will be able to get most of their stuff in there safely. It goes to show that you really do need to compare products across a range to see the details in the specifications.

There are also some nice features with the construction, the all-terrain wheels, harness, and seat. The addition of the parent and child trays adds to the sense that the brand designed this for busy, organized parents more than anyone else.

The problem in this stroller lies with the same design flaws that Babytrend is yet to fix. Be prepared to struggle with the air valves and folding it up. At this point, BabyTrend customers will probably accept this as the norm for this company. They are going to make us work a little bit to enjoy the benefits they offer. It is up to you if you think this is a fair deal or not.

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The extra-large storage compared to other products
  • The off-road capabilities
  •  The inclusion of the separate tray for your child
  • The all-too-familiar flaws in the design that are common with BabyTrend
  •  The compromise of ease of storage for that all-terrain travel system


6: Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller



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It is time to move away from BabyTrend and look at someone else. This Joovy Zoom model stands out because it really wants to be the best all-terrain jogger possible. The wheels are great with just enough height and tread on the tires. The rear wheels are also quick-release. But, there is also the inclusion of the ultralight aluminum frame. This reduction in weight can make all the difference when lifting and carrying these strollers on our own.

I also love the fact that the company points out the visibility from the seat as a selling point. We don’t always consider this for older children but it is so nice to know that they are engaging with the world around them. What fun is a nature walk in an all-terrain stroller if they can’t appreciate the sights? The brand’s thoughtfulness continues with the parent-friendly features like the parent organizer and the leash.

One drawback here is the width. But, we should expect this. Some parents have also experienced construction issues so make sure to double-check all fixtures and have a slow test run first.

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller

  • The attention to detail in the all-terrain system
  •  The lightweight frame to help with transportation
  •  The visibility from the seat for curious children
  • It is still quite wide because it is an off-road model
  •  Rare issues with the construction.


7: Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller



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This is another popular choice from Costzon that really tries to add in plenty of practical features. Kids can benefit from the comfortable 5-point harness system that should keep them secure, as well as the removable sun canopy. Parents will also appreciate the large storage bag and the decision to include trays for both the parent and the child. No more reaching for your kid’s juice bottle rather than your coffee because you no longer have to share.

As for the off-road features, I couldn’t help but notice how thick those tires are when compared to some of the other products in this guide. It is easy to get complacent and assume that just because a product claims to be off-road that it is well-designed. There can be a big difference in the tread and the width of those tires.

One comment from a fellow parent does concern me, however. They worry about the stroller tipping despite the steel frame. While this doesn’t seem to be likely, you might want to test it out before committing to using it. There are also comments about it being difficult to fold up – but there is nothing new there!

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The wealth of security features with the harness and canopy
  •  The size of the storage bag
  •  The thickness of the tires compared to some “off-road” models
  • The concern about it tipping over
  •  The usual issues with storage and transportation


8: Schwinn Interval 2-in-1 Jogging Stroller



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My penultimate choice is this Schwinn model. If you are going to get an all-terrain stroller then why not go for a company known for making bikes and that knows their way around a tire. There are thick tires on the wheels and there is also shock-proofing built into the frame. I wonder why shock-proofing isn’t something more common in these designs when there are small children involved. I know that I would have more peace of mind using this stroller if it meant that my kid could be more comfortable. I also like the design of the parent tray on this model.

The main downside here is one that I have mentioned before. This product is too big and heavy for a lot of parents and this is the compromise we make for those rugged specifications. If you are on the smaller side and plan to head out alone a lot then this might not be for you.

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The addition of the shock-proofing for added security and comfort
  • The off-road capabilities of the wheels
  •  The design of the parent tray
  • The size is too much for some smaller users to handle
  • Storage and transportation (again)


9: Jeep Sport Utility All-Terrain Stroller



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Finally, there is this Jeep Sport option. You might think that we are upgrading from a Schwinn to an allterrain Jeep. However, there is a reason that this model is at the bottom of my list. This is an odd-one-out because there are four wheels instead of three – and their tires aren’t the best either.

Even so, there are still lots of great features that we shouldn’t overlook entirely. For example, it is adaptable with different modes and secure fastenings as our kids age. It is lighter than some strollers too with the aluminum frame. This should make it a little easier to carry around.

I also love that they went all-out with the parent organizer pouch rather than just the tray. This detail is perfect for those of us that always seem to have far more to carry than we anticipated. It is secure and more convenient than always having to reach down into a bag under the chair.

The pros and cons of this off-road stroller.

  • The adaptability with the different modes and fastenings
  •  The lightweight aluminum frame
  •  The design of the parent organizer pouch
  • The use of four wheels means that it isn’t as maneuverable
  • The tires aren’t as good as those on other products

Finding the best all-terrain stroller for you and your child.

As you can see, none of these products are perfect. If you want something that has a more rugged construction and suitable wheels then you have to put up with the extra bulk and weight. Collapsible, adjustable and aluminum models can help. If you can accept some of the flaws with the size and storage, you can still find some great products. There are still impressed designs with all-terrain travel systems, adaptable seats, and parent-friendly features.

All Terrain Stroller

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