A Review Of The 4Moms Pack And Play Updated Breeze Plus

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It can be hard finding the perfect place to keep our little ones content and secure throughout the day. We may have a great bassinet in the nursery, a playpen in the lounge, and possibly some other pieces of furniture elsewhere. But what if you could have everything in one place. Somewhere that you could use as a playpen and a bassinet with no concern about their safety or happiness. That is where the 4Moms Pack And Play Breeze Plus is here to help.

In this 4Moms Breeze Plus Playard Review, I will go through some of the great features that make this Breeze Plus model so interesting as a combination bassinet and playpen. I will also look at some of the benefits that parents can appreciate when using this product, as well as some important drawbacks.

From there, you will find some details on buying options and common FAQs. This includes a quick comparison with the original Breeze Plus model and the alternative Breeze Go. By the end, you should see why so many parents are quick to recommend this solution to others in need of a more convenient option.


Why Do So Many Parents Love the 4Moms Pack And Play Breeze Plus?

Let’s quickly go over all the reasons that parents love this product before we look at the features and benefits in more detail. It all boils down to the idea of convenience. For a start, you have a product with more than one function. Both the extra bassinet and changing table are well made and effective.

Then there is the convenience of the mechanism for setting it up and collapsing it. When you add in the quality of the product, it is easy to see why this is so popular. Still, there are considerations with omitted features and the cost, especially when compared to other models. So, what makes this one better than the alternatives?


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4Moms Pack And Play Breeze Plus

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What Do You Get With This 4Moms Pack And Play Updated Breeze Plus Product?

The appeal of this playpen is that you get so much in one product. It is designed as a place where kids can spend their time while parents are busy with other chores, but also as a place where they can take a nap or have their diaper changed. It is designed to be a one-stop piece of kit for your child’s needs through the afternoon so you don’t have to relocate them to another piece of furniture or another room.

At the same time, it is designed to grow with your child so that they can get comfortable in the same space for a long time. As newborns, they can rest here and nap with ease in the bassinet. Once they get older, you can move the extras and still make good use of the pen for play. The product should remain reliable and functional enough to see them through a lot.

The main product here is the pen. This is a secure space that you can fold out onto the floor of a living area – all with the assurance that your child will be safe. While you shouldn’t ever leave them completely unattended in the room while in something like this, you can be working on other chores or tasks nearby while they nap or play in the pen.

A nice design feature here is the use of mesh all around the sides. The mesh allows for breathable walls so that your child doesn’t get too hot. They are also sheer enough to provide great visibility from all angles – which then offers peace of mind for you both.

The first additional element to this product is the bassinet. This is a simple structure you can place on the top of the pen so you can lay your child down for a nap. It fits into place with ease, has a similar style to the pen with the mesh sides, and is easy to remove when the nap is over.

As you will see below when discussing other products in the 4Moms range, there are different designs out there are you aren’t always guaranteed something with this much space and comfort in mind.

While on the subject of comfort and sleep, we need to talk about the clever design of the mattress. 4Moms could have just gone with two simple mattresses for the pen and bassinet – and for a while, this was the case. But, I love that they went back to the drawing board and created something more convenient and space-saving.

There is now a 2-in-1 mattress. You can zip the different pieces together to create the larger pen mattress with the perfect fit, or detach the sides for the smaller bassinet mattress. You can then add on sheets to cover the adapted mattress and hide the zippers. The padding is decent and the outer material should be pretty spill-resistant. Spot cleaning is recommended if there are accidents in the pen.

The second additional feature of this product is the changing table. This is another upgraded feature that parents really like. The original was pretty basic on the side but I like how this one is separate. Not only does this mean you have greater freedom of movement and access to the surface for diaper changes, but you can also flip it down to the side of the pen when not in use. This hinge keeps it neatly out of the way so you don’t have to store it anywhere.

Finally for the features provided, and sticking with the storage idea, this collapsible pen comes with a carry case. This bag means that you have somewhere safe to contain the structure in its smallest form and put it in storage until the next day. The material is durable enough to keep the pen safe and stop it from incurring unnecessary damage.

Also, a carry case like this makes the pen more portable for travel, such as for play dates with other parents, trips to grandma’s house, and more. I advise checking with airlines about the size of the case if you want to travel with this over longer distances.

Here is a video from BabyNav if you prefer to watch it!


Why Is This 4Moms Pack And Play Model So Beneficial?

There is a lot for parents to appreciate about this product because of the great features mentioned above. The one that stands out the most has to be the ease of use. The pen’s one-handed closure is a great idea that really seems to work well. All you need to do is push down on the bottom of the pen to get it to lie flat and secure, and then pull on the tab to bring it back it.

That folded structure then goes into the carry bag with ease. A one-handed approach like this is great if you have your child in the other arm or simply to save some time. Parents say it goes together far more easily than others they have used and feel that it is very secure.

Then there are the comments about the quality of this product compared to other cheaper versions on the market. The structural supports are strong without being too heavy and seem as though they will hold up to repeated use. The padding in the convertible mattress is just firm enough for safe sleeping and has quality zippers for those adaptations.

Then there is the mesh structure on the side, which is strong enough to be tear-resistant but also surprisingly smooth to the touch. There should be no risk of it scratching or irritating your child.


What Potential Downsides Should You Be Aware Of With This 4Moms Breeze Plus Pen?

There aren’t that many problems to be concerned with when using one of these Pack and Playpens. However, parents do point out the lack of choices in the style and some features that you don’t get in the box. The former isn’t too big a deal if you are fine with a simple design and neutral tones.

The main body of the pen and the mesh is dark grey, verging on black. The sheets come in a couple of pattern choices with geometric shapes, but these are in grey tones as well. There are no fun animal prints for kids to engage with, no brighter colors, and nothing much else of interest.

A bigger issue here is that those sheets aren’t included in the box. You have to pay extra to get them. This seems a little unfair when they are a necessity for the comfort of the child rather than a fun add-on. Some parents would have liked to see more for kids to engage with. I found out that 4Moms are apparently in the research and development stages of creating a mobile that would attach to the pen and/or bassinet for more visual interest. They are just cautious about releasing it before it is perfect. Undoubtedly, this will end up being another item sold separately to make some more money.


Important Considerations When Buying A 4Moms Pack And Play Product.

The buying options for this product are where we see some of the limitations realized. There is a section where you can add on more products for an extra cost. This includes the sheets – with those three neutral patterns – and the water bath. You can’t customize the product that much and will end up with the same as everyone else.

There is also the fact that the product isn’t the cheapest around – and not the cheapest 4Moms offer either. Thankfully, there are payment plans available for anyone that is on a tight budget. It is also worth noting that there is a year’s warranty, just in case any of the parts fail or break due to manufacturing defects.


How Does The 4Moms Pack And Play Updated Breeze Plus Compare With Other Products In The Range?

It is important to remember that there is more than one 4Moms pack and Play product available and there there is even more than one Breeze Plus out there. This can make things a little confusing when buying the ideal product. So, let’s take a look at what to watch out for here. The first factor is that there is also a model called the Breeze Go.

On first impression, this looks very similar to the Breeze Plus regarding the structure and the purpose of the playpen. However, there are two key differences. The first is that you just get the pen – no bassinet or changing table. This explains why the Breeze Go is generally around $50 cheaper. You might see this cheaper model on the site and feel it is a better deal, but that isn’t the case because of the value for money in the Breeze Plus. Also, you get more mesh on the sides of the Breeze Plus for better visibility.

Another consideration here is that the product I am talking about here is the updated version of the Breeze Plus. The company reworked the design to make the bassinet and table better for parents. On the original, the two were connected. Though still removable, this meant less space on either and no flip feature for the table.

It also meant two separate mattresses rather than the convertible one used today. The model on the official 4Moms website is the updated one. But, you could find that online retailers or second-hand sites have the less effective original for sale as parents sell the old one to upgrade. If you think an online deal sounds a little too good, double-check which version you are dealing with.


Common FAQs About This 4Moms Pack And Play Breeze Plus.


Is A 4Moms Pack And Play Safe For Sleep?

Not all 4Moms products are suitable for sleep. It all depends if they have the bassinet as part of the package. This Breeze Plus does have the removable bassinet and changer so they can sleep there as needed, but not in the pen.

Does The 4moms Pack And Play Need A Mattress?

These pens come with mattresses for the base. This Breeze Plus has the bonus of a 2-in-1 design to make it adaptable for the pen and the bassinet.

How Do You Pack A 4moms Pack n Play?

The great thing about this product is that it is so easy to pack up. There is a one-handed setup and takedown. Just remove the mattress, pull on the center cord, and gently raise the playpen in the middle. You can then push it back in the middle and replace the mattress when setting it back up.

What Is The 4Moms Pack And Play Weight Limit?

The company states that this pen can be used from birth to 30 lbs. This gives the product a long lifespan and helps kids grow with it, as promised. The weight limit on the bassinet is less at 18lbs. But, this is still more than enough.

What Are The 4moms Pack And Play Dimensions?

This product measures 43 x 30 x 29 inches when set up, which is ample for play without getting in the way. But, it then measures 12 x 12 x 30 inches when folded up for storage. It weighs just 23 lbs.


The Pros And Cons Of This 4Moms Pack And Play Product.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]You get a pen, bassinet, and changing area all in one product
The updated bassinet and table are much more convenient in the newer model
The pull cord allows for easy one-handed operation
The mesh sides are great for safety and of good quality
There is a carry case for added portability[/i2pros][i2cons]Some parents would like to see more included with the initial package
There aren’t many color options if you prefer products with bright prints and graphics
The cost could be lower for what you get, but there are payment plans available[/i2cons][/i2pc]


                           4Moms Pack And Play Breeze Plus


4Moms Pack And Play Breeze Plus 

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Should You Get A 4Moms Pack And Play Breeze Plus For Your Baby?

The disadvantages experienced by parents are significant but not in such high a number to make this product problematic. The lack of colors is a shame but not a big deal. It would be nice to get sheets with the product, but at least there is an easy purchasing option. As for the mobile – let’s not hold our breath on that one.

This isn’t the cheapest of the 4Moms Pack and Play products, but it is one of the most interesting and convenient because of the upgrades to the design. The addition of the bassinet and changing table was helpful anyway compared to the Breeze Go. But, the new larger bassinet and separate flip-up table are even more advantageous for parents.

In the end, you can get more value for money out of this product than you may initially assume. I can’t say that it is a bargain, but you do get a lot of quality elements with the added features and the convenience of this portable pen. The 4Moms Breeze Plus model is, therefore, a great addition to any living space where you want to create the best possible environment for your child.

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This post is written and edited by Sandy who is a clinical pharmacist with over 20 years of experience specializing in pre-natal and post-natal care.