Baby Bjorn vs Ergobaby Carriers: Which Is Best For You?

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Baby carriers can be one of the most helpful tools for busy parents with their comfortable seats, secure supports, and other practical features for hands-free transportation. You can use them to carry babies around the house while multi-tasking or when out on family walks. But, these carriers are only helpful if they have the right features to help kids safe and comfortable and to actually make life easier for parents. So, you may find yourself struggling to choose between a wide range of products.

There are many brands out there claiming to have the best product for your child, perhaps with some fancy new feature or clever adaptation not seen elsewhere. It can be overwhelming and even if other parents tell you that Ergobaby or Baby Bjorn is the best, which model should you choose? Is one better than the other?

Omni 360 Ergobaby vs Baby Bjorn Carrier.

In this guide, I will introduce you to the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn One Air. These products are two popular models from well-loved brands of baby carriers. On first impressions, there are lots of similarities in the purpose and features of these products. But, there are also some very important differences that could make it easier to pick the option best suited to your needs.

Baby Bjorn vs Ergobaby Carriers: Which Is Best For You?

Finding the best baby carrier for you and your child.

Before we can take a closer look at the two products in this comparison, we need to look at the important features of a top baby carrier more generally. As long as a model can pass the following test, you should be on to a winner.

~ The most comfortable carrier for regular use

~ The most practical carrier to help parents day today

~ The design and general appeal so parents are happy to use this every day

~ Long term value so parents can get the most out of the product

Comfort is essential for both parent and child. You need to be sure that you can wear this device for a long time without any strain on your shoulders or back. Adjustable features and padding go a long way and also make the product cozier for kids. Take a look at the shape, the materials used, and the ability to adapt the carrier to suit babies of various ages.

The product should also be practical where possible. This doesn’t just mean an easy way of putting this on and taking it off. Additional features or add-ons can turn a basic carrier into something with greater benefits in different situations. For example, hoods can offer shade or privacy when out in public. Pockets in the right places are great for small personal items. Then there are other factors like keeping the carrier clean. Your child could easily soil it, spit upon it, or it could get dirty some other way. Wipe clean materials that are also machine washable can help a lot.

You should also find that there are plenty of designs to choose from. This is something that you are going to wear more often than some of your favorite items of clothing – and it is a statement piece out in public. So, there is nothing wrong with picking something that looks good with a fun color or lining. But, you still need to be sure that those materials are practical and won’t make the child too hot or uncomfortable.

Finally, you need to look at the long-term value of these items rather than just the short-term appeal. For example, some products can have some great features for newborns but don’t have the weight allowance or adaptability when your child gets older. Look at that capacity, the potential adaptations, and recommended age restrictions.

Which is the best carrier? Baby Bjorn vs Ergobaby.

With all this in mind, we need to see how things shape up in the battle of One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier vs Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier. Does one turn out to be an outright winner, or is it too close to call? The basic stats can be seen below. Then we can go into more detail on the benefits and disadvantages.

Omni 360 Ergobaby CarrierOne Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier
Weight allowance7-45lb8-33lbs
Age range0-40-3
Material100% cotton100% polyester with cool mesh
Carrying positions44
Height adjustableYesNo
Lumbar supportYesNo
Slip-on designNoYes
Privacy hoodYesNo
Machine washableYesYes
Color options175
Made inChina/Vietnam/IndiaSweden
WarrantyLimited LifetimeRegistration recommended
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What are the age restrictions for the Ergobaby Omni 360 and Baby Bjorn One Air?

Let’s start with the restrictions, which can help determine the long-term benefits of each option. There are some differences in the weight allowances of these products. The Omni 360 has a range of 7-45lbs while the One Air is 8-33lbs. This can make a big difference for parents that want to use this long into toddlerhood.

That loss of 12lbs could make all the difference and does, in fact, lead to a recommendation of 0-3 years for the One Air and 0-4 years for the Omni 360.

Baby Bjorn vs Ergobaby Carriers: Which Is Best For You?

How many carrying positions are there in the Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier vs One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier?

This is one of the first points where this Ergobaby Omni 360 model and the Baby Bjorn One Air are very similar. There are four carrying positions for each product and they all have the same purpose. These are the front inward facing position, front-outward facing position, the option to wear it on your back, and the hip position. There are comments from parents that some are more comfortable than others, but these can vary based on the user’s size and weight. There is no definitive option that is superior. So, it helps to check user reviews to see how the product relates to your needs.

Which is the most comfortable for babies? The Baby Bjorn One Air or Ergobaby Omni 360?


                                   Baby Bjorn One Air

Baby Bjorn One Air 

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Of course, there is no point in having all these great adaptions for your child in different situations if they aren’t also comfortable. The Ergobaby model goes a little further to try and keep kids secure and comfortable enough to nap on the move. There are different ways of setting up the carrier with the zippers to allow for various ages and the most comfortable position. For example, you can shift the child’s position to allow for the ideal “frog-leg” posture to protect their hips. From there, you also get the benefit of lumbar support in the back.

That doesn’t mean that the Baby Bjorn option isn’t also comfortable, however, as plenty of babies seem more than content when traveling in this set-up too. The materials used play their part too.

                                 Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier

Omni 360 ErgoBaby Carrier 

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What are the One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier and Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier made from?

A key difference here is the fact there the Ergobaby carrier is made from cotton while the Baby Bjorn model is made from polyester. There are pros and cons to each option. Cotton is a nice lightweight and breathable material. So, there shouldn’t be much risk of babies getting too hot in the summer. It is also soft and should feel nice against the skin. However, cotton is also a bit more absorbent, and this could be an issue if there are spills or if it gets wet. By comparison, the polyester option should be warm and easy to wipe clean. An added bonus with the Baby Bjorn carrier is that there is cool mesh for added breathability.

With that said, there are different versions of these products out there. I am comparing the Ergobaby Omni 360 against the Bjorn Baby One Air as these are some of the most popular choices. However, there are models in the Bjorn Baby line that don’t have this mesh. Similarly, there are Ergobaby Omni “Breeze” models that do.

On the subject of the materials used, be aware that these products originate from different countries. If you are the sort of parent that insists on USA-made products then this could be an issue. But, there are few complaints about the quality offered with the Swedish-made Baby Bjorn products. The Ergobaby model, on the other hand, has various countries of origin listed. These include India, Vietnam, and China. The latter is a red flag and may mean that some parts aren’t as durable as they could be.

Which is the most comfortable for parents? The Ergobaby Omni 360 or Baby Bjorn One Air?

As mentioned before, there are some people that are happier with the fit of the Baby Bjorn One Air and others that prefer the Omni 360. But, there is an additional factor to consider that could make all the difference. The Baby Bjorn model has a slip-on design rather than the buckle clasp used in the Omni 360. This means that you should be able to get it on and off with greater ease when in a hurry, and without worrying about a clasp digging into an uncomfortable area.

Otherwise, there seems to be plenty of padding and comfort features across both models. This includes padding on the adjustable shoulder straps and a nice secure band around the waist.

What other features are available in the Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier and One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier to make them more practical for parents?

This is where things get even more interesting for parents. Comfort is really important for you and your child. But, the extra features on these products can make all the difference. One of the most interesting here is the use of the privacy hood on the Ergobaby Onni 360 carrier. There is a flap on the Baby Bjorn model, but it doesn’t come close to offering the same sort of coverage. This means that not only can you shield your child from view when napping and provide better shade, but you can also use this more easily when breastfeeding. That hood is also detachable, which means that you should be able to store it with ease instead of having it in the way when interacting with your child.

On top of this, Ergobaby also provides a little storage pocket on the front of their carrier. You might not get a massive amount in here. And, you may not want to use it that much for fear of weighing down the carrier or making your child uncomfortable. But, it is a nice convenient place for keys, phones, passes, and other lightweight items.

Are both the Baby Bjorn One Air and the Ergobaby Omni 360 machine washable?

The good news here is that both the Ergobaby carrier and the Baby Bjorn One Air are machine washable. It shouldn’t be difficult to set this up on a gentle and cool cycle and deal with any stains or spills. The only possible risk here is that the straps and buckles may become caught. It is best to wash this separately and to let it dry naturally rather than putting it in a dryer.

Do you get many color choices with both the One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier and Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier?

Some parents will say that color options make no difference at all because they are just interested in practical features. But, there is a reason that the Ergobaby Omni 360 comes in 17 color choices. There should be something here that you find suits your style. There are just 7 options with the Baby Bjorn carrier, but that doesn’t make them any less appealing. There is a uniform look to the designs of the Baby Bjorn products, but also some nice tones including silver, slate, and pearl pink. The Ergobaby designs work more with patterns, such as starburst, galaxy, and floral options. Some of these are prominent on the exterior of the carrier while others are just on the lining.

Is one carrier more expensive than the other?

We had to talk about price at some point because there will be parents here shopping on a budget. The Bjorn Baby is slightly more expensive in most listings online, but not by a lot. Some would argue that this higher price reflects the quality of the materials compared to the “made in China” Ergobaby option. Others would say that the Ergobaby carrier has greater value because you get more in the package with the insert, hood, and pocket. Either way, you could always find that one model goes on offer somewhere for a great price that suddenly makes it more irresistible.

The only other consideration when it comes to cost is that there are additional features with these products sold separately. Companies like this are very good at encouraging add-ons such as bibs and other helpful tools. Before long, the price may have shot up a bit.

What about the warranty for these Baby Bjorn and Ergobaby carriers?

Finally, there is the warranty situation. If you get this product with the aim of using it for a few years, you want to be sure that the company has your back. There is a policy called the ErgoPromise where Ergobaby offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. Limited means that the product has to have been made during or after 2017 and only covers faults on original features. You also can’t claim for wear or tear or if bought from an unauthorized seller.

With Bjorn Baby, things are a little more unclear. It seems that they will look at claims of faults if reported in due time and not caused by wear or user error. There is also a recommendation to get the product registered on arrival to make things easier.

Which is the best option for you and your child? Baby Bjorn vs Ergobaby.

When giving a final verdict on these carriers, we need to go back to those important considerations above. Does one of these models provide a better experience than the other based on those criteria? Let’s go over them again.

~ The most comfortable carrier for regular use

~ The most practical carrier to help parents day today

~ The design and general appeal so parents are happy to use this every day

~ Long term value so parents can get the most out of the product

When it comes to comfort, it is hard to pick a winner because both of these products have their pros and cons. If I was basing this solely on the comfort and support for the baby, then I would have to go for the Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier because of the additional adjustments and that lumbar support alongside the various carrying positions. However, we can’t ignore the fact that you need to fit that extra insert yourself and that the One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier has that comfortable slip-on design for parents. We can’t really bring the materials into this because of the conflicting views. Both cotton and polyester have their benefits.

Moving onto the more practical side of things, I have to give this one to the Ergobaby Omni 360 because of two key features. The privacy hood is a far more helpful feature than parents may realize at first and the smaller flap on the Baby Bjorn One Air just doesn’t do enough for parents or kids by comparison. When you add in the storage pocket, the # becomes even more useful as more than just a sling for carrying kids around. The One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is still a user-friendly option and just as easy to wash, but it doesn’t do enough to beat the Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier.

As for the general design and appeal of the product, gain there are pros and cons on both sides. There is a nice shape to the One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier with the addition of the cool mesh panels. You can also get some fun designs if you are keen to show this product off. Still, there are so many more options available with the Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier that it could end up being the more popular choice.

Finally, there is the issue of long-term value. There are those concerns that the “made in China” aspects of the Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier could let it down in the long run. Some features may not be as durable as

those on the Swedish carrier. But, this one is meant to be for age 0-4 when you add in that infant insert. By comparison, the One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is said to have a shorter age range and weight allowance.

The final verdict on Ergobaby Omni 360 vs Baby Bjorn One Air.

What this all means is that the Omni 360 Ergobaby Carrier comes out on top in almost all of the key areas. It is little wrong with the One Air Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier and it should prove to be a great choice for a lot of parents. It is comfortable, easy to use, and has some great designs and little features here and there.

You are unlikely to have a bad experience using this because the company has considered the needs of parents and children from various angles. The difference is that Ergobaby has gone just a little bit further each way. The extra designs, the practicality in the privacy hood, the higher weight allowance, and the overall quality all mean that it is a highly recommendable choice for new parents.

The best thing that you can do right now is to take some time to go over the specifications for each model in detail and figure out exactly what you are looking for. There may be something about the Ergobaby Omni 360 that doesn’t sit right with you, or something about the Baby Bjorn One Air that I have overlooked.

Either way, the most important thing in comparing any Ergobaby vs Bjorn Baby Carrier is the comfort and health of you and your child.



This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.