The 9 Best 10 Quart Pressure cookers

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Cooking nutritious meals in large quantities for numerous family members isn’t always the easiest task. The best efforts often lead to a lot of dirty dishes afterward and some timing issues.

Pressure cookers are a great way for parents to put nutritious food into one slow-cook dish, or for cooking some meats in a reduced amount of time. Parents can benefit greatly from this approach, but how can you be sure of getting the best pressure cooker for your needs?

In this guide, I will showcase nine of the best 10-quart pressure cookers on the market right now. Where possible, I have included a variety of options regarding the features and settings on offer.

Before that, I want to look at some of the top considerations for choosing a pressure cooker and why I have gone for a series of 10-quart options.


Why go for a 10 qt pressure cooker?


The term quart relates to the capacity of the machine. A quart is actually a quarter of a gallon, hence the name. So, the higher the rating, the more the machine can hold. A 10-quart machine is one of the larger options, with a lot of home-cooks sticking with a 6 or 8-quart model instead.

This extra capacity can make a difference when it comes to creating larger meals and extra portions. I would recommend a 10-quart option for those with larger families to feed. There is also the chance that larger joints of meat and whole chickens will fit into a 10-quart cooker over something smaller.

The downside of going for a 10-quart pressure cooker is that you do need more space – both on your stovetop while cooking and in terms of storage space. You may also find that 10-quart models are more expensive. However, costs can vary between brands and there are some bargains out there.

In a rush? See my top pick for the best 10 qt stainless steel pressure cooker.

Creating a top pick from these brilliant pressure cookers wasn’t easy. There are some that are really nice and straight-forward for first-timers users and then other high-end designs for specialist functions and experienced cooks. That is why I decided to choose the Gourmia GPC1000 Smart Pot Electric Digital Multifunction Pressure Cooker as my pick.

This one has lots of user-friendly features in a well-made cooker to teach new users how to slow cook. But, it also goes a little further with some really helpful timers and safety features. It is the biggest box ticker in the bunch.


What should you look for when choosing the best 10-quart pressure cooker?


1) How many functions does it have?

This is very important for all those home cooks that like to have multi-functional tools within their kitchens. Some of the pressure cookers in this guide are high-end options for one or two simple processes. This could be fine for those that just want to slow-cook meat and other meals.

But, others are much more diverse with settings for a variety of foods and cooking needs. It should be clear from the specification just how much these machines are capable of.

2) Are they easy to use?

Of course, if you are going to go for a pressure cooker with a lot of different functions and options onboard, it needs to be understandable. Ideally, the front console should have clearly marked buttons and an LED display to show you precisely what is happening.

A good manual also helps to show you what all the functions are and how best to use them. Another consideration for ease of use is where you can use the cooker. Does it work on all stovetops or other cooking appliances?

3) Are there enough safety precautions in place?

Safety is a big deal when it comes to choosing the best 10 qt stainless steel pressure cooker for your kitchen. The last thing that you want is hot steam escaping to violently or any risks of burns. The best models have controlled valves for gentle steam release and typically have cool-touch handles.

They should also have some form of secure lock on the lid so that kids can’t start playing around with the cooker. In some cases, those locks are actually automatic, which lessens any stress for busy parents.

4) Does it come with enough extra features and accessories?

Accessories can make or break these machines, especially when it comes to those more multi-functional options. The right trays and baskets for the machine do make things a lot easier, especially if they are in the bundle and not sold separately.

Another thing to look out for is a free recipe book. A few brands offer this as a way of engaging beginners and encouraging them to try new things. This could be a physical book, e-book, or an app.


9 of the best 10 qt pressure cookers.


1) Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker 7 in 1, 10 Qt


Instant Pot Duo Nova 10 qt Pressure Cooker 

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This pressure cooker claims to be 7 appliances in 1. This means a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, Saute pan, food warmer, and also a yogurt maker. There are also 13 programs that you can customize to your needs.

What I like most about this first pressure cooker is the idea that it is “best for beginners”. There are lots of helpful features that users don’t have to worry too much about if they want a simple cooking process. This includes the automatic seal on the lid, the quick-release button, and the one-touch controls on the display.

There isn’t all that much to say against this product other than that perhaps it is the most average starting point for new users. The different functions and programs are great but no different from those in other machines.

The same goes for any of the safety features. The only stand-out difference here is the fact that the recipes are on an app. This could suit a lot of younger users, but perhaps not those that prefer a traditional recipe book.

The pros and cons of this 10-quart pressure cooker.

  • Plenty of programs and settings to choose from
  • A secure lid with an automatic seal
  • One-touch programming for ease of use
  • Free recipes on an app
  • More of an average entry-level machine


2) Gourmia GPC1000 Smart Pot Electric Digital Multifunction Pressure Cooker


Gourmia GPC1000 Smart Pot Electric 10 quart pressure cooker 

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If the Instant Pot option above is the simple, entry-level option, this might be a slight upgrade. In many ways, they are very similar in their approaches and functions.

This one has a 1400W system for faster cooking times over 13 programmable cooking modes. There is also a similar one-touch control panel and great safety features like the pressure sensor in the lid and the grips on the handles.

What I like about this one is that the features go a little further and you get some timers. There is a customizable timer for cooking different dishes, but also the chance to set a 24-hour delay.

The automatic keep-warm feature is also helpful for all those that aren’t precise with their timings and are called away from the stove by the kids.

Again, this is a product that is difficult to criticize because of everything that is on offer. There are benefits to this Gourmia model over the “beginner” one above. But, some keen cooks may not be so impressed with the accessories.

There are products in this guide that go all out with various racks and devices for different dishes. Here, you get one steaming rack, a measuring cup, and a mixing spoon.

The pros and cons of this 10-quart

  • The range of extra timers to help parents manage their meal plans
  • Lots of cooking functions
  • Great safety features in the lid
  • Enough power to reduce the average cooking time
  • Not as many accessories as some other products in this guide.
pressure cooker


3) Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker 

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Or, perhaps you like the look of the Instant Pot model at the start and want to see if they have anything with a bit more diversity or interest to it. The Ultra model could be just what you are looking for her because there are 10 cooking functions instead of the 7 of the beginner model. This includes a cake maker and a sterilizer.

When you add in the extra features like the altitude adjustment, steam release button, the large backlit LCD display, and the other safety features, it is easy to see why many parents would pay a little more to have this multi-functional item.

There is just one catch here. Right now, this upgraded Ultra version of the Instant Pot is only available with 8 quarts as the maximum capacity. This is a big step down in size from 10 quarts.

The reason I mention this is model is that it shows the importance of determining your priorities when choosing pressure cookers. Do you go smaller for the added features or stick with 10-quart options?

The pros and cons of this pressure cooker.

  • The increased functionality over the other Instant Pot
  • The smart safety features
  • The reasonable price for what you get
  • The large display
  • Not big enough


4) Power Pressure Cooker XL 10-Quart Electric Pressure

Power Pressure Cooker XL 10-Quart Electric Pressure 

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This product from Power Pressure looks quite similar in style and in terms of its functions. There is a 3-tier pressure cooker rack, an additional steamer basket, and a choice of 7 digital pre-sets with the same one-touch controls that we are getting used to here.

A stand-out feature here was the proposed cooking time. Generally, you are looking at 7x faster than average. This one claims to offer 10X faster slow cooking within a hyper-pressurized environment.

Therefore, you should be able to enjoy the same great meals when you are short on time on a weekday. This is probably because this product is a little more powerful than others too at 1700.

One thing that I want to point out here is a bit of a contradiction in the product listing. It says that you should remove the inner pot for cleaning in the dishwasher but then says hand washing is recommended.

Does this mean that the pot will crack in the dishwasher or get weaker over time? I recommend hand-washing to be certain of the better result.

The pros and cons of this 10-quart pressure cooker.

  • The range of cooking functions
  • The extra power in the cooker
  • The reduced cooking time
  • The same one-touch controls
  • Confusion over the washing instructions


5) Zavor DUO 10 Quart Multi-Setting Pressure Cooker & Canner


Zavor DUO 10 Quart Multi-Setting Pressure Cooker 

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Next, we have something a little bit different. This pressure cooker is tough with an “intuitive” pressure regulator, automatic locking handle, and the option to use it on a range of stovetops and other cooking appliances.

The main selling point here is that this is a canner and cooker combined. This brings more experienced cooks a chance to learn a new skill. There is the capacity for either three-quart mason jars or four-pint mason jars, as well as a user guide and recipe book.

The drawback here, of course, is that this is a specialist piece of equipment that focuses on those two areas of food preparation. The design and lack of any console or helpful one-touch features also show that it is for the experienced canner that knows what they are doing. Consider this is a step-up into canning at a later date if you are currently new to pressure cooking.

The pros and cons of this 10-quart pressure cooker

  • The interesting canner feature
  • The tough materials
  • The smart pressure system
  • A free recipe book
  • Two specialist for first-time users


6) Magefesa 01OPSTACO10 Star R Stainless Steel F.P.C. Pressure Cooker


Magefesa 01OPSTACO10 Star R Stainless Steel 10 qt pressure cooker 

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It is the simplicity of the design of this pressure cooker that will appeal to a lot of home cooks that take pride in the appearance of their kitchen. There is a clean look to the stainless steel, no digital console getting in the way, and a general sense of quality.

There are interesting features here throughout. This includes the encapsulated 5-layer base, the clever lock system for safety, and the dual pressure valve system. The safety of this cooker continues with the stay-cool handles and clamps.

While this one isn’t as specialist as the Zavor in terms of what it can do, it is still more focused on simple slow cooking with none of the bells and whistles of other machines.

The appeal here depends on your previous experience with pressure cookers. You might just prefer the look of this pot and like that it doesn’t overwhelm you with digital displays and accessories.

The pros and cons of this 10-quart pressure cooker.

  • The clean look of the device
  • The dual pressure system for better control
  • Lots of safety features
  • A 5-layer base
  • A simplistic approach that will appeal to the right user


7) GoWISE USA GW22709 Ovate 10 Quart Pressure Cooker


GoWISE USA GW22709 Ovate 10 qt pressure cooker 

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This interesting pressure cooker has a lot going on with a 12-in-1 system. This includes modes for slow cooking, rice dishes, steaming, eggs, yogurt, and more. You also get helpful features like the keep warm function, the cool-touch handles, and a book with 50 recipes in it.

The most interesting feature of this model for me is the oval shape. The vast majority of cookers are round. However, this one is elongated as a way of creating a more suitable cooking space for larger pieces of meat.

It is an interesting choice and one that I would expect to see more in other machines. There is also an oval mesh basket for the perfect fit plenty of other helpful accessories, such as a steaming rack and egg rack.

So what about the downsides? Well, to be honest, this one is actually a 9.5-quart model rather than a 10 quart one. Therefore, you need to decide whether it is worth losing this small amount of space for the benefits gained.

That is why I wanted to include it, to show you your options. Is the alternative oval shape a better option and worth that loss?

The pros and cons of this 10-quart pressure cooker

  • The oval shape could make a big difference for certain dishes
  • There are lots of different functions and recipes to try
  • It comes with plenty of accessories
  • There are enough safety features
  • It isn’t quite 10 quarts


8) Vitaquick FIS5860 with Perforated Inset, 10.6 quarts, Stainless Steel

Vitaquick FIS5860 10 qt pressure cooker 

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The model above may have been a little short of space to be a true 10 quart option. This one goes in the opposite direction and offers a little more space inside at 10.6 quarts. This might not make a massive difference at this point. But, it is worth keeping in mind.

This cooker stood out to me because there are so many unusual elements to the design. There is a conical pot shape instead of the typical rounded shape. This is so that it is stackable with cookers of the same diameter.

There is also an internal measuring scale, which could prove to be convenient for a lot of home cooks. Aside from that, you also have a “maintenance-free” control valve for added ease of use, a steam-free system for safety, and automatic lock, and the promise of a silent cooking function.

The downside here is that this quirky pot comes at a price. This is over $200 and while some keen cooks will happily pay that for this sort of product, it will be too much for what is a one-function solution. If you need something more user-friendly and diverse, this isn’t for you.

The pros and cons of this 10-quart pressure cooker

  • The strange conical shape of the pot
  • The internal scale system
  • The safety in the steam-free approach and the lock
  • A silent operation
  • A high list price but also niche appeal


9) Presto Precise 10-Quart Multi-use Programmable Plus Electric Pressure Cooker

Presto Precise 10-Quart Multi-use Programmable Plus Electric Pressure Cooker 


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To end this list, I want to look at one of the nicest looking pressure cookers in this guide. There is often a choice between a stylish single-function stainless steel pot or a more digital one that has a massive ugly console on the front. This one has a smaller control panel with the bare minimum necessary. It is also black with metallic and lime green accents.

As for the functionality, you get an impressive 19 programs here. This means that there is plenty to learn but also enough specialist settings for things like ribs, fish, soups, and even desserts.

There are also some clever extra features to improve the experience, including the smart temperature sensor. The idea here is that you should be able to turn the dial to the right setting and leave the machine to do the rest.

One thing that concerned me at first was the lack of talk in the product description about safety and other beginner-friendly features. There are meant to be nine safety features, including the lock on the lid, but the description is a little vague.

The pros and cons of this 10-quart pressure cooker.

  • The great black and green design
  • The streamlined console on the front
  • Lots more cooking functions than other systems
  • A smart temperature sensor
  • The lack of description of safety features


Choosing the best 10 qt pressure cookers for your kitchen


There are a few different options here between the super-automated digital machines and the more streamlined cooking appliances. It is up to you to decide which pressure cooker has the safety features, design, and ultimately the cooking functions that you need. Consider your budget, priorities, and if you could compromise on size for some of the more impressive features.